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Mickey Flash

The Bewitchin' Marsh

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The Bewitchin’ Marsh

What’s funny about this foggy little deathtrap I call home, is that despite the name being, “The Bewitchin’ Marsh”, there aren’t really any witches here. I mean, there’re plenty of magic types to be found, but the actual witches’re all in The Lie. Thank God fer that, we don’t want ‘em here. We got enough of our own problems”

Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn

A fog-filled swamp. I mean marsh. Then again, it could be a mire. Or a fenn. Doesn’t matter, it’s called the Bewitchin’ Marsh, so a marsh is what it is. Only in Vechynacht could a marsh be the best place to build your only major city. But this doesn’t mean it’s any safer than quite literally, anywhere else in all of The Land of Darkness. With a permanent fog hanging over the marsh that reduces the average visibility of Vechynacht from bright night, to pea soup, and a severely lacking amount of safe paths through the quicksand-laden marsh, this place is just as bad as anywhere else.


The marsh is a sprawling area, one that is home to a large, yet scattered population of willow trees, usually only a few feet taller than the average man. The ground is covered in reeds and other wetland plants. There is rarely any large amounts of solid earth to be found. Traversing the swamp is a dangerous task, as a wrong step could lead to one sinking into the marsh, and if they’re lucky(or unlucky)enough not to suffocate, they will find themselves slipping down into the caverns that lie below. These caverns are usually flooded to at least knee level, with the walls carpeted completely with moss. The roof is littered with holes, similar to the ones that traveller’s occasionally sink through, though trying to escape through these openings is usually futile. The only exits that lead above ground are scattered about the maze-like caves.


No notable flora


Willow Hags

The creatures that give the Bewitchin’ Marsh its name, albeit an inaccurate one. Willow Hags resemble squat old women, covered in rags, with sharp talons. In reality, these things are nothing but beasts wearing the guise of something vaguely human. Travellers who walk the marsh are likely to encounter these things, but veterans now know their tricks. When first encountered, the Hags will wail, feigning injury, or some sort of distress, attempting to trick its victims into approaching. Often times those who encounter the Hags report hearing the beasts speak to them, sounding like helpless old women in need of assistance, though their cries for help usually degenerate quickly into eye gouging, and throat slashing. They’re relatively frail, though, and can be killed with relative ease. When they do take a victim, they will gorge themselves on the corpse, making the inevitable Revenant that forms quite the unhappy camper.

The Under-Things

The reason why falling into the caverns beneath the marsh is so unfavorable. Lithe and serpentine, The Under-Things are skilled hunters, lurking about the flooded caves, seeking out any and all life forms that it can sink its fangs into. They are mostly fishlike in appearance, coming close to viperfish, except generally the size of a man. You may have thought the key word there was fishlike. Oh, I’ll be safe as long as I’m not in the water! Well, 75% of the caverns are flooded, for one. And for when you are on dry-ish land, the horror doesn’t stop there. They have legs. Not stubby legs, that only allow for a tiny amount of land mobility. Full-on, long as a man’s, fast as a runner’s, drop dead legs. Of course, you’d be the one dropping dead.

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