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The Verdant Lie

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The Verdant Lie

Unfortunately, our source, Quincy Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn, was not available for comment. When presented with questions regarding The Verdant Lie, he burst into uncontrollable laughter.

When one thinks of Vechynacht, it’s rare that one would consider any part of it “safe” or “no, seriously, you’ll be just fine.” Ridiculous? Certainly. Laughably hostile? Oh yes. But safe? Not in my Veshy.  But alas, even the oddball Land of Darkness has its own black sheep of a region.


The Verdant Lie is a valley, one covered in rolling hills, bountiful plant-life, and all an unnaturally vibrant green. In reality, everything one may see in this land is made up of undead flesh in some manner. The dirt is ground bone, the grass is skin, the plants are generally muscle tissue, the trees are most often made up of multiple still conscious undead corpses that have been fused together, and so on. Sounds scary? It is! But it’s not dangerous. Not in the slightest. The entire region is actively trying to kill you, yes, but...it’s just so awful at it. The grass itself tries to drag you down into the earth. But it can barely even pull down a small stone, and those who’ve slept on the bare ground have claimed that it’s actually quite soothing. Large bushes and ferns will lob fruit, and try to rake its branches against approaching adventurers. But the fruit is small, and quite delicious. The trees savagely lash out at any who draw too near, trying to crush men with its massive roots. But... no, those are actually pretty dangerous. But they’re few and far between, so it’s easy to avoid them. The only reason that The Verdant Lie hasn’t been settled already, is due to the fact that growing crops is impossible in a place made out of ground up human, and honestly, as good as those fruit taste, it seems wrong, because they’re probably like...something important, and it was a man once, and then it gets you thinking about what exactly was converted into that, and there aren’t a lot of spherical objects that one would be okay with eating, even if it were from an animal, unless you’re from the mountains, maybe, but still…


Allow me to tell you a little something about the people of Vechynacht. Everyone is used to the fact that no matter where they are, no matter when it is, they have a very high chance of dying, just because. And then they’ll come back, and then they’ll probably die again. And again. It’s just how things are. So it’s somewhat understandable that the entirety of Vechynacht had a collective knee-jerk response when they found something different from the good ol’ Veshy that they knew and feared. So, ever since the Verdant Lie was discovered, people have tried, and failed, to make the Lie a whole lot more dangerous. But no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t seem to make it the deathtrap that the rest of the land was. Currently, a large-scale operation is underway, planning their next foray into making The Verdant Lie an overall unsafe place for the good of normality.


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