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where the angels prey.

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For a time there was nothing but silence that filled the fragrant, sweet air of the elongated washitsu. At the very back and center of the sacred place was a dark-haired man who's reverence demanded absolute respect, and in vertical rows at his two o'clock and eleven o'clock were twelve different individuals who remained silent enough to hear the divine zephys scratch the ground outside of the temple where they sat. To his immediate left and right sat two enigmatic individuals who were regarded with the same esteem as the Kitakokou himself— regarded as the Oja-ichi and the Oja-ni their impressions on the court had been as critically acclaimed as the Kitakokou himself yet there were none with the power or the lack of respect for the Kuten Syndicate to bring about a revolution. It was one thing to rebel, but it was another to commit suicide: and they had all seen first hand just what the new rulers of the village (though regarded more as a kingdom) were capable of. 

“We will postpone the exams.” 

The looks on the shinobi's faces as Kaede announced his decision was nothing short of absolute relief. The overwhelming troubles that accompanied the new shift in political structuring all the way down to the way their shinobi would be raised for future generations meant long nights and early mornings for months at a time, all reserved for the Gunji Sangiin. The elite shinobi council also in-charge of legislation and matters of democracy came second only to the Oja-shuso's and the Kitakokou himself and their power was said to rival that of the strongest shinobi in Izral with a total of twelve seats. 

"I understand the sacrifices you all have made to restabilize this village, and I know that you all realize the implications of my possession of this sacred seat. However, now more than ever, we must be a symbol of strength throughout the lands. As we speak Izral continues to descend further into chaos and the rogues who abandon their villages have begun to accumulate their power. If we show weakness this kingdom will be brought to it's knees. This is information directly from the Kuten Syndicate." Kaede confessed, his stonewalled complexion never shifting, but his senses remaining receptive to everyone who attended the conference. "The threats we will likely be facing in our future will be unlike any we have faced before. For this we must be strongvigilant, and unified above all else."

"Excuse me for speaking out of turn," Matashi Gekkamaru spoke, his youthful voice from the fourth seat casting a shadow over both his inferiors and superiors, "It's hard for us to imagine what's coming if we don't have any specifics. How can we coordinate and—"

Irrelevant,” Kaede interrupted him, his voice bellowing with only a fraction of it's power though not to intimidate— it was merely to clarify. “If you do everything that I and the Oja-shuso's have asked everything will fall into it's rightful place. Did I not appear and tell you this land would be mine? Did I not take it, and make it better?"

There was silence once again and all Matashi could do was lower his combative gaze, though he could never hide his heart that beat like a wild drum in protest. 

Kaede never moved or showed any reaction to anything around him even once, but he noticed it, and he noticed the body language of those who disagreed and those who agreed. 

"If there's anyone who can defeat me, they're welcome to everything I know. Otherwise, the exams will be postponed into a later predetermined date, that of which the Oja-ni will announce." Kaede delinated with decisiveness, finally, removing his right hand from his chin, and his elbow from the african blackwood table that had been passed down from one ruler to the next. "Now leave us. I have things to discuss with the Oja-shuso's, that which only their ears are delegated to hear."

All at once the Gunji Sangiin waited for the four second count to rise, bow, give their praise to the divine wind, and they were gone. The left row filed out first as they were the higher ranked seat of chairs and the right followed, the door shutting swiftly after. Kaede sighed vehemently. 

"I've run two villages in a complicated world of war and malice, but this...this is perhaps our greatest challenge yet." 



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“Join me, and I can give you the world.”

R1Li0A7.jpgAn era had passed since those words were uttered, and yet the ring of them had not become a falsehood. Pale and slender, fingers curled around the device used to lean upon as a single brow quirked upwards.

Some days it felt as though a thousand years had rested in the weight of her bones, today was one of those. The outburst drew the woman from her reverie, crimson gaze flickering to the man who had been the cause. A mental note, likely one matching the grand figure between them, was made. Young and brash, Matashi would learn in time, what it meant to be in the grasp of Kaede’s fist, the woman was certain of this.

The other, Ojo-in, had once been brash and outspoken. Now he stood – a stalwart companion from the beginning, raised through tribulation and trial – surely earning his spot beside the man both had long since pledged their lives to.

“Tell me, do you like books? I can give you whole libraries.” 

Oja-ichi watches as the others excuse themselves, filing out of the doors. Quietly, she too, stands. While not a vision of inspiration, or of the same bearing as the man who has spoken until this point, her stature is impressive. Rin straightens, drawing sword from floor as it is set aside for the time being. The achromatic woman turns, tresses following behind as steps are made to ensure the proper closure of the door. The latch of a lock is heard in the silence, before thundering bootsteps bring her back to his side.

“Join me, Rin, help me change the world.” 

A slender hand rests upon a hip, a breath filling her lungs as a smile toys at her lips.
“We have never failed before, Kaede-dono.” The affection packed into the last syllables is unhidden. It is no great secret, the love the woman has for their leader. His most faithful companion, afterall. Her loyalty has never waivered, and kings would be jealous the lengths in which they[Hanyusha] has gone to for their beloved leader.

Attention craning to seek Ojo-in, Rin speaks once more. Though the two are of equal footing in terms of position, she makes a request.

“Please ensure that we are truly alone.” It is with great care she places this task in his grasp, a show of faith, if you will. 
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He held a profound appreciation for these moments. Watching a man's word become law. The same way he himself had watched the same man become a religion. An ideal, realized. A purpose, something to devote ones self to. Followed without hesitation or question and without flinching. Honored, and in some instances prayed to. For decades Akuma Hyuuga has done those things in regard to this man, their leader, and he has reaped the benefits of his diligence and unwavering service. Power. Knowledge. Skill. Experience. Glory. In their time here, his alias "Oni" ---The Demon. Has become synonymous with those previously mentioned characteristics in regard to their leaders rule. It has also been equally revered as one who is synonymous with extinguishing the fires burning within rebellious souls, who dare question one he is so loyal to.

Matashi Gekkamaru may not have been aware, but the moment he spoke, and those eyes of legend swung from one corner to the others and rested upon him. ---He was dead. Question yourself. Question your love, question your children, hell you question GOD himself before you DARE Question their leader. Anyone who does not share the his level of devotion will simply not BE. So it was no surprise that once the outspoken underling caught Akuma's gaze, he never lost it until he exited.

He had nothing to say in response to Kaede's words---Because she already said, what he felt. While the door had been secured, he adjusted himself in his seat for the conversation that was sure to follow. Those aged features transitioning themselves from a state of utter seriousness, to something only slightly more relaxed, while he situated the long obsidian braid of hair from in front of him, to his rear, and reset his posture in his seat. He had done so at reasonable pace, and had rested eyes on her once he saw that she was in fact turning her attention to address him.

These two---His devoted. 2 parts of a 3-Part family dynamic built on trust, understanding and commitment, and while they're dynamic does not mirror that of her own with Kaede. It was no less effective, efficient or strong. So when she communicated, there was very little that needed to be explained. Hence why at her request, without hesitation those eyes of Legend flared to life--large lateral veins becoming present and his gift awarded him means of checking the entirety of the area around them, sparing not one inch of this domain from his scrutiny, behind closed doors and walls for meters upon meters on end.

As quick as this came--it ended. And Akuma would speak confirm quickly, "We're good..."



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We're good...” 

No sooner than the Oja-ni expanded his chakra vessels and focused his clarivoyance to the immediate area did Kaede remove a cigarette from the cashmere breast pocket of his coat and slipped it between his lips, unlit. Though the Kamikaze Shrine was regarded as one of the last sacred temples remaining from the oldest era of Kitashiobarathe Kitakokou held little regard for the sanctity of places that didn't innately resonate with him. The Gunji Sangiin, though immensely power and revered across Izral, were fools, and their influence extended beyond renovation and legislation. Their families, the clans beneath them, their word meant more to the people than any emperor that had come before them not named Mononoke, and their continous doubts of a man who had with minimal help conquered perhaps the strongest village in Izral, was quite frankly, idiotic at best. In the land of Izral, and the world from which Hanyusha originated, power was supreme. Whoever had the most power, and moved in a manner of calculated intelligence, always won, always ruled. That would never change. Why challenge an authority that couldn't be defied? One thing that the two Oja-shuso's understood was that defying Kaede was no more suicidal than defying God. A man who's wrath was as infinite as the abyss and who held no empathy in his heart for weakness— it was those ideals that drove Hanyusha to follow him to the ends of the earth, no, the universe. They had been given their choices from the beginning, at any point in time they could have escaped and never been heard from again: but they held something in them that Kaede could have never put in their hearts— ambition. The power was there, the knowledge was there, but Kaede's objective from the beginning was to cultivate those who had been ever loyal to him. 

There was a time where they slept in the sands and barely had food to fill their stomachs. Now they could eat whatever they want, do whatever they want, at whatever pace they wished, at behest to no one. Even the Kuten Syndicate's influence was limited, as long as Kaede himself followed very simple guidelines put on the table from the moment he awoke from his coma, they would be left to rule as the highest of the elite forever. 

"You're right...failure is and never has been an option...our refsual to fail and fall to the whim of destiny is why we're allowed to sit in some of the most esteemed seats in a world that we once had no place in..." Kaede began, beckoning Akuma for a light, to which he obliged with the lighter that was already sitting on his own mahogany desk, perhaps missplaced by Kaede at some point in their preparation of conference. Then again, they were all willing to do whatever they needed to do for each other whenever asked. It was a family that transcended blood, even time and space. 

"Of course, there are still a few things that remain an issue...namely the reason we're here. I still haven't found Kazuma...we can't say for sure that he even made it here, according to the Kuten Syndicate there's a chance that he may have ended up in a different world, one far different from this one...that being said, we have to remain on our guard. There's a reason our world was almost entirely destroyed in our battles with him..."

Kaede leaned forward and relaxed his elbows on the sacred table, taking a long drag of the cigarette. 

Though we've postponed the promotional exams I'd still like to have a commemorative festival for the people and for the woman who advocated peace here. We may be seen as belligerent savages who get our way by any means necessary, but the people have to feel that everything we do is in our interest. Our national treasury is filled to the brim with currencies of all kind, I need to be sure that they understand our position here...but more importantly... Kaede paused, focusing his senses briefly to do a temporary check of their environment of his own volition. He trusted Akuma but one could never be to safe that in the midst of what he'd already said, one of the many talented shinobi, with nefarious intentions, hadn't appeared to eavesdrop.

"Akuma is preparing to embark in the Trial of Densetsu, I trust that you've already burned any scrolls that you brought with you from the other world, or promptly sealed them as I gave you the option to do, Rin? If anyone finds out that Akuma is a direct descendant of the Ōtsutsuki clan, essentially the primogenitors of our own world in comparison to the Kuten clan, it'll be more than war on our hands..."


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fUxbSO6.jpgDisapproval caressed the woman’s brow, furrowing in frustration as the stench of smoke filled the air. Vexation touches her brow, quirking it as a pale hand reaches out, plucking the cigarette from between Kaede’s lips, and curling deft fingers into the palm, crushing ember and tobacco alike.

“I’ve told you that’s bad for you. I won’t have you causing more harm with it.” Chiding like one might a small child, Rin reminds him with a sigh before allowing a single hue to close in frustration. His prominence would never be encroached upon in public, however, their private affairs were different. Relaxed, even. This is where their ties of kinship shine. Shifting to lean ‘pon the dark wood of the sacred table, a single hip jutting. Arms set across her chest, Rin momentarily contemplates – allowing Oni to partake in the conversation should he so choose.

“I’ve heard naught of Kazuma, though I assure you, if he shows, we will know.” The woman offers with confidence as a previously closed eye reveals itself to the world once more. Hand once curled, opens and drops the mangled remains of a bad habit onto the table. “I remember a time when the world resented us, treated us as outsiders and interlopers.” A slow smile tugs at lips, providing a glimpse of pearly whites to match the flesh.

“Finally, Kaede-dono, we have won.A small, perhaps shallow victory, but better than no victory at all. Their feet had touched soil not two years prior. A victory they would never have achieved at home. A new, fresh start with Hanyusha at the lead. Finally, dreams would become a reality. They had become a village, drew their power from one another, and despite the turbulent beginnings, had prevailed.

A grand sweeping gesture is made with her open palm. “Of course I did. They are safely sealed within my lab.” A fortress of fortresses, the woman’s labs had always been near impregnable. She thrived in the underground environments that she had come to love. The sterile rooms cold and uninviting to all others, full of questionable machinery and practices, long ago a safehouse for Hanyusha. Not one of them was any less full of traps, hidden rooms and doors, or any manner of strange and dubious experiments. It was in this environment that Kaede had spent the first half year of their new home.

Oni, a reliable and steadfast companion during – had seen fit to assist the woman with creating the safe place. Rin would have slit his throat – companion or not – had he thought for one second to abandon their leader. She had not lost faith even when the man had been murdered in front of her very eyes – an act that to this day, still haunts her dreams.

“I would not leave such a thing lightly, nor would I disobey this command.” A minor scoff, creasing the brow once more. “For that matter, Oni, is it safe for you to use your gift? Furthermore, what products will you need for your Trial, what are you permitted?”

Years of transgressions against the world had taught Rin many skills, while medical knowledge tended to be forefront, creation of other useful items had been…perhaps a hobby.

“I think it is important to quell the rampant hearts. We do not hold full sway, this should be our first priority, as I’ve said many times. Earn the love of the people, as fickle as it may be, and it will serve us well.”

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Ever since his secret was out, there had been an inner turmoil in Akuma. It existed beneath the still waters on the surface and raged wildly. The currents of his mind violently churned and went about in every which direction. Stirring up the soot at the bottom of the bed that is his consciousness from where they had long rested, clouding his thoughts and blurring his judgement at times. These two knew him best and more then likely could tell, while lesser individuals would regard him as "Less patient, far colder then usual." Way back then, before Hanyusha, before his saviors, there was prejudice and pain. Lies and secrets. Misleading ploys and plans at the expense of a child who was devoid the wonders of a proper upbringing. Instead treated like some forbidden instrument. He's not broken up about it. Not now. Not when his uniqueness was confirmed.

Along with transcending the legacies of many great Hyuuga before him, surpassing their skill and technique, even molding some of his own. His blood and his being had confirmed and finally caught up with his aspirations---He was special. Just as he always thought and assumed he was. Just as their leader, had assured him. This internalization had him slow to respond to Rin's inquiry, picking up his eyes to meet her own before responding. In truth he hadn't put much thought into the changes he was experiencing being here, but he did have an opinion. He responded--"It feels different. The energy here as a whole is just, greater. In certain situations it's harder on me, i'll manage it. I've got no choice. I'll take anything you think will help me."

It was a straight answer as most of them were. It was an obstacle and an objective, and he was trained at this point to accomplish those objectives at all costs, even his own life. The Trials were no different.

More important then that, to Akuma, "Speaking of rampant hearts, Matashi's need's to be ceased." Akuma was intolerant of defiance. He firmly felt that he and Rin set a tone and an example. Unwavering devotion. Soldiers without question or hesitation. Their leaders will. Anyone who did not share that ideology simply did not need to be, and though Matashi's outburst was small in voice, his posture, body language and facial expressions told Akuma everything he needed to know. The both of them would know that for Akuma to have said it, that means that he has already decided to handle it himself---Unless Kaede commanded otherwise.

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happiness There was something about being in the company of those who had gone to hell and back for you. It was relaxing, amid a world filled with tension and darkness they had managed to survive and restart their lives as the highest of royalty. No one could have foreseen it. When Kaede died and Rin was left with his corpse buried underneath rubble, that she worked tirelessly to dig up, the world was certain that Kaede had ceased to be. It was a dismal, lubrigous time, where things seemed to move ever slower, and those who had pledged their everlasting devotion to the rogue shinobi faction were more conflicted than ever: yet this was only the beginning of the histrionic events that would proceed it. The world itself would crumble, KumogakureKirigakureKonohagakure, one by one they fell apart in the midst of a conflict that consumed everything in its crosshairs without relent. There was no one spared, children, innocents, everyone who lived without power were just as likely to die as the factions of war that consumed the landscape like never before. There was no war or predecessors before that superceded the dark struggle that followed. When it was all over, they all had the blood of innocents and entire villages on their hands, something they were content to live with. But why?

Power. It meant more than anything in the world, even life itself. It was power that brought Hanyusha to the forefront of the shinobi world, power that they worshipped as their mantra of growth, alleviating the pain of the past regardless of the transgressions they'd committ, and power for which Kaede had died and been reborn. Nothing could change without the power of the body, the heart, and the soul, and it was that principle that he preached even as villages were leveled in rue of those who battled for dominance. While there were many who had their own battles of corporeal or incorporeal form happening within or outside of them, it ultimately boiled down to two distinct leaders: Kazuma and Kaede. There were others, but it was those two who inevitably brought their world's demise. 

Yet as Rin, the very first shinobi Kaede had ever asked to join him on his ambitious journey, had stated, if Kazuma were to appear they'd know. They'd feel it. There was something about passing through the metaphysical nexus to another world that connected them all intricately. Even if all of their senses were dulled or completely blocked, they would be able to feel each other in conjunction to the other, which was a unique ability limited only to those of Hanyusha and anyone else who was unfortunate (or in their case, lucky) enough to pass through the dimensional door within the same time frame as someone else. 

This much The Kitakokou was able to ascertain with preempitive research. What the Kuten Syndicate was unaware of was their penchant for knowledge and intelligence. It was his ability to read, learn, adapt, and apply that had put them in the position they were in today, and with those who were as loyal as the two by his side, he knew their power had been necessary. 

Matashi...son of the great Koga Gekkamaru, perhaps one of the most unfortunately skilled shinobi in the village. It was unfortunate that his father had to die. Stuck in the will of tradition it was impossible to spare his life...especially someone who'd put a blade to my neck...” Kaede murmured, his face calm and peaceful in his deliberation. Matashi was recalcitrant. It reminded him much of a few from his distant past, rebellious, clinging strong to the beliefs of his family and of his heart: he was unable to distinguish what was necessary for the better good of the village in retrospect— which albeit was a problem that they would have to deal with more decisively. The problem, however, was the blood that coursed through his veins. Being a distant relative of the Enera bloodline, the Gekkamaru were perhaps the most skilled, and even the most revered, hence why someone as young as Matashi (the youngest, followed by Inichi) was qualified to even sit in as a Gunji SangiinAfter finally quelling much of the doubt that filled their hearts of his supposed tyranny, was it safe to kill the predecessor one of the most revered shinobi in the village? As he understood it there were those able to take his place, but...

“We have to proceed with caution. One false move and we have a new rebellion on our hands...burning down the world we've worked hard to rebuild would be a travesty. I understand your sentiments, to undermine my authority, especially in the presence of those who do not have that liberty...it's a transgression I cannot overlook." Kaede began, glancing down to some of the paperwork that rest on his table. It was at that moment that he started to regret not having a cigarette in his mouth, but perhaps it was for the best. For two years Rin had worked tirelessly to force the habit out of him, even with his appearance slightly changed by the metaphysical anomaly and the wonders of their most advanced medical techniques. “I want to hear Rin's opinion first before I decide against it. The biggest problem is that if this is to take place, it needs to happen immediately. You're due to awaken the gift of the divine soon to awaken to your true heritage, and even more, if something like that is executed after then it would be entirely too easy for any sensory shinobi to detect that chakra and link it right back to you. Beyond that, a death around the time of the festival would prove problematic. What are your thoughts Rin?

Her thoughts held more weight than any. If she wasconvinced it was possible, then Kaede would have no problem making it happen, especially if it benefited the village. 

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qwopT3L.jpgRin trails pale fingertips along the grooves in the wood of the table, crimson gaze narrowing as her figure shifts to settle in the once abandoned chair. A forgotten cup, a placeholder, now cool as she lifts it to lips to taste of the tea within.

It is in the next few moments, pregnant with pause and contemplation, that Rin settles on how to put forth the destruction of the man who so loudly announced his discourse. A crimson hue closes as a sip of the light flavored tea is taken.

“We kill him.” The woman states plainly. In the past, Rin might have considered a drawn out plan to coerce the young nin to their side, but a lifetime of misery and failed hopes had led her to believe that absolution was the only way.

“But we do it in a manner fitting. It would do us no good to slander Matashi or his name, in fact, we will likely spark a civil war we cannot afford.” Mulling this over in her mind for a moment more, Rin allows either of them to interject as they see fit.

“Ah, yes.” A slow, grim smile touches the corners of her lips. “Oni, I will give you a special solution that will hide your chakra for exactly 36 hours, masking it as someone else’s. When I do this, I will also offer you a disguise. You will attack Kaede the next time we are in public near Matashi, who – though he rails against us – is duty bound to protect. You will kill him then, and go underground until you have returned from the mission we will ‘give’ you prior to this.”

Her crimson gaze then turns to Kaede, “And we must ensure that you have suitable witnesses, of course. I cannot be at your side for this, though I loathe the idea of such, or else they will know it to be farce. I, too, will find something to occupy my time.”

A deep breath fills her lungs before Rin settles her gaze once more on the duo.

“This cannot fail, you cannot be found out. We use the festival as a means of honoring Matashi’s great and noble sacrifice – and we will have the love of the people in no time.” A snap of her fingers to indicate a passing of a second.

“I’ve found the greatest way to earn favor is to kill with kindness. Give me fourteen hours, Oni, and I will have your package. I will leave it in the usual spot for you.” Indicating that he would have to visit the lab she had so carefully cultivated.  

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There was a time when he did these things in a more straight forward manner. His distaste with all this deception was apparent, and this wasn't the first time Akuma has been here. They cook up the ploy, he carries it out. Wet work, Ops it was nothing new he was accustomed to handling things of this nature for the sake of their cause ever since he was a teenager. His reason for not being to vocal about protesting was because he accepted his role and place in the grand scheme of things. These two excelled in plots and ploy. He excelled in killing. Simple. So he had sat back and listened.

In his head he began to construct the method in which he'd carry out the madness. Everything had to be outsourced, even the weapons he used, the clothing he wore, and his usual techniques had to be cast out. By the time Rin concluded, he'd have developed an exact method of approach and had nodded in confirmation to Rin and then to Kaede. There wasn't much to be said, he was the sword, and his mind was set to do what a sword does...

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kaede_smoke.jpgKaede was impressed by Rin's timeline of deceit and willingness to participate in the death of someone who in the eyes of many had done nothing wrong. Surprised though? No, The Kitakokou had seen the young shinobi grow to form - in the grand scheme of things they had all participated in atrocities far deeper, far more sinister, even since arriving in Izral but their unifying goal was all the same: to create and govern in a world that was their own with indisputable power. As Rin turned her gaze, almost finished with her proposal, Kaede's eyes gleamed with lust. It was beautiful. Even man of pertinent control found things to behold in one of the most beautiful women, inside and out, and it was for that reason and more that he had kept her at his side all this time. 

“Perfect,” Kaede smirked in acceptance. “This will provide Oni with the final test needed to test whether or not he's worthy of joining the most elite of his kind...” he proposed. Kaede's statement had more meaning than one, the first was his birthright that had been forever locked away behind the doors of a world that had fallen to chaos, and the second was a truth of himself that only those of Hanyusha were aware of. After attaining the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan he had discovered there was a new height to his power, one that only after careful experimentation and guidance from The Kuten Syndicate he had been able to recognize and henceforth unlock. While volatile and dangerous to any and everyone, he maintained his stance that it was a necessary trump card, especially for the evils that his soul felt were steadly approaching. 

“I need some time to reflect then, Rin after you've prepared Oni's gift I need to see you...privately. Oni I'll meet you in the chambers of the Dragon Hall privately as well before any of our plans are underway. You are shinobi of the highest elite. Be sure that your tracks are covered...of course I only say that in emphasis, I'm sure you both know that already.” The Kitakokou finished, leaning back even further in relaxation. His gaze that had been so keenly focused on Rin had shifted when he addressed him, and it was that of a father who had watched his son grow to be a monster that even he could not control. One that he prayed wouldn't come back to bite him. 


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If Rin contemplated the death of every man or woman, even children, who had died because of their actions – indirect or not – the woman would never sleep. Such trivial matters didn’t cause her insomnia at all. The snuffing of dreams, hopes, a failed future…mm, it was little more than a necessary evil.

Kaede’s gaze is ignored, or perhaps the nin is merely oblivious to such looks. Finishing the tea, the cup is left on the table as the woman stands.

“Oni will certainly pass this test, as he has all others.” An idle, pale hand waved in the air, dismissing such ridiculous thoughts that he would fail. “I have faith – as should you, Kaede-dono, in his abilities. He has proven himself many a time.” It is rare for Rin to speak well of their companions, preferring not to speak of them at all, was more befitting.

She has known days of past, similar and yet foreign. Plotting and talk of murderous intent behind closed doors…the woman gave an idle thought as to whether or not Hanyusha would change in this new land. Their goals remained the same, but would the lessons of their past detail their future, or ensure the same mistakes repeated?

Rin pauses for a brief moment, looking between the two before she merely nods. As the woman’s achromatic figure billows through the doors like a tempest wind, she adds a final note.

“I’ll be in my lab.” A hand flicks at the wrist as she departs, vanishing from view.


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Akuma has, and at this point in his mind has accepted that he will always be the Black Ops Wet Work asset for their cause. It's a position that he neither prides himself in, nor is he ashamed of it. It simply IS, what he IS. He has sat at countless tables with these two, some weren't tables at all, at least in the physical sense. Some were campfires, in some run down establishment on the outskirts of a major village they were to operate in. Some Inn's, when they could afford them, and some were like now, actual grand tables during a time when they were infact an established power in their own realm. EACH and EVERYTIME....it was a test to prove himself worth it. It's at this point that he trances out. Kaede's voice anchoring him down through murky black waters, moving further and further from the light until he settles down at the bottom of this vast darkness. His feet isn't the sooty bottom of a lake, no. They are hands, feet, skulls, bodies, reaching out and bellowing a sorrowful sound. They are the bodies. The lives. The lights he has snuffed out all for the sake of "Proving himself worthy..." They reach. They tug, they pull, they deny him ascension. The take him, and fold him into their infinite mass of darkness.

Who knew silence could be so loud...

To the other two present, Akuma's trance may go unnoticed. How those eyes didn't blink, and remained unwavering in their lock-on to the surface of the black table before them. Meanwhile within his chaotic mind, the angry souls he has dispatched run down on him like a swarm of pissed off hornets. Each of their stings, a representation of the pain he brought them, replicated. The engulf him. They have him in their holds and their clutches with revenge just there on the cup, but before it can be reached..

His resilience and focus prevails.

Akuma is disciplined. His faith to at LEAST himself and his own code of ethics is downright unwavering. He is a man of focus. A man of sheer....fucking...will. It's at these moments that whether he will EVER be worthy, becomes irrelevant. Only his commitment to his task. His role. His self improvement, and his family -----these two at the table. Darkness becomes light. All that turmoil, wiped clean, and finally his eyes blink. His head rights itself at full attention and while his comprehension is quickly on the come up he latches onto Rin's words. His eyes blinked slowly at the end of her praise, then followed some unseen  object to the floor before Akuma stood and tapped the table with his knuckle twice. 


------And He was gone---

Only to appear somewhere. At some undisclosed location unknown to anyone save for himself. That same knuckle once resting on the table now resting on a self made seal used to facilitate a technique that even in these lands, is that of a "Flying God". He laughs every time he hears it. This location was a secure facility MILES AND MILES away from where he once sat. Obsidian Marble, granite accents. Steel furniture, leather wrapped where and when possible. It was impeccably cleaned. Devoid of any scents or smells that could linger and attach to him. It was here that Akuma kept the tools of his trade, and for this mission he simply needed to be something and someone else. He has to move different, talk different, fight different, THINK different but KILL just as efficiently as he always has. At the pressing of that seal a massive chest would start a mechanical symphony of modular gears, and hydraulic sounds before spreading and opening---Like some mechanical lotus.

Various tools. Kunai, knives, Shiruken, Senbon, Wire, Stakes. Small, hand held weapons, summoning scrolls and explosives. They were all here. A pressure activated switch near his foot now opened up the wall behind him giving weigh to more weaponry and equipment. Suits. Swords. Armor plates and the relative. His eyes traced upon them over and he'd reach and Pluck a custom Yumi-Bow from the wall. "Time to do work...."

And so it begins...

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