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All right! Forget everything you know about Hraeoilgr! We're going to work from the bottom up, strictly canon. 

First, the pommel is curved like a tooth, like a shamshir. To follow the analogy, I've linked a photo. See the gold bit? Think slender, sharp, curved - it's used to gaff people, which is messy business. 


Second, the hilt is lathed. With not many good reference images for this type of hilt design, it can best be described as a writhen hilt. Reference below. 


Now, the cross guard is tricky. Canonically speaking, it is a cross-guard with a daemon head on eachside, and each head has at least a dozen small eye-sockets located asymmetrically, which is to say with no sense of order. The sockets are supposed to have little red jewels. Now it gets weirder -- the sword has pointy bits the recurve towards the hand, threatening to cut the wielder. It's supposed to look very dangerous to hold properly, if at all. Impractical. The best reference I have are below. 


The blade is easier. It isn't black. The way it was written, it's supposed to be a smokey gray, with a darker streak running down the middle as a fuller. Etched along the fuller are glyphs of power, namely runes of magic, recall, transfiguration, so on and so forth. Not sure how deep you want to go into this rabbit hole, but only one artist asked for each, and she put them on this piece below. 


The above is probably the most accurate attempt on the sword. Overall, it is a hand-and-a-half sword with a longer hilt. 

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I started from scratch to create Nivoscuro, as I was looking at the original and decided it looked like crap. The idea was to create a sword for ice, so I wanted to create something that looked maybe like an icicle. That's why the handle in the newer version kind of looks crystalline, and the hilt is has those sharp edges. The blade is blue and glassy looking, which I thought appropriate. I moved the icicles from the old version (yes, those drippy things were supposed to be icicles) to the blade and made them look better. I also redid the pommel, which didn't really exist before. 

I personally am very pleased with how it turned out! 

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