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Safe riots and kidnapping

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Note: I am not participating in this thread, merely structuring it and offering it up on a first come, first serve basis. The thread will accept no more players after 5 join or after 10 posts, whichever comes first

Event name
Safe riots and kidnapping
OOC thread


  • 1x forged magic license
  • 1x flash mask (hide face from electronic and visual surveillance)
  • 1x Object class starmetal (multiplies impact force)

1 page for 1 player; 2+ pages for 1-3 players; 3+ pages for 4-5 players

As a consequence of the civil war, riots in Blairville over the Safeguard Act continue to escalate in violence and scope. Pro-magic and pro-safety guilds are in constant battle for dominance, and both parties find themselves in conflict with the Constabulary, Blairville's local police force.

Two sizable guilds, the Crimson Ledgers and the Bronze Crescent, have recently disbanded their Blairville chapters due to the loss of life and the depletion of magical items in their most recent skirmish. In the disorganized confusion that followed, Bruga, a goblin gypsy artificer which worked for both guilds as a contractor, has been kidnapped by parties unknown.


  • Rescue Bruga from whoever kidnapped her
  • Once rescued Bruga will reveal she was working on plans for a negabjurium amplifier. To complete her work she needs the lungs of a gargoyle. She has information on such a creature rampaging in the Unterholm
  • On returning with the gargoyle lung, protect Bruga while she prepares her item – basically defend her against one meaningful attack, however you define this in the thread
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Reports of a blob like creature that could talk and seemed to only emerge when the moon’s position coincided with the top of the Lore-Spire permeated throughout the jovial orifices of the Devil’s Alibi. The specifics driven by public perception caused certain monikers to burgeon into existence such as the pedestrian ‘Blob of Patia’ or ‘The Amorphous Harbinger of the Patian Devil’ for those with the penchant for the dramatic. He could care less what titles they decided to give him, surrendering to the fact that those who did not understand his existence needed something to contain their utter confusion.


Intel concerning a missing artificer managed to sneak its way within Patian borders and into the liquidy hands of this most peculiar being. The information provided was sufficient enough to motivate him to act if only to finally escape the haven that Patia had become and return to the sensations that the lack of such hospitality provided him. Luxuries were, at their core, for gluttons who could easily be strung along into their own doom due to the fear that they would lose that which they did not deserve so it was with reserved glee that he decided to direct those under his command to join him on a journey into Blairville.


Blairville was a city ripe for manipulation, caught warring amongst one another because fear and pride had ultimately corrupted its weak heart. This strife and chaos made entry into the area without any detection trivial which became beneficial given the companions he decided to have join him. To describe the group he arrived with as volatile would severely undercut the potential damage that would be caused by even the shortest word. The fact they managed to arrive here with minimal body count showed commitment at the very least.


The notion that this artificer had become a victim of the embroiled conflict that had plagued Blairville did not surprise him at all and even less surprising was the willingness of those being persecuted due to oppressive legislation. Agony had always wanted to take advantage of the pain and misery that others felt, molding it into whatever shape he desired to achieve his goal. Perhaps this was why Rodan’s own abilities were held in such high regard by him as they were a physical manifestation of a skill not many would pride themselves in having. Stepping through the less fortunate area of Blairville, filled with those that decided to cautiously side with no one and simply survive, he used what he knew about the desperation of people to find a small nook between two large buildings that housed what he knew would be an illegal market of sorts. Creatively obtained magical components decorated poorly lit tables and silence veiled the area to avoid detection from the Constabulary.  Whatever meager items were on sale held prices that while competitive, paled in comparison to the greed everywhere else.


One particular creature set up shop. Obviously a goblin, he took it upon himself to jump on to the table much like an ally of Agony's had done not too long ago and exclaimed with great pride.

“Step right up! I assure you that what I have today are items rarely seen throughout all of Blairville. It will be a one night extravaganza only for those worthy of the trouble.”

The sales pitch was delivered admirably but it failed to attract anyone. This fact alone intrigued Agony enough due to the potential it provided. The goblin seemed desperate to sell but Agony would be sure to shift that desperation elsewhere soon enough.

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"What's this about a kidnappin?"

The half-conscious young man didn't reply to Rhys, and it wasn't hard to understand why. The kid had been being beaten by a much larger man with a plank of wood, and a gash in the young mans head was pouring blood. Not willing to let such a thing go on, Rhys had crept up behind the large man and delivered a swift punch to the back of his neck; sending the attacker to the ground. He had then half carried the injured young man into a nearby building and had gone to look for a medic when the seemingly dazed kid had grabbed his arm and managed to sputter out the words, "Goblin," and , "Kidnapped"

The kid looked like he was sinking into unconsciousness, prompting Rhys to give him a light smack across the face. He grabbed the kid gently by the shoulders and looked him in the eyes.

"Kid, what did you mean kidnapping?"

After a second the kid's eyes seemed to focus, and he muttered, "My friend... Bruga. They took her."

With a bit more gentle prompting the kid had given Rhys the full story. A fight had prompted two large guilds to pack up and leave Blairville, and in the ensuing chaos Bruga, the goblin, had been carried off by persons unknown. The kid, named Peter had tried to go after them but had lost them in the crowds. He had proceeded to ask around, looking for witnesses and such when he had been ambushed by the thug with the plank. But Peter's efforts hadn't been totally in vain, as he had managed to find out about a sort of illegal auction of magic goods; some of which might have been taken from people who disappeared during the chaos. The kid had wanted to get up and go, but Rhys had stopped him, arguing that he was in no shape to do anything like that; and that the only place he was going was to a healer. Peter wouldn't hear any of it though, and had made it clear that he wouldn't leave his friend hanging. Finally, Rhys had promised to take over the search if the kid would go get his injuries taken care of.

So it was that he found himself between two large buildings, watching a goblin try and fail to attract customers. Rhys wasn't sure what he was going to do yet, so for now he decided to wait and see what happened.

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So it was that Agony would go straight to the most unsavory part of the city. The sight was bad, the smell even worse. Lunara wrinkled her dainty nose. She wondered if the grime from the ground would stick to the amorphous being, rolling and squishing under the blob. Speaking of which.. does he ever wash? The faerie entertained herself with thoughts of Agony trying to keep himself from dissolving into bath water, while flying along beside him, careful to keep her wings far away from any of the dirt walls. 

Her leader stopped, staring at a hollering ugly creature. Oh right, they were supposed to look for a goblin. Lunara fluttered right up to the street peddler. Goblins were small creatures, but the faerie smaller still. She landed gracefully on the table constructed of cheap planks, and looked up at him.

“Hey, handsome!” A little fairy dust was all that needed to convince him that she was speaking the truth, “what’s your best product, hmm?” She batted her eyelashes at him. “Anything that could have been constructed by a skilled artificer, for example?

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This was a bad idea. She knew it, but as fate turned out, this wasn't the sort of favor one could politely refuse. Ed had blindsided what might have been a very successful murderhobo and turned the situation on its head. So while Isidor had expected to return the favor and bail Ed out no questions asked, she didn't quite expect him to ask on behalf of another.

Safeguard, the reason she originally left Blairville almost the moment she was certain that the law would become reality. She'd actually done the research. The law allowed one to fill out a form and receive a chip that recorded ones magical conduct and doubled as a license that allowed one to use magic legally. It didn't really change the criminal status quo.

Don't get caught.

If the evidence wasn't on a chip, then the exact same investigation methods we're employed as before the law was enacted. Roughly put, reading past events magically. It was a fantastic tool for deciphering situations one had been alerted to. If not, then one could carefully fly under the radar or in a worst case scenario judge how long one had to flee the city before pursuit realized you were their quarry.

Isidor's issue was that her personal magical skillset would look very bad on a form. Her penchant for experimentation would have likely left something uncomfortably difficult to explain on a chip. Leaving had been the rational choice.

But here she was, decked out in her worn gray hoodie and comparatively newer khaki cargo pants all above.... Ok, her sneakers were a mild embarrassment at this point. They used to be mostly white.... Isidor had always tended to prefer function over fashion, and that had only been exacerbated when her father's legacy kicked in. Early onset grey hair did not aid one in looking young and tacked on a fistful of illusory years to her actual age.

If all went well, she wouldn't need to bother with magic at all. All she had to do was find this goblin named Bruga and make sure.... Um... It? Was ok? Mages could get hyper focused on a project and shut out the world. Isidor had been there before.

Setting her sights on a goblin hawking magical wares, Isidor decided that this would be a good a place to start as any and began to meander her way through the crowd. Maybe one goblin would know of another... Ed has said not to get any sort of guards involved. Magic item crafter operating around a new and awkwardly enacted law. Understandable.

Location aside, there were worse ways to repay a favor.

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An exhilarating look of surprise blinked on the goblin's face, as air steadily escaped his lungs. The poor creature wasn't so keen to realise the apparent cause behind his sudden breathing problem, thus panic and fear started to flood his conspicuously narrow mind. He kicked and wriggled furiously in a pitiful attempt to break free from the mysterious assailant, but an opposing force was draining all the energy of his body in a quick, efficient manner. The unfortunate merchant was already envisioning the curvy epitaph etched on the wooden plank of his meek tomb - "Here lies Osmer Midden, beloved smuggler, ended by an anonymous thug over a third-hand arcane conduit"; but as the last gasp of air was drawn out of him, all pressure suddenly ceased, as well as the support that heaved him into the air. His small frame plunged to the ground and writhed there among endless coughing.

Sharak emerged from the shadow behind the merchant's post, rubbing his gloved hands to wipe off an unpleasant mix of dust and saliva. He furiously whispered to the kneeling goblin, "Watch your foul mouth, you fucking dimwit. Are you going to get all of us skewered on a crossbow bolt? Screaming like a gnawed puppy! Next time, I'll tear your damn air-pipe off, no kidding."

This time around, the merciless assassin forsake the charming and merry look he copied from one of the first Abbadon meeting's attendee. He had a more rugged and seasoned aspect: with an average heigh of five feet ten, his muscular, well-trained frame stood slightly crooked to the right, as to complement a vicious scar that surmounted his rough face in the same direction. His hair was pitch black, braided into a single tail that barely reached below his neck; a thick beard covered the lower face, with three tiny braids echoing the same appearance of the backtail. He wore a sleeveless vest of solid leather, paired with matching boots and breeches, with a plethora of pockets that hoisted an astonishing number of small blades, darts and less reputable tools.

He slowly massaged his temples, in an attempt to keep calm despite his utter irritation... a feeling that more often than not plagued his indomitable and wicked mind. "Please, my dear blob of foulness... Remind me again why exactly we are in this damn shit-hole of a place and what our mission is.", he voice trailed off in a faint whisper, as ephemeral as his own presence, which went totally unnoticed by anyone else in the alley. "Because honestly, the prospect of risking my own neck for the sake of someone else's safety... is not alluring at all."

@Vehement Agony

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Writing as Vita Testarossa

-First Temple of Odin Haze, Ignatz, Terrenus-

At the largest city and center of Gaianism of Terrenus, there stood the First Temple of Odin Haze. The magnanimous architectural masterpiece was considered sacred even among the consecrated lands. A symbol of power and devotion, standing tall for all Gaian faithful. The Temple, built by the Saint-King's own hands, had stood the tests of time and would continue to do so for centuries to come. As long as His Eminence lived, it shall endure. 

The Temple's majestic interior was currently hosting a regular mass, attended by believers. Under the symbol of the World Tree, the mark of Gaia Herself, they prayed. Upon the upper floors, just above the grand hall, were rooms reserved for the Temple's caretakers. Behind one of these ornate doors, a meeting currently took place.

"The situation in Blairville continues to worsen." The middle-aged man with graying blond hair pondered, pushing up his glasses, his blue irises could be seen through the lenses. The uniform he wore marked him as a Gaian Priest, a clergy of the Temple. In his hands was a holopad, projecting a three-dimensional screen a few inches above its surface. "The riots are as violent as ever and so far show no signs of slowing down."

"I see..." A reply came in the form of a deep feminine voice, a tall woman with long salmon-pink hair turned at the Priest. Even though she was wearing a habit, her fuschia eyes were far too sharp to be a nun. "What of the feuding Guilds, Father Alexander?" She crossed her arms over her chest, attentively listening to the older man. A small humanoid drone standing on her left shoulder, recording the conversation. 

"The Crimson ledgers and The Bronze Crescent disbanded due to the casualties, yes, the situation is that dire." The Priest sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "It fills me with despair to see brothers killing one another. The civil war might be over but the death toll certainly isn't."

"It is a certainly an urgent problem. I will do what I can to investigate the matter." She huffed, sharing Alexander's frustration, "Any solid leads on where to start?" 

"Not much, I'm afraid. However, there is one artificer, a female goblin gypsy going by the name of 'Bruga'. Reports indicated she worked for the aforementioned disbanded guilds... until she was kidnapped." The Priest rubbed the back of his neck.

"By whom?" The woman quirked an eyebrow.

"Good question." Alexander shrugged lightly, "We fear Unnaturals may be involved. Spare no caution."

"It is settled then, my investigation begins with this artificer." She stood up, turning on her heels, heading towards the door. "I shall go now, Father."

"Mother Gaia and His Eminence's blessing be upon you." Father Alexander nodded, "Inquisitor."


-Blairville, Terrenus-

The tense atmosphere permeating the city couldn't be missed, though activity didn't grind to a complete halt. Blairville was noticeably quieter than it should be, half of the stores closed, people huddling in their homes, and all of these during the middle of what was supposed to be a busy day. Clad in casual clothes, no different than a common city-slicker, Inquisitor Testarossa surveyed the destitute location. She adjusted her cap, hair tied into a ponytail that went through the hole at the headwear's back. See if there was anything peculiar going on.

"Vita, Report. Possible Unnatural spotted 30 degrees from the North." Altima the Magi-tech Android, hidden in the woman's backpack, reported through the microchip implanted at the base of her spine. The android's mechanical voice echoing in the pink-haired woman's head.

Immediately, she turned her gaze towards the amorphous black blob slithering on the ground alongside its fae companion. What were they doing here? Why did the citizens not care about such an inhuman creature loitering among them? Was the despair plaguing the city turn even the Gaian faithful into apathy? Truly, the situation must be resolved ASAP.  In other circumstances, Vita would already be marking the unnatural creature for cleansing and the fae banished back into her home realm. However, there were higher priorities. This goblin merchant... though obviously not the one she was looking for, was a possible lead to Bruga by virtue of his race and occupation.

"Altima, capture conversational audio waves from the three subjects." The Inquisitor mentally sent the command through the aforementioned chip.

"Affirmative, Vita. Recording."


@Vehement Agony @jaistlyn

"Why, yes, of course, of course!" The male goblin snickered, rubbing his hands together in a totally not shady manner. An honest businessman he was, yes. "I have just the thing for you lovely er..." He pursed his lips for a moment, what would you call the coupling between an amorphous sentient blob and a tiny fairy again? Ah, whatever, who was he to judge? "Well! Here is my finest stock." The goblin pulled up a curious device, an arcane amplifier, certainly not something a lowlife merchant like him could acquire, not legally anyway. "I'll be willing to part with this beauty for 3 oz of Platinum or 6 oz of Gold. Yes, sir and madame, you won't find a better deal anywhere else." He stuck up his long green nose but then raised an eyebrow, "One of yous carry money with ya, right?" The blob didn't have any pockets... and the fairy was much too small to even hold a small pouch. Let's hope these two freaks wouldn't waste his time. He had to get rid of this thing and fast, far too hot to keep.


"Come on now, I don't got all da-keeeeek?! ..." In one fell stroke, the goblin's life was this close to being snuffed out by one Sharak the Unseen. Poor Osmer Midden indeed, coughing and writhing, barely clinging to his pathetic life.


"Goblin merchant is assaulted by an unknown party. Scanning. Two Unnaturals within the vicinity. Vita. Shall I activate 'Purging Protocol'? A local Inquisition can be conducted within fifteen minutes. Peacekeepers can be requested if threat level reaches Catastrophic"

"We observe and scout. For now, mark the Unnaturals. See if we have any data about them."

"Affirmative. A suggestion, shall I still call for back-up?"

"Negative, not until we accomplish our objective. This is merely the tip of the iceberg."

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Crossing the threshold of this hidden establishment proved to garner more attention than he had wanted. Such was the burden that he endured due to what his presence stripped from those in his vicinity. Comfort was easily stripped away at the sight of an obviously sentient being that did not resemble anything close to the disarming normalcy of most of the denizens of Terrenus. He could see the growing hesitation from the patrons of this hole in the wall, figuring that if they extended invitations to whatever Agony represented to them they would not enjoy the outcome. This reaction, while unfortunate, was why the presence of Lunara was seen as an asset instead of an annoying burden.


Agony allowed the darkness of this area to envelop him, the lack of anything resembling eyes on his form making it seem as if he was some abominable construct created through unsavory magical means. Those who had fixated their gaze upon him would see the black bulk unmoving even as Sharak decided to almost eliminate a potential lead out of sheer annoyance. The reasoning behind it, while sound, annoyed Agony to the extent that the black liquid shifted violently at the sight of the goblin writhing within Sharak’s embrace but then it calmed itself. Discordant sound snaked its way out of Agony to address Sharak who was not far away. Only those who dared stand near Agony would be able to hear how his violent teammate was being addressed.


“We are in search of a goblin named Bruga. Abaddon seeks to consume her services….”


A piercing crimson eye that Sharak would be all too familiar with from their introduction would look in the direction Sharak decided to situate himself in before continuing.


“The goblin artificer will be an asset should we locate her. Power is what we seek and we are here to ensure her abilities favor us and not those who would misuse her talents. This cretin will be our stepping stone.”


Agony spent little time concerning himself with Sharak now, the majority of the thick black liquid around his body undulating in odd fashion as he now stood directly behind Lunara. Towering over both Lunara and the goblin, the eye he had regarded Sharak with extended itself out to look at the wares and then the gasping goblin. With a crimson eye solely supported by thick black liquid suspending itself directly in front of Osmer Midden, Agony decided to speak. Some of the black liquid that supported that one eye parted to allow the sound of his voice to reach the goblin eerily.


“Your meaningless wares will not be enough to stave off my companion should your next words not satisfy us. Who did you steal that item from?”


Osmer could barely speak and clearly did not expect to be confronted so quickly by a massive blob creature. The confusion that struck after nearly choking to death coupled with seeing a fairy and a blob approaching him so menacingly caused him to urinate just enough to be noticed by those nearby. Nevertheless, he still hoped he could get paid for this troubles!


“I don’t know much. I swear. A friend of mine gave me this item because he owed me a favor and couldn’t rightfully sell it in the Gypsy Market without risking it all. He said some goblin girl dropped it after getting nabbed by some folks near the Inn de Clairmont. Um…so…you want it or not? I will drop the price to 3 oz of Gold just because she called me handsome.”


A toothy grin was given though the slight quiver of lips evinced a nervous fear that was ever growing. Agony half expected to expend much more effort than he did obtaining the information provided, but the real question was how credible it truly was. The sweet aroma of fear became laced into the pungent stench Osmer exuded. Though Agony wished to relish in it some more, he needed immediate answers. In an odd twist, that eye turned to Lunara before speaking again.


“Do as you wish with this….”


He would leave the delicate little fae to decide what to do from here.

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Well, that was a choke hold and right out of the shadows too. That didn't stop her from approaching but it did signal the onset of Isidor's gut feeling that this would be how things got started. When the pair at the table was joined by the fairy and the blob? Yeah, that was either all the component parts you needed for a good joke or the start of a social train wreck. If that didn't make sense to you, then try studying magic. There was no better way to learn to process nonsense into useful insight.

There were many ways to handle a situation. Her favorite was shut up and observe. She doubted that the blob or the fae had a magic license and doubly that either of them cared for such things. The strangler was rather self explanatory. Not using magic to do something didn't really make it better. So a trio of not really great people. That she was going to have to at least peripherally interact with in the imminent future.

Isidor knew Safeguard didn't only cover spellcasting but also the sale and transaction of magical items as well. While the actual wording seemed to refer to counterfeit goods, as a blanket statement the Act also noted additional punishment for standing crimes when magic was involved. The question was did she really care to start some sort of inquisition over whether the goblin had a license when she herself did not? No. No she did not.

3 hours ago, Vehement Agony said:

“Do as you wish with this….”

That was not her cue. That didn't matter. Isidor made it her cue and cut in to place three ounces of gold on the table.

"Fair enough. I'll take it."

It wasn't really fair, Isidor would have preferred to just walk away the moment she saw the three converge on the goblin. Hells, she would have preferred to drop legal jargon to further freak the thing out in the hopes it would just hand the item to her to be rid of it. Neither of those options were viable. The first was nixed by the fact that she needed to find Bruga of behalf of Ed's friend. Joy. The latter had a damper put on it due to the audience the quartet had at this point. Like them, she had an impression that between the four of them, three wouldn't have a thought to future consequences past an assumption they could just be bulled through. Buying the object outright would be a minor case of suck for her wallet, but it might just make for the smoothest exit out of an unavoidable situation. Then she could leave, ask after the Inn that was mentioned and use the item to dowse for the previous owner. Hopefully, it would be the one she was actually hoping to find.... wait, actually nix that again. Success meant possible fun with kidnappers ahead.

Life huh?

"Um yes? Yes! All sales final."

The creature was quick to tunnel vision onto anything positive, greed once again overriding its brain and Isidor lifted the item off the table as the creatures claws darted for the small measure of gold. She hadn't purchased the thing for what it could do. She had bought it because she figured the trio would likely end up murdering the shopkeeper or the equivalent just to make something approximating a point. Even if they left the piece behind, looting the scene of a public murder was not the kind of attention she wanted.

"Fair enough."

She didn't particularly want to run into the ominous trio or even more broadly Blairville after this. Isidor figured she could get into one and only one all out brawl and escape. This would, without a doubt, obliterate any actual chances of conducting a search. All she had to do was make everything look legit for the audience and she could get on with.... this.

With that terse response, she made her way off at a walk. Running wouldn't help, even if they let her go unmolested, Isidor still had to find the inn for the most thaumaturgically sound dowsing.....

Aw hell. She was planning on magic after all wasn't she? Fine. Rule one. Don't get caught.


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Rhys had little doubt in his mind that the goblin merchant was the kind of scumbag who would sell his own mother for the right price; but that didn't the anger rising up within him when he watched the trio threaten and cajole the creature into compliance. People with power abusing those without had never sat right with him; even when the abused was as odious as the wretched goblin. Disgusted as he was however, he couldn't argue with the results the trios methods produced. He now had a crime scene, and maybe even some potential witnesses from the Inn if he played his cards right. If the group had moved on after getting the information, Rhys would have just walked away; but then the blob told the fairy to do what she would with the merchant.

That was something that he couldn't abide. With an effort of will he commanded the ring on his wrist, Circus, into action. The metal band began to multiply and spread down his arm, effectively coating his arm in plate armor. The process was so quiet that nobody seemed to notice, so he still had the element of surprise. But before things could go further, a young woman from the crowd and bought the trinket the goblin had sold. The situation seemed to be deescalating, so he deactivated Circus and quietly duck out of the crowd and head for the inn.

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Writing as Vita Testarossa

The situation was growing tenser by the second. Two Unnaturals and a fairy ganging up on a crooked goblin merchant, the Inquisitor had struck a solid lead in her search for Bruga. The item Osmer was so eager to sell was of advanced magitech nature. The thing was so out of place among his other wares, it wouldn't take a trained Magitech Engineer like Vita to notice. The next plan of action was quite obvious, she must acquire the amplifier. If there was anything that could take her to the gypsy artificer, it was that. Now, how to approach the situation without spooking the hoodlum trio? While Vita had federal authority to conduct an arrest on them, under charges of disrupting peace, now wasn't the appropriate time. She had already marked them as "Potential Suspects" for Blairville's law authorities anyway.

Unsurprisingly, while her gears were still turning, a wrench was thrown into her formulating plan as a hooded figure suddenly made the purchase. Swift as she came, the woman blended into the crowd.


"I know." The salmon-haired Inquisitor cut off the android, "Gray hoodie, khaki pants, and sneakers. Looks to be female."

"Requesting next course of action."

"We tail the buyer."

"What of the goblin merchant, the fairy, and the Unnaturals?"

"The item takes higher priority. Other agents can handle them."

"Affirmative, Vita. Scanning target, calculating possible routes and destinations of said target. As gathered from goblin merchant, 'Inn de Clairmont' is on the list."

"Good, Altima, don't lose the amplifier and the buyer."

Leaving the gathering of onlookers behind her, the Inquisitor retreated from the scene as she stalked the hooded woman. She kept herself low profile, her hands tucked into her jacket's pocket, as she weaved through the crowd.


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As Sharak noticed the bubbling menacing vibrations Agony let out at the sight of his little mischief, he could not eschew himself from snorting. The blob always reacted placidly despite his thoughts, constantly refraining from commenting or taking actions, so it was up to the fine and unsurpassed keen intuition of the assassin to make up good excuses for each and every one of his silent lamentations. It was a bit like reading tea leaves: with the non negligible difference that such leaves were drenched in a pitch black liquid, contained in an opaque jar, hidden at the bottom of the burrow of carnivorous swamp-fishes, in the most recondite nook of the farthest most forsaken morass of Yh'mi. Easy peasy, right? Not quite. However, Sharak was getting used to it and sometimes he could even guess correctly. "Jeez, my dear grime-coated ball of frowziness! Chill! Isn't the cretin still alive and well? Like he was the only damn clue we had. It's full of ill-reputable people here, no penury of intel that money and a good fist cannot buy." He insisted fiercely in a coerced whisper, gesturing towards the scattered sellers of obviously stolen goods. Then he stroke an inspiring pose of self-praise, like the most consumed of actors after one of his best performances: "Besides, you should admire my pure unaltered endeavor of self-restraint. I could do much worse... and so could you." Sharak spoke the last words with an hint of dare and a challenging wink that aimed at teasing Agony. He still didn't see the blob in action one single time and was longing to spectate what mess such being could cause. A fun one, eh!

@Vehement Agony

While Sharak was throwing one of his usual scenes in between hushes and murmurs, a third party approached the goblin and nonchalantly offered to buy the item at half the ridiculous price. Catching an hint of movement with the tail of his eyes, the assassin's attention shifted back to the disarrayed display of goods and the creaky owner that he half-strangled a few minutes before. An unassuming girl in a painfully normal attire was standing there, sealing the deal for three ounces of gold. What was her business with the goblin? How would she possibly use the arcane thingamajig? Aaah, things are going to get spicy! He left the group and hurried in the direction of the buyer, speeding up into a flash tailing in utter silence, just enough to cover the small distance that separated them. After barely a minute, he appeared from an intersecting alley in front of the girl that had so hastily and hushedly left their former lovely avenue. Sharak emerged from his ephemeral cloaking and coughed up slightly three times to catch her attention: it was as if he had been patiently waiting for her at length.

"My, my... such boldness! So... let me get this straight. You see three people - who are clearly, aaah!, not the effigy of your courteous gentleman - arguing... vividly with a merchant about a particular item. Then you proceed to buyout said item and walk away as if nothing was of consequence.", he hummed, tapping the tip of his finger on his mouth, as if looking for an idea in the maroon aura of dawn, "Either you have the coldest bloody blood I've ever seen or you don't have a damn clue about what just happened." he spoke spitefully, with a deep voice that echoed up from his new bulky frame. While talking, he circled around the girl, trying to make it obvious he wouldn't be pleased at an escape attempt.

"You will not be leaving our sight as long as we have a common interest, whatever it is. Did I make myself clear?", he inched closer, while still maintaining a solid ground and several feet between them because... well, you never know. Then, his face suddenly cheered up, all tension evaporating from him like water on the blazing hot iron of a smith: "Then maybe we can be best friends forever ahahaha!" Hysteric laugh followed, a clear indication Sharak was missing not only his Mondays but his Fridays and Thursdays as well. And probably the Sundays, on leap years.


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“Wha-..?” Lunara exclaimed as the goblin was suddenly heaved into the air. “Hey!” She threw her arms up and looked at Sharak in irritation. “I was doing fine before your interruption!”

She was going to say something else in indignation, but bit her words back as the creature easily spilled the beans about where he got the device. It was crude, but Sharak got the job done, and she didn’t feel like arguing with the madman right now.

”Do as you wish with this..” 

Lunara looked at the filthy goblin and back to Agony. “What? Ew,” she grimaced.

”Fair enough, I’ll take it.” 

Lunara blinked in stunned surprise as someone else swooped in to grab the item. She hadn’t wanted it at first, but now, she wanted it more than anything else. Apparently Sharak thought the same. Well, since he was on it, Lunara turned back to the goblin. The inn was a good clue, but the witnesses might be long gone. There was one person, however, whom they had a good chance of finding. Someone who had appraised this item and knew that it couldn’t be sold in the regular market. Someone who might have lied about where he got the item in the first place.

“Who is this friend of yours?” Lunara demanded. “And where can we find him? Speak, and perhaps we’ll leave you alone.” The faerie might not look like much of a threat, but with the oddity standing behind her and the scare of Sharak’s attack, the goblin had no further need to be convinced.

“H-H-His name is Hurk. A-A tall human, fair skin, long dark hair. Scar here, and here.” He drew a finger downwards to the side of his left eye, and then horizontally across his right jawline. “Works at Jeckal’s place in the Unterholm.” Osmer shifted uncomfortably. “T-T-There, that’s all I know, Madame. P-Please don’t hurt me.”

Lunara smiled sweetly at him. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I’ll even give you a good night’s sleep.” She fanned her wings, and shimmery dust drifted towards the goblin. His eyes drooped, his head rolled on his shoulders, and he lay back down in his own filth, even snoring peacefully. Lunara picked up the three gold coins on the table. With a snap of her fingers, they disappeared into the void. Well, technically it wasn’t his, anyway. Sharak would have just snatched the device without paying, so the only one who lost the gold was that woman. 

She left the rest of the goblin’s items untouched, and left him alone, as she promised. Whether he would be lucky enough to still have the clothes on his back when he woke up, pee-stained or not, she couldn’t care less. 

If Agony had stayed to hear her exchange with Osmer, she would wait for him to decide where to go next. Otherwise, she would head in the direction Sharak had gone, to see if he was competent enough to get the device back.

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Ten goddamn steps. That was how far Rhys had managed to get before he heard the masked man tried to intimidate the girl who had bought the magitech artifact. He tried to tell himself to just ignore his personal berserk button of bullying, and that the girl looked like she could take care of herself anyway. But in the end his desire to stand up to dickheads was greater than his desire to avoid getting into potential trouble. Or at least it partially did; because he also had a more pragmatic reason for stepping up; that being the piece of magitech the girl had bought. He couldn't rule out the possibility that the trinket might hold some kind of clue to the missing goblins fate, so he wanted to at least take a look at it. If he was wrong, then he had only lost a few minutes of his time.

Rhys walked up behind the man and coughed in a deliberate pantomime of the mans earlier behavior.

"You know, most guys get at least as far as the first date before they reach the violently clingy phase; and I don't think you've even introduced yourself yet."

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“We need to avoid any more focus on our existence here than is necessary Sharak. The temperature of this town does not lend itself well to our specific….comforts.”

It was rare that Agony even bothered mentioning Sharak by name so that extra detail might have been enough for him to understand that this whole situation needed to be handled with a bit more tact than it has been thus far…no matter how grueling it would be for all involved.



While Agony waited intently to see what Lunara chose to do with both the amplifier and Osmer, another protrusion emerged from the black mass that was his body. Yet another eye snaked its way into view and fixated itself on the approaching Isidor long before the woman spoke and injected herself into this encounter with what was ultimately considered brash confidence. Reciprocating such pompous behavior, that glowing crimson eye would place itself mere inches from her form as the woman made her offer to Osmer for the item the goblin desperately wanted to get rid of. Anyone astute enough would have been able to understand the risk involved with purchasing such an item but the ‘blob of Patia’ could care less what the woman was doing, opting to focus more on why. Sharak’s strangling of Osmer did not go unnoticed and the proximity he and Lunara held to the volatile man was enough to associate them with said violence. In the face of such potential for danger, why did the woman slide in to this exact moment to purchase the item? With Isidor walking away from the trio, Agony simply stored the woman’s appearance into the labyrinthine recesses of his calculating mind after noticing Sharak following her.



Agony had witnessed Lunara’s disappointment in Sharak’s actions just moments before. Had it not been for Isidor adding fuel to an already chaotic fire with her own actions, he would have been able to gain some important data on what types of actions the small fairy elected to do when given enough freedom to choose on her own. To Agony’s clear surprise, she elected to build even further on what had already been earned to extract even more information out of the goblin they had just intimidated. He knew then that he had stolen this gem of a being right under Rodan’s nose. Analyzing the information that Lunara just obtained from Osmer, he began to weigh his options. The brittle trust he had in Osmer’s words from before were no foundation he could build on, but fear’s ability to nudge the truth out of even the most adept at lying tilted his decision in favor of searching for this Hurk.

“Let us scrape Sharak away from his current obsession and be free of all of this filth.”

Agony’s tone quickly turned acidic as he realized yet another entity gravitated toward Sharak. This new set of eyes coupled with an unnerving sensation that there were more eyes and ears on this whole affair forced him into action.


@Akiris  @LordYalet  @jaistlyn  @danzilla3

With increasing speed, Isidor would find herself juxtaposed to the towering black mass. One of Agony’s eyes looked at Rhys, blinking very slowly from time to time as he decided to address Isidor first.

“What use do you have for the amplifier?”

The fact Agony even knew what the item was suggested even an amorphous creature that oozed so much indifference was not incognizant to such details. The uncommon combination of his singular eye with the small mouth that rested within the tentacle like protrusion that supported it turned to address Sharak now.

“You are far too animated today. Being the center of so much attention does not suit you….”

What that all meant would not be answered at this time, but there was one thing that everyone near Agony should be sure of and that was that they could not be sure of anything he would do…yet.

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