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Safe riots and kidnapping

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Rhys was not blind to the implied threat in the blobs words, but he didn't really care about it. He had already gone above and beyond what he had agreed to do at the start of all this nonsense, and he was ready to be done with it. If the goblin wanted to involve herself with people like Agony, it wasn't his place to intervene. He let the armor disengage and flow back into Circus before locking eyes with the red eyed blob. 

"Fine with me, not my job to keep her from making bad choices. Just let Peter know you're safe, yeah?"

Turning to Isidor he created a ring that would fit on her index finger and handed it to her, "It was nice working with you. If you ever need a favor, just speak my name into the ring."

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The goblin punched her hands in the air and whooped when the strange blob creature agreed to her request. Then she narrowed her eyes. How would she know he was telling the truth? She didn’t even explain what the lab was like! He did keep his promise of protecting her though..

“Just let Peter know you’re safe, yeah?” Rhys said.

“Oh, dat lil’ munchkin?” Bruga grinned warmly at the mention of the young boy, then pangs of sadness hit her. Her heart told her that she didn’t want to leave Blairville, not for long. Her home and her friends were here. But with the mayhem between the two guilds, it might be good to stay away for a while.

It took up courage to negotiate with the black blob. She decided it would be best to flatter him. “Mister migh’y-good-magnaficent-eye sir, I believe de lab will be da most fantastical, techilicous place, b-but I just remem’ered I need’ta be back here in a few months. I’ll take much less, for a few months of work.” The goblin puffed out her chest, as if she was losing out on this deal. “Gold, transport, ma’be a nice place to stay, and- oh, by the way, dere some starmetal in dat heap. Such’a waste for it to be sitting there.”

She waited for the blob to retrieve the scrap metal. At some point, the purple faerie had picked herself up and was now napping in one of the many pockets in Bruga’s overalls. The goblin looked down at her, and took care not to squash the lovely creature.

While they walked away from the junkyard, Bruga continued, “.. And materials must be provided, and tools, and food, of course - of’entimes I’ve no time to make’em…”


Lunara secretly grinned at the agony the blob must be experiencing in the vicinity of the goblin. Unbeknownst to any, she had picked up a magic license lying on the ground beside one of the human mages. Probably forged, and she didn’t care for it, but it might prove to be useful for another magic user in the Triumvirate.

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The pivot that Bruga made to only temporarily join them for the trip back to Patia annoyed Agony to no end. He had aimed to acquire a permanent asset, not some wayward goblin who held sentiment for the cesspool that Blairville had become. Agony had the distinct desire to consume her much like he had the Crimson Ledger mages for her ignorance but he likely would have had to endure the onslaught of complaints from Rodan and perhaps even Lunara concerning how fruitless this endeavor had become should this asset no longer exist. This ancient being fully committed to ensuring that the Triumvirate’s reach and versatility would become extended despite the torture he would now have to endure. As Bruga aimed to pander to his feelings of superiority, his eye shifted to look at Isidor and Rhys, slowly starting to tune the goblin gypsy out while obtaining the starmetal nearby. Isidor’s words resonated in his mind regarding the lack of control the government seemed to have with materials and people alike. What struck much more cleanly, however, was Isidor’s willingness to simply let things be. Having such fair-weather acquaintances was something he could possibly stomach again should their paths cross again.


Even after the lengthy contemplation, Bruga attempted to continue with her demands but Agony swiftly cut her off. “All of your demands can be directed to the one who controls the supplies that you need. His name is…Rodan.” The idea of giving Rodan the burden of Bruga for the short time she would be with them tickled his palate better than having to acquiesce to whatever comforts she desired.


Bruga simply blinked, however, and then continued. “Ok…dat is nice…” A cruel pause was given to Agony before she decided to continue. “...so I need some peace and quiet. I dun like workin undah pressure like you just made me. All my bes work happens when I am not disturbed you know?” It did not stop there.


Given Lunara’s need for rest, Agony had no one to force the artificer’s loquacity off to so he’d continue to suffer the agony that was Bruga for the majority of the trip. The fae had proven her worth so she had earned the trip they would now be making back to the actual Patian hub where she could continue to recover from the hardship of being in his company.

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After they'd gotten clear of ground zero number two the group had split up in terms of general affiliation. Rhys had given her a ring. While Isidor clearly understood the function behind it, she didn't tell the man that she planned to first use it for something very much outside it's stated use. Namely put it on an unintended finger when she got home and cryptically tell her friend's that a man had given her a ring. Isidor figured she might get a week out of screwing with people's heads from just that.

She left the odd couple and Bruga with her unique amplifier. As neat as that particular device was, stealth was a completely foriegn concept to it. The breathing was the complete one eighty of subtle. The weapon was definitely fun to use, but a likely nightmare to store, much less transport.

The little prototype? Isidor had paid for that. As she tentatively put magic to that concept. The device had been discarded. Purchased by Isidor from Osmer. The fae had scooped up the payment giving implied acceptance to the transaction. The fae was in league with the blob and the pair were now financial patrons of the original creator. Sympathetic magic was fun when the details fell into place. Isidor would have to go over the device to ensure that she wasn't about to be tracked down by it, but she would be able to walk away from the group without setting off the feeling she'd left with something that wasn't hers.

Refraining from the odds and ends Bruga begrudgingly offered up as rewards would only held the magic hold together. You didn't point out your own illusions to others no matter how solid they might be. After all, Isidor's preferred state of superiority was one where no one picked up on that tidbit in the first place.

With everyone involved coming out a winner? That status quo was easy.

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Full Summary:

Reports regarding the disappearance of a popular gypsy artificer named Bruga led several people to investigate her whereabouts for a variety of reasons. Agony and Lunara, members of a clandestine organization called the Abbadon Triumvirate seek her out to acquire her as an asset. Rhys searches for her at the request of someone he knows named Peter. Isidor also searches at the behest of an acquaintance named Ed. Eventually all of their paths converge at a black market located in one of the less fortunate areas within Blairville.

There they encounter a shady goblin peddler by the name of Osmer who is attempting to sell an amplifier he acquired through unknown means but that looks like an item Bruga would have created. Osmer after some intimidation states that Bruga’s last known whereabouts were at the Inn d’ Clairmont. Agony and Lunara further intimidate the goblin into giving them the name and location of the supplier of that item as it was believed that it had been Bruga’s handiwork due to its craftsmanship. Isidor purchases the amplifier from Osmer which is followed by Lunara pocketing the gold that Isidor had used to purchase the item after disabling Osmer.

Isidor and Rhys decide to follow the original intel while Agony and Lunara head to the Unterholm to locate Hurk, the supplier of the item, believing it will lead them closer to Bruga. Isidor uses some clever magic to retrace Bruga’s last steps in the area while Agony and Lunara encounter Ryden, a salesman trying to make ends meet in the Unterholm. Agony poisons Ryden and uses him as bait to lure Hurk out. They are successful in isolating him and uncover that Bruga is being held at a warehouse back in the city.

Isidor’s tracking spell leads her and Rhys to that very same warehouse where they encounter Agony and Lunara yet again. Together the group engages in a full assault on the warehouse, killing or knocking out several employees of the Red Envoy. The group encounters Crix, co-owner of the Red Envoy who attempts to eliminate the intruders but ends up barely escaping after the group overpowers all of his employees. After the battle, the group find Bruga chained in one of the rooms. After freeing her, Bruga tells them she is attempting to finish her newest idea but needs the lungs of a gargoyle to complete it. The group decides to aid her but not before Agony suggests she come with them.

Returning to the Unterholm, they reach a deserted junkyard where the gargoyle is rumored to have appeared the last few nights. The gargoyle, seemingly protecting something, gets the jump on Agony before initiating another battle that was cut immediately short by some crafty magic from Isidor. With the gargoyle sliced up but still ‘alive’, Crix returns with a larger group and a pair of skilled Crimson Ledger mages. An intense battle ensues, Crix exhausting everything in his repertoire in an attempt to reacquire Bruga and eliminate the group for what they did to his place of business. Agony coaxes Bruga into creating the item under duress. Lunara proves her worth to her ‘boss’ by creating several illusions mid battle. Rhys protects everyone with Circus. Isidor uses the finished amplifier to end the fight, inadvertently killing Crix.

Agony disposes of the bodies by consuming them. Bruga agrees to travel with Agony and Lunara to Patia to complete some work for them to aid the Abaddon Triumvirate before inevitably returning to Blairville. Isidor leaves with her purchased amplifier after Rhys offers her a ring whereby she could call for his assistance should she need it in the future. Everyone ends up going their separate ways soon after.

Minor Summary:

Several entities (Agony, Lunara, Isidor, and Rhys) come together to search for a gypsy artificer named Bruga. After some investigative work, they work on the leads they were given. Agony and Lunara extract some information regarding Bruga in Unterholm while Isidor and Rhys use Isidor’s tracking spell to retrace Bruga’s last steps within Blairville.

The group converge at the Red Envoy, a known warehouse rumored to work with the Crimson Ledger. They assault the place of business, killing several though the co-owner Crix escapes. They find Bruga there only to be set upon another quest to find the lungs of a gargoyle rumored to frequent the Unterholm.

The group travels to the Unterholm where they are ambushed by the gargoyle as well as a returning Crix who this time came with two Crimson Ledger mages. A crucial battle ensued that saw Bruga creating a new amplifier under duress with the gargoyle’s lungs and the decimation of every single Red Envoy employee or Crimson Ledger operative that attempted to kill them.

Agony and Lunara convince Bruga to travel with them to Patia for a contracted job before she would return to Blairville. Isidor walks away with a purchased amplifier and Rhys offers her future assistance by giving her a ring. In order to not risk any more exposure than necessary, the group parts ways swiftly hoping to seep into obscurity from both Constabulary and any other opposition.

Notable Consequences:

  • Bruga is found well and relatively unharmed.
  • The Abbadon Triumvirate gains an asset in Bruga willing to be contracted by Abaddon.
  • The Red Envoy is almost completely destroyed, several employees reported missing as well as the co-owner Crix.
  • The gargoyle that has terrorized the Unterholm for weeks ceases to emerge.
  • The Crimson Ledger has lost two of its best mages as well as one of its more successful business fronts.


  • Agony and Lunara gain a contact in Bruga for future contractual work as well as the starmetal.
  • Isidor gains some of the components (i.e. 1 x negabjurium) from salvaging Bruga's amplifier.
  • Rhys acquires a flash mask from Bruga as thanks for his commitment to helping Peter.
  • Lunara also picks up a forged magic license from one of the fallen Crimson Ledger mages.


  • Investigate reports of the Red Envoy’s ties to the Crimson Ledger as well as the recent attack that has eliminated most of its personnel.
  • Investigate reports in the Unterholm regarding a massive battle that took place in one of its deserted junkyards with several slain personnel from the Red Envoy as well as a mysterious hand holding a ring with an insignia that is usually worn by those within the Crimson Ledger
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