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Shattered Glass; Face to Face Against the Beast of Legend

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Manah was not quick enough to dodge the scythe as it came at her. It ripped open her side as she fell to her knees in pain, yet she didn't scream. Gritting her teeth her spear fell beside her. The knight eyed the mist spewing forth. What did Rin do to this girl? 52 would feel the strength and dark magic rising in her body. That she would feel able to fight even with the small cut she had she to becoming taken over by the void. 52 was becoming possessed, yet she obeyed Rin's orders which frightened the knight.

"That you're losing your identity. That you're becoming a blank state for her darkness to brainwash and control you. Open your eyes and fight her. She will never give you what you want. You're just another slave to her, nothing more. Please, don't let her take you too."

Manah pushed herself up in pain as she eyed 52. Her words were not getting through and she coughed through the mist. It was growing even more as the knight didn't notice until now. It whispered such sweet tidings to Manah as she looked at 52. Even the cut on her side glowed darkly. Her eyes glared at 52, knowing she was trying to take the knight for herself. She growled low. Anger filled her as she picked up the spear and ran at her again. Yet the pain stopped her halfway. Dropping her spear in agony as the mist grew louder. Once again she fell to her knees. 

"Stop it."

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"She isn't taking my identity! I am still me! YOU are the one trying to change me! AND YOU WILL STOP! You will give in!" 

52 says with a grin and a bit of a laugh. She was rather watching the knight squirm and fight back. She felt it was a bit helpless for the knight. 52 was feeling stronger with each passing moment. She felt better then when the fight had started and the mist was only strengthening. Whispering to the knight such sweet temptations.

"Listen to the whispers my sweet. It will be so nice to give in won't it? Why fight when we can offer strength and power."

52 smiles warmly to the knight and holds a hand out to her letting her weapon down and trying to talk the knight into giving in. If she could end this with out a real fight that would be nice.

"Let me help you."

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Manah slashed at the hand that lowered to her. She was a knight of justice and would not fall to such tricks. 52 was trying to capture her and she wouldn't allow such a thing. She would not falter to her or anyone. Standing, as she winced in pain she geabbed her spear. Manah would not give in wirhout a fight. She eyed the mist, seeing it was getting thicker and louder, pounding in her ears.

"No!" She yelled. "Blazing Fang!"

The magic came flying down at 52. Fireballs crashing against her with chances to escape the attack. Manah didn'tcare as she ran towards her with the spear as well.

"You will not claim me! I will fight until I die. You will never take me. Now fight me if you want me so badly demon. Show me how corrupted she made you."

Manah then stood there wondering which attack hit 52. She couldn't see well in the fog and it felt like the misma like feel made her cough hard. She still had open woubds upon her and it was falling into her body yet she was fighting against that as well.

"Nothing you offer will ever entice me fiend."



Blazing Fang --Exploding fireballs skim the ground.


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52's hand pulls back quickly as her hand it cut! She giggles a bit at this and steps back. "Such fire behind you! I like it." As she says this the fire comes raining down on her from the knights magic! 52 didn't like this at all! She was forced to play defense now not something she did to well. That said she manages to maneuver around the fireballs fairly well until the end as one grazes her arm causing her to cry out in a bit of pain! "YOU... DARE hurt me?! I offer sanctuary and such nice things! I will make you join then!"

52 recovers herself the spear attack missing due to the fog. 52 stands the now as the mist starts to swirl around her as she draws it to a point taking aim at the knight she fires it through the mist! It screams loudly as it flies through the air. Made of nightmares 52 hoped to make the knight fall into dispear so that she may corrupt her before cleansing her mind of the madness. "You can't fight me long here! You will fall!"

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0316fb89acc07ba7d1389717703f1e43.jpgThe spear pierced her left side as she rolled to try and dodge the attack. However as it hit her she fell to her knees biting down on her lip hoping not to show the pain. 

And she tried to remain strong as the nightmares came then. One depicting her father. Only he was twisted. Showing only hate and comtempt for the knight. He pushed her to the ground, stomped on her and even belittled and was disgusted by her.

"You're no longer my daughter! Look at how weak you've become and how you will not except such a gift." Replied the phantom knight captain. "How dare you call yourself a knight of justice?!"

Manah groaned in pain. Beaten like a dog she laid there in silence. Her heart beat that was her beacon began to pitter out. The phantom disappeared then as the mist wrapped around her.

It swooped in seeing how weak she was now and couldn't fight it back. 

Little knight... Don't you see how we need you? The princess recognised your greatness. Even left 52 to watch over you. Grow with us. 

"This is wrong!" She cried out before the mist covered and swallowed her whole.

Manah's heart withered then. It stopped beating as the light left her eyes and they became dull. Her armour that once shone the brightest light, light of justice and the sun now darkened to the blackest knight. 

The knight had lost as the mist reworked her. Sitting on her knees, her body swelled outwards into a voluptuous and overly busty form. A tail grew from her butt, her ears pointed, horns grew under her now red and orange curled hair. Her eyes now heterchroma orange and yellow. 

52... Manah breathed, het voice raspy but a sultry one. Come here. You have shown me the light. I was foolish to fight you for so long....


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52 grins to herself as the knights will to fight starts to crumble. Letting her weapon fade into the mist 52 steps up to the knight her transformation taking over her form. It was nice to know that she could help the knight see what she saw. 

"There you go. Let it take you join the cause it is so easy and look how it changes you! Isn't it lovely?" 52 says with a smile as she holds a hand out for the knight to take. "I can see you giving in do not fight anymore! This is where you belong! With us let none stand in the path! We can do so much on this side!" 52 says rather sweetly to the knight. She wasn't to sure what was going through the knights mind at the moment but 52 knew it couldn't be to nice. By now the mist had probably started to twist her mind against her. 

52 didn't remember much of when she was overcome with it but it was rather unpleasant from what she could remember... She felt no sorrow for the knight though. She would soon come over and accept her fate and then 52 would ease the madness away from her mind but she had to accept her fate first.

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The mist seeped through Manah's mind, as it corrupted her. 52 must be going through the same thing even though she stood there in silence. She stood, her eyes blackened as she moaned in pleasure as the mist overtook her, ravishing her insides. The knight's skin turned ash grey as it destroyed the purity of the knight. Her grey hand ran through 52's hair before cupping her chin. 

She pulled her in then as she smelled 52. Her mouth watered. Manah wanted to allow her deepest desires out, she allowed the mist to claim her. Not Rin, not anyone else as she pledged herself to the mist. Her hands wandered all over 52's body as she dug her fangs into 52's neck. She drank the blood as she wanted it, it was like a drug she couldn't get enough of.

I am your faithful servant. Take me and remake me of the mist's desires and wishes. 

She let go of 52 then as she bent her knee to the girl. Kneeling before her, her black empty eyes staring devoutly into her maiden's own. Freed from the light and justice, she now began a life reborn into the darkness of the mist. 

Edited by Rin

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