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(Mo Chroi) Hired Help

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Time: 12:37 PM

Location: Ironwood Library second floor overlook. 



Carlile QgkaNpR.jpg 

Saul  kOP8CB5.jpg?2



Carlile sat in a chair near the center of the surrounding area. The chair sat at a long wooden table with five chairs on either side. The furthest end of the table sat only a few feet from the balcony overlooking the libraries first floor. Carlile let out a deep sigh and clasped his hands together; placing his elbows on the table and looking at the 'person' across from him. The librarian had already yelled at him about the fact that he could not just light up a ciggarette in the middle of the library. More so he had tried to and she smacked it out of his mouth with a bible.

"You best quit lookin at me like that. It's your fault we're even here."

Only low gurgling and clicking could be heard from the person across from him. The figure was fully cloaked and rather oddly shaped compared to Carlile. His hands also at on the tbale with Carliles but it was very obvious that this figure was not human. The hands on the table seemed to be covered moss and algae with almost a wood like texture. Some amount of knuckles bone could be seen from gaps in the fungus like material that made up the hands. It was obvious that this figure was the earlier explained lifeform 'Saul'.

"These folk gonna be here any minute now and then you're gonna be there probem for the remainder of this here situation."

Carlile pulled out his flask and quickly glanced around to make sure that the librarian wasn't anywhere within eye shot. When he saw that the coast was clear; He took a long drink from the flask, tilting his head back a bit and letting the flask go vertical to his mouth. 

The fungal man slowly moved his hand up toward Carliles flask out of curiosity. Carlile didn't notice it until the curious saprophyte had his hand fully around one side of the flask. Carlile quickly reacted with a startled look and cheeks bulging full of high grade liquor. Franticly moving his arms around and swatting at Sauls hand with a sort of angry look on his face before swallowing his alchohol and coughing a bit.

"No touch!; Ya can't jus be touchin people. Bad; Bad mushroom."

Saul just sort of sat there for a moment with his hands close to his chest and began to lightly kneed them together; This of course lets some of the greenery dust off from him and fall lightly onto the table. All in all; Saul was very docile and just wish to explore new things. Carlile had been the only person in contact with him these last 15 days and so Saul saw him as the only real sort of friendly face in his short life so far.

"Where the hell are these sons a bitches. They're late."

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Sandra was walking around the great ring that was the second level of the Ironwood library. A great void to her left exposed the lower level. To her right row upon row of heavy wooden shelves that supported countless ink scribbled papers; books, tomes and scrolls of every description lined the thick wooden shelves. Though the library was brightly lit it was busy, Sandra caught glimpses of people ducking in and out of every row that she passed. She felt a slight tingling on the back of her neck at the thought of unknown people behind her and frost started puffing out with every breath as she involuntarily started absorbing the ambient heat around her.

A suddenly sweaty palm readjusted the grip on her axe, the low grade enchantment helping to reassure people that there was a perfectly good reason for her to carry a giant axe as large as she was tall in a library of all places. The enchantment was easily broken so as long as people didn't look too closely and she acted as if it was a simple walking stick, so would they.

The walking was coming to an end as Sandra spotted the unmistakable figure of her charge a short distance ahead of her. Stopping in front of a stone pillar for a moment she watched the figure and the surrounds for a moment. It was huge and top heavy, with broad shoulders and a rotund torso hidden under a thick cloak. Slouching in the chair opposite was a man with his back to her, his position indicated that he was relaxed but that was all that Sandra could interpret. Looking past the table Sandra could spot nothing obvious, the people moving about seemed to be acting normal. With a sigh she walked forwards, checking behind her periodically.

Approaching the table she could see the man drumming his fingers on the table, a last glance of her eyes showing nothing but the moss man rubbing its fingers together.

"Is this Saul?" Sandra said, walking to where the man could see her. "And who are you?"

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As he walked through the Ironwood Library Eli couldn't help but be impressed by the lengths the founders of Mo Chroi had gone to creating a blend of the traditional and the technological. Walking through rows and rows of shelves packed almost to bursting with books; he could still feel the sort of electric hum of the massive database housed in the establishment against his senses. His sensors had picked up the database before he had even gotten close to the building itself; which had helped him find his way in the crowded city streets. Once he was within range, he had begun to download from the treasure trove of information; filing it away to be perused at his pleasure later. He didn't see any harm in it; as the data was being kept in a library. Eli was just employing an unusual means of accessing it.

After a bit more walking he came to the second floor overlook where the meeting was scheduled to take place. There were three people in the room already, the man by the name of Carlile, and a large figure concealed under a cloak that would have to be Saul. With a thought his scanners went to scanning the figure before coming back with the expected results; heavily mutated human. The creature seemed docile enough, but Eli hoped that whatever might remain of its previous self wasn't suffering. Pushing the thoughts from his head, he took a seat near Carlile.

"Apologies for my late arrival."

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Clack, clack, clack. 

The sound of boots against tile filled the relative silence of the Library, a repository of knowledge with little rival on all of Valucre - bustling with silent activity as scholars, academics and the simply curious sated their thirst for some obscure knowledge or another. Retsu paid its grandeur no mind, his footfalls confident as he approached the team waiting for him. One was a tall man, hair unkempt and with an attire of blacks and reds. The other was a charicature much like himself, a woman even taller then the man; dressed in attire of a barbarian tribeswoman, tattoos or dye of red covering her exposed skin with a thinly veiled 'walking stick' supporting her - a Barbarian Princess, at least at a glance. 

Retsu himself was a perversion of a Weland Samurai of a bygone age, a mask like a demon covered his face with a twisted, crystal polymer alloy making up his armor which at a glance appeared traditional but at a hard look was clearly modern. Strapped tight to his chest was a rifle, cutting edge and Magitech - breaking whatever illusion of Weland Samurai his attire portrayed. Retsu wasted little time in getting to the group, nodding to each of them in turn - including the horrific fungal monster, before turning his back to the group and scanning the library for potential threats.

He would leave the pleasantries to the pleasant, Retsu's priority was completing the mission with as little drama as possible. 

[OOC: I'm suffering some serious writers block, so my post quality might be kinda...shit, for a bit.]

Edited by Soldat Tenaille

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As what seemed liked the remaining of the group arrived; He gave a low sigh and pulled out a small booklet labeled "Itinerary" it was somewhat insulting to try to give such a thing to hired mercenaries. However it was per the request of the cities premier that they be given very specific instruction on this mission.

"Well; I suppose that ya'll are the only ones to be showin up. Lets get started then. From this point on; You are in charge of the the escorting and protection of the uh.... Goods. You are to take the escorted from here to the bottom level military dictrict of the city. However you choose to do so is up to you. However I am oblidged to say that we require the utmost discretion while doing so. There is no set time limit on this; However we would prefer if you got it done within a weeks time."

Saul began to reach slowly over to the nearest person sat around him (This being Eli) and began to take curiosity in lightly poking his side. The creature still had little to no understanding of what he was or what the people around him were. Carlile smacked his hand down with the booklet; Causing a bit of dust and what seemed like plant material to float into the air on contact with Sauls hand. 

Saul quickly retracted his hand in a protective manner and seemed to stare at Carlile with a sort of bellowed breath.

"What in the hell did i tell you about touchin folks? It's rude damnit. Now back on the subject."

Carlile set the booklet in the center of the table between all of them and pulled out a small bag of currency for movement throughout the city. He of course didn't expect them to spend their own hard earned money escorting the walking shrub through the city. He set the small bag next to the booklet with a small clinking sound of the metal pieces inside the bag coming to a rest.

"Now you all can decide amongst yourselves after I leave as to who will carry the money and read this booklet. It's not for me to decide; Now in that bag is enough coin to keep you all fed and moving for at least a weeks time. Now he don't eat much so you won't have to worry about that. However you need to be keepin an eye on him at all times. If given the chance, he will go wandering. Are there any specific question you wish to ask before we close this down and part ways?"

Carlile was itching for a cigarette but knew that the librarian was keeping a watchful eye on him from the last time he lit one up in her library. He brought his hand up, Extending just his index finger and thumb to rubs the bridge of his nose. Setting things like this up was a pain in the ass but he had no real choice in the matter. 


(Sorry it took so long. It seems one of our partakers is no longer going to... partake. Here is the OOC and the posting order will be that of which has been established here. I will be posting once everyone else has made their post after me. I will also post the contents of the booklets after my next post.)

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