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Alterion Canon & Lore

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Alterion Canon & Lore

 Board Wide updates listed here. 


Table of Contents:

  1. Legend | Alterion - Pertinent Realm Information 
  2. How to Affect the Canon of Alterion - How to change things in #1.
  3. Political Turmoil & Affiliations - Some things you may want to know. (Broad strokes). 
  4. RoE - Rules of Engagement or How to Conquer all the things. 
  5. The Quest Board - A list of suggested canon quests. Feel free to submit your own via PM to @paradigm
  6. The Bounty Board - A list of NPCs and Player Characters ready to be hunted. Feel free to submit your own NPCs via PM to @paradigm
  7. The Alterion Bestiary - Here there be monsters! 
  8. Alterion Relics and Artifacts - Here there be treasure!
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