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Donations 8.0

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Cost Reason
299.88 VPS renewal (BlueHost)
86.4 27 weeks of TRP sponsor
40 IPS renewal
10 Shift theme renewal
10 Villain theme renewal
49.99 SSL cert
81.7 30GB extra VPS disk space
28.58 Portal dev work
86.4 27 weeks of TRP sponsor
40 IPS Renewal
10 Shift theme renewal
10 Villain theme renewal
14.29 Portal dev work
9.87 Domain name transfer - namecheap

Cost Total: $777.11
Donation Total: 638.40

Most costs are self-explanatory, so if there are questions on any of them feel free to PM me and desolate. I used to round up donations but as of last year have been accounting for the actual dollar and cent value after PayPal's cut for the sake of clarity. 

Last year we came under our total costs by approximately 550 USD. In light of this we're focusing on keeping costs to an absolute minimum and so are unlikely this year to renew our TRP sponsorship. Further, desolate and I will be putting in concerted effort in reducing database size so we can get rid of the extra space we're paying for, replacing our SSL cert with an open source alternative, and improving server and site load speed to improve our SEO.

So if you have it in your heart and wallet to help Valucre keep running, we'd appreciate whatever you can spare. 


  1. Custom user title changes (PM supernal and desolate)
    1. 2.50 = 1x
    2. 5.00 = 2x
    3. 10.00 = 4x
    4. 20.00 = 8x


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