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Mickey Flash

Seinaru Forven Quests

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Quest Rules
Here, a quest is defined as any plot with a defined end and which incorporates the writing prompt, or "plot seed", from among the index in some manner. Whether the outcome is good or bad, what the exact problem is other than what's contained in the prompt, and how this is resolved are details all left up to the player unless otherwise specified. This makes quests very flexible and not strictly for the adventuring or combat oriented character. 

  • PM Mickey Flash before undertaking a quest to check for and update availability
  • Include a [quest] bracket in your thread title
  • Each post should be no less than 120 words
  • If a quest goes 30 days or more without a post, the quest will be considered idle and made available
    • If no one has claimed the quest during its availability period you are able to continue your quest from where you left off, just contact me
  • Rewards include: canonization into the lore, player determined IC spoils, and your thread will be Featured Depending on the impact and rewards, if the quest is too easily accomplished your canonization may be denied or modified
    • Players should keep in mind that injury and even death aren't permanent in a magical setting like Valucre
  • At the end of every quest, follow the Canonization Process. Pay close attention to generating a new opportunity. This submission is how players reap rewards and get their activity documented

If you pick up a quest and are by yourself at the start, you can use the Water Cooler to both players for your team and/or cast a net out for anyone that might want to GM. Class S quests require a third-party storyteller. 

  • Class C (Easy): 1.25x post-credit value. 1 player. 1+ page (15+ posts).
  • Class B (Medium): 1.5x post-credit value. 1+ players. 2+ page.
  • Class A (Hard): 2x post-credit value. 1+ players. 3+ pages.
  • Class S (Crazy): 3x post-credit value. 2+ players. 5+ pages.     

 quest rules by supernal                                                

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Karmathen -

(Class C) The location of Karmathen has always been slightly secret. Follow the music to the Karmathen entrance and take the leap inside. The quest task is to be able to find your way out again. ?

Lo'Bre –

(Class A) You wake up on the ship of pirates, kidnapped from the city of Lo'Bre. You have been chained up with chains designed to withstand magic, and powerful abilities. How will you escape? Quest can have one, or a group.

Dawic –

(Class B) A giant alligator has been killing anything unfortunate enough to come across its path, and the quest requires to eliminate the problem. The alligator is located in the complicated waters of the Sea Caves.  The twist is that it's a mother alligator, protecting her equally dangerous (only smaller) babies.

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