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Fracture RP Index

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An easy index of the more comprehensive threads or articles

  • Updates thread - Updates about quest completions, article modifications; pretty much anything that seems worthy of a note regarding Terrenus
  • Landing page - Includes information on topics such as education, transportation, communication and technology, and history
  • Terms and definitions - Definitions for terms used as text tags to specify overall themes for lore articles 
  • Quest index - Location separated list of quests, which are writing prompts with guaranteed ability to affect the canon
  • Artifact list - Powerful items and weaponry with canon backed power or ability
  • Terran military - Military departments, units, ranking system, benefits, and personnel 
  • Laws of magic - The laws / rules of magic as they exist in Terrenus. It's basically the laws for Valucre with a few extra notions
  • The Oracle - In-character mechanism by which characters can exchange secrets for information
  • Materials - Exceptional materials, what they can do, where they are located, and how to get them
  • Dice system - Optional, dice based system of combat for conflict resolution
  • Superstitions - Common superstitions held by the Terran people
  • Terran human - Bestiary entry for the standard Terran human to give people an idea of the kind of NPC interactions they should anticipate
    • No problem treating them like mooks where needed but note that the dumb or weak Terran is an exception and not a standard
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