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A Bad Luck Charm; Nova

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aeb59c98164381a792734e337898f18b--vampir Nova sat on the boat as she tried to image what a new land would look like. She came from the small island of Rowan, far from here. Ansgar was her birth city. But the young vampire couldn't do a thing there. She was suffocating in a land that didn't understand her. And so she, a black bird of death, as they liked to associate her with, gathered her meager belongings and took a ship to Orisia.

But she had never been on a ship before. The rocking of the ship made her sick the first day. But she managed to survive. Nova sighed as she walked upon the outer deck of the ship. She knew no one really, a loner type of girl seeing anyone who involved themselves with her died. 

Nova was a bad luck charm you didn't want. 

The vampire placed her arms on the railing as her yellow and orange speckled eyes casted themselves upon the reflection of the sea. She wondered if this land, Orisia it was called, would welcome her? Nova was one who loved getting into trouble.

And who knew maybe she would find something worth fighting for? Something to keep from dying. Nova didn't know. 

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The rocking of the ship was not an easy go for Nova. It was sailing to Orisia and it would be a long while before it reached it's destination. Yet, for one not being on a ship forever or even ever in her life, the raven didn't like boats. She could have flown, probably should have. But she found stowing away on a boat more fun. 

It was a decision she regretted. 

Nova clung to the ship as it gently sailed on. The vampire was growing hungry and it seemed that there were not a lot of people on board. And seeing she could be the only blood sucker on board, it would look suspicious for the passengers to start disappearing wouldn't it?

Nova chuckled, it was a nervous one. She watched the few meager passengers walk by. She decided to follow one against her decision not to. Why not stir up a little trouble. As the woman turned the corner, Nova pushed her into a small room. She made sure the woman couldn't move as she dug her fangs into her neck and drained her dry. 

With that Nova left the dead woman there as she returned to her room. Closing the door behind her she climbed into a raven shaped coffin to sleep.

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There was an alien being in the ship..He was one of them that were left... How did it get there?! Suddenly Nesy was just sitting there in back of the ship staring around for a moment. Passengers wondered how the being arrived there.. Nobody knew the exact answer..

But Nesy is always on alert nowdays. But he didn't know of a vampire of some sorts. 

"Alright alright alright.. Calm down guys.." He told the passangers who crowded on him. This was not going well. However Nova could smell Nesy's increadibly sweet blood from there..Who was this alien? Nobody even knew whoever he was but the crowding started to become imense..

An individual walked up to Nesy and said.. "Who are you? How did you get there?" How did Nesy get on the ship? It felt like a coincidence but he was there all along. But Nesy was stronger then a vampire. But it's rumoured that Nesy is a celestial half demon but is that true? It's time to find out. 
"...Dude, I was here the entire time! What are you BABBLING ABOUT?!" Nesy began yelling around for a moment but Nesy with his inhuman strength pushed them off from Nesy and he began walking forwards..

"...." Everything went silent and the passangers just ran off to different directions..


Nesy is a Celvestian.. From a race where  their capabilities are multiversal and Nesy is usually a kind person but at this point Nesy was trying to stay away from the people for a bit because this started to be.. Very annoying.


Including he had a railgun on his back! Who could've thought! It was time to find out who this alien is!



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