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till death do us part.

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kaede%20happy.png?m=1513012400T,%20Kaede%20true.png?m=1513015271he promised day finally arrived.

Through the obstacles that cursed their path that which they wished for was finally brought to fruition. 

The funeral of Matashi was one of heightened spirits, it was a sad moment isolated in time when the sarcophagus was emblazoned in the brightest flames and swallowed by the abyss of the Tenjin Shrine. Those who had been royal, that had known his steadfast resolve, mourned, others attributed his sacrifice to the growth of a new society. In the hour spent honoring his death, The Kitakokou could only think of the festivities that were being prepared throughout the villages. Origami dragons of paper soared through the sky guided by the divine wind and paper lanterns with inscriptions of Kitashiobara folklore covered all of the pillars that stretched high just before the clouds. The other lesser villages contracted to Kitashiobara had arrived underneath their ruling Jonin, and a few that weren't given the divine providence of the Crystal's warmth came as well. In the end, they wouldn't close their doors to anyone who was brave enough to walk into the jaws of Hanyusha. For all the sacrifice that they had given to reform the village, make necessary changes and reform, and even kill those who disobeyed - they deserved the insurmountable power they so boldly commanded within the shadows of The Kitakokou's seat of unparalleled power. 

Once the closed funeral was complete, hours would pass where everyone was given the opportunity to change into their most eloquent, well-groomed apparel. The Kitakokou chose simplicity in a snow-white kimono with light, almost imperceptibly small black polka-dots. Rather than uphold the visage of royalty that many before him had chosen, he appeared from the Gate of the Dragon to appear much regular like those within his village. Already the festivities had begun in the lesser village, but upon Kaede Yamagata's appearance at the entrance of the third pillar's gateway, the true commencement of their gathering was scheduled to begin. To his right stood Rin Suzume who was marred in absolute beauty for the occasion as expected of someone with her physique and to his left the enigmatic devil of KitashiobaraAkuma Hyuuga, a hero behind the closed doors of darkness and an icon for his stalwart disposition that remained gelid, even in comparison to the Gunji Sangin

“Welcome! To everyone who is apart of Kitashiobara, the surrounding villages, and visitors who are here to admire our customs as civil patrons Izral,” Kaede Yamagata began, his hands crossed to form a single seal that allowed him to vocalize with a sound akin to several megaphones, a voice that would resonate from all directions in a surround sound experience.  “We invite you with closed arms, not just into the village and the places of worship throughout, but into my own home as well, so that you may partake in sake, conversation, the various activities scattered throughout, and network with officials of the kingdom, as well as other kingdoms that may have arrived. This festival serves as the bridge between understanding, so that those like me will not be assassinated, and people will not give their lives for sacrifices unnecessary.”

This festival wasn't just to re-commemorate the divine winds that had blessed the village for generations, but to honor Matashi Gekkamaru who gave his life helplessly to save his ruler Kaede. Those in Kitashiobara, as a result, took this day very seriously. Others looked at it as a change of pace from the empire of old, and a new leave turning that wasn't too far from the upheaval of changes that was approaching. Soon not only would a chunk of the region belong to them, but all of Izral. Directly underneath their unparalleled fist. 

“I am pleased to present the Festival of Kamikaze. May the divine wind guide you to your fulfilling destiny on this very night!”

Roars of cheer suddenly filled the sky so loud that it sounded like the thunder of an ominous storm rumbling on the fringes.

It was then that he turned his back to the people and with straw sandles leapt forward into the grand foyer lined with tables of food, servants who had selflessly volunteered to work the activities throughout, and the the grand luminescence of the enchanted lanterns that lit the night like a beacon of salvation through the chaotic lands that surrounded them. In poured pedestrians of all shapes and sizes, moving to and fro, partaking in the food that seemed to be limitless. As a platter of food disappeared it was immediately replaced with another. As sake and the other expensive alcohols were consumed, their expensive glasses were replaced with new, never opened glasses. Kimonos used to commemorate the matsuri (festival) were worn by many that heralded from the village itself, free gifts from The Kitakokou to those who played an integral part in the village's existence. Instruments of all kind played throughout in various locations, and the chaos of the foyer became one of harmony. 

The Gunji Sangin were seated on a horizontal table just afew meters from the general populace, though they engaged in talks with other Jonin and even those from other regions that seemed to exist outside of Cosanastre

And a few meters from them? The masterminds, the very future of IzralThe Kitakokou sat with the Oja-shusho at his side, maintaining a safe distance at the back of the foyer where they were allowed to observe the guests at their own leisure while partaking in the fun at whatever capacity they wanted. The sight of smiles, laughter, and joy, left Kaede Yamagata with a perpetual smile where his resplendent teeth shined inbetween glasses of sake. 

“We did it, you two...this is far from the finish line, but we've done what no other before us could. God is my witness and my victim, we will take everything this world can give and rule it from a place of objectivity and truth. Will you two be there with me to make this happen?” he asked them passionately, raising a single marble cup above his crown that he admired as he did the ceiling of the foyer at that moment. Whatever their answer at this moment, he knew what the truth was. They would follow him to the ends of the earth, not for the joys of a wondrous occasion such as what they experienced around them, something they'd never experienced before, but for their loyalty to their mentor and peerless ruler: The Kitakokou

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The funeral was attended with somber silence and polite apathy. By honoring the fallen comrade, Hanyusha further secured its place among the Kitashiobara, their hold upon the UPEbvn7.jpgvery world they were coming to know.  Dutiful and present, the Oja-shusho remained at their rightful positions at the enigmatic leader’s side. Their presence both daunting and comforting, stalwart and predictable, if nothing else. They moved in tandem, a prime example of how a proper team was supposed to be, like a well-oiled machine. Whole conversations could happen with the barest of looks, the slightest of gestures. Comfortable with one another and trusting to the end, till death do them part.

Kaede’s speech was greeted with enthusiasm, the people longing for peace and a figurehead of hope. While it had previously been born within Mononoke, it now grew on the shoulders of the trio, larger and larger until the weight of it would even sag their impressive stances.

For now, however, Rin sat to the side of Kaede as he consumed multiple cups of sake, a perfectly sculpted brow raising as she counted them, a hint of judgement on her visage. It would do no good if he lost his senses to the alcohol within. Festival or not, they all needed to remain sharp, and dulling ones senses was always frowned upon. Kaede was provided with a simple look, lips pursed in disapproval, it was one he would know well.

Her own attire had taken no more than an hour to find it’s placement on her form. A kimono of gentle cream, embroidered with pinks and blues – butterflies, flowers, and a dragon along the back – embroidered lovingly and with careful hands lay across her skin, tied with a decorative Obi of stark black. Copious amounts of achromatic tresses fell in gentle curls, a loose braid at the bottom of them, tied with a thin ribbon, for now, rests over her shoulder and across her chest.

The albino woman was surely a beauty, but had she any inclination of it, it was readily dismissed as her wary gaze watched the crowd with both curious inkling, and a determination.

“Of course, Kaede-dono.” The woman scoffs, as if the idea of them not being absolutely absurd.  However, her attention is brought to a young Chunin who has approached, he clearly only recently promoted. Anxiousness exudes from the thin boy, his dark fingers playing over the stems of several white flowers, plucked recently, if the jagged ends are any indication, in the center, a single red carnation.  She does not recognize him, but it is likely due to her own failings at being entirely perceptive of the young. It simply…hurt too much to be reminded the progeny she had lost prior. While not her own, the young lad might as well as been, for all the pain in her heart.

“A..h..Oja-ichi…” The young man started, he could not be older than fourteen, and his scrawny arm suddenly thrust out the hastily made bouquet, to which Rin accepted with a hint of surprise. The woman stared at them, clearly unsure of how to handle such an interaction. “Please accept these!” The young man bowed, and fled quickly, likely to stave off his further embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Rin was left with the flowers, looking perplexed in their purpose. Typical announcements of affection were greatly lost on the woman, and her gaze turned to Akuuma in hopes he might have some answer she lacked.

“What is the purpose of this?”

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Akuma was wearing his best face. The surgery while a success was having it's consequences. Splitting headaches, to the point where he can't even move or focus. It was new for him, having such a handicap especially during a time where he himself felt that he should be at his best, unnerved him.  For The Kitakokou he is never less then what's expected, that was his motto, that was the discipline he consistently practiced. Today however he had to save face and act the part of a well fairing member of this glorious sect---when in truth he should probably be in bed. 

Swag on a billion..

Despite that, oh he looked the part indeed. Having a representation of being a unique individual, his clothing was something that was a combination of tradition and new-land influences. An immaculate, pristine, all white---Whiter then the sheets in heaven, mock neck full length suit jacket. The collars were beautifully trimmed, engraved with actual 24kt Gold threading and runic placements. The buttons down the front where invisible, fastening from the inside, hidden by a single pleat, the coat split at his waist where the rest of it simply flowed behind him as a cloak would, where it would sweep along the floor, an inseam of velvet to prevent what stains the ground had to offer from tainting the white. His pants were the same, as was the dress shirt, all all accented beautifully by gold---The likes of which adorned his wrists in the form of beautifully frost-bitten jewelry, VVS-Diamond bracelets, rings on his pinky fingers on both hands and a single chain, fairly large with Hanyusha's symbol done incredibly in a VVS-Diamond pendant. 

His hair wasn't braided---it was WOVEN into a single long braid that flowed the length of his body and rested atop the coat he wore, 24kt-Gold Bangles bracing a part of his braid spaced 4" apart from the previous and over his eyes, a pair of customized shades which truly served the purpose of low-lighting---as to not agitate his eyes which were the source of his inexplicably incredible headaches. Needless to say he stood proudly---and cleanly, at The Kitakokou and his comrades side, seating himself near them and for the most part during and after the speech being surprisingly stoic. He didn't smile or say much, Occasionally sipping his drink and sampling food.

What did bring a change to his demeanor was the boy...

The boy who looked at a woman and in her saw the world. Saw something he wanted. A Boy, staring at a mountain that he knew he was unable to climb but god damnit would NOT be convinced otherwise. Because she was worth it. Because he had to have it. Because he valued her, this owner of his hearts real-Estate. Akuma scrutinized the boy but not angrily. The look on his face lightened alot. It even caused him to momentarily remove the shades and smile as the boy approached and presented to Rin, quite possibly the only token of his affection that he could afford and make sense. The entire scene---reminded him of someone, and as he re-shaded his eyes and Rin inquired to him Akuma would speak, smiling, while he awarded his comrade---no, more like a sister. With a gem. "When something or someone inspires you. IN a way that nothing or nobody else ever has. Brings things out of you that you never thought even existed. Makes you want to give them the world, but for now you only have flowers....you get that. That boy has jack shit to offer you but those flowers...be flatterd Rin-San, you're someones crush. Excuse me..."

He knows this feeling all to well, ever since "She" has been here he has gotten a chance to explore it, but there was still so much unsaid. Undone, unfelt. Akuma found himself at walk way over a Coy-pond staring to the clear waters and the beautiful fish at idle and by some chance, the young boy whom he stood by. The young child gushed---Obviously well aware of who the Oja-Shusho was, and the reputation that came with it. "You're more brave then I ever was kid, at that age I was to scared to even approach my crush. Power to you.." they'd bump fist and Akuma would shoo the kid away while his arms crossed and his eyes gazed into the subtle ripples of the water below.


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It was odd, traveling without some form of escort, no Hyuuga and no great beasts. Despite being alone, she still turned heads without any problem. Women whispered softly among each other, men elbowing each other with teasing grins. She wore a light smile on her face, but lucky for her she was not approached. She had no issue being observed from a distance and with the festival now in full swing she was quickly forgotten in the excitement of the night. Just as she made her approach to the tables, lined with food, she caught sight of Akuma and two others that would be hard to forget. Her slim figure paused, eyes narrowing when they settled upon Kaede, before sliding to a bewildered Rin holding newly acquired flowers.


She watched, from a distance as Akuma followed after a child and her head gave a bit of a tilt. She headed off after the pair, carefully weaving her way through the crowd with polite 'excuse me's and 'pardon me's. She would not catch any of their conversation, instead she arrived just as the child had been shoo'd off, leaving Akuma to his observation of the pond's carp. Ouza lingered, only for a moment before quietly approaching.

"You keep interesting company, Hyuuga-san. I am, unsure, of what to think of this. "

Her tone was careful, but not warm as it had been with him. She remembered Rin and her anger, and honestly, who could possibly forget Kaede. Dark eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she stopped just a foot at his right. The fish were not interesting, however it gave her something to look at besides the man who had not warned her of who he was interacting with now. A vision in Oxblood, the pale woman's arms lifted only to cross just under her breasts while dark eyes continued to watch the passive fish below. She looked just as she did back in Konoha, her kimono tailored perfectly to hug her form but its neckline as modest as they came. Her hair had been done carefully, without a single strand out of place. She wore little makeup and no jewelry, she had no wealth to flaunt in such a manner and refused an offer for jewels. 

Her jaw rocked back and forth a little as the very familiar tingle of chakra rushed from the joints into her gums1. Finally, her eyes pulled away from the pond to look up at him. She wasn't interested in excuses, or lame explanations. She was already here, might as well deal with it here and now.

"Introductions should be done behind closed doors, wouldn't want to... spoil the party should things go south."

As full, pale pink lips parted to speak they revealed something that had not been there before. Beautiful, slender fangs now replaced her canines. Despite the change in teeth, her speech was still graceful and smooth. This would be Akuma's first introduction to her family's specialty, she was certainly interested to see how he would react.


1 -- Viper's defense. 


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kaede%20breathes.png?m=1513619513W.png?m=1513619800henever the buoyant tempo set in throughout the festival it became an upbeat social gathering of which The Kitakokou had never experienced before. The children gamboled and frolicked about and the teenagers who were shinobi to be intermingled with others peacefully, inquiring about their origins and the state of affairs from wherever they so originated. Everyone old enough to have a formal position within Kitashiobara acted as ambassadors and conductors of fellow conversation among those from Minaiki and Luka'reccia. Those in attendance also included formidable shinobi from lesser villages with less acclaim and resources given an invitation by Kaede's liberal hands. While Kimpusen-Ji refused to attend they did sent their response in the form of dead bodies of which had yet to be identified. Whether or not they belonged to any of their villages or their own remained a mystery, but even in a time of cheerfulness and satisfaction the road to rebuilding Izral would remain a dangerous one. 

Cup after cup of sake made their way to The Kitakokou's lips but he remained adroitly cognizant of his surroundings and those in attendance. An ambassador of the Yamabiko family heralded from Minaiki was an important attendance as was their Princess of DewSeina— long, flowing lavender hair defying gravity with every step she took. A woman of true beauty, and by appearance she was lithe and thin, with an emphasis of weight in her thighs and legs. As her opalescent eyes sliced through the crowds around her, everyone marveling as the sacred maiden of Minaiki and those who swore to protect her, her eyes made contact with Kaede's own. In stark contrast, his eyes were lifeless in genesis, and seemed to only come to life with the festivities that filled his visage across the great hall. Hers however were laden with burden, hope, optimism, and a sacred sense of innocence. When their eyes met, everything else faded to black. The life that was reflected through his eyes became pure black, and for the first time since the festival had begun, The Kitakokou was exposed, bare, seen for the demon that he truly was. Everything that separated them became an enigmatic haze of wildly assorted colors that had no bearing on reality, and it was then that he felt his heart explode into a series of anxious palpitations.

Mononoke? No...you're a fake...”

“...the only fake here is the fake king that sits before me...” a serene soprano voice rang through the warped reality around them, locking The Kitakokou where he sat, a single hand of sake unable to move. 


“When will you stop lying to yourselfWhat would your son think of you?” a mysterious voice questioned him, the time around them slowing to almost a halt. 

If Kaede Yamagata could grit his teeth and show the true nature of where his psyche suddenly descended to, the festival would be canceled. Yet everything that told him what was happening was wrong...something felt right. Something about her words seemed truthful, and something about his heart that continued to accelerate gave him some modicum of indication as to what it was. 

“I guess you'll see soon enough...when they come, please be sure to save me as well.”

kaede%20speaks.png?m=1513622712Psssssssshhhhhh!! The crucifix Kaede found himself restrained to was released and the genjutsthat he'd no doubt found himself consumed within was dispelled. When it happened, she was gone, as was her troupe. When time had stopped for him, it continued to pass outside of the mental deceit, and it seemed she was now somewhere else within the festival. 

“The hell?Sortez grimaced, receiving word that a genjutsu had taken place within the center of the festival. The Juyushi, positioned at the base of the main pillar, coordinated with other Jounin to ensure the utmost safety to those within the festival. While the other nine members were scattered throughout Izral fulfilling a myriad of wild requests at The Kitakokou's behest, Sortez was given the most burdensome task of them all. “Double-check...I'un need the boss man gettin' upset over a false alarm. And double check the perimeter!

There was no need to verify, though. Kaede Yamagata snapped from his befuddlement and with a punctual sweep of the hall in less than two seconds he downed the sake in his hand before glancing over to Rin, who had her own state of perplexing affairs. The words of Seina blazed through his psyche like a tumultuous wildfire. He hesitated to ask about his son who was already dead, one they had seen die before his eyes— and in seconds after he glanced at her, his eyes turned away and back to the festival with the same amicable smile he'd bore all evening. The alcohol began to take its course and it likely fueled his paranoia even further, but just when he found himself suffocating under the weight of what Seina suggested was inevitable, his eyes caught glimpse of someone familiar. 

“Akuma Hyuuga has kept a secret from us...” he whispers to Rin, tilting his head down to his quarter bottle of Sake that remained. That statement in and of itself raised another abundant plethora of critical issues that struck a chord with The Kitakokou in a time where his heart was meant to smile with happiness and his desires manifest till he was content. His eyes, ever deceptive and calculating, had yet to deceive him. This couldn't be the work of another optical illusion, no, this was real. When they passed through the metaphysical gateway that brought them to Valucre, the Kuten Syndicate assured Hanyusha that no others aside from Kazuma and those that were present upon their arrival, had manifested— yet before his very eyes the truth was made real. The Kuten Syndicate as they had before, once again failed. Ouza, the Hokage who assumed his position after he departed from Konohagakure...the woman of which much scorn was held by those of Hanyusha who were dead and gone, and even of Suzume Rin. Though to call it scorn is overstepping...perhaps a casual disdain for a woman who stood in their way was the best way to view it. In the past she had been a nail in the road and of all places for her to appear, she appeared at Akuma's side in a world of which they were sure she didn't even exist. What more was Akuma Hyuuga hiding?

While Rin was either able or not to see that Ouza had snuck her way into the festivities, Kaede pressed another ceramic cup of sake to his lips and swallowed wholesomely. Upon slamming it on their royal table display he rose to his feet and stretched his arms promptly, giving the few who were merely conversing the authority to clap for his eminence. Too much of a lot and a little was happening all at once. 

Then, although appearing normal and poised, The Kitakokou looked to Rin silently and whispered “I need you to verify what exactly Akuma Hyuuga is doing here. Something is off, and I can't be sure that he isn't the cause...”


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In that moment, Rin partially understood the depth of the child’s affections. However, the tutor in affection she had grown with, had taught her only one thing: use it to further oneself. Perhaps if the boy’s affections ran deep enough, she could trust him with the wealth of knowledge at her fingertips.  In time, he may even be manipulated for further use. As Rin contemplated this course of action, her attention was drawn back to the flowers, her perplexed gaze turning calculating.

Anyone who knew the achromatic woman would know the sort of thoughts that blossomed in her head. Attention held fast to those thoughts, Rin didn’t notice the wave of chakra that blossomed from the Dewy Princess until it held Kaede captive. Immediately, the woman stood – her gaze hard and cold as it settled on the woman.1 Unwavering and challenging, no doubt, Rin’s pale hand moved to grasp Kaede’s shoulder in a sign of solidarity as Seina was captured within her view. The chair behind her had scraped, and fallen to SaPCMIi.jpgthe floor in her rush to ascend. Now that Rin was familiar with the feel of Seina’s chakra – her presence would never be capable of hiding.

The first rule of their way is to learn to lie, the second is to learn to blend. Becoming one with the nature that surrounds you, that is the way of the nin. Powers and abilities had long trumped that need, however, but Rin never allows Seina to leave her gaze, even as the woman parts the crowd as Moses the sea. In the woman’s mind, Seina is marked, forever and always Rin will remember the slight presented during what was meant to be a joyous time. No movement is made to follow, however. Outward hostility will do them no good, and though anger boils in the pit of her stomach like an angry beast, Rin quells it with the knowledge that Seina cannot hide from her. In due time, as all things come, the mednin will set her sights on the pale eyed ravager.

It is only when Kaede seems to relax under her hand that Rin allows her attention diverted. It is pulled from the menacing look that Seina has rightfully earned, to a softer, dedicated look meant only for Kaede.

“Mm. The first skill we hone is to lie.” A curious gaze is settled on Ouza, whom Rin remembers from ages ago. They had clashed in the previous world, only the once, and their teammate had been returned unharmed and whole not long after. As far as Rin was concerned, unless Ouza presented herself a threat, she had no reason to be concerned. Her mind more set on the immediate threat that had placed itself in her sights.

“The second is to mistrust everyone.” Rin states blatantly, lips thinning into a grim line. It is brief, but a flash of distrust crossing Rin’s visage as she takes in Akuuma’s appearance once more. Never had the woman considered that he might be a problem, their Hyuuga. She’s loathe to think he has become one, as he knows the secrets they harbor too well. However, a spark of memory brings pause, and Rin turns her gaze to Kaede once more.

“Ah, that’s it. He has …feelings.” Rin’s tongue finds the word cumbersome, loathing to put it into the air. Feelings were the single greatest weakness a person could have in this world. If something precious was held, no doubt others would seek to render it undone. It is the sin in which every Hanyusha member has partaken.

“We cannot fault him, a longing of home may be all it is. We have not been so different.” Her hand falls back to her side as the man stands, finally removing from his shoulder as it slips into the sleeves of the kimono she wore. Eyelids draw down, covering her face for a brief moment as exhalation is given. “Mm…I sense nothing, now.” Rin pauses, hesitating. “I think it would be best to see how things progress. We must wait. Patience is our virtue, and I have many failsafes.” All is said in quiet, with placid smiles doing their best to cover the morbid thoughts beneath. Rin hooks her arm into Kaede’s own.

“We should mingle, as is appropriate.” Rin gently steers him beyond the table, her gaze seeking out the members of the Syndicate present, counting them before her head would swivel to peer along the secondary rows. The woman had no desire to leave Kaede unattended, though he presented a cool front, Rin knew the anxiety that lay beneath, waiting like a beartrap to be sprung.

“We need more concern on the fact that the Syndicate has given us false information twice now. Clearly they cannot be trusted.” Her demeanor remains pleasant, even as she accepts a bit of something sugary from a nearby weighted tray. Her sweet tooth has been rather intense, lately, and Rin consumes it with barely a hesitation. “More and more from our world show themselves. We must be wary.”

In the background, Rin’s hands have helped shape Hanyusha to be the organization it was. Quiet, and without notice she had molded them to better suit their original purposes, even now the weight of her hand guided and pulled where appropriate. The weight of it sat on her shoulders, the marks of her failures known only to the most intimate.

Her gentle, guiding whispers into Kaede’s ear after his awakening had forged the man anew – a great effort to reform the Phoenix from the ashes ofw0rjEz3.jpg a prior man. Even now, sometimes Rin felt as though she were still molding, afraid that the clay of Kaede’s soul might crumble beneath her ministrations.

This was where she felt the depth of the boy’s feelings. While her own had manifested into a different path once they reached the new world, Rin found herself in understanding.

That gaze flickered towards Kaede once more, studying the lines of his face, the gentle slope of his jaw to the full lips that parted when he spoke. Upwards, to his own gaze, Rin managed the barest of smiles, a wisp of kindness in a dark world.

“Paranoia isn’t a bad thing. We may have been plotted against, even as we plotted. It would not be the first time. For now, however, settle, and eat.” The ghostly figure guides him to a platter.



1.) Chakra sensing.


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Akuma hadn't noticed her at first. He was idle, allowing lights to catch the diamonds on his wrist which in turn attracted the fish to him in a manner he didn't expect. As it seemed there were many beautiful sights to see a the festival tonight, Even Rin in all the years that he has known, occupied space, worked with, fought with and idled with--He has never seen her as magnificent as she looked tonight. In truth Akuma relished in moments like these because there had been so few for their Trio. Hanyusha was forged through trial and tribulation, hard work, and weathering adversity. The three of them had been galvanized by their accomplishments, and this festival was more then just a celebration for these people---It was in part, to him one for them as well.

Maybe it was her scent first, or a well developed proximity sense, but he was no less disappointed at what met his eyes. She was beautiful. In every sense of the word. She was gravity, and he planted firm right where he was. He had no words at first, just a moment to admire what was presented for him until she spoke, both strings of dialogue having no effect on him at least in comparison to what was revealed when she smiled. Akuma's strength of memory was exceptional, there was very little about her he didn't remember and this was certainly a new detail. 

He had gotten a few words into his response, "So I see im not the only one who's been through some changes as---"

He'd have immediately swung his sights around on both Rin and Kaede. There was a symmetry between him and The Kitakokou. Decades at his side, an insurmountable time as a brother and a soldier at the service of his cause and ideal. Few if any get past him, or Rin, even fewer get to EFFECT their leader so. His glasses were immediately removed and the 1eyes of legend began to scrutinize the area, only to perceive trace elements of the Chakra at play before he found himself losing his balance, colliding with the railing and bracing himself from further folly. His head felt as if their had been molten lava poured right down the center and stopped right at the back of his eyes. His body shuddered at the pain, his teeth gritted and his left hand spread wide so that thumb and middle finger massaged his temples. 

Rin warned him of it, and these "Headaches" had been nothing short of crippling as she had described they would be. The amount of sheer input, the power, the capacity in which his eyes functioned now was simply beyond the realm of his understanding and control. Even his bodies own Chakra, in both amount of prominence had taken an appreciable toll on his bodies day to day functions. 

Unfortunately this entire ordeal---this moment, right now. Missing the mark. Not being there when needed. The distraction, the feelings for the woman at his rear at the moment---It all advertised a severe problem that needed to be addressed and addressed immediately. His words came slowly, And he spoke through the act of putting his shades back on, "Those two are more then company, they are my family. They have been for quite some time, even where others that should have been, weren't. During those introductions Ouza-San, Please keep that in mind. Before anything else, before anyone else, those two are the most important things in this world to me."..

Akuma's bearings were slow to do so, but were returning to him nonetheless. He'd have turned around to her, "I may even be risking that relationship by keeping you're being here between us until now, because of what I want with you, and how important I'd want you to be to me as well. Keep that in mind, one moment.."

Whether Rin or Kaede saw what just occurred didn't matter to him, only Kaede's condition as Akuma would make his way over to the two of them. Keeping his body language neutral and his movements gradual as to not cause scene or stir, He'd have looked to Rin first, and then Kaede "What was that? Are you ok?"

1Byakugan ----Activates and Causes crippling headache. No longer active.

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Kaede%20glance.jpg?m=1513971322T,%20Kaede%20true.png?m=1513015271hough bombarded by several startling revelations over the span of seconds somehow The Kitakokou remained resolute in appearance. The profuse sweating inflicted by the genjutsu's design were all that would have stood out were the hall not already quite humid from the altitude and the abundance of visitors within the temple. 

Yet as it all happens Rin is ever aware. Pure. Her instinct in relation to security of he who means most is unhinged by liquor or the excite of the times. As everything unfolds she remains stalwart and is able to perceive things as only the strongest shinobi at the right time would have been able to. This makes Kaede feel far more comfortable. Feeling her grip's intensity in realization that she was there with him. There was reason she had been the first true member of Hanyusha in the beginning, and the prodigy of Kaede's endless library of knowledge and science. And it was then that she also detected Ouza, but unlike RinKaede found it hard to excuse the negligence of Akuma's reluctance to share vitals with either of them. Were it a moment of clarity and not invigorated by the climate of the festival and the alcohol that coursed through his veins he would have excused it for another time— but that, on top of Seina's taunt meant that something was happening. Something dangerous. Something that required his immediate attention, but with such assumptions conveniently glued together by his paranoia magnified by alcohol and genjutsu trauma in coalition was he so sure that he were approaching this objectively?

“Mm. The first skill we hone is to lie.”

“The second is to mistrust everyone.”

“Ah, that’s it. He has …feelings.”

“We cannot fault him, a longing of home may be all it is. We have not been so different.”

The Kitakokou tried to understand. Remaining serene but blazing as a fierce fire being retained behind a smooth grounded persona it became only Rin's words that prevented him from meeting Akuma half way. 

“You're right. The Kuten Syndicate is no longer a trust-worthy source of information or protection.” Kaede sighed underneath his breath, realizing that although they were underwhelming, their power and influence was everywhere around them. “But we need their clan. Their power is on-par with the Mangekyou Sharingan of our world. If we can control them-”

Their ambling into the mass crowds of people circling platters from a variety of cultures distracted him for just a moment— just long enough to swipe some fancy seafood down his mouth. Then Akuma appeared. 

What was that are you ok?


With The Kitakokou and Rin stepping forward towards the food circle the space between them and most was unexpectedly close. To make matters worse, Akuma appeared and people seemed to clear out of the general area around that time. 

“I'm fine, is there something you'd like to tell me?Kaede asked almost immediately. The only way his stare could have become more silent and deadly were if his contacts out and The Mangekyou Sharingan were revealed. His eyes locked with Akuma's in a challenging display of murderous intent. With Rin just in arm's length she'd feel it almost instantly. 

Three straw caskets of bodies mutilated beyond repair splashed against the pavement outside of the defensive center at the base of the fifth pillar.

“Three more bodies identified as officials from Minaiki and Luka'reccia recovered. This brings the grand total up to twenty-eight sir. Twenty-eight discovered in just three minutes!

“There's no way...” Sortez grimaced, realizing that by the time they could report what was happening to The Kitakokou it would be too late.

“T'ch shit!”

With a sweep of his gloved hand he retrieved his gourd and started off into the perimeter in a serious of skips and leaps. If there was something big happening, they had to have a place of planning or coordination within the distance. To ensure the worst didn't come to past, he took to his own quest. 

Or he ran..only time would tell?



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Kaede was off. To anyone else but the two people closest to him in the room it wouldn't be so apparent. Their leader was the picture personification of immovable poise. You'd see a stone blink or flinch before he would. So few instances of it, Akuma couldn't even remember the last time he's even seen these symptoms, and what he did capture of a disturbed Chakra network, in this man. Maybe it was that profound understanding that fortified his resolve when face to face with Kaede's outburst. Without a change in his expression, tone of voice or body poise akuma responded. Unmoved, nor intimidated by the palpable, copious amounts of aggression exuding from the man.

He'd still step in, turning on his heels so that his shoulder would stand linked to Kaede's own, and there was only a slight tilt of the head needed to maintain their privacy, and the appearance that there wasn't anything wrong---nor a reason for the crowd to become overly concerned with the contents of their discussion. It was also so RIN could hear his words to,

"You're being told now.  Same look you're giving me now, I gave her in a Cave miles east from where we stand . She was kept. Isolated. And my contact with you was at bare minimum so if IT WAS Trap or worse, it would come MY WAY and fall on my shoulders only, and in the event I failed they'd have NOTHING on you but that I was there to die..."

Akuma would step forward and begin walking away from the both of them, NOW there was a change in his tone. NOW there was something off about his body language and aura that may be suggestive not of anger or malice, but sheer disappointment, perhaps even enough content to justify hurt, his pace slowed up some only so he could turn his face, that left eye at it's deepest corner, "If I didn't know better, I'd think you already had it in your head that I was deceiving or betrayed you. Good to know what you think of me.." 

His shades were returned to his eyes and a heavy sigh exhausted from his nostrils. As far as this festival goes---it concluded. His interest in it never having been that paramount, again, it was all about what he was tasked and ordered to do. Innumerable years had been put toward this cause. This purpose, This man. Lives were taken. Villages burned. Husbands taken from wives and children, bloodlines ended, and his own personal ties, a villiage, a life--thrown aside for it. Even at a time of confusion, or possible tainted disposition Akuma could never arrive to any conclusion about Kaede---without absolution in the proof first. He just couldn't accept less then that now, and would have crossed the bridge again, toward Ouza, a single hand gesturing for her to follow him at his side. "Lets go for a walk..."

She'd be lead clamly, and quietly through and out of the festival out onto the quiet back streets which had a low enough volume for normal conversation. IN which he'd first inquire, "Im not making an idiot of myself, putting stock in you, am I?"

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Her smile faded at his first comment, had he even been listening to her? Ouza knew she was a beautiful woman, and it was obvious that he was attracted to her-- it was impossible for the man to hide that. However, to comment only on her appearance first? He didn't even finish the comment, his attention back on the Kaede and Rin once more. Despite how she felt, she stepped to him when he stumbled to help, concerned eyes watching as he caught himself on the rail and gathered himself there.

Ouza's concern though disappeared from her eyes when he started to speak. She let him say his piece, careful not to interrupt. He wanted to be important to her-- but Kaede and Rin were the most important things to him in the world? It had been a long time she since had felt this offended, and it helped to remind her why it was that in all her decades after the Nara's disappearence, she hadn't a thought of a lover since.

She understood his risk, and she had been the one who had suggested the behind closed door meetings and the one who had suggested a non-aggressive approach. But she was the one who was being chided like a petulant child by a man who was two decades her juinor?

When Akuma finally turned his back on her, thin pale fingers gripped tight at the silk under her fingers. It was hard to fight an outburst. She had been training so hard to keep herself under control, and here this child was about to ruin it.

'Breathe in'

'Breathe out '

His attention off her, she was able to quell her anger-- but not for long. She watched his interactions with Kaede, what a surprise, aggressive when he feels his position is threatened. She couldn't understand it herself, and for Akuma's sake, she hoped that he did not think he cared for him the same way Akuma did. A man who left his country in its time of need, ready to abandon civilians who could not defend themselves-- it wasn't surprising that he was quick to turn on Akuma.

Her head tilted slightly when he stepped to Kaede, and as she listened the anger quickly returned. She had not been given that cave, she had been staying there months before he had arrived. Once more, thin fingers gripped at her clothing in an attempt to control herself. He did not keep her isolated, he found her, and then brought her here. Had it been a trap, now would have been too late. Were her motives open destruction or worse, they would have happened as soon as she had arrived.

Ouza didn't appreciate being underestimated. However, for his sake, she kept her mouth shut. She wasn't interested in being caught in the cross fire between them. She continued to watch in silence as he finally turned to walk back to her. Her eyes drifted to the duo before going back to Akuma. Against her better judgment, she turned to follow him and for the walk she was silent. When they came to a stop and he finally spoke to her, a single eyebrow rose in question to what he was asking her.

I'm not sure why you would even bother to ask me that question, Akuma. I have not cause any issue-- I even kept my mouth shut when you told him that I had been staying in that cave when in fact, I have been staying here with you in the city. “

Her tone was eerily calm, her eyes narrowing on his face. She should have slapped him, she wanted so badly to slap him.

I do not appreciate being blamed when I am not the party at fault. It was your choice not to tell them, not mine. There are some very obvious trust issues that need to be addressed in your faction, and they need to be addressed now. Things left to fester only grow worse, Akuma.”

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Trust is a fickle thing in the world of murderers and power. Where they were taught the importance of it as children in the Academy, life had taught them to trust only themselves, for all others would do them harm.

It is no different now, in this strange land. While Rin stands like a pillar beside Kaede, Akuma opposite her holding – the trifecta had been complete, powerful, but now it was beginning to crumble between mistrust, paranoia, and the ever looming threat above their heads. It would never be enough. It was never going to be enough. All they worked for was slipping through their fingers and in vain.

Peace was never going to happen. Shifting ideals and powerful radicals would see to that, it was too different, too much to hope for.

Why can’t we just…this once, have what we want? Rin mulls over the thought as the exchange is passed between two people whom she trusts the most, which is to say she only trusts either as far as she could throw them. The woman finds herself off balanced, distracted. Her attention is spent scanning the crowds and trying to pick up any chakra signatures she doesn’t feel as safe. An uneasy feeling is settling into her stomach, though she cannot pinpoint why.

As the conversation comes to a peak, Rin hisses at them both.

Quiet! You two can bicker later. Akuma has never let us down in the past, stop projecting your paranoia.” The woman shifts to hiss this last sentence into Kaede’s ear, even as she keeps him close, her Qwn1zpf.jpggrasp on his arm tightening even further. Perhaps the man would bruise later, but only time would tell. The thing about paranoia, is that, while in moderate consumption, it wasn’t a terrible trait. Using it to turn on your very own, however. Rin didn’t care about how Akuma had hid Ouza from them – Ouza was not a threat, at least, not to Rin. Despite their clashes in the past, Rin had felt that the woman had always responded with grace, and reasonability.

Kaede’s intentions, murderous or not, simply were. Rin ignored them, for now. She didn’t quake under the weight of them as she might have as a smaller girl, but now she stood as Kaede’s equal, and had no intentions of ever bowing her head to anyone again.

“Something…is wrong.” She murmurs quietly, even as her head cranes around to seek out what might have set her nerves. Perhaps it is secondary to the intrusion of Seina, perhaps Kaede’s paranoia was rubbing off on her, and she was seeking a monster that didn’t yet exist. A frown lights her features.

“I’m going to check with security.” She releases her hold on Kaede’s arm, moving away from the angered man and his rage. Freeing herself from the shackles of anger, Rin seeks out a nearby nin. Surely if something were wrong, they would alert them, right? They had a good communication system in place. Radios and the like. Why had none of them checked in yet.

“You! Give me a report!” She demands as she approaches. The woman in her gear looks startled, but quickly gives her affirmation.

“There’s nothing to report, Oja-ichi…Everything is going as planned.” The muffled voice offers. Rin frowns, furrowing brows as she contemplates the validity of that statement. What was this ominous feeling, then, bearing down on them? Even Kaede was on edge, Akuma as well. Strangers and common enemies showing up in the same span of breath had never done them favors in the past.

“Very well. Report to me immediately if there are any changes.” A demand, one they will know not to dismiss. The achromatic woman shifts and turns to make her approach back to Kaede’s side, even as her suspicious gaze sweeps across the hall once more.

“Something…something is off.” It’s eating at her, frustrating that she cannot tell what it is. Have they grown so complacent that she cannot even pinpoint a potential threat?! Had they assumed that because they were at the top, they could not be touched?

Teeth grind inside of her maw, as the carefree smile earlier is replaced with a grim line. Overhead, birds flit through the sky, crying out their warnings and jovial mannerisms.

“Maybe we just need space. Yes, that’s it.” Gently grasping Kaede’s arm once more, Rin physically pulls the man from the depths of the festival and into the clear air. They are less pressed upon here, and the mednin sags her shoulders as she leans against Kaede in a rare display since their arrival. A deep breath escapes her, though the fresh air does nothing to ease the gnawing pit inside her abdomen.  

It’s in this breath, this quiet moment that Rin finds herself reflective. Was she steering them wrong? Were they going to crumble before they ever saw completion of their greatest desires? Peace…that was all they had ever wanted. A world where no one had to fight for what they needed. Yet, whispers of a village hidden in the depths of the forest had promised such things. How had they managed, while Hanyusha seemed to repeatedly fail.

do91b5q.jpg“Do you ever consider…maybe we’re the bad guys?” The woman questions suddenly, worrying her lower lip with teeth. This moral dilemma often plagued Rin, though she rarely spoke on it. The steps, no matter what they were, had to be taken to ensure both their survival, and their victory. Her lapse in Kumogakure had cemented that the rest of the world viewed them as terrorists, but it hadn’t bothered her. Nor does it now. If they are to be blamed and branded, it will be done with pride, for she has no faltering in her stance, but rather, she must know the innermost thoughts of the man beside her. If his constitution has waivered, all of their planning might be for nothing.

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face%20claim%2051b.png?m=1514311197S,%20Kaede.png?m=1514311348moke and mirrors. Everything began to lose definition, devolving into a haze of obscurity skewered furthermore by alcohol and rational paranoia. When the lapse of control over his sensible, practical mind fumbled, something familiar and dark was born. When Akuma Hyuuga stepped to The Kitakokou a murderous glare declared his comrade his enemy, but that wouldn't stop the Hyuuga from doing what he could to maintain privacy. Treading the line between senseless doom and his duty as a Oja-shuso he pressed their shoulders together and rifled off a series of sentences. Betrayal? While the word itself wasn't something that crossed Kaede's mind, it did when Akuma spoke it. Was it possible? A deep hatred festered in the bottom of Kaede's hollow heart. What did someone like Oni know of his thoughts. The crossroads where Kaede stood was unlike anything he'd ever faced in the past: not only was he struggling with his identity, but in the midst he was also being given peerless levels of responsibility - only the tip of the ice berg for the advents the sage shinobi faced. In that moment his left hand clenched tightly, distorting the space within. He was lying. He had no real way of telling, but

“Quiet! You two can bicker later. Akuma has never let us down in the past, stop projecting your paranoia.

Was he blind or was Rin unable to see what he saw? Ouza was a Kage-caliber shinobi who no doubt had her own reservations for Kaede who had stood at the precipice before her as the Hokage of the old world. Was there some connection to her and Seina's prophecy? When Rin sank her fingers into Kaede's arm he didn't feel any of it. The adrenaline running through his veins in tandem with the urge to kill entranced him, so that even her words fed off numbly. When she disappeared to check security, Akuma had almost completely departed before Kaede spoke. 


Whatever the words were, they were meant for Oni's ears and his alone1

Betrayal was a strong assumption, but were there any foundation to the sage shinobi's affirmations then everything that they were seeking to create would fall. 

I guess you'll see soon enough...when they come, please be sure to save me as well.

A metaphorical bell rung in The Kitakokou's head just as Rin returned to a tranquil, eerily serene shinobi. A shinobi she had known almost her entire life. Akuma had already disappeared into the village beyond, leaving Kaede to stare in a manner most bizarre. A few moments later and Rin removed him from his mental head space in a series of feverish maneuvers through crowds to one of the expensive balconies attached to the grand foyer. 

The moon was full. It's divine milky light drowned them in it's stellar effervescence. Ethereal. With a few moments under the calm wonder of Izral's cosmological display from above Kaede released his premonitions into the world as if they never existed. Was it wise to drop his guard? Doing so is what had caused them all so much pain...and the reason why his son...

Rin leaned against him affectionately, and when the silence between them had settled in as they had she spoke gingerly. 

“Do you ever considermaybe we’re the bad guys?


For the first time since the festival had begun The Kitakokou beamed with a grin so bright that the moon would have been impressed with his vigor on that night. Were they evil? There was a moral ambiguity that existed in stasis in a world flooded by bloodthirsty shinobi placed on pedestals as legends of their time, this was the case in from whence they originated and in a sense even in Izral. Yet even that hadn't mattered. It took a brief moment to understand why her words brought him so much happiness. 

“When I created Hanyusha I didn't care for a second whether or not I was just or not. I remember now. I killed millions with my decisions. Villages crumbled beneath my will. I came to understand that it was all necessary,The Crimson Phoenix reflected virtuously, sounding more like the man Rin had known than the fragmented mess that had replaced him. “The weak have to die, because no one in this world can eternally protect the weak. Not The Crystal, not any divination. The only answer is power and unification, the only true logical choice. Therefore the only future this world has is a future where Hanyusha's mission is completed.

Was it the alcohol that made him call his own number so boldly? Or perhaps it was the nostalgia of the night air with Rin at his side. They had failed dozens of times, but for every failure, irreplaceable experiences came to fruition. 

face%20claim%2053b.png?m=1514314481“Don't ever forg-

The sound of flesh ripping and blood splattering ripped across the balcony. Before Kaede or Rin knew what happened, blood splashed on the railing just in-front of them both from the center of The Kitakokou's chest, where an abnormal cavity suddenly appeared. The Mangekyou Sharingan2 behind his contacts inevitably slowed the flow of things, but not in-time to do anything but save the one person more important to this world than himself. 

Kaede snatched his left arm away from Rin just as the invisible anomaly tore across his chest and with a millisecond dedicated to taking advantage of his stolen oculars, he shoved Rin away with his usual tremendous strength, sending her flying across the marble floor to the other side of the semi-circle balcony. 


Just before The Kitakokou a pale man of tremendous height and highlighted hair appeared, his snake like ember eyes peering directly into Kaede's own. The only thing that separated the two was a step-and a half, whereas the black-robed enigma that had appeared stood on the balcony of blood beneath him, Kaede was still stumbling aback from his chest injury that continued to pitter-patter in a light shower on the refined marble. 

With a violent stab with not a moment spared, he split the space between the two and thrust his hand with enough force to split the cavity in Kaede's chest wide open. 

Pay for your negligence, false king.” a rapsy, nefarious voice spoke. 



  1. Utsusumei no Jutsu
  2. Mangekyou Sharingan Perception
  3. ???
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Something about what Kaede said was throwing him off. What did he know? What was he hiding? What was the reasoning for all these things transpiring? It seemed like he was the only individual in the know. Something was amiss. Akuma knew that man very well, why would he make such a statement if it was NOT for strict purpose of keeping Akuma on guard....

It was a decent temperature. He didn't know why that mattered right now but he always liked that about this place. The air was crisp. It was so conditioned and wonderful to breathe and be in it. It allowed for a good balance of clothing options as well as choices of activity. You could stroll the main-street with a loved one, hand and hand in casuals, comfortable as ever. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky, and the moon here seemed bigger, and more powerful then the one he was accustomed to. You could turn out every light here and it's rays would still keep things appreciably illuminated. He'd have gotten a bit lost in it, hopefully Ouza didn't see it as him ignoring her but he heard her loud and clear and she clearly had the context of what Akuma had said to Kaede---Off by a mile.

He hadn't looked to her at all when he said it, a slow stride , while he looked up at the moon. The cobblestones beneath his designer shoes and their voices the only things that can be heard for seemingly meters on end. He had no malice, attitude or ill manner in voice when "I said, "The same look you're giving me now, I gave her in a Cave, miles east..." None of that sounds like "I kept Ouza in a Cave for weeks at all. It doesn't sound like "I kept Ouza here in the city either" but the point is, I never said I kept you in a CAVE or GAVE you a cave, BUILT you a Cave, Created a Cave, it's a CAVE, that CAVE was there before I even got here who am I to GIVE it to anyone....." Akuma stopped walking and removed his shades. 

In truth he said what he said like a smart ass but it was only to signify the utter pointlessness in feuding over a simple misunderstanding. He'd have thumbed the bridge of his nose firmly between his index finger and gritted his teeth. The pain was settling in again, "Ok, Fuck caves for now..." as he'd then turn and look to her squarely, "We have no trust issues. They've been the most trust worthy individuals I've known for my entire life. Kaede's off, something happened....there was an oddity to his Chakra network, something like what happens when you get nailed with a Genjutsu, I saw it before my head started splitting."

Akuma would have placed both hands in his pockets, pushing the lengthy coat back and aside while continuing to look upon her. "Eventually the talk will be had, but I have to say Im a little ignorant on the history between you, Kaede and Rin. Can't say that I was present for it, I may have either been away on task, or it may have been during probationary period, mind filling me in?

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" I misheard, I apologize. "

She had misinterpreted what he had said, and lucky for him, she decided not to touch his tone with a ten foot pole. It wouldn't get her anywhere, he was stubborn. Despite the Hyuuga's original, close to neutral position, he was quickly sliding himself into the dog house with both his tone of voice-- and his behavior. fInky eyes narrowed a little at him, her petite figure following after and stopping with him as he moved about the area. When he finally turned full at her, her head tilted at him, eyebrow rising in obvious question of what he had to say. It was clear the further he continued the more annoyed she got. Did everyone just.. forget what he did? How was it that she got so much trouble, so much ridicule, and he just got off scott-free for just.. abandoning his people?

"So, did people just forget about him abandoning Konoha when things got tough? Instead of being a man, and either actually standing up to Kazuma-- or bending a knee until he could do something, he fled like a child. Do you remember how many civilians died because of that? "

As she spoke, Ouza's pale cheeks flushed in frustration. For once, her anger and emotions sat upon her face and it was clear that she had not let go what had happened. This man caused so many problems for Konoha, yet here he is, trying to be a leader for a second time? "What is going to happen here when things get tough, hm? It was not fair to the genin who were ripped apart in the streets-- let alone the civilians who had no way to defend themselves against the mad dogs Kazuma called Shinobi. He should have defended the village with his life, what a Kage is expected to do. Not to mention, he wears the eyes of an Uchiha now. Probably form a victim of the very attack he allowed to happen."

The longer she spoke, the louder her voice got, Ouza did not forgive easily her stubbornness wouldn't allow her to do so. This incident was decades in the past, yet here she was, cheeks flushed and inky eyes gathering tears in anger. She was just as passionate about the subject now as he had been then-- but perhaps a bit less violent. Had it been twenty years ago, she simply would have attacked the man and put his head on display outside of the gates of her city. They deserved at least that, after all the pain he caused there. 

"Rin has never been an issue, at least not with me. We met once, after one of her friends was caught wandering in our borders. Things were discussed, and eventually the girl was returned to her-- unharmed. My issues with Kaede are obvious, but will be handled between the two of us like adults. " As she spoke about Rin, her aggressive stance relaxed, her shoulders relaxing as she continued on the subject. She drew a slow, steadying breath in an obvious attempt to calm her anger, her eyes finally pulling away from him to look off towards one of the buildings on the street. She drew and exhaled another calming breath before her eyes returned to him. " Just, don't let what happened slide, alright? "

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