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Novicide, The Machine Killer,

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Working Name – Novicide, Novi is used by her personal assistant, Nova popular among other employees. 

Birth name – ???

Birthplace – ???

Current residence - Company provided penthouse. Clearance needed to access indoor and hallway surveillance. 

Race – Newly discovered, what little information we have has been provided through willing examination of the subject and will be provided below.

Despite the subjects appearance, walking up right on two legs is one of the only things they share in common with humans. Unless forced to stay up, her preferred activity hours are dusk and dawn bringing us to the conclusion that her people may be Crepuscular rather than Diurnal like humans are. She can see during the day, although her vision does seem to be much better at night and during these darker times of day. She has exhibited some nocturnal behavior, however this seems to have been mostly fueled by her motivation to finish a project or assignment. 
Her language is.. interesting. Their writing system is based in pictographs, however the symbols are not ones we have encountered yet. Subject has been unwilling to enlighten, or give aide to us in translating what we have collected from her belongings. Hearing it spoken is... difficult to describe. Best if you get the chance to hear it yourself. Luckily, she is a quick study and caught quickly onto our language. 

Diet is straight forward, she is Carnivorous. Her teeth are sharp, strong and designed for exactly what they do. She also appears to be, or at one point was, an opportunistic feeder. She rarely goes without food in protest, and there doesn't seem to be anything she will not devour. There has been a report of.. rather disturbing after kill behavior by a peer, but we have not observed this behavior ourselves to confirm. If left without food, her aggression levels rise. If a wide amount of very messy destruction is needed, fasting days before is recommended. However, please proceed and transport with caution, when we say she will devour anything with flesh we do mean anything

For any further inquiry, please see personnel listed below. 

Kin? – Single mother, no father. 6 siblings, four female and 2 male. Eldest of the group, appeared to be secondary paternal guardian upon recruitment – subject will not confirm. Their names will be kept off record under threat of Novicide's lack of cooperation. None are registered citizens.

Height – 5'4”

Weight – 120lbs, sans equipment.

Skin Tone – Near translucent, with obvious grey undertones.

Eye Color – See above picture.

Identifying markings – She does appear to have some form of intentional, facial scarring. She refuses to answers questions about it, speculating it may be cultural – perhaps a rite of passage? Her mother as well as two of her siblings possed the same markings.

Upon further inspection during initial intake, we discovered what looked to be pictographs carved down the middle of her back over her spine. Like with her facial markings, she still remains silent on their meaning. Same could be said for the pictographs found on the heels of each of her feet. Photos will be included as well, to aid in possible body identifications. 

Applicant or Recruit? Recruit.

Method of Recruitment? Undisclosed by recruiter.

Reason for Recruitment? What seems to be natural born abilities in addition to her talent in combining magic and machine, she could prove to be useful in helping develop both anti-magic and magic aiding weaponry and suits. 

Current Projects? Since her ascension, she has been left to her own devices. She has proven far more useful when left alone or at the lead of her own project. Does NOT work well under others, but will collaborate with peers.


Mental Evaluation

No filter. We have learned the hard way that she should not be kept around important officials or clients. Social media should always be monitored, as should her number of visitors. Outside of weapon and robotics demonstrations, she should not be allowed to make statements to the general public, and must be provided a script should she be appearing in any sort of official capacity.

Family oriented. Despite her dislike for other people as a whole, her ties to her family and home are incredibly strong. Her loyalty runs deep, tabs should be kept on their communication-- at least for now. Currently allowed a single, weekly visit with the other subject, the manner of their conversations vary, we do have logs of their conversations and video of the meetings. 

Workaholic. When it comes to projects or assignments, she is near obsessive when it comes to completion. We have had to sedate and separate her from her equipment for her own safety on occasions. Please proceed with caution when doing so, there have been escape attempts during her stay with the medical team.

Self Destructive. Although dark humor is not new to our line of work, her actions in combination have caused concern. Overly reckless on dangerous assignments, but is not that way with those who work under her. That, in combination with possible substance abuse as well as a purposeful lack of sleep we are speculating that she is attempting to burn herself-- perhaps has a way to get out of the program?

More will be added upon next evaluation-- without direct close interaction anything more would be speculation.

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Equipment upon intake

Head dress -- The Peacemaker's Circlet.

Name and significance provided by secondary subject, the head dress is a ceremonial piece-- apparently they were mid celebration when the team made their approach with the terms of her recruitment. We believe that this is what allowed initial contact and speech, given that she has not shown any telepathic abilities since she has joined the company and has since had to learn our language. 

Current Location: ????, contact Recruiter. Confiscated for unknown reasons.

Collar -- Mother's Call.

Again, name provided after intense questioning with second subject. The collar has no seem, and efforts to remove it have been met with violence. There were mentions of ' her honor ', ' her gift ', however no context has been provided. Aside from the name, the second subject refused to provide anymore information, stating that it was not his place but her's to tell them. Aside from being difficult to remove, it appears that the stone set in the middle of it is a rune or some sort. When activated, she is able to let out a deafening scream to those around her in a 10 meter radius. It doesn't not seem that this item is uncommon, three of her family members also possess the same collars-- however if they act the same it remains to be seen.

Currently in her possession, no means of removal currently. 


Only article of clothing, by the make and the lack of wear it appears to be ceremonial, like the headpiece she was found with. It bears similar pictographs to the ones carved into her flesh, however until she is willing to reveal their meaning, we are lost. Many were wearing similar attire, but nothing this extravagant. Our best guess, perhaps she is of religious or military importance? The second subject refuses to provide more information, his stubbornness is becoming frustrating.

Currently in her possession.


Decorative and nothing more, a bit disappointing if you ask me. All four appear to be very well made, little wear, same metal as the collar around her neck. There were reports of other women wearing similar jewelry, but nothing completely uniform. Her's bear no pictographs, or any other engraving but are set with a trio of deep red stones. They have mostly gone unworn since her recruitment. 

Currently in her possession.


Same as the armbands, decorative and nothing more. They look to match the armbands, same metal and same stones and number of stones. Since her recruitment, she has been seen wearing them from time to time, mostly at home or when she has confined herself to her workshop. Like the armbands, well made and the trio of stones are beautifully polished. 

Currently in her possession.

Upon intake, a pair of shortswords were found on her possession, however it was her partner who claimed ownership of the weapons. While further testing has proved that they are not likely his, we have excluded them from this report. Please contact Ms. Conroy and her team if you are interested in further detail. 

Company Awarded Equipment

Dawn and Dusk 

A pair of double headed axes, which Novicide has had a hand in both design and manufacture. In decoration, they strongly resemble the weapons that her and her partner were found with upon intake. There are picographs on the heads of the axes, however their meaning is still lost on us. She refuses to share, and with him no longer giving us information we must simply wait for her to become more forthcoming. In addition to this, switches have been added on the handles to extend the length of the shaft of the weapon itself, giving her about an extra 2 meter reach when fully extended. Along with this, a pair of runes have been added at her insistence. One in the head, which is a shock rune. As the name suggest, it electrically charges the metal, which it discharges upon contact with a solid object-- be that person or environment. The second is a burst rune, which doubles the impact of her hits. With her strength already enhanced, the results have been terrifying while in action.

' Work Suit ' -- Project Banshee

A still ongoing project, this battle suit has proved to be an interesting project. Designed mainly by herself with improvements from her newest assistant, this is the armor she wears when stealth is not a concern. Made of Primal Alloy, it has proved to be incredibly protective despite how thin the metal plating has been made. She is a very.. sturdy individual, but flexibility is the ultimate goal. Her speed is reduced, due to the weight, but that is currently under process of being reworked. Currently, it does not have any mechanical parts-- given her use of electromagnetic fields, electronics in the suit itself led to shutting down and immobilization in combat. While that is also being looked into, she decided to go with an approach she was much more used to. No extra aiming systems, health monitoring or extra communications. There have been no magical improvements made to the suit yet, but she has been pushing to 'bless' the suit--- whatever that means. 


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