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Tavern of Legend Event 3: The Dragon Cultist

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The Dragon Cultist


Questions or comments should go in the Tavern of Legend OOC thread!

This is the third event for the Tavern of Legend. Anyone who is currently eligible to post in the Tavern of Legend may participate. Even if your 90 day period would expire during this event, you may continue to participate in this thread until it's conclusion. The previous event took place two and a half years ago in this thread. When this event concludes, the second "season" of the Tavern of Legend will close and a new thread starting a new season will kick off. These events cause canonical changes to the Tavern, including special quests available only during that season. 

The tavern patrons drank heartily, enjoying the rare brews and ever-inviting atmosphere. The day started like any other, but its end would be unlike anything ever encountered before. For the third time in recent memory, a powerful figure set their sights on the Tavern’s highly desirable real estate, with its access to way gates connecting one to any major city in the world of Valucre. This time, a powerful occultist, having tapped deep into his dragon blood and soon transformed by his sorcery, has fallen deep into his corruption and now seeks to spread his influence throughout Valucre. With access to the way gates, he could drop his army in and of major cities, wreaking havoc. It befalls the patrons of the Tavern and its staff to defend the world once again!

Event Thread Rules

  • Who: Anyone eligible to post in the tavern and myself or a designee posting as the NPCs. The NPCs of this event include the core staff (Vaddock, Hand, Levhea, and Gallen) and a single collection of Patron NPCs. 
  • What: An army of dragonkin, actual dragons, and a dragon cultist who are attacking the Tavern. 
  • When: This event starts Friday Morning. It goes until all enemies are destroyed or one week from that day. 
  • Where: The lands outside the Tavern of Legend are under attack. As time goes on, the battle will get progressively closer to the Tavern itself. How much damage befalls the Tavern will depend on how many people participate and how effectively they do. 
  • Why: Events are fun, generate activity, and lead to canonical changes. In other words--why not!
  • How: The Dragon Cultist leads an army of Dragon-Kin humanoids and cobalt dragons. Each army unit has a set value of "posts" that are required to eliminate the thread. Individual people may handle this in a variety of ways. If they fight a creature which requires multiple posts, they may have each of their posts detailing giving and taking hits against this threat. It might entail them preparing a special attack that is super potent. It might tell how they struggle and get nowhere for a few posts, and then finally get a lucky shot. Participants may also collaborate. If two people take on the same creature, they will take it down in half the time. More people means more damage per "round." The individual NPCs have a set post value, and the collective whole has a value determined by how many remain. Participants have a post value of 1. 

Timing: The first 24 hours of this event start is the first round. All participants may only post once. After that twenty-four hours, single round drops to twenty-four hours or when all people who are currently involved in the thread have posted (including me). That means if eight people plus myself are participating, and all eight people and I drop a post during the day, a new round starts. If after twenty-four hours someone who is participating has not posted, their turn is skipped and a new round begins. There is NO set post order for participants--only turns in a given day. One turn per day, unless everyone who posted in the previous round has already posted. If so, a new round starts and people can post again. 

Enemy Availability: During my update posts (1 per day), I will state which enemies are currently "within reach" as some do not come in until later. I will also detail their progress and changes to the environment based on their attack. 

NPC Values: 

  • Lonely Night's Hand: His attacks are worth 2 posts. He is Edgemaster with Shadowmancy abilities.
  • Vaddock: His attacks are worth 1.5 posts. He is a magic user.
  • Levhea: Her attacks are worth 1.5 posts. She is a potent warrior. 
  • Gallen: His attacks are worth 1 post. He provides support by making other NPCs more effective and providing healing in addition to attacks. His a priest.
  • NPCs: The collective of NPCs includes 30 patrons whose post total value is 6. As they are killed off or incapacitated, this post value decreases. (Every 5 is worth 1). 

The Enemies



  • Toughness1/4 a post (you can kill four per post)
  • Armaments: Light armor, use a spear or claws. 
  • Description: 3' tall, 90lbs, scaly, not very bright.
  • Total Amount: 200

Draconian, Kapak


  • Toughness1 per post. 
  • Armaments: Dagger coated in venom, light armor. 
  • Description: 6' tall, winged and fly. Not very hardy
  • Total Amount: 75

Dragon-Kin, Standard


  • Toughness1/2 (you can kill one after two posts)
  • Armaments: Spear, tough scales
  • Description: 7' tall, winged and fly. Fairly hardy. 
  • Total Amount: 50

Dragon-Kin, Cultist


  • Toughness1/3 (you can kill one after three posts)
  • Armaments: Great Spear (Does more damage), tough scales. Also uses claws with Draconian Martial Arts
  • Description: 8' tall, winged and fly. Tough. 
  • Total Amount: 30

Draconian, Savak


  • Toughness1/4 (you can kill one after four posts)
  • Armaments: Glaive, Some armor, tough scales. Mild Magic resistance. 
  • Description: 9' tall, winged and fly. Tough. 
  • Total Amount: 20

Draconian, Aurak


  • Toughness1/5 (you can kill one after five posts)
  • Armaments: Use magic, energy blasts, breath weapons, claws, and “death throes." Quality armor coverage, moderate magic resistance. 
  • Description: 9' tall, winged and fly. Tough. 
  • Total Amount: 10

Cobalt Dragons


  • Toughness1/10 (you can kill one after ten posts)
  • Armaments: Breath Weapon (Pure force, knocks people prone, destroys buildings), Claws, Tail, and Tough scales. Also highly magic resistant. 
  • Description: 50' long, winged and fly. VERY Tough. 
  • Total Amount: 4

The Sorcerous Cultist Dragon-Hybrid


  • Toughness1/20 (you can kill him after 20 posts)
  • Armaments: Elridtch Magic, Other Magic, near immunity to magic attacks, magical wards, other mysterious properties. 
  • Description: 7' Tall. 
  • Total Amount: 1
  • Other: After 10 posts, he changes form to a hybrid. 


This event opens Friday Morning. Stay tuned. 

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One hundred Kobolds

Twenty-five Kapak

Ten Dragon-Kin

These are the first enemies to come into reach. Vaddock leads the charge out the door, declaring that none shall pass through the portals into the world of Valucre.

“Men, Women, and whomever else joins us on this day. We will see to it that this group of abominations is cast back from where they came. We will not allow their tyranny to seep into unsuspecting land. We will stand and deliver a defense spoken for the ages. Come, join me on this day and see to it that our enemies go down without a single success!”

He wades out into the field proper, magical energies thrumming at his fingertips. Behind him, Lonely Night’s Hand begins to channel shadowmantic energies, while Levhea swings her arms about, getting herself properly warmed up. Gallen holds out his holy symbol and makes a quick prayer.

The enemy charges.

The event begins.  

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Gravven stood resolute amidst his brothers and sisters in arms, observing the enemy that moved to disrupt the safety the Tavern provided. The old knight had not been in the area long, but in the three short days he had resided there he had met countless adventurers, all of whom were worth protecting. That was his duty as a knight, after all. To protect the innocent, to be the spear and the shield for those who couldn’t protect themselves. Gravven reached down and slowly drew his blade, the stainless steel reflecting the sunlight’s warm rays as he took his stance. He closed his eyes and let out a final deep sigh, now mentally prepared for the battle that was about to ensue, and thus the battle began.

Much of the enemy force were infantry from Gravven’s first observations, but hovering overhead were winged soldiers circling like vultures. The knight would have to keep an eye on them as he fought, but would need to focus on the Kobolds for the time being. First contact was made in the form of four charging miniature spearmen, all chattering and raising their spears like a tribe. “Cannon fodder.” Gravven muttered, noticing the winged soldiers observing a safe distance above, waiting for their chance to strike. The first Kobold leveled their spear at Gravven and charged, leaving themselves wide open for a counter-attack. The knight spun out of the way of the spear and used his momentum to decapitate the Kobold, their lifeless corpse continuing forward for a short distance before collpasing into a puddle of their own life essence. Their friends were now upon Gravven, and none too happy about their allies’ demise. Despite their numbers advantage, the Kobolds failed to utilize it effectively. If there were any doubts in Gravven’s mind about these Kobolds' role in the army, they were undoubtedly quelled now. Gravven wasted little effort cutting down the remainder of them in similar fashion to the first.

Once the final Kobold fell, Gravven removed his blade from the shoulder of the beast and retook his stance. He was prepared to hold the line as long as he could stand.

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Juri briskly headed away from the commotion, dragging a body bag behind her. Inside was something too gruesome for her to want to look at but she had to once she was done anyway. Her muscles strained against her skin and her dark hair waved in the wind. Once she turned the corner, she slung the bag away and leaned against the wall, wiping sweat from her face. "Sheesh, do I have to do all the hard labor?" She waited for herself to catch her breath before summoning will from her body and forcing a change to go through. In half a minute she turned from a young lady into a sleek black panther. She snatched the bag up and jogged over to an open doorway, disappearing inside.

Before she could try to climb up the stairs, though, something lashed out at her in the darkness. She let out a growl and flinched away, dropping the bag. The creature grabbed it, shuffling back into the darkness. Juri sat hunched to the ground, eyes staring unblinkingly into the darkness. She heard rustling and eventually smacking noises like something was eating loudly. It took her only a few seconds to react. Eyes lit up, Juri lept forward, claws out and slashing the air. The creature roared in anguish, hissing and batting her away, but she managed to snatch the bag and bound up the stairs. She felt heavy footsteps follow her, and also realized that the bag was leaving a trail of blood. Crap, she thought. She quickly turned back into human form and slammed the door shut, locking herself in with a freshly dead body. Sitting on her ankles, Juri pulled the bag off the body, turning away from the rotting stench of the corpse. She grimaced and kicked the body away, sulking. There was a bang on the door.

Juri barred her teeth. Now she recognized the creature; it was a kapak. She carefully put the body back in the bag and forced it into a closet nearby. The kapak was going wild, screaming and roaring like she had killed its entire family without mercy. Juri ran over to the balcony and stood on the ledge. Turning backward, she watched as the kapak burst open the door and just as it reached halfway over to her, she stepped backward.

Down, down, down she went but a few feet before she hit the ground, she turned into a crow and flew into the sky. She knew three transformations, besides human, but she couldn't figure out what the last one was. Hopefully, it was a sea animal, since she already had air and land creatures. Juri flew high and scanned the area. A lot of fighting was going on but her eye caught on someone down below. There stood a lot of fighters, warriors, whatever they called themselves, but she saw someone who was fighting with a little more ambition than the others she looked at. She flew close down and sat on the roof of a building close by, staring down at him. After watching him fight for a moment, and seeing him come a little closer to her without even noticing her, she let out a loud, "CAW-CAW!"

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There was a lot of chatter in the tavern before Timothy woke up. He retired the night before after a long conversation about what was in the world he was about to enter. But, a minor disturbance stopped that from happening. Timothy drew a smile on his face, happy hearing the news of an attack. It had been decades since he had been in battle, and he was anxious to draw some blood. He opened up his knapsack and searched through the bag. Timothy only had his few essential items: a book, a dagger, some nuts, and a pen. But, the one thing he wanted caught his eye. It was his staff.

Timothy quickly pressed a small panel on the little cylinder and before him was a 1.5 meter staff. And Timothy quickly hurried outside to face the enemy. It took him awhile to finally arrive at the front lines. There were familiar faces going against a few large lizards. Timothy immediately recognized them as Kobolds. The blasted creatures stole his pie one time, so he had some experience with them. But one creature larger then all of the other's caught his eye, one that he never saw before. It was flying at the back of the line, observing the battle. 

Timothy slide his hand across his staff, turning it into a sleek bow. He aimed at the flying dragon, which had a spear in its hand. One draw of the string produced a thin yellow streak of light, shimmering across the sky. The arrow of light pierced the foot of the creature, which Timothy soon learned was a regular Dragon-Kin. It was enough to draw the dragon's attention, who dived towards Timothy, landing a blow to his chest.

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Juri frowned and stretched her wings. She flew in a circle, barely dodging the spears thrown by the monsters. Why are they even trying, she thought. Complete idiots. She dropped a few feet and caught the eye of one of the dragonkin, who sent a blast up her way. "Ha, ha," she cawed, but of course he didn't understand. She flew over to a clearer area and transformed as fast as she could into a human. Something messed up, though, because she still had a lot of black feathers covering her arms. She shivered at the feeling, like her brain was split in two, but was slammed to the right. She bared her teeth and kicked the kobold away. It slashed her with its dagger, causing a large red line to appear on her forehead. She shrieked, going chaotic. She turned into a panther, biting and clawing with her paws everywhere; she was a blur of fangs and claws. A few moments later after killing two kobolds and a kapak, she stood panting and glaring around at any possible enemies. She saw a man fighting and lept over to him. She attempted to change her vocal cords into a human one and growled, "Need any help? They're not as bad as they seem, heh."

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A Reminder: Please adhere to the elimination rates of the creatures. It paces out the events and keeps things from getting out of hand. Thank you. 

Lonely Night’s Hand’s magic crackles around him. He lowers his base and then charges forth, tearing through a dragon-kin like his blades were hot and making their way through a brick of butter. He spins around and kicks up a wave of darkness, which surrounds his blades, sucking in the light around him. The man becomes progressively harder to see.

Vaddock lobs a swirling ball of plasma through into a Kapak, taking it down and two Kobolds unlucky enough to have set up post beneath its flight. The smoldering corpse takes out the weak infantry.

Levhea is cutting her way through a mess of Kobolds trying to surge past. She takes down six with terrifying speed, despite wielding a blade nearly as tall as the woman herself.

Gallen raises his staff towards the sky and calls down a bolt of lightning, striking a Kapak and reducing it to ash.

The patrons band together and work on taking down some heavy numbers. Between them all, they pull down two dragonkin, a Kapak, and four kobolds.

The first twenty-four hours has passed. The cycling of rounds by 24 hours or when all participants have posted begins. I have posted. Once MDTD, SevenShootingStars, and Pickled have posted, a new round starts and people are free to post again. I will be doing my best to post more than once every 24 hours. 

Kills as of this post: 

  • Kobolds: 15
  • Kapak: 6
  • Dragon-Kin: 3 1/2 

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"I picked the wrong day to quit doing coke," Iani grumbled to himself from his hiding place. He didn't want any part of this. Neither did Crucible; his pygmy goat companion shivered in a little hollow under the bush next to him, but to his credit he didn't make any noise that might give them away.

The bipedal black panther adjusted his bycocket and flipped up his fake eye patch so he could use both eyes to survey the chaos. Blood, gore, screams, and the rotten smell of unbathed dragon assaulted his senses and he sighed. No real choice, may as well get this nonsense over with. His cursed journal had taken him overhearing Vaddock's impassioned plea for aid as accepting the challenge, and damn his procrastination, that was the entry that filled the book. He was stuck here unless he fulfilled one of it's enumerated tasks, and he doubted he could find that comely barmaid's missing bra in all this commotion. Even though he was pretty sure it was under his bed.

His gaze purposely swept over the scene, looking for just the right target. Someone distracted, maybe injured... Ah. There we go. 

A dragon-kin who looked like he was going to end up with a nasty limp in the morning was having a go at a priestly type and... another panther? What were the odds?

He put an arrow to his bowstring and aimed high, pulling it back to its full 90 pound draw before letting it loose. The arrow made a beautiful arc in the sky before slamming into the back of the nasty critter's head. The staff guy would have a great view of the arrowhead jutting out from between its eyes as it fell, gurgling, into a puddle of its own blood.

Iani didn't see it, however. Only amateurs waited to watch their target die. He was already moving, low and quiet, towards a new position. If he was lucky, he might get a few more of those off before some smelly bastard caught on. Crucible, still shivering, got up to follow at Iani's heels; the goat was well practiced in keeping up with his master's combat tactics. Good goat.

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The sudden blow that Timothy suffered was quite powerful. He felt his chest flare up in pain as he tumbled to the ground. The Dragon-kin had come faster then he had expected. Timothy and the Dragon-kin were wrestling about, struggling to gain dominance over the other. Timothy was looking for his staff, which was a meter away from his location. Looking for it allowed the Dragon-kin to lurch over him and pin him down. Timothy's only hope was his staff.

He stretched his arm as far as possible to try and reach the end of the staff. The Dragon-kin was going in to strike a final blow, one that would finish Timothy off. Timothy closed his eyes, embracing his death. Timothy heard a sharp whiz through the air. There was an arrow in the Dragon-kin's skull. Timothy shoved the dragon off, and it tumbled to the dirt.

Timothy managed a small sigh, before he was assailed by four Kobolds. He took out his dagger, and quickly stabbed them all. But right behind them towered yet another Dragon-kin.

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The flying Kapaks overhead decided now was their time to strike, swooping down on the old knight from above while he focused his attention on a new pack of Kobolds. From the corner of his eye Gravven scarcely noticed a blurred figure flanking him, and he managed to raise his sword just in time before their blades collided. Sparks showered Gravven's face, burning his skin as he tumbled to the ground in a cloud of dirt. The knight scrambled to his feet, dirt covering his side and face and he wiped the stains away from his eyes. A lucky parry of a spear sentenced one Kobold to their death, a quick slash by Gravven ending its life quickly. The next Kobold moved in for a stab, but Gravven sidestepped the blade and ripped the weapon from the beast's hands. He broke the handle of the blade over the Kobold's snout, and used the remainder of the spear as a javelin to shishkebab the remaining two Kobolds.

He was now huffing and puffing, twirling the handle of the blade and readying himself for the Kapak's return. Now that the element of surprise was lost, the Kapak had little strategy other than using brute force and their own momentum. Gravven took a deep breath and slowly spread his feet across the dirt, never taking his gaze from the rapidly approaching Kapak. Time seemed to slow down around Gravven, and in one quick slash, the two warriors traded strikes. The Kapak spiraled to the ground with a thud, now missing one of its wings and screeching in pain. Gravven turned around to stalk his wounded prey, ripping the poisoned dagger from his pauldron and dropping it into the dirt below. Upon reaching the now unarmed Kapak, Gravven flipped his sword and inserted the blade into the heart of the beast using both hands. The fight and life drained from the Kapak's flailing person, and Gravven ripped the blade free from its bloodied clutches. He was no breathing heavily and wiping the sweat out of his eyes, the Kapak and Kobold blood that stained his hands now staining his face slightly.

He would not die here.

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The fighting is raging on. 

One of the dragon-kin shrieks aloud with a cry that can be heard across the landscape. Its call is answered with the voices of many others, and soon more enemies come spilling out into the fray. 

  • Twenty-five more Kobolds
  • Fifteen more Kapak
  • Ten more Dragon kin
  • Five Dragon-Kin Cultists
  • Three Savak

Lonely Night's Hand charges forward, engaging in battle with one of the three Savak. He swings with a flurry of blows with both his swords, but several of his attempts bounce away harmlessly from its armor, with only a couple of swings making lasting impressions. The Savak is angry and unleashes a counterattack of its own. 

Vaddock and Levhea team up together, flanking a recently arrive dragonkin cultist. Between the two of them, they trick the creature into exposing a weaker side of itself, allowing Levhea to deliver a killing blow.

Gallen puts up protective wards around those fighting, giving an aid to their defenses. 

The patrons of the Tavern clash hard, but their numbers take the first hit. By the end of this round, they have lost six of their original 30 (dropping them from a 6 post value to a 5). In that time, they take out a Dragonkin, two Kapaks, and four Kobolds. 


Remaining in the battle:

  • Kobolds: 32
  • Kapak: 18
  • Dragonkin: 12
  • Dragonkin Cultist: 4
  • Savak: 2 1/2 

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Iani watched the invading army swell its ranks and cursed. We're going to lose, he thought as he watched the first of the defenders begin to fall. We don't have the manpower.

Iani scanned the field from his hiding spot for another target. Without any backup, a mob of small things would quickly overwhelm him. But he also wasn't especially sturdy (or especially brave), so pissing off one of the huge things was probably also an awful idea. So medium-sized then. Relatively.

A dragonkin cultist menacing one of the beleaguered tavern patrons seemed distracted enough. Iani let loose another snipe and took off towards new cover.

A scream of pain and rage echoed from behind him, and he turned back to see an angry cultist with an arrow sticking out of her scaley neck glaring directly at him. The creature gestured with her giant, scary-looking spear and made some kind of roaring noise. Several other creatures of varying sizes turned their attention in Iani's direction.

Crucible let out a terrified bleat and took off running back towards the tavern.

Iani nocked another arrow. "Well shit," was all he had time to say before the riot began to move menacingly towards him.


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Sarya closed her eyes and forced herself to take a few deep breaths. Her whole body shook as she hid behind a building, the clanking of steel and screams of pain surrounding her. She knew she had to help - but the thought terrified her. An arrow flew past her, sticking into the side of a building. Her eyes opened at the sound of the arrow and she stared at it, frozen in the wood. You can do it, this is what you've been training for, she told herself. Finally, she took one last deep breath and reached her shaking hand backwards, pulling her double-edged sword out of it's sheath. The sound of the steel sliding from it's resting place made her shiver. Holding it out in front of her, she said a small prayer before leaping from behind the building.

Surveying the war scene before her, she began to walk forward, keeping her stance wide, as she was told many times. Her heart skipped a beat as a Kobold turned towards her. A grin danced over its face as it signalled another beside it. Both turned her way and began charging. Nervously spinning her sword in her hand, she focused on her breathing as they approached her. Finally, they were upon her, and she couldn't stand back any longer. She parried the first blow, knocking the one off balance as it was surprised by her strength. Her braided hair swung around her neck as she spun, blocking a swipe from the other Kobold. Quickly, she slashed at the unbalanced Kobold, who screamed in pain as she succeeded in breaking skin. It stumbled farther back, but she kept her pressure, all the while keeping the other Kobold in her peripheral. She knew she had to finish the job on the first quickly, otherwise she would become overwhelmed with both swinging at her. She stepped once to the right and saw her chance, burying her sword in its heart. It let out one mangled scream before falling to the ground, blood bubbling from it's mouth. Sarya spun around the carcass with renewed confidence, a small smile playing on her face. The other Kobold, however, was closer than she thought, and the smile quickly escaped her face. She barely had enough time to dodge as it stabbed towards the middle of her body, catching the edge of her left arm. She winced, but steadied herself and leaped forward, knocking away it's spear with her sword and slashing towards it's neck. It jumped backwards, dodging her slice. Sarya grinded her teeth and pushed forwards once more, parrying two more blows before finally knocking if off balance and slicing it's neck open. As it sank to the ground, blood pouring from it's gash, she looked back towards the battle. Her eyes scanned the crowd, knowing she would have a better chance of survival if she fought closely with another. Finally her eyes caught site of what looked like a heavily armed fellow, and she began making her way over, ducking arrows and avoiding crossing the main fight. Before she could make it, however, her eyes caught sight of a Kapak swiftly flying towards her. She stopped and turned towards it, readying her weapon.

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Timothy looked sternly towards the Dragon-kin, who seemed to have an obscenely large grin plastered on it. But this one was not like the other ones. It was bigger, with a more menacing weapon. Its claws were quite the article as well, and they seemed as though they could easily rip through someone. It started to walk towards Timothy, one foot over the other.



Timothy took in a deep breath. 

He exhaled.

Timothy gripped his staff, and the ends started glowing an ominous purple. He focused on the enemy, surveying it for any weak spots. He continued breathing slowly as the time for him slowed down. He carefully spoke a few words, in a loud, foreboding voice. Timothy felt the power surge through him as he rushed towards the dragon. He lifted up his dagger, which glowed of a dark violet. He stabbed the dragon in the hand, making it drop its large spear. He fell back as he realized that he missed the dragon's other hand. The dragon staggered back in the distraught pain that was caused by the magic. Blood started to pour from both of them.

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The fighting intensifies. Viscera and dirt intermingle, coating weapons and armor with rust-colored mud. Sparks caused by metal striking scale spray in all directions. The enemy has the advantage of numbers, but so far, the Tavern shows itself to have the better warriors. This might not prove as true once the real threats are unleashed. In the distance, the first dragon appears as a distant speck. It is not here yet, but it will arrive soon [next round].

Lonely Night’s Hand barely ducks out of the way of the Savak’s strike with its glaive. The overgrown lizard hisses at him in its anger, trying to bait the old bouncer into giving up an advantage. Hand is too experienced a warrior to give over to petty emotions such as anger and frustration. He bids his time, going through every motion and allowing the dance to unfold in its own good time. Soon the Savak becomes too eager itself and presses forward with a risky attack that leaves itself exposed. Hand presses against the advantage, quickly spinning aside from its reckless assault and the driving his blade deep into its belly. The Savak falls and does not get back up.

Vaddock spies a large swarm of Kobolds rushing at the patrons. He knows he cannot possibly cut down all of them, but he seeks to even the odds in favor of his regular customers. As the sizable group of Kobolds and a couple of Dragon-kin come rushing in, he unleashes a lightning bolt that eliminates six of the Kobolds in one swoop. The electrified carcasses fall to the ground smoldering, smelling like burnt gator over a spit.  

Levhea comes through and assists the patrons as well. She bats down a Kapak flying through the air, charging at the patrons from behind the wall of Kobolds. She cleaves her blade down over its neck and removes its head from the shoulders, kicking the head away. She then turns and cuts down a couple more Kobolds while she is at it because they got to close to her even after watching her forcibly assist a Kapak to lose some weight.

Ghallen is doing what he can to tend to the fallen, trying to stabilize them before they are permanently lost. He also does what he can for those who are still standing, sending out a mass of healing that reaches over all those huddled together in the fight. The men appear readier for battle.

The patrons face down the mob coming after them, but find it much reduced. Nevertheless, there is a cultist and a dragonkin among them, who sought to come in behind a wall of kobolds and use them as meat shields before coming into cut-down the militant group. These two are surprised when the Kobold wall shatters, thanks to the married couple destroying two-thirds of the group and sending the remaining few scattering. This allows the patrons to cut down the Dragonkin and the Cultist without any losses (also in thanks to Ghallen and his blessings, wards, and healing).

Remaining in the battle:

  • Kobolds: 20
  • Kapak: 17
  • Dragonkin: 10 1/2
  • Dragonkin Cultist: 2 2/3
  • Savak: 2 

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