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Canon changes to magic and transportation

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These have been announced in the canon update thread and their respective lore articles modified to reflect the change, but I realize how easily updates can be overlooked and wanted to make a dedicated thread for these since they're so impacting

  • Magic
    • The "mild powers" ceiling has been lowered. The site-wide limit caps the mild powers destructive potential at "building". Due to changes in the availability of magic throughout the nation, for Terrenus the cap has been lowered to "room"
      • You can think of it in terms of this crappy analogy; before people used to be walking bombs, now they're more like walking grenades
    • Utility magic is less effected since that isn't measured in terms of destructive potential so it in't that magic has lost usability, it's still super awesome, it just isn't as easy to murder large swaths of people using it
    • Shawnee Glacier has "overtaken" the nearby Wastelands and turned most of the desert into frozen tundra. There's less magical availability everywhere in Terrenus except this new Shawnee, where it is abundant
    • There are riots in Blairville between mage guilds that support and reject Safeguard, and between the Constabulary which try to enforce the local law
    • Relevant thread: Blairville civil war
  • Transportation
    • Both the Lightning Rail and the Warp Gates are offline and will remain offline until they are repaired through roleplay, per opportunities I will present in focused interest checks and threads, or until X number of year pass. I'm thinking 3 maybe
    • Transportation across Terrenus is still possible, but this means that "fast, easy, safe" travel isn't. Going between mega-cities can now take several days instead of several hours, and without the teleportation ability of the Gates to serve the areas outside of the mega-cities, traveling into the Wild takes even longer, and is even more dangerous
    • Only a portion of the tracks are in disrepair. Private companies and citizens still make use of the remaining, functional portions with manually operated carts and trolleys to serve as transportation for people and goods that's a little better than animal travel
    • Tia's patented faux-ton system remains operational but at the moment serves only Tia and Biazo Isle. More areas will be added to the faux-ton system via roleplay¬†
    • Alternative methods (some of them anyway, don't feel limited to these)
      • Animal transport such as horses, Suujali or rider dragons (to name a few)
      • Automated wagons (steam, solar, or wind powered vehicles)
      • Airships
    • Relevant thread: Hell's Gate civil war
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