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One-line RP board

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There is now a one-line roleplay board in Alternative

One-line roleplay has always been allowed on Valucre. We briefly had a mod which enforced a word count only to stop a flood of users who were posting emoticons back and forth as their roleplay but haven't had to use that mod for a long time

The word count for canon posts will remain in place but this is less about shunning this kind of roleplay and more about establishing a bare minimum of content required to effect meaningful change on lore that another player or players may have spent months or even years working on and completing. Some people like their play short and quick and there's not a thing wrong with that

Because of the canon process being built the way it is and requiring a conscious and deliberate effort to complete, one-line roleplay can exist anywhere on the site and is not at all limited to this board in Alternative. My hope with adding an explicit board is that members will feel welcome to engage in any level of roleplay and writing that they feel matches with what they want to do

If it doesn't see any use I'll get rid of it but if it does, hope those who use it enjoy it

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