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The Gaian Church [overview; personnel]

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OOC/chatter thread

Table of Contents

  1. Hierarchy
  2. Personnel

Gaianism Overview

A cosmic religion which celebrates Gaia as the supreme deity among a pantheon of three, and harbinger of all life in the universe and spirit world. Throughout world history many tribal religions have shared close parallels to modern fundamental Gaianism but there are a few notable differences which make it distinct. 

Gaia is one of three major deities, including the symbolic figures of Time and Space. These beings are so beyond the comprehension of mortal beings that the idea of communicating directly with any of them is one entertained only in figurative sense. Otherwise communication is done through the means of symbolism so subtle that it takes a lifetime of devotion to be able to properly decipher the signs. Lesser deities, known as the Triad, represent the primal force of creation, preservation, and destruction, and are said to manifest physical avatars on the mortal plane. 

To a modern follower of the Gaian faith, the earth is a physical metaphor of Gaia Herself and not a literal manifestation, as Gaia's presence is not limited to a single point in space but instead the cosmic source of all life and creative thought. Odin Haze is recognized as the Saint of Gaianism for his efforts in organizing the scripture which was previously incoherent and dispersed across many different cultures and sources. He set into place an internal hierarchy among its clergy and a rigorous set of rituals to become a practicing priest. 

Modern Gaianism also believes that Gaia, as a disembodied force, can be found through a secular life even by one that doesn't believe in Her, if it is a life of dedication and discipline. The insight they find inside of themselves, at the top of the mountain, at the end of a journey of psychedelic drugs, are different facets of the same being. 

Gaianism precepts pivot around notions of peace, love, and compassion, but the devout are not proponents of blind pacifism. They believe that light flowers not only through good action, but through the prevention of evil and so are compelled by their religion to take an active stand against evil influences; this can be traced directly to the militancy Odin Haze introduced in the holy war against the Desecrators. 

A microscopic fraction of derivative versions of modern fundamental Gaianism entertain a version of an underworld where sinners are eternally punished. More popular is the idea that sinners can eventually pay the balance of their sin and ascend to a purer state of being. 

Enlistment and Advancement

Enlistment - Anyone that wants to join the clergy starts at the apprentice level. Apprentices can be any race and any age. 

Advancement - Complete 1 thread (15+ posts) in the name of Gaia or the church for advancement in the ranks. It is possible to remain at a certain level in terms of vocation in the church but advance in the hierarchy. An Oracle auth Paladin has Oracle skills but commands as much power in the church as a Paladin.

Emeritus - If you chose to be Emeritus, you can be any rank up to Ascending but do not have the ability to command or order anyone, even apprentices, as your character has been removed from the hierarchy.

Additional Reading

Quick reference guide
Bible of Gaia


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Apprentice: Novices of the Gaian faith. The apprentice has just begun their journey.

  • Geomancy [beginner]: The basic ability to manipulate earth. Manipulation will lack the ability of precision work and phase-shifting
  • Heal [minor]: Heal minor cuts, scrapes and bruises. 
  • Purify food and drink: Cleanse food and drink of regular poisons and impurities. 
  • Light: Make an object glow with regular light for half an hour. 
  • Holy mist: Generate a pearl white mist that surrounds the apprentice for 15 feet. Unnaturals moving in the mist are slowed and weakened.
  • Detect Unholy: Can detect an unholy presence within a range of 300 feet. 

Priest: Taught more about necromancy as a healing art and as a tool for the study of life and spiritual phenomena. 

  • Geomancy [intermediate]: Gains the ability to do precision work with geomancy, including complex shapes and miniatures
  • Heal [medium]: Capable of healing deep cuts and repairing broken bounds. 
  • Bless item: Capable of blessing an item with holy light to cause additional damage to unnaturals.
  • Shield of faith: Capable of creating a shield or bulwark out of divine magic. As sturdy as any physical shield, it also moves independently. 
  • Speak with dead: Capable of communing with the recently dead. At this stage messages are often cryptic and incomplete.   
  • Find the path: Capable of finding their way back to any point they've visited before. 
  • Cure disease [minor]: Capable of curing acute, mundane diseases. 

Oracle: An emphasis on divination, prophecy and scrying, all of which are useful to those that want to seek the Truth. Oracles are often used by police to track criminals and report details on crimes through the use of retrocognition, and never consult on future-crimes as the future is never certain nor within the domain of earthly law.

  • Prophecy: Capable of telling the future with varying degrees of accuracy. 
  • Remote viewing: Capable of seeing real-time events. The distance depends on the skill of the particular Oracle. 
  • Empathy: Capable of reading emotions. 
  • Discern intent [minor]: Capable of discerning when they are being told the truth or a lie. At this stage, can only tell if the subject believes it. Later stages or combinations of divination forms can probe deeper. 


Diocese: Commences specific training to curtail the unnatural and undead, including the ability to turn undead through the use of aura or holy symbols and to bless whole buildings and chunks of land. They are also capable of performing domain blessings on individuals rather than just materials. 

  • Geomancy [advanced]: Gains the ability to phase-shift material, breaking down solids to particulates or condensing particulates to solids
  • Heal [major]: Capable of healing organ failure and massive trauma. 
  • Bless land: Capable of blessing housing structures and meters of land.
  • Crown of courage: Aura bolsters strength and courage in nearby allies.
  • Repulsion: Capable of amping the intensity of their holy aura to physically repel evil and unnatural beings.
  • Remove hexes: Capable of removing hexes like sleep, paralysis, confusion and charm. 
  • Discern intent [major]: Capable of discerning not just whether they are being lied to, but motivation behind the statement. 
  • Cure disease [major]: Capable of curing mundane, chronic diseases as well as supernatural diseases no longer than five days affected. 

Paladin: Once the basics are mastered, Geomancy and necromancy come together to form a righteous knight of Gaia.

  • Holy weapon: Can wield any mundane weapon with divine blessing and deal extra damage on the evil and unnatural.
  • Spiritual weapon: Capable of summoning a weapon formed of divine energy. Razor sharp and autonomous.
  • Scar evil: Causes damage on evil and unnatural creatures that cannot be repaired.
  • Discern intent [major]: Capable of discerning not just whether they are being lied to, but motivation behind the statement. 

Inquisitor: Clergy members assigned to investigate heresy and crimes against the nation. They act outside of the law in persecuting criminals when on an official Inquisition and are specially trained in information extraction and interrogation. 

  • Zone of Truth: 20 foot radius. Creatures within this zone can't speak any deliberate and intentional lies. Creatures are aware of this effect on them and may avoid answering questions. Clever creatures can mislead via wordplay. 
  • Inflict wounds: Using necromantic energy, Inquisitors can turn any physical contact with any part of their body into organic damage.


Archbishop: Archbishops have three main concerns. The first is to spread the word of Gaia by way of doing righteous deeds and defeating evil. The second is the refinement of the divine not only in clergy members but in citizens so that they are better able to defend themselves and others against the Unnatural menace, a school of thought advanced most fervently by Twizzen of Biazo Abbey. The third is the extermination of unnaturals with extreme prejudice. 

  • Geomancy [master]
  • Heal [critical]: capable of healing fatal wounds as long as the subject is alive when being healed. 
  • Exorcise: Capable of breaking possessions and the forcible passing of specters and phantasms. 
  • Holy aura: Constant aura that will cause pain and discomfort to the undead. 
  • Tongues: Speak and understand any sentient language. 
  • Dictum: Capable of giving commands to the weak willed and uncertain. 
  • Find the Path: Capable of finding their way to any point in the physical world.

Cardinal [by appointment only]: The highest rank of the Gaian religion and advanced necromancers.

  • Resurrection: Can bring the recently dead back to life. Can only be done twice.
  • Discern intent [critical]: Capable of discerning not just veracity and motivation of a statement, but of reading the spirit of a person to discern secrets, hopes, and fears. 
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