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The Ellwood Forest by Moonlight

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Zafira failed to dodge the acorn tossed her way and it bounced off her arm. She smirked.

"No - really - it suits you...." She quirked an eyebrow, "kinda."

She could feel the sun's rays getting warmer on her face and she looked over at him with a worried smile. She slung her Tambur across her back and reached up and took the hat off his head further ruffling his hair. 

"Perhaps polkadots are more your style." She said tucking it back into her bag, and fishing out a length of rope, "Between my Tambur and your flute, we wont have to pay for a decent meal at all!" 

She looped the rope over a tree branch and tugged on it to test it. 

"Lets hope our 'friend' from town doesn't follow us out here." She said, "Come on lets check out this handy work of yours." 

She took a running leap off the tree and plummeted towards the ground, laughing as she went. She stretched out her arms, each wrapped in a length of rope and she slowed her descent just barely missing hitting the ground. She put her feet down and let go one one end, tugging on the other so the rope unhooked from the branch and returned to her. She coiled it up and tucked it back into the bag. 

The dog barked at her.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, pulling out some fire water and a bowl, "Here ya go."

She filled the bowl to the brim before taking a large swig herself. She held it out to Roshia.

"Care for a sip?" 


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He rolled his eyes and watched her retract her floral hat. "You're a strange one...." he muttered as she sailed down the tree. Carefully picking his way down the tree, he found himself guided down by the branches, easing him down inside of the little home, making sure he didn't fall. For an elf...he was rather clumsy. He rushed out to gather some supplies from Roshia, then dart back inside.

Roshia looked at the bottle suspiciously and shook his large head, his antlers brushing the tree's lower branches with his tall stature. He seemed to hold little interest in them anymore and took to the forest once more with an elegant gait.

With the stag now gone, Alimar poked out his head and gestured for her to come inside. "You can come on in now if you like, set up your things and the like," He said before disappearing inside of the small window, decorated by small twigs and growth that shaded the inside. 

The insides of the tree was like a small cottage but cozy like a tree house. In the center twisted a staircase to an upper room with a small loft, this is where Alimar had stored his bedroll, tucked away in the dark nook atop the stairs. The insides of the place were practical, the naturally decorated interior of the tree offering a safe haven for the adventurers. Alimar peeked around the stairs and waved her inside. "I've found a little place for you to place your things," he said, pointing towards something that looked similar to a book cozy. The little space was an uplifted indention in the trunk, not too far off the ground. "I didn't bring extra bedding though...Perhaps we can make some after some hunting? Am I wrong to assume you've brought some?" Alimar looked around the small tree house with a curious look on his face, as if something just occurred to him. He would have to meditate on it, but perhaps it was possible.

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Alimar poked his head out of the tree house and called them in. Zafira bent down and picked up Sir's now empty bowl and put it back into her bag, she slung it over her back and climbed up the staircase into the house. She looked around with an admiring eye and nodded her head.

"Not bad." She said with a nod, "Its better than what Sir and I usually sleep in!" 

"I've found a little place for you to place your things," He said poking his head around the stairs and pointing. 

Zafira wandered over to where he pointed and set down her bag. 

"I didn't bring extra bedding though...Perhaps we can make some after some hunting? Am I wrong to assume you've brought some?" He asked her. 

"I have plenty of stuff for traveling," She winked at him, "don't you worry about me!"

She walked around looking at the different natural curves of the tree that made up the house. 

"So what's the next move?" She asked, "We rest here - then continue onward? Wherever onward may be?" 

Sir barked and raced around chasing his tail, Zafira laughed. 

"You drunken idiot!" 

He sat at her feet and barked again, she took a swig of the firewater bottle still in her hand and looked down at him. 

"No you can't have more!" She tried to shoo him away with her foot, "You have had enough to drink today! And you have some explaining to do about that man in the city." 

Sir scuttled away and made himself scarce to avoid answering her question. 

"That isn't going to make me forget!" She exclaimed, "I won't share my firewater with you until you spill!"

He barked from somewhere on the stairs.

"Cheeky bastard. More for me." She chuckled, "He will be back for more - the drunkard can't resist some good firewater - and this - this is good stuff. Traded for it from a distiller we stumbled upon in the woods. I doubt I could find it again even if I tried."

She looked sadly at the bottle before taking another swig. She held it out to Alimar. 

"Want some?" 

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The door of the tree's home slowly curled back inside itself as Sir and Zafira climbed inside. The home was lit with small glowing orbs and glowing flora. It was a dimly lit inside of the home, but one could make out things fairly well. Alimar curiously watched the two with amusement then wandered over to sit at the bottom of the stairs to the loft. "I never really thought about it actually. I have simply been wandering around...looking for some sort of quest. I've never left these woods before, though...I probably..." the elf went quiet as he sat hugging his leg to his chest. Perhaps he shouldn't bring it up. He listened to the two a bit more.

"Say, was there--" he was cut off by the drink thrust in his direction. He blinked, uneasily staring at the bottle and its strange, sloshing contents. "N-No, I shall pass..." he declined as he pushed it away from himself then slowly continued. "I was traveling all night, so I am a bit weary. I need to meditate, but I will be able to continue in a few hours. Was there anywhere you were headed to or felt inclined to go? I've only read some things in books, so I'm not so sure where to start. You said you're a traveler, yes? Where were you headed to? Well...I guess the tavern here was the destination, but since the shem is here..." 

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Zafira took her bottle back with a shrug and took one last swig. 

“Was there anywhere you were headed to or felt inclined to go? I've only read some things in books, so I'm not so sure where to start. You said you're a traveler, yes? Where were you headed to? Well...I guess the tavern here was the destination, but since the shem is here..."  Alimar asked.

”I’m more transient rather than a traveler per say.” She answered with a shrug, “I can’t stay in one place too long or I go a little stir crazy....” 

Sir returned and lay down at her feet, she tucked her boots under his shaggy coat and he let out a sigh. 

“I really didn’t have a destination when I ran into you at the bar.” She admitted, “I was just going into the city because I wanted to see what it was like. See if I couldn’t drum up some coin and food with my music.”

She tucked her bottle back into the bag and turned with a smirk. 

“Though it seems you had an agenda of your own when you were there.” She leveled her gaze at him,  “I’ll let you keep your secrets for now. Go meditate and I shall get into absolutely no trouble at all!” 

She walked to the window opening and sat on the ledge looking down. “I’ll be back in a bit.” 

She slipped the rest of her body out the window and shimmied down the tree with ease. She could hear Sir scrambling to find a way to follow behind her. When he caught up he barked at her. 

“I’m not getting into trouble I swear!” She answered him, “I saw a stream from atop the tree, I simply want to go for a swim and get the dust out of my hair.” 

The welcoming sound of rushing water reaches her ears. 

“Keep a look out.” She said to Sir, “And no peeping you pervert!” 

Sir dutifully sat with his back to her, keeping watch in the woods. 

Zafira shimmied out of her clothes and ran into the stream. She dunked her head under water and popped up just as quickly. 

“Shit that’s cold!” 

She scrubbed the sand and dirt and grit out of her mess of hair before quickly exiting the stream. The water sliding down the cherry blossom tattoo that ran up the length of her back and down her left arm. 

She quickly put her sun warmed clothing back on and began to march back to the tree house. Sir trotting along next to her. 

“That should help a bit.” She smiled down at him, “Now to de tangle this mess before it gets any worse.” 

Sir barked in agreement. 

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The elf as a bit confused, perhaps something didn't translate right for him, but he kept quiet. Alimar avoided her gaze as she brought up his "agenda" within the city. His fingers nervously scratched at his cheek before she scurried off faster than any squirrel.

Alone. He watched as the tree's branches slowly curled back to hide the window she flung herself through. Perhaps he should have told her how the door worked... Well, too late now he supposed. Physically drained, he climbed up to the small loft and sat peacefully within his little nest. He folded up his legs and leaned his back against the tree, taking a deep breath before steadily losing himself in his train of thought. He slowly became one with the tree and the deeper he went into his meditation, the deeper inside of the tree he was pulled. His tiny loft was soon cocooned within the tree's grasp and warmed by the sun's rays.

She may have been gone for an hour perhaps into his meditation. 3 more remained.

As she trot up back to the house, she would find herself to a closed home that is until she and Sir grew closer and the welcoming stairs reappeared. Alimar was no where to be seen. Even the stairs up to his loft were missing. Instead, a small swing hung down.

As she fiddled with her hair, the sounds of creaking and slithering vines filled her ears. A set of vines and earthly branches morphed out something quite strange... It was similar to a treeant as it was molded in the shape of a female humanoid. It approached her and reached out, containing a smooth bottle in her hand. The woman uncapped the bottle and drizzled the contents down onto her freshly cleaned hair, coating it with the sweet, coconut smelling liquid. She smiled sweetly to her and ran her fingers through the tangled mess of her hair, similar to how a mother would. Tenderly yet effectively detangling her hair with each stroke of her woodland hands.

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Zafira sang quite loudly as she and Sir made their way back to the tree house. Sir howled along with her as they marched, the light from the sun fell through the trees, casting a dappled light on the ground as they walked. As she approached the tree, the trunk opened to reveal the staircase, disappointed she didn't have to climb the branches, she walked up the stairs to find it had changed in appearance. The stairs to the loft were gone, in their place a swing. 

Sir began sniffing around, searching for the missing stairs and Alimar. Zafira rifled through her bag to find a brush and began to try and work through the snarled mess. As she struggled, the strands snapping and snarling, Sir growled. The sound of creaking and slithering vines reached her ears, she turned to see them morphing into the shape of a woman. 

Zafira rubbed her eyes, "Must have had too much fire water...."

Sir sniffed the woman and jumped back when she moved towards Zafira and held out a bottle. Zafira watched her warily as she uncapped it and drizzled it in her hair before starting to work out the snarls and knots. 

"This is a good hallucination." she murmured, closing her eyes for a moment, "A girl could get used to this...."

Sir barked and wagged his tail. 

"You are right - I haven't had such care put towards my hair since my performing days -" She agreed then stopped, "How would you know?" 

Sir licked his paws noisily and avoided her question. She glared at him, but only for a moment, choosing instead to enjoy the relaxation that flooded her. When the creature finished, she stepped back with a sweet smile and faded as mysteriously as she came. Zafira shook out her hair and tied it back as she usually did, letting the now tamed curls fall around her. 

"What do you think?" She asked with a smile.

"Beautiful," He answered her, "So long as you don't go galavanting around like a ruffian, it should stay untangled for at least an afternoon." 

"What do you mean a ruffian!" She countered, "You should see what you look like!"

"Oh how the mighty have fallen." He sighed, "Is that how you always speak to your elders?" 

"If you are counting years in dog years, then yes, you are positively ancient!" Zafira teased him.

She sat on the swing and gave it a test push, she looked longingly at the window and the sun that filtered through it. 

"I am ancient!" Sir sniffed, "I know that look - don't you dare..."

She glared at him, "I just want to go outside and enjoy the sun! Can't a girl have some freedom?"

"Your version of freedom and my version of freedom are very different." Sir raised an eyebrow at her. 

Zafira ignored him and wondered if she could shorten the vines any on the swing so she could have some fun. As if it read her thoughts, the vines shortened, raising her up above the floor and towards the capped off ceiling. 

"Now we are talking!" She exclaimed happily, flipping over so she was hanging from it by her knees. 

"Do that trick with the orbs!" Sir exclaimed happily.

"They are in my bag," She answered, "You have to get them." 

Sir nosed through her bag and knocked them out, causing them to roll across the floor. Zafira extended her hand down and they began to hover before circling her upside down head. They began to glow and change colors as they circled and she began to swing while hanging upside down. 

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The tree kept the elf safely tucked inside in his cocoon in his peaceful meditation. The loud group below him disturbing him only slightly.

Time droned on as the two entertained themselves, laughing and shouting at one another. But after some time, the leafy woman appeared once more to clamp her hand over Zafira's mouth, bringing her finger to her mouth to signal for them to be quiet and looked out towards the window.

If one listened closely, hollering could be heard in a familiar accent. It was distant but growing closer. It was difficult to understand what they were saying as it was in their foreign tongue, the one Alimar used.

Through the window, high up on the tree's walls, one could just make out a group of elves scouting out the area. It was clear they were a search party of a higher status as their horses were finely decorated. They called out several words before one struck her as familiar. Alimar. 

The tree spirit looked very concerned, begging her and Sir to remain quiet.

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Zafira was mid walking across the floor on her hands while singing a bawdy ballad when the leafy woman's hand came down over her mouth. She looked up at her and she signaled for them to be quiet. The distant sound of shouting could be heard, the leafy woman looked towards the window. 

Zafira's feet touched the ground quietly and she crept to the window, looking out through its branches. She couldn't understand a word that the party was saying until the name Alimar drifted up towards her. 

The party was finely dressed and their horses were adorned in similar fashion. The leafy woman looked concerned, her finger going to her mouth once more to signal they should be quiet. She backed away from the window quickly and looked at the swing, now wishing there were stairs there instead. 

"Do we wake him up?" Zafira whispered to the leafy woman, "How do we wake him up?"

She paced for a moment, chewing on her finger, Sir followed behind her tail between his legs. 

"Do we call for Roshia?" She asked, then shook her head, "That would be a dead give away."

Sir whined, "The tree house is a dead give away. I say we run."

"Coward." She growled at him.

The leafy woman pleaded with her to be quiet once more. Zafira paced and stared at the ceiling.

"Wake him up!" Sir demanded. 

"I don't know how!" Zafira hissed back at him. 

The voices were so loud now she was sure they were under the tree. She dropped to the floor and crawled over to the window once more. Sir dragged himself along the floor with her. She peeked up over the ledge and through the leafy branches once more. 

"Shit." She hissed, sliding back down to the floor. 

They were directly under the tree. 

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The group drew cautiously closer, inspecting the tree due to the strange nature of it and the noises within. One of them called out to the tree as the others began surrounding it. It was clear this wasn't just a party of villagers looking for him, but an armed group of guards. The crest she had seen appear on Alimar, as well as Roshia, brandished itself on the armor of the guards. Their tone was clearly one of annoyance, but not threatening. It was more of a tone of an adult may take to a child who thought what he was doing was funny.

"Well... I suppose there is no use in hiding now," said a familiar echoing voice. "I wanted a little more time to figure out how to control this, but it seems there is no time. I suggest bracing yourselves. This may be unpleasant."

With this, the woman lead Zafira and Sir to their nook and set them down. Vines and branches twisted around them, securing them to the nook like a rollercoaster. She then slipped away and morphed back into the tree's trunk with a small glow. Soon, the tree began to glow again with fireflies, the insides shrinking and shifting around. Low groans sounded from the tree as the two were shifted upwards and within the inner chamber of the tree.

Outside, the once-suspicious tree began to unroot itself from the ground, twisting and turning into something that resembled a beast-golem. As it completed its transformation, it let out a deep groan, similar to a roar.

"Ni indóme vamme péle- ana mime mbando!"

The inside of the dim chamber was coated with several layers of netting, formed by the bark and extensions of the tree. One could make out sections of the outside world through the cracks as the beast came to life. Alimar was buried inside of this chamber with only small sections of himself showing. His body was ensnared by the golem's core. His face was overgrown with fluorescent root sprawlings and his limbs and torso were tangled deep within the golem. His eyes remained closed, his head hanging loosely, supported by the glowing green vines. Anything said to the boy went unheard as the beast leaped forward and soared over head. With thundering bounds, the golem treck through the forest posthaste, taking with it its precious cargo. Through twists and turns, the golem ran through the vast forest, leaping over creeks and large masses of rock.  



After a few hours of running, the beast slowly came to a stop nearside a small waterfall. The water washed over the rocks and calmly pooled down below to a stream that carried along the forest's floor. The beast slowed down and carried them to the water's edge before laying down and opening its large chest and releasing them to the outside world. That was...except for Alimar. He remained glued in deep within the golem's chest, unconscious and visibly sweating. Now exposed to the shady forest light, one could see that blood ran down his nose and dripped onto the undergrowth. Heavy breaths escaped him as his face dewed with sweat.

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"Well... I suppose there is no use in hiding now," Alimar's voice echoed around her, "I wanted a little more time to figure out how to control this, but it seems there is no time. I suggest bracing yourselves. This may be unpleasant." 

The leafy woman lead Zafira and Sir to the nook where they were sat down, vines began to creep around her like a restraint. The tree began to change and morph.

"Woah!" She exclaimed, "Hold up there! What are you planning to do?!" 

If he heard her, he didn't make any indication, he appeared to be tangled up within the tree. With a heave, groan and a lurch the tree began to move. 

"Ni indóme vamme péle- ana mime mbando!" The sound rumbled through the tree and outward. 

They were off like a jerky, rumbling unstoppable heap of tree. Zafira laughed as they leapt over the elves below and took off into the woods. Amusement filling her with each jump and leap....They continued on like that for what seemed like hours....until Alimar's brow began to sweat. 

His face began to show strain from the effort this was taking on him...his nose began to bleed, at first it was a drop, then a trickle. Zafira started with alarm, he needed to stop, he was over taxing himself. 

"Alimar!" She shouted, "Stop! We are far enough!"

He didn't respond, instead his head hung limply and swung around with the bumps and movement of the tree. 

Zafira struggled to find a way out of her leafy restraint, perhaps if she could get to him she could wake up up, make him stop. The vines tightened around her the harder she fought against them. Perhaps the energy of the tree would hear her and make him stop. 

"Make him stop we are safe now!" She yelled, not sure at who or what, "Stop!"

After several tense heartbeats the tree seemed to slow, then stop. She wasn't sure if it was because of her yelling....it was far more likely he had exhausted himself with the effort and could go no further. The tree lay down and its side opened, the vines uncurling from around them. Sir quickly ran as far away from the tree as he could get, he hacked and threw up next to the river. 

Zafira scrambled through the tangle of vines, branches and leaves to get as close to Alimar as she could. She tapped his face lightly with her fingers. 

"Hey -" She said, then repeated louder, "Hey! Wake up!" 

He didn't budge, his form still entangled with the tree. 

"Sir!" She wiggled her way back out of the tree, "Get Roshia. He will know what to do."

"How am I supposed to know where he is?" Sir asked sulkily.

"Use your nose, your ears, that magic I know you possess." She said, "I don't care, find him!" 

Sir ran off through the woods in search of Roshia. She dug through her bag looking for a scrap of cloth. The bag was inconveniently empty. She sighed, closed it and shook it - hard. It didn't make a sound. She opened it again and this time stuck her arm in up to her shoulder - still nothing. 

"Now is not the time to be obstinate bag!" She said frustratedly. 

She set it down and pulled out the eating knife she kept in her boot. She used it to tear off a strip from her shirt, only after she tore the strip did she hear the objects returning to the bag with a loud thump. She sighed angrily and glared at it. 

"I liked this shirt!" She grumbled at it. 

She dipped the strip in the river at the base of the falls and wiggled her way back through the tree to Alimar. She wiped off his face and under his nose, it continued to drip, but at least it wasn't a trickle any more. She left the clean side of the cloth on his forehead and climbed back out of the tree once more. She pulled out a large thick strip of canvas she used for a tent and a length of rope. 

With a leap she jumped up on the lowest lying branch near her and strung up the canvas over what appeared to be some sort of tree beast. Effectively blocking out the sun from potentially harming him. She used the remaining rope to drop back down into the tree beast, she would have to try and get him out herself until Sir could find Roshia.

”You get into more trouble than Sir.” She grunted as she heaved herself over the side and towards what she thought was the beasts head.

”Perhaps you can hear me if I talk to the tree...” She said, she tapped on the beasts massive face, “Alimar, you have to release yourself from the tree! Wake up!” 

She felt quite stupid for yelling at a tree, however she didn’ care if it worked. 

She fished another cloth out of her bag, wet it, and returned to Alimar to attempt to get him loose another way. 





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Alimar remained unresponsive, his white, unruly hair clinging to his dirty face. Her attempts to clean his nose seemed to slow the flow of blood, but he did not look much better. He would likely not get any better until he was fully removed from the golem. As she prepared to doctor him more, the tree golem seemed to look more concerned. It sniffed around the canvas draped over its body and let out deep coos, similar to how a canine would whine. It looked at Zafira with confused eyes and then back to where Alimar lay cocooned inside. A soft, sad groan came from within the beast, and soon the golem seemed to begin to lose light in its eyes and grew faint. It began to respond less to their surroundings. The golem fully laid down, growing weak. It became clear it was dying.



He felt...strange. His mind was in a completely different world. It was as if his body was floating in a sea of light. He felt warm and peaceful, but his head felt like it was foggy and lightheaded. His body weightless and loose in the air. This place was filled with peace and tranquility, filling him with a sense of harmony he had never felt before. It was so pleasant here... Contentment filled his body the longer he remained in this domain. He thought he could almost hear something in the distance...a voice? Distorted noises echoed through his ears as he floated in this world of nothing but pure light. Where was he? Why did he feel like there was something important he had to get back to? Why should he leave? He...could remember leaving his village and then...

A female shemlen... Zafira ... and a sloppy dog... Sir, she called him.

He breathed in deep and closed his eyes, focusing on her voice. He found himself sitting in a forest with a large wolf in front of him. But, this was no normal wolf. It looked like a forest spirit. It was like those he had seen in his dreams many times before. He sat in front of it, cross-legged as the wolf slowly crept closer and touched its head to his. His world went white as he felt his mind grow fuzzy once more.



Alimar gasped suddenly like he had been deep underwater without air. His eyes rolled forward as his body shuttered with consciousness. He panted heavily before looking around with hysteria. He closed his eyes as he felt a loud ringing in his ears. His head... felt like it had went down a tumble down the stairs... spinning and throwing the world around him like a top. The vines and branches nestling him inside slowly began to fade and drop the elf down to the forest floor with a graceful descent. He collapsed, laying out on the forest floor with the cloth tumbled from his forehead. His eyes fluttered as he tried to make sense of the world around him.

"Za...fira?" he asked slowly, gaining his bearings again. He looked at her face full of worry and despair. "What... happened to your shirt?" He asked with a tilt of his head.

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The strange tree beast looked concerned, at least that is what Zafira thought. He sniffed the canvas above him, and was letting out whines and whimpers. His look changed from concerned to confused as it lay down, its eyes growing dim. She grabbed onto the nearest vine to keep herself from lurching as it lay down, fully, the shifting in angle causing her to readjust how she was propped in her attempts to wake up Alimar. 

"Well that cant be good." She murmured, "Hang on tree buddy!"

She turned to Alimar, this time putting urgency into her voice. 

"Hey you troublesome elf!" She tapped his face, "Open your eyes! Come on man, time to get up!" 

His face scrunched up, his eyes began to move behind their lids. 

"There ya go." She said, "If you don't wake up I'll just have to break my promise and use my Tambur again as a weapon -" 

The light in the beasts eyes was nearly out, his whines growing fainter. 

"Wake thyself!" She tapped his face harder.

Alimar gasped, his eyes rolling forward and his body lurching. It caught Zafira by surprise and she toppled over, the vines surrounding Alimar fading and gently laying him on the forest floor. Zafira, on the other hand, fell over with an ungraceful thump. She scrambled over to him on her hands and knees. His eyes fluttered, then opened, he looked around confused for a moment. 

"Za...fira? ....... What... happened to your shirt?" He asked with a tilt of his head.

She smiled and let out the breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Welcome back you troublesome Elf!" she exclaimed flopping over on her back looking up at the canvas, "Don't ever fucking do that again. Stay right there, ok?"

She scrambled to her feet and grabbed the cloth as she went. She dug through her bag and pulled out a cast iron kettle, a bowl, a bottle of clear liquid and a few mugs. She filled the bowl with cool water and the kettle as well. She rinsed the cloth and wrung it out, tossing it over her shoulder so she could carry the other items in her hands. She returned and put the cloth on his head, set down the bowl, the bottle and the mugs and walked back to the river with the kettle. 

She set it down on the rocks and made sure there was nothing else around it that could catch fire, she had never done this without Sir around. She closed her eyes with a grimace, breathed in and thought of fire - just a little bit of fire - maybe?

When she breathed out through her lips a white hot stream of fire consumed the kettle, shot across the river and left a scorch trail on the rocks. 

"Is it too much to ask for just a little bit of fire!?" She exclaimed, using a stick to loop through the kettles handle and carry it back. 

She dug through her bag again and pulled out a packet, ripped it open with her teeth and dumped its contents into the kettle.

"It has to sit for a while." She said, unstoppering the clear bottle.

She put a drop in the cool water and put the stopper in carefully. The smell of peppermint surrounded them. She took the cloth back and dipped it in the cool water before putting it on his head again. 

"It is peppermint -" She said, "It will clear your head - at least that is what the shaman told me it was for...hope that crazy old bat was right." 

She dug through her bag again and pulled out the bottle of fire water, she pulled out the cork with her teeth, spit it across the clearing and downed the rest of the bottle in several long gulps, Sir would not be happy she finished it. The burning sensation that went down her throat was a welcome feeling to the shaking adrenaline that still turned her insides to jelly. 

"As for my shirt - " She poured the hot water into the mugs, "I thought we could match! When you are ready, you can sit up and sip on this. It won't do much, but an old friend of mine once said the cure to anything is a good hot cup of tea - or firewater, which we are now out of. So tea it is!" 



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The elf remained there and closed his eyes, trying to get the world to stop spinning. Or at least make the ringing stop. He hadn't had a transfer go this poor. At least, assumed that is what happened by her reaction. He tried hard to remember what happened. The elf saw his cloak snagged up in one of the branches next to him and carefully pulled it out, wrapping it around himself. For some reason, it made him feel safe.

He pulled in his legs and rest his cheek on his knee as he waited for Zafira to do...whatever it was she was doing. He tried his best not to concentrate on too many things at once. His head felt like a struck gong and the vibrations were still in his ears. 

When she returned, she drank heavily this time. He wasn't sure what made her so thirsty, but he felt parched himself watching her drink. Luckily, he was given just that, something to drink. The smell of peppermint filled his once bloodied nose and he smiled. "Ah...peppermint. It's good for concentration... Colds and... Ah what was that other one..." he mumbled softly as she poured them their mugs. The cold cloth felt nice on his burning skin. He took the mug and looked into it for a moment before bringing it to his lips and blowing on it. He took a big drink, feeling relief like one could hardly know. Alimar loved tea, and this was quite a special brew.

After a few heartbeats he had calmed down enough to properly form a sentence. " ...You didn't break your tambur did you?" he asked, of course missing the more important things. But it was the only thing that came to his fuzzy mind. He heard something about her using it again.

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"Ah...peppermint. It's good for concentration... Colds and... Ah what was that other one..." She heard him mumble softly.

"Nausea." She answered, "Its really good if you have an upset stomach." 

He took a big drink of the tea and she could see him visibly relax.

"That's my own mix." She said, "Lavender and honey....that Shaman showed me how to make teas. This one is to relax and relive stress."

" ...You didn't break your tambur did you?" He asked. 

She choked on her sip of tea and coughed for several long minutes, banging on her chest. When she finally caught her breath she looked at him with amusement. 

"You go all beast mode, and you want to know if my Tambur is alright?" She asked with a laugh, "Forget the Tambur, damn thing is unbreakable. What about you - are you going to be alright?" 

She reached over and took the cloth off his head, put it back in the peppermint water, wrung it out and put it back on his forehead. She took another sip of her tea, this time, not choking on it. 

"I hope you forgive me, but I sent Sir out looking for Roshia." She said, "Not that we need him at this point....but I didn't know how to get you free..."

She gave him an odd look and scooted back until her back was up against a tree. She leaned back on it and looked up at her canvas. 

"Whatever you didn't want following you, followed you." She said, "I'm not going to ask about it right now. But you are going to have to explain at some point why you damn near killed yourself trying to get away. Until then - no more tree voodoo! There is not enough fire water in my bag to help me get through another episode like that." 

She pulled her Tambur off her back and tuned the strings for something to do while they waited and Alimar recovered. 

She smirked, "You made Sir, boot - ah - vomit that is - all in the river after that ride... it was quite the sight. I have never seen a green dog until today." 

She plucked out a tune and sang softly along, making up the words as she went. The sweet and slightly gravely alto notes floating through the air. 

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