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Every year, the phenomenon known as Whispernight rises up in wrath and violence. Supernatural creatures and monsters of nightmares appear, their arrival heralded by a thick mist said to be the doorway to the land of the dead. Drawn by unknown forces and a hatred for the living, these creatures – liches, ghasts, geists, the walking undead, and more – destroy all that they see and touch. Yet for all of that, for each time Whispernight occurs, Genesaris has prevailed.

In the Year the Falcon, all of that changed.

12 cities were destroyed, decimated to the ground, their respective lands now overrun by the monsters that destroyed them. Left behind are treasures forgotten and unclaimed by those who fled or died trying to escape. There are secrets waiting to be found, adventures waiting to be undertaken. And there are heroes, legends waiting to be made.

Will you be one?

Explore the ruins of the destroyed cities, and explore their lands. Take on the quests for each or embark on your own. But be careful – the lingering mist of Whispernight awaits.

All quests are repeatable; you do not need to post in the Quest Log or even PM me for permission. Simply pick one – and adventure!


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