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We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

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And so it was that in the frozen wastes of this land, the filth of the unnatural roamed these streets once occupied by humanity. Lordran was on a mission, a personal quest to cleanse this land of the abominations wrought to this world by the hellish event known as Whispernight. In his heart he felt the presence of the God King he served, the exalted one known as Corvinus. Through his prayers he felt his Lord's commandment, his will when he asked him what he should do to further protect humanity.

'Go forth...'

Now he stood at the precipice of the monstrosities which resided in this town. Cobrain was now afflicted with the wretched beasts that dare to threaten humanity with their actions. Little did they know the reckoning that was upon them, the vengeance which required no other herald than his visage. Soon the purity of the white snow will be stained with the blood of the heathens.

"And so we stand here" he began to pray softly "asking for the blessing of the hope of all humanity. Bless our weapons so that we may strike down the monsters infesting these lands with but one strike. Harden our armor, so that our enemies cannot harm us, and give us the strength to carry on, even when we have been spent and exhausted. In all this we pray to you, amen."

With his prayers now done, it was time to begin the cleansing. Those that would stand with him, would discover the power of humanity in the face of this harrowing danger. For those that would stand against him, they would find a quick death at the end of his maul.

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Dan rolled his eyes. This guy sure loved his drama. He kind of reminded Dan of that catholic badass guy from that vampire anime he watched once. Whatever though. If he wanted to pray to his god or gods, let him. Dan knew that if they were anything like the gods from his world, they would be of minimal help and they'd just end up doing everything themselves. Which is what Dan had planned on doing anyway.

Dan was not a fan of this place. It was colder than Circe's tits in this city, and because of that damn enchantment on him he couldnt wear shoes, or even socks.
Dan had long since gotten used to being barefoot at all times, but this was... a bit difficult to manage with snow. But it didnt matter. He was not about to wear shoes, have them sprout wings, be unable to walk properly without flying, and then giving their position away by being the boy in the air with winged shoes. Besides, he'd downed a potion of frostbite immunity before he came and had 7 more in his backpack if things ended up taking longer than anticipated.

He hadn't brought a familiar with him this time, other than Autolycus, his Arctic Quip. He supremely doubted that he could help in a fight, but this was his territory, and Dan just wanted some familiar company.

"So, we about ready to hunt now?"

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As Lordran prayed, and Dan acted disinterested, Jedediah Solomon gave the arsenal of weapons in his possession a final once over before strapping them into place. Many who laid eyes on him assumed him to be some kind of rank amateur who simply couldn't make a decision about what blade to bring into battle, but they were wrong. Every weapon he owned had a story behind it, and he simply could not bring himself to leave any of them behind. For this reason he had trained himself to effectively fight while wearing the gear, and to utilize all of them when in battle. The only downside was that having more gear meant more time spent cleaning and maintaining said gear, but that was done now, and he was ready to begin the days battle.

From the peak where the group stood, the city of Corban appeared to be a frozen wasteland; a snow covered tomb marking the passage of Whispernight. But if one traveled close enough they would find that the city was still very much alive; though not in the way it had been before. Instead of a place of habitation, Corban was now the stage of a daily battle for survival between the werewolves, white wolves, and whatever humans were unfortunate enough to find themselves there. Hopefully that would soon change.

"I'm ready whenever you are."

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She sniffed a great sniff.

Werewolves,  Anna thinks,  even here they smell the same.

Keeping her hood low,  she sniffs one more time as she looks upon the frozen wasteland,  and found three human scents.   One of them appeared to be praying, the other gave a bored, disinterested vibe, and the other was reviewing an his weopans.  Anna tucks her cape in one more time,  the cold here was overbearing, even now she can feel it draining her.  Anna did not feel the cold as the others probably,  her internal flame was forever lit to swath off such cold, and indeed, if she had been so pressed, she would have extended this warmth to the hardy group of adventurers out by the way side.   She checks her form one last time.  She had been wearing this form, the form of a hapless, innocent redhead princess for nearly seventy years.   Logic dictates that one should change a form after being worn for so long but Anna found that she felt more herself in this form.  She has tried others, but this was the one that stuck.  Slowly,  cautiously she approached the group.  Normally, she would not have anything to fear from humans, but the Gods here are strange to her and their ways, though they may be chaotic as her native Gods, had some sway in this world.

Kayla,  what do you see in this world,  she thinks.  Again,  she feels the presence of that other, the one that shares her mind.  Like a parasite it slithered up,  a magnitude of voices that said random things and random nonsense but only one voice truly matters.

It isssss about time we ssssshow oursssselves,  my precioussss  Anna.

And so she does.





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"Your goal?"

"The small town of Codran has, after the devastating effects of the Whispernight, found itself overrun by wolves. Werewolves and White Wolves are heavily populating the area. It is our duty to eradicate as many of the creatures as possible while simultaneously holding on to our lives. That, Senior-Commander, is my goal."

"Understood. Take care, Sergeant. And try not to die out in the field. We'd have a rough time explaining that to your old man. Senior-Commander out."

And with that done, Magnolia's attention would once again shift to the mission at hand. To the cold terrain that was Codran, where one would not be blames for thinking of it as a winter wasteland. If one looked close enough they would see that there was in fact life here. Humans etched out a living in the harsh environment, facing off against not only the weather, but the dangers lurking in the snow. Hopefully such a thing could be remedied, for it was not the way townspeople should have to live. As a matter of fact, no one should have to live in such conditions.

As of the moment she had found that in her group were three people. The 'leader' of the party was Lordran, heavily religious, though his God was by no means her own. That, and whatever religion he held in high regard seemed to not pay much mind to the attire of its' servants.

Next, was Dan and his...non-Pumpkin Knight? Magnolia remembered that the last time that she had seen him, he had a knight. She assumed that he had the ability to conjure multiple familiars, though why he didn't use the previous one was a bit confusing to her. Surely he knew that it may have been of more help than his current one, but he knew his summons better than she did.

And 'finally', would come the swordsman. He had in his possession an impressive array of weaponry, though she couldn't make out if any of said swords were made of silver. That, or an enchanted item that would help with fending off the differing wolves of the town.

"Seems everyone has assembled. If I may, is there a plan in place or-"

Someone's made a sneaky appearance.

Her sudden appearance was met a with swift reaction. Quickly reaching for her steel sword, Magnolia would stare down the new member of their party. To make such an appearance without warning, in such an environment as this was in her mind idiotic. However, as she didn't seem to be much of a threat to the group, Magnolia would slowly lower her guard before sheathing her sword altogether.

"I recommend you not make such appearances in the near future, ma'am. This is hardly the place for one to skulk about, especially when doing so on unknowing participants who just may be your temporary companions."

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The woman's pale green eyes meet Magonolia, then she smiles. 

"Sorry about that,"  she says, lowering her hood revealing a rather young,  pleasant face bombard with freckles,  swathed by wavy red hair that has been braided somewhat recently,  "I was exploring the region and happen to come across you folk."   Strange how I didn't pick up her scent,  Anna thinks,  must have been downwind.   Again that other mind came into hers,  intruding as it always did with whispers and random nonsense.   

This pairing appearsssss to be quite dangerousssss,   are you ssssure it is wisssssse to join them?

Yes,  now leave me be.'

The girl stares at the four silently for a moment.

Then.   "I assume you are here about the werewolves?  Their stench is all over this place,"   she wrinkles her nose as if grimacing at the smell.



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Dan took note of the newcoming female, a 2nd person he had not met before. She didn't seem dangerous, but Dan kept an eye on her anyway. Until they dropped the facade, most monsters didn't seem dangerous at first either.

"Werewolves, White wolves, any wolf really. I hear the alpha wolves have magic pelts. I'm lookin' to procure one. And slaughter any other wolf, Were or otherwise that gets in my way. They make good decorations, and the Hunter's Association will pay good money for loads of pelts like these."

Autolycus clambered up Dan and stood on his shoulder. Dan was content with the slight familiarity in the group. He knew the Walmart Alexander Anderson and the Sergeant lady from the raid on Telix Engine they pulled. This other guy... kind of looked like a new kid in his Regiment with all those swords. But, unlike a new kid in his regiment, this guy looked like he could actually use all those weapons.

"If you all like, I could have Autolycus point us to some of the dens. This kind of environment is his homeland, he'll know where the wolves are."

Autolycus started playing with Dan's hair, and generally being adorable.
"He's actually really helpful. Trust me."

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The young, seemingly innocent girl regards Dan with her pale green, ancient eyes.   If Dan is from another world,  specifically one where Disney exists,  he would find some strange familiarity with her form,  from the wavy red hair to the big green eyes to the boots in the snow.  Perhaps it is just his imagination.   Anna continues to regard the man.   Until, suddenly she says.

"You're not from around here?  Are you?"

He knowsssss of anime,  that sssssshould give ussssss a hint of where he comes from.    I do not dare venture into otherssssss,  they may notice my pressssence.   The paladin is of mossssst concern,  if he figuressssss out what you are,  he will ssssssstrike you down.

No mortal man can strike me down.

That arrogance will be your downfall.  

He has never faced something like me.

But though he may not be familiar with your ssssspeciesss, he will still ssssstrike you down the moment your true ssssself is revealed.   Ssssseeeee theeeemmmm,  already they are suscipousssss of us.   Their mindssss are too ssstable,  too sssssane for me to fully influence.  You will be on your own.






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(Okay so for the sake of keeping things simple I am putting in place a rule that everyone only posts once per turn in this thread. Its super easy to have everything get caught up in a conversation between two or three characters causing everyone else to end up behind on what's going on. Thank you for your consideration and lets have some fun.)

Stamping down his maul into the hardened snow, the knight gathered the attention of everyone around him. "The time has come. We begin the hunt now. These spawns of evil will know that their time has come." Shrugging his weapon to the sling across his back, he reached back and retrieved his alternate weapon, the Polybolos Rifle.

Holding the weapon with both hands, he kept it pointed towards the ground, the feeling of its hardened steel comfortable in his armored grip. Those that would make an attempt on his life would find themselves perforated with the high caliber rounds fired by this weapon of war. Just the thought of seeing those wretched mongrels bleeding upon the snow gave him great pleasure.

"We move forward towards the village. If we happen upon any locals, we must discover the exact location of the beasts who lurk here." Lordran was a hunter of monsters, and of all enemies of humanity. With each step, the snow crunched underneath his feet, and his purpose was certain as to his destination. Wherever these wolves thought they would hide, he would discover them, and slay them where they stood.

As they entered Cobrain, Lordran could feel the oppressive atmosphere of death permeate the air, attempting to bring him down into the depths of despair. Soulseekers do not despair though, they strike down the demons in the dark, and shine light upon all that would attempt to hide themselves within it. With his eyes alert to his surroundings, he would discover those that would offer the first clue to his hunt.

"You there!" The Gray Knight called, discovering two men carrying the carcass of a dead wolf between them to a nearby tent. When addressed, they dropped the dead wolf and brandished their weapons, to which Lordran responded with firing a round into the knee of the nearest hunter. "Consider that your warning."

"Oh dear gods it hurts!" The injured one said, sobbing on the ground as he tried to hold what was left of his knee to his body. His compatriot dropped his weapon, holding his hands up in surrender. "Whatever you want, just don't shoot!"

Good, their compliance would make this much easier then. "Tell me where the nearest Alpha is, and I will let you go free." His words were hampered by the screams of the injured human, but his cohort was smart enough to listen carefully. 

"Look I don't know where they're exactly, all I know is that they-" A howl cut through the air like a knife, and the hunter's skin had turned white. "Its them, they're coming." He began to back away to his home, ignoring his pleading friend to take him to safety as well. To their right, a white wolf, much larger than a normal wolf, stood upon a cliff overlooking the city. Soon, many more would surge over the snowy landscape, ten including the lead member, running hard towards the group.

"Here they come" said the paladin, as he raised his weapon and opened fire.

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Anna feels her internal flame burst forth at the sight of the white wolf on the cliffside, an instinctive urge when faced with danger.  If she wanted, she could use that internal flame and use it to burn the wolves to ash, and had she been younger, she would have done so without a whim or a thought,  burning everything and anything in her path but that was seventy years ago,  that young girl that burned everything in her path was gone.   Anna looked within herself,  ignoring of course,  the other in her mind.  To the materia that she had access to.  Perhaps it is this world's limitations but the materia wasn't nearly as large as it should it.   Using it,  she materializes a greatsword out of the atoms in the air, or at least that's what science would say.   Anna always thought it was just some strange magic,  nothing to do with atoms or all that jazz.

She braces herself for the upcoming attack,  holding her greatsword with both hands.  She could have held it with one hand, but the fact she can hold a greatsword at all is already ..... strange.

How about a gun?  



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Of the ten that speedily tore through the snow towards the group, three of the pack began to slow and break off, instead making their way towards the injured hunter lying prone on his back. As they ran, one of the bullets from the Gray Knight's polybolos rifle struck the frontmost of the three. The wolf howled in pain, fighting through the agony to reach the injured man. With three beasts coming upon him, the man stopped screaming, bracing himself for his imminent end. But as the injured wolf pounced upon the man, baring its fangs, it did not bite down. The creature grabbed its own snout with its right paw, seeming to pull it off. Until what everyone assumed was a wolf, turned out to be a man. Crow set the alpha's pelt aside, silencing the screaming man with a single cold glare. Dragging the man by the legs, he brought him behind a run-down shed for cover. His two comrades pulled their pelts off as well, turning out to be more human survivors.

"Andrew, go give them some cover. Kill the rest of the pack, we won't be needing them anymore." His ally nodded, pulling out his own weapon of choice, a heavily modified auto-crossbow, and unleashing a hailstorm of bolts upon the left flank of the wolves. Crow groaned as he began to realize the severity of the bullet wound in his shoulder. His right arm was completely immobilized. The paladin must've struck a rather important connective tissue with his bullet. He couldn't perform first aid without control of his arm.

"Can you walk?" the ranger asked. The injured hunter shook his head. Crow sighed, "Damn it. Stay here." He handed the hunter a piece of cloth to slow the bleeding down. Turning around the corner of the shed, Crow drew his claymore with his unhampered left hand, stabbing the first beast that plowed past them. The wolf howled in surprise from the unexpected attack, turning to face its new adversary, but was run through the ribcage before it could react further. Crow slid the sword out from between its bloody innards, eyeing the newcomers. Did these people have no bloody respect? The only humans left were scarce enough, and it wasn't as if they had an abundance of medical supplies to deal with the massive amount of injuries and casualties incurred daily. His speculation of the newcomers would've cost him his life, had Catherine not blasted the wolf lunging towards him out of the air. It fell to the ground, claws still extended, expecting to find their place in Crow's skull. He nodded his thanks to the girl, whom he had known for less than a week.

"Keep the pelts off. I don't think these guys are smart enough to differentiate human from obviously not human," he gestured towards the injured hunter and his wounded right shoulder, before raising his claymore with his left to defend himself against the remaining wolves.

(Wolf Kill Count)


3 Wolves: Turned out to be human
1 Wolf: Killed by Crow
1 Wolf: Killed by Catherine
1 Wolf: Shot down by Lordran
4 Remaining



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(By the way, it may take me a while to get used to this format.  I come from a RP of one-liners and descriptions of little detail.  This rp reguires me to write a full on paragraphs.  Also, that last line had me laughing.)

Anna rushes at the one of the wolves,  before sidestepping to the side, and swinging her greatsword through it's leg,  a splatter of blood sprays onto the soul.   She then straightens up and with a scream, cleaves the wolf's head clean off with her greatsword.  She can feel the ache of her all-too-human muscles as well as the urge to shift into a far greater, more powerful form, one not inhabited by the weakness of the flesh.  Alas, when taking this form,  she put just enough strength in her upper body to be able to wield a sword.  Anything greater would mean discovery,  after all a woman able to tear a wolf's head apart with her bare hands is definitely going to get her struck down.

Anna's keen hearing picks up a conversation in one of the huts, and her sense of smell immediately detects that odd metallic smell of blood,  wolf blood.   And three or so humans.  Their scent she was familiar with, for it had been her own scent for several decades.

So I am not the only wayward adventurer in these parts,  interesting.

With that, snarling,  she pounces onto the next wolf.



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Solomon observed the chaos of the battlefield; keen eyes observing all that occurred in front of him. He saw the Paladin's first bullet strike one of the wolves and knew instantly that the injured creature was no creature at all, but a man. The gait was wrong, the howl, though bestial was off, and the face of the beast was strangely stiff and unresponsive. Now that he knew there was one imposter he was able to spot the other two with little difficulty. His lips quirked up in amusement at the sight before him. What fool would dress as a wolf in front of a group of hunters? That was asking to be shot, and indeed one of them had been. 

But those thoughts were quickly put aside as he did a quick recount of the wolves and saw the new arrival cleave through one of the wolves with a sword that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Interesting. He might have to challenge the young woman to a duel after this was all over, but that would have to wait. As the young woman turned on one of the remaining wolves, he moved to intercept the other two. He drew the sword on his left hip and held it out in front of him in a duellists stance and waited.

The first of the pair surged forward and lunged, jaws snapping. Solomon stepped to the side and thrust his blade into the throat of the beast as it flew past to land in a heap on the ground, dead. With an enraged howl, the other wolf charged, but the swords man stepped forward and turned to thrust his blade between the beasts ribs, piercing the heart. The wolf stumbled a few more steps as it passed him before joining its friend in death.

Solomon flicked the blood off his blade, and prepared for whatever came next. He hoped one of the beasts here would be able to give him a more entertaining fight than the first two he encountered. 

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The wolf's snarl was inches from her face but so was her blade,  this wolf knew that none the latter as her blade thrust into it's throat and out again and she watched as the wolf slumped to the floor, dead.   She had only a moment to rejoice in her victory when another wolf was upon her,  snarling it's snarl.  She had smelt it before it even pounced,  but even then, there was a split-second to respond as she heaved her very heavy blade asunder and hoisted into her now signature cleave.  To her shame and relative befuddlement,  it missed,  and the wolf seem to almost grin as it hurled to the ground,  snarling as it made to bite into her throat.  She could smell it's breath,  a mix of rotten carcass and frostbreath.   It made to bite into her throat, only to exprience a pain in it's groin.  It releases her with a whimper and Anna wastes no time in thrusting her sword into it's eye.  Ending it.

She stays there, trumphiant,  giving herself a moment of rest when she feels them.  A pair of eyes watching her.   She turns to see the swordsmen regarding her with steely eyes, before turning toward his quarry.  A quiet sense of unease fills her body .....

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When Dan realized he was being spoken to, he turned to the girl. All of a sudden, a memory of a movie he had watched because it was hyped beyond all reason back home came flooding back.
Nah. That was impossible. She couldn't possibly be.

"No. I'm not."
They met two hunters, and Shmalexander Shmanderson shot one of them in the leg. On instinct, Dan's hand went for his sword. Back in his regiment, if one of his people attacked and wounded a civilian for next to no reason, he would take one of their hands. As cool as this guy was, Dan was starting to wonder...

Then came the howl. Dan had a smirk after that, and drew his sword. His dagger was drawn next, and held backhand. Autolycus bravely scurried up Dan and hid inside his hoodie. Dan didn't blame him. Arctic Quips were not made to fight wolves.

3 came, and Dan was immediately aware. Those were not wolves. He'd seen some wolves before, when he'd happened on an old burned out house. The bastards were EVERYWHERE. One of them even spoke. Those 3, were definitely not wolves. If they were, the rest of the pack would have eaten them alive by now. Their faces were too calm, there was no bloodlust.
And with that, Blalexander Blanderson shot one. Sure enough, it was a dude, not a wolf. This guy.... that gun was becoming a liability. 

Other wolves then came, and Dan's smirk reasserted itself. One lunged at him, and Dan dropped. Using the wolf's momentum and his own speed, he thrust his dagger into its underbelly, and as it moved through the air, it was gutted. The wolf hit the snow, along with several other things belonging to the wolf, where it obviously died.

3 more came to him, surrounding him. They all snarled, trying to intimidate him. They bared their teeth, growling, and a few barked.

Dan feigned interest.

Faster than the wolves could comprehend, Dan was on the one to his left, his dagger hilt deep in the wolf's skull.
By the time the other two realized their kill had just offed one of them with the casual ease of shitting in the snow, Dan was on the one to his right. It had started to move, but Dan simply removed its front legs with his sword, and decapitated it.

Dan turned to the final one, and sidestepped before he could be pinned by it. He then pretended to wave a matador's cape at it.
"Ha-ha, Lobo, Lobo!" Dan used some of the spanish he learned from his boyfriend back home to taunt the wolf. It seemed to have worked, as it lunged for him. As it opened its jaws, Dan ran his sword down its mouth. He swirled the sword around a bit, making sure to pierce everything down there at least twice, and kicked the wolf off his sword, ending the thing faster with decapitation.

"Come on, this is barely interesting. Wheres the Alpha? Or a werewolf? I wanna REAL opponent!"
Seems the Coliseum life was still very much in him after all.

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