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We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

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Anna nods at the kid and races ahead.

You know you can use the flame to distract them right?

Anna ignores the voice in her head,  true,  she could use her flames, but right now,  she just wanted to get away from those blasted wolves and maybe, just maybe, find someplace warm to settle.  This sheering cold was pushing it to the limit, true,  due to her flame inside her,  she hardly felt the cold.  But even so,  even with the heat inside her, she still felt the cold,  and it was biting.   She just wanted to get away as soon as possible.



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The goal was to reach the village, thus hopefully ensuring that everyone who were currently present would survive the canine onslaught. However, things weren't exactly going the way she had thought they were, and today was just appearing to be a challenging one from beginning to end. Not only had they not pinpointed which wolf was the alpha, but there were more than she originally thought. This was going to take some time to adapt to, and she needed all the help she could get.

Thus, the initial reluctance to let Dan go off on his own. While she knew he was capable enough, she didn't like the thought of leaving a comrade behind, no matter how talented they were. The others came first though, and she needed to see to it that they made it to the village alive. "Alright! Everyone, to the village!" She continued onward, keeping to the high ground while keeping watch over the group. The majority of wolves pursuing them would break off and turn their attention to Dan who, after staying behind as a 'temporary distraction', went on the offensive once more.

The small group would inch ever closer to the village, which Magnolia couldn't help but notice was pretty much incognito in the snow. The better to hide.ambush the wolves, she would assume. Still, a small group of wolves trailed them, determined to catch their prey. There would be none of that today, not if Magnolia had anything to say about it.

The group would eventually reach the village, and that was where she would then drop to the ground and prepare to face her enemies. They waited long enough, it was now time to give them the death they had run all this way for. Nothing she couldn't handle alone, a mere four wolves against her...bad idea. They would attempt to surround her in their attempts to utilize the 'numbers game' they believed they had. No dice, she charged them before they could succeed. Before long, she would find her blade covered in wolf's blood, all four of the beasts lives taken by her.

"Alright...now that they've been taken care of...I'm issuing a much-needed roll call. Who here still aspires to rid this town of these wolves?"

She already knew that Lordran was MIA, something she couldn't concern herself with too much at this point. What was important now was making sure she still had enough participants to make this a safer place. And speaking of a safer place, the village should be the place where they could regroup and get some actual planning for their next outing. Hopefully, if her internal thoughts were connecting properly, the could even persuade the villagers themselves to assist them in their endeavor. Should they succeed with their persuasion attempts, then this might actually go according to plan.

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As Dan had hoped, most of the wolves had come after him instead of chasing the others. Whether it was laziness, or the fact that he had butchered so many of the wolves and lycans was unknown, nor did he particularly care.

As they swarmed, he started his butchery again. Wolf after wolf fell with swipe after swipe. After a few minutes, Dan found that he couldn't see the others anymore. Which was perfect.
He ran his dagger into a wolf's head, and raced off in the direction of the village. Looking behind him, the wolves couldn't even begin to keep up. GODS he loved being the fastest boy alive.

When Dan reached the others, he heard:

13 hours ago, Grim Wolf said:

"Alright...now that they've been taken care of...I'm issuing a much-needed roll call. Who here still aspires to rid this town of these wolves?"

He skidded to a stop, sending a tidal wave of snow all over Magnolia. Dan grinned mischievously.
"Me! Me! I do!"
He hopped about with his hand up in the air, just to make sure Magnolia knew he was still in this. He wanted that alpha pelt, dammit. and wolf killing was too fun to pass up.

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Ah.  All these fools.  So eager to rush to their deaths.

"I suggest we rest up.  We took quite a beating back there and if we don't rest up,  we won't get anywhere."

She could feel her wounds healing up even as she speaks. In a couple of hours, perhaps even minutes, she will be as good as new.  But this was more so for her campanions than herself.


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Dan would make his presence known...by burying Magnolia in snow. She would not mind much, but she really would have preferred that it had landed somewhere else besides on top of her. On the plus side, he did still find interest of taking down said wolves, so evet=rything was not all bad. The woman had also given her interest in continuing with the mission, however she had advised that they stay in the town in order to rest before their next outing. This was a smart tactic, since they would need to regroup and replan with so few members now.

"...Alright then. Best we tried to make contact with the villagers. Hopefully they'll be amicable and have an area for us to rest. Oh, and Dan? Next time...please watch where you throw your snow. Someone could get hurt."

After she meticulously dusted the snow from the outside and inside of her clothing, she would lead them into the heart of the small village. It appeared as if their were people there, as the homes seemed to be occupied...but no one was around. No guides, no men or women outside tending to their daily activities...just...


"Hmm, something's not right here."[/color=blue] A thought aloud, but she was also planting the seeds of concern within her teammates' minds. This was not how a village should be, devoid of any activity. Perhaps if they did a bit of investigating, they would find some clues as to what was going on around here. "I think it would be best if we did a little inspecting around the area, get a feel for the village."

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Dan had buried Magnolia in snow. Worse yet, he wasn't a bit sorry about it either. He was really hyper at this point, and it was WAY too funny.
Then she suggested exploring the area. He wasn't sure why she wanted to, that seemed like it wouldn't help with wolf killing very much, but whatever.

"Explore the village, got it, gotcha!"

Dan took off running, kicking up another wave of snow directly at Magnolia. He peeked into various windows and entered public buildings. Unfortunately, ice had frozen on the other side of the windows, and so he couldn't see much into the houses. He did see what he was pretty sure were fires burning, however. The public areas were open, but had no one manning anything, and seemed deserted. Weird.

Dan ran back to the others to tell them of what he saw. Unfortunately, the weirdness and mystery just added to his hyperactivity, and thus he was talking extremely quickly.



Translation: "Greetings, comrades. I endeavored to follow your advice, and began my exploration and analysis with this small immediate area. Unfortunately, due to condensation and the low temperature, the private abodes all had their windows frozen over. Barring forcing my entry, I was unable to get a good perspective on the situation inside. There were signs of life, as in what I presume to be fires in what I assume to be fireplaces, however. All areas open to the public that I came across are all fully operational, however no one is present. Such as, the general store is fully stocked, but empty. the restaurant is unmanned, and no one is inside sampling the cuisine of this area. This is indeed most unusual. What do you chaps believe is going on, hmm?"


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