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hosa%20chair2.png?m=151552212145e28e1958851a823c998cf064d05c1b.png?m=1515522647espite Novi-cide's diffident ways their calculated chronology of operations reflected in the past, considered in the present, and wholly significant for the future meant that working together was essential. The process of distributing the assignments fairly among the company's elite was a serendipitous one. Once Omni-cide came to understand their strengths that simultaneously overlapped their preexisting weaknesses it was simply a matter of execution. Accessing limitless clouds of information gunmetal eyes queued access to caches of what would otherwise be forbidden knowledge, using his access governed by Ilos to break any shackles meant to keep prodding eyes at bay. For hours this had continued, spreadsheets, coding menu's of various languages, real-time plug-ins meant to covertly monitor and protect Babel Corporation, and a question that lingered at the back of his mind. Their field experience was unrivaled, any who bore the name PHOBIA strove to match their excellence, but this was their first time operating in Alterion since the disappearance of Exus Prime and their mysterious relocation. Since then, Novicide, one of the youngest but most respected of -Cide, had changed. 


The hue of her psychomatic as per the persona analysis generator hadn't changed. A test they were required to conduct annually, a test that changed as per rank and demand. 

It was before their critical meeting that he then came to realize something important. 

“Why?” Rize stared in contempt. 


Some days had past. 

The truth is that everyone in Babel Corporation moved to their own beat: as long as they each accomplished their objectives at the proper subsequent times then coordination was never an issue. The subtle mental connection between each of them via ULTIMA Cells made sure they were aware of each other's actions; and for those who bothered, antiquated logs of their movements and actions were documented and stored in the nexus of Ilos' limitless information cloud. This meant without notice, that Rize had already departed and made for Cosanastre before Novi-cide was approached just after their meeting. 

In his mind there were questions, questions he intended to unravel as they completed their objectives, but Babel was the worst place to ask her. Not only did he calculate that he wouldn't receive an answer where the limitless eyes hidden behind every wall documented their every move (outside of their own private residences), but their particular purpose one of the hardest of all those assigned individually. 

Residing in Lessertown (particularly an inn called the Rusty Nail) meant Rize had to step out of character. Already for the three days he had scoped Sector Eight he'd come to realize that they were facing a worrisome quandary. If their infiltration was to be half as smooth as Rize had predicted, he had to avoid the local gangs and slum lords until they were gathered and made for the more important Sectors beyond. 

So far that had proved to be a chore. Already he'd killed fourty-eight, and of the twelve bodies that remained on the streets only two weren't dismembered and strewn all over the place. Some would surmise that a beast was the only explanation, but no one cared enough to actually investigate the matter. Lessertown was a world where the weak died and the strong ruled the sweaty backstreets of rusted iron and blood-covered stone. 

Somewhere along the outskirts he found himself relaxing on the very same chair he usually sat in back in his own laboratory. He had Jakov to thank for that. After traveling with him to Cosanastre he had disappeared to await on standby until it was time to act: and suffice to say he was likely engaging his intellect in one of the many famous libraries in Alterion

Dusk approached. Rize peered out of the boxed metal window, small but enough to see the sky somewhere above. 

“This inn sucks. I might have to leave them a gift on the way out...” Omni-cide grimaced, his nefarious grin an odd response to his distaste of the run down establishment. 

A tingling tickled the back of his neck, behind his skin, somewhere near his cerebral cortex. 

“She's close...” 

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“I need transport to Lessertown.”

The typing man’s fingers paused, annoyed, green eyes pulling away from his screen to address the woman leaning on his desk. He raised an eyebrow at the demand, snorted, before his eyes returning back to the work in front of him.

”I didn’t give you clearance to leave.”

”I don’t give a shit, give me transportant or I will take it. “

The man paused a second time, it was rare that she wasn’t respectful to him. Despite the woman’s power, she knew the balancing act needed to keep all parties pleased and safe. However, things hand changed. Neither thought she would survive the process to becoming one of the seven— yet here she was. Primal alloy in her mouth and on her hands, and the cells that connect them deep within her system.

He wasn’t the only one who held power now.

”Again, I did not authorize you leaving. Do I need to remind you about your situation?”

The question was met with a growl, before the right hand that had been resting on her desk raised to slam down onto it. There was a heavy, angry crack under the force and soon the loud scratching of metal on wood follow. “I would fucking love for you to remind me— perhaps loud enough for your secretary outside to hear, hm? I’m sure she would love to hear how you— “ “That is enough, Novicide. “ There was another growl, and it was obvious the normally very controlled woman was over it. A silence stretched between the two of them, her so desperately wanting to throw his computer out of the wall of windows behind him— and then him right after. 

Or even better, she could tear the flesh off his bones herself. She was called the Machine Killer, but there were plenty floating rumors of her taste for blood and flesh as well. After a few minutes and her slowly rising agitation he stopped typing once more, sending off the email he was preparing. 

“Transportation.. to Lessertown. You’re going to stand ou— “ “..I stand out no matter where I go. I am going, it’s a matter of, if you provide staff that can handle me, or I have my assistant take me myself. “ He thought a moment longer, his head tilting at the woman before he spoke. “ Transportation will be provided, but you will not get visitation this month — “ “THE FUCK I WON’T. “ 

The sharp, angry shout of the woman caused the sweet blonde outside the man’s office to jump a little. Novicide never raised her voice at him, she didn’t know the woman had it in her. She was always so.. polite. Concerned doe eyes turned towards the door at her back.. 

Perhaps she should call security.


This young man deserved a raise, that was one thing she was sure about right now. And with her assistant in the driver’s seat, she could discuss business on the way to her location.  “.. You know I said no more green— “ “But it looks so slick with the green and purple, people will love it. We want it marketable, remember?” “It’s hideous, the colors are too bright and will stand out too much. What if we want to do stealth— “ “Stealth and scout units will be done in black on black, or a whole palette of earth tone colors. “ She nodded approvingly at the quick response, even if he cut her off.

”The bright colors will appeal to the general public, especially the young rich kids of the members on the board. We could even do a couple of special edition runs to bring in more profits, perhaps even make them collectible. “ “..It’s an exosuit, why would they be collectible? “ “For the same reason that people own fifty cars and weapons they can’t use. Simply gives them another reason to brag, ma’am. “ Her head shook at the idea. “Your people are strange. “

The young man laughed at the idea, and the idle chat continued to their guided destination. When they finally pulled up to the run down  inn, he raised an eyebrow before turning to look back at her. “ You sure about this? This is a pretty shitty part of town— pardon my language. “ She nodded in confirmation. “ Get the trunk. If I need return transportation I will call you. Oh, and if anyone asks you about this you tell them — “ “That we were going out to dinner and you tried something that didn’t agree with you. You ended up staying with me for the length of time, and that’s why you were missing. “

She smiled softly at the young man, nodding in approval of his words. “Are you sure you aren’t interested in Phobia..?” She asked teasingly to him, the young man shaking his head as he pulled the lever to pop the trunk of the car. “No thank you ma’am, what I have is more than enough. Stay safe. “ She nodded and finally stepped out of the car and around to the back. From it, she pulled a pair of larger cases. Weapons? Probably. The trunk slammed loudly and she stepped away from the vehicle. She entered the rundown building, ignoring the staff that attempted to offer her a room.

Stay here? It was worse than where she lived now, she would have to pass on that. Her pull to Omnicide here was strong, and only grew stronger the closer she drew to the room. She didn’t knock when she entered, knocking the door open with her foot as she stepped in. While the cases were not heavy, they were cumbersome. She did not come dressed to kill, her clothing purposely bland. The only constant being that heavy, metal collar that hung at her neck. The door was knocked shut with her boot once more and the cases set down. Carefully, her pair of right arms reached to steady the first case and then moving to the second case to help steady the heavier object.

She wasn’t sure if these floors could actually handle the weight of them tipping.

”I see you’ve made yourself at home. Quite an.. interesting choice, Omnicide. I assume you have something to bring me up to speed?” The woman wasted no time, from setting down her equipment to stepping further into the room to take a look around. He had been here a few days, poor thing. But had he made any progress? That was the real question. 

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Rize would not have been wrong to assume that Radonic had gone to savor on of the best libraries in Alterion, at least not if he had guessed three days ago. Indeed he had spent the first two days parked in a comfortable chair in the Alterion National Library, reading a steady stream of books brought to him by Hehu. The masked child had drawn no shortage of attention to itself, but Radonic had judged that it would stand out the least of the proxies. Besides, he himself was not exactly inconspicuous. He had taken the trouble of dressing more formally than usual, a slate gray dress shirt with black pants and dress shoes to be more in line with the usual attire of Sector 0, but it had done little to draw attention away from the obvious cybernetics on his body. That, he supposed, was one of the perils of having a gas mask grafted to your face.

But three days in, and he had grown weary of the whispers and sidelong glances of the other guests, and had decided to check something out and go elsewhere. Now he sat at a lovely outdoor cafe sipping coffee through a straw as he read a text on exotic forms of alchemy. True, he was still gawked at by passersby but at least here he would be allowed to indulge his love of coffee. Perhaps he would put on a little performance, and show the other patrons how this form processed more solid foodstuffs. 

Of course, this thought was just an expression of the restless energy he was feeling. When Rize had told him they were going to Cosanastre, he had not asked questions; as his partner had obviously not in the mood to answer them. Three days latter and he'd not spoken to the Cide since then. It was no surprise then when he nearly jumped out of his seat when he got the message to meet at the Rusty Nail in Lessertown. He sighed; and here he had gone to such effort to dress nicely. 

Leaving money for his drink on the table, Radonic began to make his way toward the rail station; sending a signal to the rest of the Hexatheon to do the same. 

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9e75570e4a6bad44baec1b2dbaa31bef.png?m=1515778088nce upon a time Rize wrapped his pale fingers around a child's neck and gradually intensified the pressure until it snapped

Wait. That was yesterday

“I see you've made yourself at home. Quite an...interesting choice, Omnicide. I assume you have something to bring me up to speed?” 

The mastermind of Cide VII was always a step ahead of their objective and the will of Babel Corporation's primogenitor, Ilos. However the past few days had provided a distraction that he couldn't pull himself from. After receiving his psychomatic evaluation through cymatic scan the doctors came to realize that while the hue of his stress levels was low, his penchant for death and his belligerent disposition would eventually cause some trouble for the organization. Not that they had say. Pathetic, all of them. They were nothing more than scum who deserved to have their warm throats ripped out—

Rize rubbed his right temple gingerly. Somehow his mind always followed a complicated train of thought. Her words had brought him to think of the doctors and what they'd warned him of before he set out to Cosanastre to fulfill the first of his many obligations. 

“The route to Sector 0 has already been secured. All of the fake identification and uploaded biometrics are already complete as well. There's a possible deviation from our original assignment though...” Rize announced, his eyes still staring out the dank window as she slammed her suit cases into the dilapidated wood beneath them. “One of SANCTUM's own is actually here in the city. Worst case scenario is that we run into one of them...if so, we need to make sure we've extracted the information and made contact with The Crystal before then.

You didn't answer her question something rang through his cyberscape. Whether or not it was Radonic actually communicating via their wireless ULTIMA Cells communication or it was his mind imagining the PHOBIA around as he usually were, spitting his usually retorts, Omnicide sighed. 

“...all I did was kill people for the past three days. You going to complain about it like the doctors do?

Novicide (or Nova) wasn't exactly familiar to him, but overtime he knew they'd eventually find some form of synergy. There was still a question on the fringe of his mind he wanted to ask, but he knew the time would come sooner than later and dared not to rush it. 


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“So, you're telling me that instead of gathering further information about the situation, or perhaps.. somehow making our jobs easier. You spent three days killing people and drawing attention to yourself?”

The judgement wasn't in her tone of voice, but the words used. Her tone was calm and steady as she spoke, but she was frank with her words. She couldn't say she was surprised, the man was terribly unstable. Why he was allowed in charge she still couldn't grasp. Her head shook at him as her attention turned to the smaller case of the two, this one resembling more of an actual suitcase than the other. “While I don't really care what you do with your free time, Rize, I would appreciate it if you could use it constructively-- especially if you are going to do it where we are suppose to be operating quietly.”

Again, a steady and calm voice as the suitcase was unzipped. She had arrived in drab, purposely plain clothing to draw less attention to herself. Now, she wasn't entirely sure if that actually mattered. “How many people was it, Rize? Has security increased?” She asked as she carefully shifted the suitcase to lay on its back. The attire she brought, while not her favorite, would have to do for now. This was suppose to be data gathering, not slaughter time in the slums. However, he was in charge, and as insane as he was she had no choice in the matter. So instead of making complaints, she shifted herself to sit down so she could untie the laces to her shoes and remove them.

“I'm also confused as to why you are concerned, or care about my opinion on your mental health. Or perhaps your body count-- is that what the doctors complain about?” She knew little about the other members of Cide aside from their personal records. Many came with reputations and rumor mills, just as she had, but she often paid little attention to it all. If they did their job, and did not get in her way that's all that matters. Shoes kicked off, her toes wiggled within the confines of her socks. While she saw the appeal of foot protection, even after all these years it still felt strange to her. Her nose wrinkled only for a moment before she began digging through the protection her assistant assembled for her.

“Mnn, before I forget, while I was unsure what would you prefer, I did bring a few extra weapons along with my own. You're welcome to look at them as well as test them out-- just don't point them at me. If you like them, or have input I would appreciate it. Also.. it is just the two of us correct? I can make this quick if that is the case. “ Nothing in the suitcase was truly complete to her taste, but, it would have to do. She missed her exosuit, but it was very loud and heavy and would not lend well to what they had planned.

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One could easily tell when they had arrived in Lessertown from any other location in Cosanastre. One only needed to look for the gleaming steel and glass skyscrapers of the latter to turn into the dilapidated stone, wood, and sheet metal of the former. Decades of neglect from the corporations that ruled the nation had left the sector a desolate ghetto, run by whatever criminals were strong enough to cling to power. It was a place that very few would ever come to willingly, and that was why the meeting was taking place there. Nobody would ever suspect that someone would dwell here of their own accord.

As he stepped onto the street from the rail station, Radonic could feel the eyes of a hundred destitute citizens lock on to him. Many were simply curious, and others merely saw an opportunity to make some quick coin selling some counterfeit goods to a presumably clueless sightseer. Those people were of little concern or interest to him. It was the people who looked at him with greed in their eyes and malice in their hearts; waiting for him to let down his guard long enough to take all he had, that he concerned himself with. He quickly decided on a course of action. If by some miracle he managed to make it to his destination unmolested, then he would not need to do anything. But if he were accosted, he would make an example of his assailants.

To his surprise, he was just close enough to the inn to think that he might make it when four men filed out of an alley to his right to stand in front of him. All of them held some kind of melee weapon, a pipe or club or blade. The leader, a muscular young man in a red cap stepped forward and pointed his crowbar straight at him.

"Money, cards, and jewlery, now."

Radonic slowly raised his right hand into the air and put his thumb and middle finger together, "No."

At the snap of his fingers to leaders head was twist around one hundred eighty degrees to face the horrified expressions of his comrades. The dying mans mouth worked a few times before he slumped to the side. Radonic lazily moved his finger to point at the next closest and snapped his fingers again. This time the targeted mans chest erupted in a shower of gore. Radonic glanced at the dead mans comrades.

"Are more examples needed?"

The remaining muggers cleared out of his path, and the rest of the way to the Inn was uneventful. He knocked on the door of the room and walked in, nodding to Rize before speaking.

"It appears I am the last to arrive. Apologies."


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45e28e1958851a823c998cf064d05c1b.png?m=1515522647id there exist a reason beyond natural impulse and arrogance for Rize to have spent days mutilating pedestrians around Sector Eight? Probably not. Then again, Omnicide couldn't tell the reason for sure. Many a time he did things essential to their objective and conducted himself with unreal composure. Other times, often situational, though impossible to predict, he became a dreadful storm of death that engulfed cities at a time and became the downfall of many civilizations he'd made contact with: even prior to joining The Babel Corporation. Listening to her question the validity of his actions, he sneered at her judgmental words. All the information they desired, they had attained it, anything they needed to know was provided by Genticide and confirmed by Suicide and Tacicide's respective teams (whether they operated alone or not, Rize cared not), so there wasn't really anything left to do but indulge himself and wait for Novicide, one of the most strange of the Cide (but somehow closest to sanity) of Cide VII

However, the question of heightened security was a reasonable one. 

“Impossible...I think?Rize began ascertain but his voice became doubtful. While the primary police force of Cosanastre may have been the furthest thing from responsive to the pleas of the poor, the timing of Sanctum's finest was too punctual. 

“Doesn't matter, there's no security we can't bypass. Otherwise Ilos wouldn't have allowed us to breach the heart of these insects territory...” Omnicide hunched his shoulders, seeming to shrug off the difficulty of what they would soon be attempting. It was quite clear that they were professionals, and if anyone embodied equanimity in the heart of heightened adversity, it was Omnicide. No task too difficult, no titan too large, no sky too grand, there was absolutely nothing he felt that he couldn't accomplish if given the order. 

“I'm also confused as to why you are concerned, or care about my opinion on your mental health. Or perhaps your body count-- is that what the doctors complain about?”


While she was wrong, she was also right. What exactly that entailed was a mystery to all but Radonic, someone who's relationship to himself was far more complicated than boss and employee. 

Tilting his head back his eyes looked down from above into the suitcase she unzipped, listening to her speak with little input. Then, as Novicide spoke, the casually resting Omnicide rose and approached the suitcase, standing shoulder to shoulder with Novicide. Only a foot of space seperated the two. 

“These are...are these from Babel?

His left hand's pale digits wrapped themselves slowly around the three-barrel shotgun near the center, cold to his light touch, but smooth and seated perfectly in the palm of his hand. While assuredly a two-handed weapon, he whipped it from the suitcase upward in a blurred motion and in the very next instant it was parallel to Novicide's back, pointing at the door that would open not a moment later. 

“Shit, when did you get here? I knew I felt something... Omnicide groaned in disbelief. Novicide had actually managed to throw his focus off with what little interaction they had, which was...telling. Per usual Rize didn't ordinarily associate with other members of Cide VII or those that he didn't have direct control over, conversationally, and organizationally. Obviously, however, their relationship would be a little different. That was enough to actually scare him, but it was hard to tell exactly what he felt when realizing it all in the very instant Radonic arrived. 

“Yeah, we're leaving soon, didn't expect to see you here though. I guess you can help keep me in-check eh?” Omnicide chuckled, lowering the triple-barreled shotgun down to his side. 

“You are to follow Novicide's orders as if they're my own as well, got it?” he announced to Radonic, avoiding eye-contact and choosing to look towards the window back near where he had been sitting instead. Goddamnit this inn was absolute fucking garbage, probably the worst place to relinquish some amount of control over one of his most prized underlings. 

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The face Omnicide made was expected, he is young. Or at least, he appears that way. Perhaps not much older than the man that dropped her off? Maybe older by a few years, and from what interactions she has had with him, certainly not as mature.

‘Dae would like to tease this one.’

The observation brought a slight smile to herself, her eyes following the man around as he questioned the possibility of the security increase. Her people defend all they consider their own, but she has learned that it is not the same for many of these people. While his lack of concern of the security did bother her, the annoyance wasn’t voice and she brushed the issue away.

She continued to watch as she went about her own business, nodding idly at the Babel question.

“Babel has given me the space and the funding to continue what I was doing at home—in addition of a team to collaborate with. I must say, the weapons your people use are complicated, but very interesting. We shall see if Babel will regret their choice to let me learn about them in the years to come. “ The threat was there, but for now it was an idle one. There had been rumors roaming about the few floors she traveled between that she held disdain for the company—some say even having screaming matches with some of her direct superiors. Were they true? For now, it seemed partially so.

With the addition of a third, her eyebrow raised. Omnicide’s reaction was.. interesting, and she made sure to take note of it.

Perhaps he wouldn’t like Dae.

She returned the task at hand when Omnicide began speaking to his subordinate. While she could hear him, she had no input on the matter—at least not right now. Instead she was focused on the body suit she finally recovered from her suitcase. A loud, deep near purr rumbled in chest when she set her eyes upon it. It was one of her favorites, light, but protective and one she could wear under her Exosuit if she needed to, all black with no external markings it was perfect for this time of day as well.

She needed to keep a hold of her assistant, he was certainly worth whatever it was she argued for him to have.

With her prized clothing item found, pants were shed and soon her top. She made no attempt to hide herself, or even acknowledge the fact that she was undressing in the middle of the room. She had spent enough time in labs—and among her own people to feel comfortable with her own body. And from what she had seen of other women in the company she did not posses anything that they did not.

Besides the extra arms.

“While I am unsure how much you have read of my file, for your assistant’s sake I will offer the warning I give before I work with anyone. I can get.. excitable in combat. I have some tranqulizer patches which I suggest you take and apply should I become unmanageable – “

She paused, wiggling ever so slightly as she shifted to pull the suit to slide her arms into the sleeves and over her shoulders.

“Just put them on open flesh and all will be well with the world. As much as I would love to tell you to put me down, my dearest Dae would be alone in this place and very likely to take my place. Which I cannot have. “ As she spoke, she slid the zipper up from her belly button to her neck, idly shifting around in place to make any adjustments. The suit looked as though it was made of maybe wet suit material? Slightly shiny, and likely doesn’t breathe. With the black material, the armoring in between the fabric was difficult to spot, but sometimes the light would catch it. It covered the vitals, and appeared to be broken up to help aide with movement.

“Any questions?” Silver eyes moved to the new comer, the question obviously for him. The eye contact was brief, her eyes tipping down so she could put her boots back on her feet and move to the weapons case.

“You are also welcome to take part in what has been brought, I simply ask that you do not lose them.”

She motioned towards the case before reaching for her own, signature pair of axes. She hummed approvingly at the weight in her hand.

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Radonic didn't flinch when he opened the door to find his boss pointing a frighteningly large weapon directly at at him. Part of this was because he was sure that the other man wouldn't fire, and the other part was because he was reasonably sure that this form could take the damage. Even if it couldn't, there were still six other proxies available to carry out the mission; so there was really nothing to worry about. The only negative consequence he could see to the firing of the weapon was the potential of bringing unwanted attention down on themselves, but he judged that possibility to be remote. Gunshots and other sounds of violence were commonplace enough in Sector 0 that it was unlikely anyone would focus on one over all the others.

"Apologies. I should have called ahead."

“Yeah, we're leaving soon, didn't expect to see you here though. I guess you can help keep me in-check eh?”

Radonic sighed, "I would never conspire to control you Rize. Only perhaps to help direct your energies toward Babel's goals."

“You are to follow Novicide's orders as if they're my own as well, got it?” 

"I am aware of operational protocol," he replied, a faint note of amusement in his voice, "There's a good chance I know them better than you."

Anyone else taking such a causal tone with Omnicide outside of the Cide 7 would find themselves harshly rebuked at best, and swiftly killed at worst; but Radonic was not just anyone. The pairs relationship was a strange mix of superior and subordinate, friend and confidant, and a dozen other things not as easily defined. Perhaps it was most accurate to say that the two understood each other to some extent; and that understanding allowed them some sense of comfort in each others company. 

The conversation seemed to lapse as Novicide changed into her preferred attire; seemingly not caring about the mixed company in which she did so. The main proxy raised an eyebrow at the display; the sight of an attractive woman out of her clothes not an unpleasant prospect for him. As she changed the Cide mentioned something about the possibility that she might need to be sedated should she get too excited during battle. He filed the information away for future use as the Cide addressed him.

“You are also welcome to take part in what has been brought, I simply ask that you do not lose them.”

Radonic nodded, "I have everything I need, thank you. I await your command."

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