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The witch seems to have forgotten. She's forgotten how to think, how to breathe, how to feel. So instead she stands and stares. As her mind slowly descends back into her body, a soft gasp escapes her. A small, pale hand travels to her face, resting on her still wet lips.

Myriana's thoughts slam into her all at once, causing her eyes to flutter shut as she tried to make sense of the chaos in her head. Above all the noise, one word stood out, so loud she could've sworn it was whispered by the wind. 

"Vansin." The word slipped through straight white teeth and parted lips. 

The wind tore violently into the shuttering cabin, doors and windows flying open as if to make way for the god. Her hair was blown astray, whipping into her eyes. Nonetheless, she remained still, staring at him with an expression of wonder. 

At that moment, it all made sense. The power of the god settled, melting into her own. As a wicked grin stole across her features, Myriana knew she was now a force to be reckoned with. 

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The god watched her, wide-eyed with anticipation. When she whispered his name he felt her. He could feel her life and sense her mind. The word opened her soul to him, flooding him with her experiences. He could smell as she smelled, taste as she tasted, saw as she saw. He smiled. The pact was sealed. Now it was time to unleash his new creation into the world. 

"Well done." he said paternally. He was her protector. She was his

"Now, you are needed elsewhere. This frozen town is the responsibility of another of my daughters." He seemed so proud. The warm feeling of his favor might have even lightened Myriana's dark heart. It was a real, physical thing, or maybe it wasn't. It was never easy to tell. It felt warm on her skin, yet the warmth came from inside of her, from the place where she was now irrevocably joined to him. At the edge of her thoughts, she could feel his pleasure. He was proud, she knew.

"Leave this place at once. First north, then west for many miles. Cross the sea and seek Terrenus. There, northwest of Blairville, you will find a new church. It is mine, as this town is mine." he said, gesturing at Valjer, where they stood, "You will know it when you look upon its leader and see my eyes." he said, enunciating the last. Was she paying attention? Would she follow his words? He would be watching. 

Before her, he began to disperse. His body began to fray at the edges, as though a leaf that was being burned away by fire. The last thing she saw was his smile, the last things she heard were his words: 

"I am in his heart, this leader, yet he does not know me. Protect him. Teach him. You will see me again..." he said, before vanishing. 

And then she was alone, and the warmth was gone. 

But the power remained. 

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