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Duke Evaristus Sicamedes.

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____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s :

Birth Name: Evaristus Galgardi Sicamedes
Used Name: Evaristus Galgardi Sicamedes
Alias(es): "Evermore", "The Sword Saint", "Duke of Sicamedes".
Age: Twenty-eight.
Visible age: Twenty-one. 
Date of Birth: Cycle of Lucetius. 
Lineage: Human. 
Class: Soulseeker of Greater Authority.
-- Sub Class: Duke of Sunset Way. 
Occupation: Soulseeker. Duke. 
Alignment: Lawful Neutral. 
Marital Status: Unmarried. 
Birthplace: Kadia, Mo Chroi. 

____x____x : v i t a l s :

Height: Six feet nine inches [6'9"]
Weight: Two-hundred and twenty-eight pounds [228 lbs.]
Hair Color: Solar. 
Hair: Everflowing, river of gold. 
Eye Color: Celeste. 
Handed: Dominant left. Emphasizes ambidextrous acuity.
Skin Tone: Sunkissed. 
Skin Condition: Smooth. 
Physical Condition: Mesomorphic.
Voice: Bass. 
Arm Length: Six feet four inches [6'4"] extended wingspan

____x____x : s t a t u s :

Strength: Metahuman.
Power Classification(s): Below Heaven but beyond Earth. 
Blood Type: A+,
Primary Residence: Caelorum, Kadia. 
Primary Discipline(s): Corvinite Divination.
-- Sub-discipline(s): Uncanny Swordsmanship. 
Innate Abilities: Multifarious. 
Special Abilities: Will of Corvinus.
Weapon: N/A.

____x____x : p e r s o n a :

A Duke of undying loyalty to both Corvinus the God-King and his children. From the moment he was born under the sun he internalized the harsh dramatics of the bold world around him and grew to be a resolute sword for Corvinus to swing. There is little that can stir him as he's focused his lifelong purpose to being one of the dedicated pillars of the Soulseeker society. A relatively simple man, outside of the slaughter of those whose blood condemns themselves, he prefers to enjoy his days refining his personal aptitude and knowledge. They say his perceptive eye is so ethereal that he catches glimpses of the future of his king in his very sleep. Unable to share with anyone as per the house's ancient laws he remains confident in his king's solidarity with him and his kingdom beneath.

____x____x : f e a t u r e s :

A. Body Art: Brand of Jupiter upon his right usually gloved hand. 

B. Scar Tissue: None.

____x____x : b r e a k d o w n :


Sicamedes School [invincible sword style] is a legendary school of the sword said to originate from a nameless Sword Sage of Rosinder that desired a medium of which to transfer the power, skill, and experiences from themselves to a successor upon the eve of retirement. Generations would pass where the heirloom of the Sicamedes School origin was passed down alongside the priceless virtues of past lives actuated within the blade and it’s imperceptible edge. As decades and decades passed where the swordsman’s life span dwindled, the Sicamedes devotion became a myth of which only few were aware of and even fewer saw for themselves. Hundreds of years to past, and Evaristus Sicamedes, bearing the brand of Dioscleti and Sicamedes, has appeared once more with the forlorn secrets of his bladed ancestors. While his blood is that of Dioscleti, it’s his love for the art of war and the blade itself that has made him the face of his bloodline and the Sicamedes household itself.

The Eight Hearts Truth [forms of the heart sword style] exists as an extension of modern swordplay and ancient Sicamedes School teachings. 

  1. Volvere Pluvia [rolling rain] uses the focus of control within the hand and insurmountable concentration of anima to vibrate the edge, causing strikes to multiply in not only quality but quantity. Depending on the user's skill level it is possible to land three slashes with a single strike or a thousand slashes depending on the frequency of the vibration. This is a preparation dependent ability. 
  2. Ultimus Exgiuus [last minute] uses the focus of control over the inner anatomy and channels anima into the nervous system, allowing the user to send any of the limbs into berserk that would harm friend, foe, or self alike. Usually a desperado ability prepared long in advance in the event of being cornered. The skill relies on the control of the berserk arm to create blade strikes of unrealistic speeds making the blade seem as if it never left its resting place or simply an invisible edge. One of the stronger abilities that Evaristus has developed. 
  3. tbc.
  4. tbc.
  5. tbc.
  6. tbc.

-- All the basic Soulseeker abilities learned through the cosmic school.

-- Theós Othóni [step of god] with a greater connection to the Greater Authority, the Paragon Saint is capable of rapid movement across a span of distances once observed by humanity. Walking by faith in Corvinus’ will, entire landscapes and hundreds of meters worth of distance can be transversed; and the only waking indication of their movement is the ethereal light of complex hues that appears when the ability is engaged, and the shimmering light in the location of their arrival. Utility and ability of the technique’s usage is dependent on practice and faith. This ability is not a staple of the Paragon Saint, only Deiter and Evaristus have displayed usage of said technique.

-- ???
____x____x : a r m o r y :

-- Headwear: Crown of Sicamedes [model above is Evaristus' uncle, Dioscletian]
-- Upperbody: Colorless form-fitting white high-collared tunic resembling that of the Corvinite cassocks with a black cape covering his right side. Upon his left breast he bears the crest of the Sicamedes household.
-- Armaments: On his left hand he wears the Ring of the Venator Maleficarum on his index and on his middle finger a plain silver ring with the initials JA within.
-- Lowerbody: Plain white form fitting slacks hidden from view by his buttoned tunic and respective belt that sits overtop.
-- Feet: Iron boots that would make the ordinary man’s feet swell.

Armor. IMPERATOR-series prototype Casanova System  
-- Headwear: Ceramic plated helmet equipped with photovisors, a microbeaded communications radio, and a surveyor sensor suite functioning as a detector of motion, invisible gasses, and any form of energy emissions across the broad spectrum of electromagnetics. These devices are controlled by the biomechanical chip and HUD uplink implanted in the neck, connecting the suit’s machinations to the mind.
-- Upperbody: Thick ceramic protective plated cuirass, gauntlets, pauldrons, and faulds - merged with a complex system of muscular fibres filtered through nanotubes capable of augmenting the wearer’s strength and speed to that of the most inhumane foes.
-- Armaments: Minature cold-fusion battery located in the back, covered by thick ceramic plating.
-- Lowerbody: Thick ceramic plated cuisses.
-- Feet: Thick ceramic plated greaves, and sabatons.

____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s Various memorabilia, trinkets, etc.

____x____x : a c q u a i n t a n c e s:

Remmington: The source of his renewed vigor, the moon to his stars, his eternal lover. Their relationship spans the cosmos, and even time. 

Corvinus Melisende: As the divine emperor of the Corvinite Imperium and the representation of mankind as the only true race of the world, Evaristus would follow his king to the ends of the earth. Their relationship is one built on trust, loyalty, and flawless execution. Whatever it is that Corvinus desires, Evaristus is willing to make a reality.

Asher Melisende: While a man in his own right, and quite the large one, Evaristus still views his relationship to him as that of a distant caretaker. In the past Evaristus has provided him with means to fortify his swordsmanship skills.

____x____x : c r e d i t s :

Sheet by Dan & Andrew.

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