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Gabriel Cantor.

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"My boy, the day you were born, the very forests of Atitlan whispered the name: Gabriel. "

Bartolome, M. Rafael




Name: Gabriel Emiliano Cantor.
Alias: --.
Title(s): the Dark Horse, Immortal Son, Left Hand of Sauriel.

Race: Vampyre (Pureblood)1.

Age: 312.
Sex: Male.
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 256 lbs.
Hair: Raven; long, conditioned.
Eyes: Sapphire.

Armor: --

Curved Greatsword
"Limning an elegant arc that is quite different from the straight blades cherished by so many others, it speaks of the vast expanses of time it's owner has traveled."
— Tome of Blood

Homo Nocturnus, the Orisian Vampyre

Unlike traditional vampires found in lore around the world, the Orisian vampyre – formerly the Atitlan vampyre – are unique in the fact that they are living, breathing creatures. Though they still possess many similarities with generic vampires (a deathly allergy to sunlight; fangs; the need for blood; and the ability to compel/charm weaker-minded species, to name a few), this particular attribute offers them a reasonably advantageous edge over their distant cousins: procreation, albeit with great difficulty. The lack of their undeath also makes them immune to a wide variety of staples that, as written in most texts, ail the typical vampire. This includes, but is not limited to: crosses, holy water, hallow grounds, silver, wooden stakes, and garlic.

On the contrary, the vampyre’s living status likewise makes them susceptible to a long list of possibilities that would otherwise not hinder their distant kin. For all their strengths and advantages, it is well known that the Orisian vampyre is particularly easy to kill (as far as killing the supernatural is concerned, to say the least). A great many of the Orisian vampyres have perished over the years—some in combat, succumbing to grievous wounds (piercing of the heart, loss of blood, decapitation, etc.), others from accidental deaths (blunt trauma from falls, drowning, burning, etc.), and then others from more natural causes (disease, poison, starvation, etc.).

In their favor, vampyres typically demonstrate superhuman characteristics, the effect of which is only highlighted by their age and the purity of their blood. They are seen as impossibly beautiful to the masses, ethereal and perfect. As a pure blood of his own age, Gabriel himself has a startling level of physical prowess that translates to his power, awareness, and in short-bursts, agility and speed. Gabriel can evade high-velocity projectiles with focus, and can even catch them when necessary. With titanic strength he's able to bend steel with his bare hands and crush stones underneath his smooth hand.

While not a particularly well-known fact, Orisian vampyres also lose their reflection with age. What begins as a perfect mirror of one’s self slowly begins to blur and mist, until at last it is gone completely. Though it is an incredibly slow process—at the current age of 312, Gabriel’s reflection has yet to change—it is nevertheless impossible to avoid, and considered by many vampyric scholars and historians as further proof of their mortality. Alongside this strange phenomenon of maturity, their skin likewise hardens, becoming firm like marble. Leading contemporary philosophers believe that a vampyre’s true death is the becoming of stone; being rendered into a statue where they might serve as an eternal piece of their species’ history.

Credit to @King for profile layout, lore, and character creation assistance. 

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