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It took all day and all night before they were finished transporting all of the equipment. Xerxes assisting in it's expediency. Marigold even paying the workers for their assistance. Alder receiving more for anything that would ease his daughter further "If Beth has any further pain, give her another injection. There are three more vials. Please keep it, and make sure another doctor makes sure it's administered properly" He said to Alder as he distributed out the funds, handing him a small case with the injector and vials. "The results have finished and i will start working a cure through the night' He said, seeing them offer in strangely high spirits.

Full summary:

Marigold Orion Ravenspire, a doctor seeking a fresh environment to grow roots into, settled in the wilds of Terranus. A dark elf of mysterious qualities and capabilities he had met months before had agreed to assist in equipment gathering, aswell as transportation; Marigold beginning to build what he considered to be a fresh start towards something grand. A village nearby known as knoles coming to investigate their new guest within the forest.

Mayor Hedia taking Marigold to Knoles where she introduced him to the town and presented him to the other pillars of the community to discuss a mutual relationship. Alder, one such pillar confiding in the doctor ,despite his aversion to the strange scientist, explaining a sickness befalling the town. His daughter afflicted with this same sickness; one that has plagued them for some time. Marigold easing her pain with an injection and making a promise to find a cure to this disease of theirs.

Several laborers lead by Alder himself helping Assist in the construction. Their aid seeing to it that by the year's close. The Anima Imperium was finally finished. A marvel of technology. 

Minor Summary:

With the help of both Nines and the town of Knoles, Dr. Ravenspire has finished construction of his laboratory, The Anima Imperium. It's construction taking the rest of the year before it was finished, but now it stands a silent steel mystery among the wilds of Terranus. The energy humming off the grid walls obscuring most within, aside from the towering communications array, blinking rhythmically. A new chapter in the doctor's life beginning.


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