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Acies ab Vesania

Tavern of Legend Season 3

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((With his skill set, @supernal, Dayo Tanaka doubles as an info broker. To facilitate that IRL, I'll need information. 😋))

A man steps out from a portal from his homeworld to this one, one foot stepping on grass and the other on the wooden floor of the Tavern of Legend. Stepping through the back door, he reveals himself as a dark-skinned muscular man, seemingly human with blindfolded eyes. The full natural-haired blind man appears to stand still, taking stock of his surroundings, one hand in his business pants pockets and the other scratching his full beard. Without turning in their direction, he 'sees' the pair currently conversing with that old and bitter drunk in the corner.

'Poor man.' Dayo thinks to himself as he starts to walk forward, smoothening his waistcoat and formal clothing. A man has to look his best, after all. Zell's seen their fair share of the darkness life offers, and Dayo is no different, being an ex-marine of the Yikashiman army who's seen his fair share of death and loss. Though not to the degree of Zell's experiences, it's enough that Dayo can relate with the man, even though they'd not had much chance at a discussion since he started work three days ago

Pushing that thought out of his mind, the calm and subdued man calls out to Otto and waves in greeting, smiling at the giant of a man while making his way to the bar. One would notice that even though he appears to be blind, he moves as though his eyes function perfectly. In truth, they do, for what he lacks in physical sight he makes up for with his other senses - physical and spiritual - as well as his liquid manipulation powers. Air contains water vapour, a fact which he uses to his advantage, greatly increasing his detection range. Combine that with 30 years of training and you have one who has no need for eyes in most situations.

"Happy New Year, friend. I'll take it from here." He says to the bartender currently on duty, himself picking up a napkin and starting to wipe the bar countertop. "Zell has takers?" He asks, gesturing towards the duo sitting at the old drunk's table.

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Halfway towards Zell Bleidd fell back, turning to the still loitering Otto she clearly indicated that he was to bring another drink to Zell's table. The hand gestures were simple and universal, followed by her placing her index finger to her lips to ask he do this quietly...What quietly meant to Otto however remained to be seen. She returned her attention to the table just as Ben was suggesting Zell's solutions might not be found at the bottom of his glass. She felt the older man prickle and shot Kraft a cautiounary glance. She had been about to add a softer touch to the conversation when, she froze mid-step, muscles snapping taught, every hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Her instinct to flex her forearm and allow a blade to drop into her hand, held in check with conscious effort. The shift in atmosphere seemed to have passed by everyone else, exhaling with a slow measured breath, she resisted the urge to turn around instead, focusing her other senses behind her listening for the sound of boots on the ground, the sound of weapons being unsheathed or armour creaking, but it never came. Instead the casual footsteps of someone apparently familiar with the surroundings, male, physically tuned and....there is something else she can't quite place. Either way he is no threat in this place so she allows herself to relax, and focus on the current situation.

She takes a seat across from Zell and waits until he is looking at  her, he is drunk and tired, she has to focus hard to remain seen, all the while his alcohol dulled senses his are encouraging him to forget her everytime his eyes are drawn elsewhere. She hopes once she has a pint of ale in her hands he might be able to focus long enough to explain what it is he needs their help for.

" We hear your having some problems, we think we might be able to help, but we can't do that if you won't tell us what it is."

"Say you'll take the job first..then the details" the mans eyes narrow. 

Not 'so' drunk then. retorts the Koi'arii.   apparently not Bleidd utters under her breath in slight amusement.

She turns to Ben and shrugs " Its neither here nor there to me, I have no place else to go and little better to be doing, this seems as good a place to start as any."

Turning back to Zell she nods. " very well, I'm in, now...the details.


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Dante stares at the Tavern and examines it closely. 'I traveled to a bar and got this? What is this?' He sighs and shakes his head as he walks through the doors and stops to stare. 'I think I was misled.' He slowly finds a table to sit at by himself and waits for one of the waitstaff to come see him. A few minutes goes by and he's already resting his head on the table feeling the effects of the lack of alcohol in his body already. 'Hold out Dante. The alcohol's coming. It'll be here soon. Pay with the little money you got and maybe you can find some job to do. Just maybe someone has need for an athletic man who can beat people to a bloody pulp.' He then looks back at the bouncer and sighs. 'Maybe not.'

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A waiter comes by. With a knowing smilie they put down the cheapest booze they have.  So that maybe Dante can make it through the rest of his day. 

“ You know coffe works better than Alcohol right? Just saying dear. Now what can I get you, and what can you afford?” 

  There was always a need of Brutes in Val. Maybe not ere but everywhere. The more violent factions would probably love someon they could control with a simple drink. 


In the mean time a heavily clothed fellow with a protective mask and helmet walked up to him. And absolute beast of a body. But the real father was the heavy tank on his back. It was bigger than he was and something, sloshed inside. If one spotted the tube no doubt you could figure out what this safety hazard was. With a cherry

” Hello!” To open up the man followed up. 

“ How are you today?”

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