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Tavern of Legend Season 3

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Sorry was struggling to thinks of a place)

Pavel nods and points a hand to himself. “ Well I’m Pavel it’s nice to meet you miss?” After hearing her name and offering his hand to her for a shake, which for a stranger could be interpreted in many ways. 

“ And this is my associate Dante!  Come on shake hands you two!” He gave them a moment to shake and to lock eyes and to do what they like.


” anyway we will be heading to a town in Tenerus. Not much is left if it as it has been ravaged by a deadly plague here recently. So we are going to enact a quarantine and clean up duty. The plague came from the tomb when they opened it so make sure you bring proper safety equipment. That’s pretty much the whole gist. “  he made sure both could hear him for the explanation.


He really liked the dynamic of this group so far, ability wise, he had yet to seee how long they would all get along and be able to

do this and do that. However the idea would seem to go excellent.


” If you two are ready let me know  after all I want to get there before it escapes the town.”

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Dante hears plague and sighs. "Yeah. If I got money to afford the safety equipment unless you wanna provide it. Now here's the greater question." He holds his weapon token up. "Are there going to be things we need to fight? Because if it does come to it, I'm very proficient in hand to hand and knife combat but other than that I'm useless." He then looks at the woman and shakes her hand. "Name's Dante. Sorry if I don't remember your name. Not big on names. I got two names to keep in my head, my own and Jack Daniels." 

He walks Pavel away from the small woman so the two can talk in private real quick. "Seriously. If there's things we might be fighting then I can call a friend. She's very weapon oriented and is very resourceful with electricity."

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Strange, she found it, how this brute made her feels so comfortable. He was so large, and menacing, but he gave off such a jovial aura. He was somehow so gifted at making her feel safe, perhaps even putting her guard down.

“Well I’m Pavel it’s nice to meet you miss?” he asked, and shook her hand. Pavel, she mouthed silently. His handshake shook her entire body, and she had to hang on to the chair to remain supported. She nodded and shook the other man’s hand. Dante, she mouthed as well.

She nodded again, energetically. “My name is Aletheia,” she said. “But you can call me Allie.” She smiled, and took a careful drink from her ale while he listened to Pavel continue, and the rest of Dante’s counterpoints.

A plague! She heard the word, her eyes grew wide with horror, and perhaps what color her face had grew slightly more pale. In the last days of her life Allie’s mother was ravaged by an unknown illness. Allie wondered if she was ready to see people so sick again. Her mother’s death was one of the most traumatic experience in her life thus far, and she was not certain if she wanted to visit that wound again so soon. 

“He has a point,” she squeaked. “It does sound dangerous. I don’t have any equipment, and I do not know where I would come by it or..” she trailed off, “If I could afford it.”

But, on the other hand was her self-imposed obligation for goodness. There were people out there who needed help, and there was a chance that she could help. Did she not then have a moral obligation to do what she could. Her people were a peaceful people, that operated by a mantra of doing for others what they could not do for themselves and then others will do for you what you cannot. More contemporarily spoken: If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. They bartered, mostly. Her mother had a very specific set of skills that was very useful, that she passed on down to Allie.

Allie smiled to herself. Maybe she could help! With bright eyes, and sudden excitement, she darted her hand into her bag and rifled around momentarily.

“Maybe I could help.” She pulled out a small bottle, it was big for her hand, but contained not more than a shot of some dark green liquid. She was not sure how trained their eyes were, or if folk in these parts had any experience with what she had in her hand. In this bottle was one of the more simple healing potions that Allie learned from her mother. This particular vial contained a blend that would stifle the symptoms of a common cold, or heal a headache. This was not the limit of her skills, however.

She looked up and smiled at the two men, a big toothy grin. Perhaps, this is why fate led her to this tavern this warm night.

“Yes, I would like to come.” She said, after a moment of thought. “I will help in whatever way I can. But, I may need some of the payment up front in order to buy the supplies I need.” She was proud of herself for being able to speak so diplomatically. Her pride only lasted for a moment, though. “And I need to know where you’d recommend I find them.

She was brave for the moment, but wrung her hands a little as she placed the bottle back in her bag. What was she getting herself into?



Can I assume we will be moving to our own thread? Just wanted to know if we have any ideas how to transition that? 😮


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Would’ve replied yesterday day but it seems I caught the plague from the rp. 

Pavel looked between the two before putting an arm around Dante’s shoulder and a hand around Allie. 

“ Fret not I have some spares for Dante, and I’m sure we can get you something Allie!  I’ve never gotten to  make  a tiny gas mask before!” 

 With that  he let go and walked over to a portal  leading to Tenerus  

“ This will lead us to where we need to go! Or at least take us to the proper continent! And don’t worry as I said before I will get you both some proper safety gear.” 


He looks between the two before using his arms to gesuture for them for them to go ahead  

“ Don’t forget your belongings!” He says casually like a mother would say to a child about a toy 

“ once you have everything step through and I’ll be right behind you two!”

with that He readjusts his tank and patiently waits, the portal taking them somewhere into the Terran wilderness. A great and vast beauty, but moreover a dreadfully morbid location.


( Once you two grab your gear I’ll put the thread up.)

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Dante nods and goes and grabs his knife. He hands the weird coin token thing in and holds his knife. After putting it in its sheathe, he walks to the portal marked Terrenus. He holds his hand up and goes outside real quick. He pulls out a weird device and aims it at the ground just to press a button. Just then a smaller woman appears before him and he hugs her. "Hello Sasha. Come with me."

Sasha nods and follows Dante inside. She wears her usual hoodie and has her hood over her head, covering any features of herself. The only noticeable thing is a tattoo of a Celtic cross on her one hand. The woman gives Pavel and Allie a glare before walking through the portal. The glare wasn't menacing but rather of curiosity.

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The last 24 hours have been a bit of a wonder to Allie. She spent the previous night camped up in a tree, waking every few moments to see glowing eyes peering at her from the forest floor. Then, directed by a merchant, she began her week-long hike to the Tavern of Legend, a place she was told would be a good way-station on her journey to the Southern Swell, and the dense forests of Genesaris.

However, now it would appear that she is going to a completely different continent with a group of strangers - and wait - did another one just appear out of nowhere? Was she coming with us, too? Allie returns the curious glare at the woman that Dante called Sasha. Allie balled her hands into fists, but did her best to remain calm.

“Thank you, Pavel,” she said. “I hope making garments for me does not prove too difficult.”

She watched her new companions march one by one into this strange doorway, a portal, Pavel called it. “Will it hurt?” Allie exclaimed, but she suspected they were too far away to hear her. “Oh my gods,” she sighed, exasperated, and turned to shovel as much of her now tepid soup into her mouth. She had to be going. “Thank you!” She shouted at the bartender, and put another coin on the counter as a tip. She was not even sure if they did that here, or how much she had just tipped, but she was already wriggling off her barstool and shuffling to the weapons counter.

“I would like my knife, please.” She squeaked, peering over the top of the counter, with her fingers pulling herself up so she could see the man in charge of stowing everyone’s weapon.

“Chip?” He grunted. Allie jumped, and dug into her bag, eventually pulling out a well-worn green button out from its depths. She placed it on the counter, with a slight smile to the man. He picked it up, stowed it in a cup after studying it for a moment. He nodded to himself, and pulled out Allie’s small knife from a cabinet behind him. He handed it to her, with another grunt to which she squeaked a thank you before turning around to briskly walk towards the portal to Terrenus.

All of her companions had stepped through before she got there. She paused in front of the portal alone, taking a deep breath while trying to muster the courage just to step through. She came on this journey because she wanted to make a life for herself. Now, she was on her way to learning how to exterminate plagues out of crypts? This was not what she imagined. But, sometimes it’s not the cards that you are dealt that matter, it’s how you play them. She was never a card player, though. Some of the older farmers in her village used to try to teach her, but she never found the joy in it that they did. But she knew that certain cards had more value than others. She hoped that this decision would turn out to be a hidden ace, and not a lurking joker. 

She looked at the portal, a large metal doorway that lead to another world. With a final rallying breath, she gripped her leather bag with small tight fists, and stepped through.



I hope you are feeling better! @ODSTDRAGON


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Confusion, that was the only thing that he felt, confusion. He had awoken in this strange land, under a massive white broadleaf tree. With no memory of his past, where he came from, where he was, or even who he was. The first thing that he did was look around at his surroundings. It was a hot night, too hot in his opinion. He was under a truly massive white tree, easily 200 feet tall, which seemed to protect him against most of night’s heat. Surrounding this gargantuan tree was a small forest of much smaller trees, with a dirt trail leading to gods knows where.

He then looked down at himself, he had pale hands, so he assumed his skin must be pale white. He wore a white shirt, with a brown vest, black pants, a loose hanging belt with some strange contraptions strapped to it, and a pair of black shoes. Nothing that he could use to determine who he was. 

Looking back at at where he woke, he found a leather pack just sitting there  leaning against the tree. Strange, he didn’t remember seeing that there! Approaching the pack with some caution, the first thing that he saw upon opening it was food! Only now did he realize just how hungry he was! He quickly devoured a biscuit and a piece of dried meat, and then continued to rummage through the pack.

Inside the pack he found more food, a strange circular thing made of gold, a tube contraption made out of silver, a few small boxes labeled “Cartriges” and a large book titled “The Gentleman’s Handbook” which seemed to be the most interesting thing that he had found so far.

Upon cracking open the book, a small slip of paper fell out of it and  began to fall to the ground. With almost lighting quick precision, he grabbed the piece of paper out of the air before it even touched the ground. Quickly putting the book back into the pack, he inspected the note, reading “Sir Edric Schafer, let this tome guide you in a land of legends.”  Contemplating the note for a second, he came to a conclusion.

“Edric...that must be my name!” he shouted out for all the world to hear. It seemed he was given this book by someone, but by who or what Edric could not say, though at the very least he knew his name! Now he was one step closer to understanding what was happening.

Edric cracked open the book a second time, sat directly underneath the massive broadleaf, rested his back against its embracing trunk, and started to read. He read for hours and hours, absorbing as much information as possible.

Inside the book there was no more information on where he came from. But there was plenty of useful information nontheless! The book explained to Edric how a proper man or “gentleman” was supposed to behave. Respect, duty,  seflessness, humility, honor, and bravery, were the virtues that a “gentleman” must follow as outlined by book. The book also explained what the strange contraptions that Edric had were “The saber and flintlock pistol strapped to his belt, and the monocular, and compass found in the pack” as well as explanations on how to use them. Alongside this information the book also told Edric how a gentleman should behave, dress, talk, and eat.

After reading through all this, Edric came to another conclusion. This book was a guide given to him on how to live his life. A guide that Edric decided would follow to the letter, since he had nothing else to go on and it simply “sounded” right. It almost seemed to Edric that someone had purposely abbandoned him here, without memory, but the tools to start a new life. Almost as if they wanted Edric gone, but were not willing to kill him, it was quite perculiar. 

With nothing else of interest around the great tree, and with Edric’s pack quickly running out of precious food, he strapped the pack over his back and set down the dirt path. Following it through the woods until he reached its destination, a wide cobblestone road going both north and south as far as Edric could see.

Going north, all Edric could see was death and misery. Burnt fields, mass graves, destroyed and ruined villages. It was truly horrific. Whatever had happened here must have been horrible, and why Edric was in such a miserable place was beyond him. Asking one of the villagers for help, Edric was directed to simply keep going north until he reached the “Tavern of Legends”

After what seemed likes months of walking, Edric finally reached this “Tavern of Legends” which was just as desolete looking as the rest of the land. A tiny shack that barely looked like it had been lived in at all. Still with nothing else to go on Edric opened the doors to the shack and stepped inside.

Edric’s eyes opened with childlike awe, this “shack” must have been a hundred times larger inside than outside. How that worked was beyond Edric’s comprehension. Before he went insane trying to figure out how that worked. Edric walked up to the barkeep, walking past a singing bard desperately trying to lighten up a bunch of somber, depresssed, and very drunk people.

Remembering how the “Gentleman’s Handbook” told him how to speak and act. Edric spoke to the barkeeper. “Sir barkeep! I am sorry for bothering you but I am desperately lost! Please could you tell me where I am?”

Thoughtfully, after asking for help, Edric offered some in turn. “Barkeep I do notice that things are quite bad around here. even if I barely understand what’s going on, is there anything I can do to help?”

(OOC : If anyone wants to rp with me go ahead and make a post introducing your characters to mine.

Edited by Edric Schafer

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The cacophony of voices echoed through the tavern as usual. Many adventurers and patrons visit it, so it is not uncharacteristic that it'd be noisy. Everyone had their own reason of being there. Some were drunk flirting with women, some were celebrating a valorous victory over a monster, while some were catching up with old comrades, and some were playing music to commemorate events. There were a lot of people minding their own businesses.

This deafening noise rang through the pale ears of Vivien. It twitched sharply as the hooded figure opened the creaking doors the tavern. She expected it to be loud, but not this loud. Her aquamarine eyes narrowed as she gazed through the crowd.

"Of all the buildings I come across to..."

She sighed as if saying 'This will do'. She then removed the hood on her head, revealing her pale, yet gorgeous face. It also revealed her scarlet hair, which was long enough to rest at her ample chest. Her braided hair bobbed up and down as she strode through the crowd. She avoided eye contact from the ruffians that stared at her intently, though she could not totally block out the catcalls directed at her which made her blood boil. 

"These uncultured swines... k-keep your cool, Vivien. Now is not the time to cause a ruckus..." 

A grey robe made from thick fabric covered her modest attire. The robe seemed like it took a beating from previous experiences for it was littered with scratch marks, but it still looked usable at least. A sheathed sword hung from her belt, the sword being aptly sized for someone with below average height like her. Affixed on her right arm was a worn-out shield made out of wood. A white garb befitting for an adventurer was concealed under her robe, as well as brown leggings made from thick fabric. She wore dirty knee high boots that protected herself from mud and snow, which was not uncommon in her hometown. The boots seemed worn out as well, with some of the leather peeling off.

Soon, she would finally make her way towards the counter. She requested nothing but a glass of water, and strode over to a corner silently. She slumped against the hard wooden chair tiredly as she drank from her cup. 

"I... can't believe something like that could happen..."

Vivien muttered as she recalled the events that lead up to that moment. A few hours ago, she was with a group of adventurers traveling together. However, they had encountered a terrible fate, leaving them all separated from each other. She had ran away as quickly as possible without looking back, although the guilt of escaping by herself slowly swelled within her. How could she leave them like that in the face of danger? Granted, it was her first 'grand' adventure with people she didn't know too well. Was it right to save herself first than save the ones she doesn't know in the first place? Does it make her a coward? Was it her fault the group got separated like that? Perhaps because she was too weak. If she had been stronger, just a little bit stronger, she might've been able to save them.

But she could not.

Dark thoughts lingered on her mind as she stared blankly at the empty cup in front of her.

"Gods above... P-please... take care of them..." Vivien muttered as she clasped her hands together and bowed her head, silently praying for the safety of her comrades.

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Alishar was a sore thumb, a positive beacon of light and life inside the tavern. Most people dressed practically and worse quite clothes. Again he precticslly glowed much to the duress of the bountied head.  

  He’d been hanging around the tavern for a while now. He was always in need of a host, and no one ever wanted to willingly put up with him. 

 However he needed to  survive and  as such he had to slip from person to person. Which is why he was a bounty. Not because he was bad or abused his power, but simply because he is and always would be, a body snatched. Unwelcomed intruders often taking their hosts by force to do as they pleased.  He was cursed to affect anyone he touched. Which always lead to many accidental happenings.  


 What was the look of this feared demon? Rainbow hair with beautiful rainbow eyes, and every piece of cloth he wore was a garish tie die. Giving a unnatural and uncanny look to him. Which usually set others on edge.

  He had come so far, just to wind up trapped here friendless. All these people, and yet he couldn’t even get a soul to help. He didn’t try to control and except his will he just wanted to survive. One week at a time. Until someone needed him. 


   A stranger came up to the bar, and asked the all to busy barkeeper for help. He waves off the bar keep before turning to him. He supposed he could be a guide. Speaking normally but still trying to sound friendly he answered the question of the first of two new comers who looked like they had stories to tell.

” your in the Tavern of legends. It’s a mystical place that connects all other worlds, and leads to the great world of Valucre. It’s all magic and something  so much more beyond what one can comprehend. If you want to help.-“ he points over to a bulletin board and at several other individuals motioning towards his ears, trying to imply listening to conversations, and then pointing at a farmer with a pest problem. “ you better check out those sources. “


He looks over over at the woman. “ whats happened ? You look like you could use some help for sure.” He geatured for Edric to go to her, and try to help.


@Edric Schafer @JellyEmi


sorry for such a short post

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Edric listened thoughtfully to what the barkeep had to say. His mind was hazy, and filled with doubt. Edric desperately wanted to understand what was going on. Yet none of this made any sense. Apparently he was in the “Tavern of Legends” a sort of magical portal to other worlds, including this “Valucre”

Edric didn’t know if he believed it, despite the fact that he remembered almost nothing. It was as if some echo of his lost personality was screaming at him. Denying the possibility with the conviction of a priest chastising a heretic.

“Magic is not real” his mind screamed

And yet the very fact that this tavern was so internally vast, yet was so small on the outside seemed to back up the barkeep’s claims. Only bringing more questions to the forefront of Edric’s mind.

Deciding that questioning the reality right before him was counterproductive. Edric turned to where the barkeep was pointing, hoping to distract his confused mind with something to do. The barkeep pointed out a bulletin board, several individuals motioning towards them, a farmer, and a woman silently in prayer.

”Thank you good sir” Edric said to the barkeep with a quick bow “ You have been excellent help, and I wish to waste no more of your time, have a good day.”

Edric looked over his options, and decided that the woman was his first choice to help. She seemed to be just as lost as he was, if the look on her face could tell him anything. Slowly walking towards the sword fighter’s corner, Edric sat on a stool right beside her. Politely waiting for her to finish her prayer.

”Sorry to trouble you madam, but you seem to be lost.” Edric quickly cleared his throat, then continued. “If there is anything I can do to help just ask.” 



ooc: Don’t worry about it ODSTDRAGON

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CK12 walked into the tavern cautiously, the ax strapped to her back and her armor had brought a lot of stares as she walked through the strange place but she didn't care.  she sat down on an empty stool at the bar and waved the bartender away when he came to ask her what she wanted maybe later she would get something but right now she just needed to collect her thoughts and make a plan. lets see. i was a soldier to the nation of kalfazeer which is now gone. I am the last of my species of which the remaining few were corrupt. somehow i found my way here and i have no idea what to do next.

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Vivien sighed woefully as she finished her prayer. She felt somewhat relieved, but the anguish she was experiencing didn't completely go away. The painful experience proved way too traumatic for a newbie like her. It was still on her mind, like a hungry flea scurrying on the fur of a dog. Her head was filled to the brim with thoughts, until Edric's voice startled her.

"E-eep!" Vivien was abruptly brought back to reality. She jumped up from her seat, and quickly turned to the one responsible for the sudden noise. Her eyes darted up and down Edric, scrutinizing every single detail he has: pale skin, decent set of clothes, and a number of odd devices on him.

As soon as she realized she was staring, she quickly turned away and shook her head. No, it wasn't some sort of thief, or a ruffian, or anybody suspicious. But after her traumatic experience, she had become a bit more skeptical. 

She had thought about ignoring the man, perhaps moving to another chair to avoid chatting, but she needed to get things off of her mind, at least for a while. A conversation with a stranger would do the trick. Plus, wouldn't it be rude to leave a person hanging like that?

Vivien realized he had been brushing the man off for a few seconds already, with all that staring and thinking. She turned to the man hurriedly.

"S-sorry, I was caught up in my thoughts." She bowed her head in apology. "But as much as I hate to admit it, y-yes, I'm lost. Do you have a map of our surroundings? I think a little help in navigation would prove to be very useful in my current situation." She spoke in a calm tone.


@Edric Schafer


(( OOC: I'm really really sorry for the late -and also very short- reply ^^; ))

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As Vivien jumped up from her seat in fright, Edric put his hands up in a placating gesture. He didn’t remember much, but it just seemed to him to be just what you “did” when trying to calm someone down, he hoped anyway. “There is no need to fear me madam. I simply wish to help!” He spoke in a helpful tone.

As she inspected him, he did so in turn. She wore a grey robe concealing white adventurer’s attire, brown leggings, and knee high boots. With a sword in its sheath on her waist, and a wooden shield on her arm. She was clearly the fighting sort, which confused Edric. The Gentleman’s Handbook had made it clear to Edric that women were not fighters, and required others to defend them in both matters of honor, and war. Perhaps that was true from wherever he had come from. But something told Edric that this woman could certainly hold her own in a fight.

As Edric continued to wait for her to respond, he was shocked by just gorgeous the warrior was upon closer inspection. She had beautiful braided, scarlet hair, and a attractive pale face. Which Edric just couldn’t help but stare at for a few seconds. This was the first time he had really seen a attractive woman in the flesh since his “awakening” and he had no previous memories to rely on how to act. Feeling awkward, Edric got up from his seat and began to silently look around the tavern. His eyes moving to the barkeep he had previously talked with, to a band of ruffians at a table playing cards, and then to the bounty board he had pointed out to him earlier.

The woman then spoke to him after what seemed to be a very, very, awkward eternity. Shocked out of his awkward eye wandering. Edric turned to the red headed warrior to catch her speaking, and bowing her head in apology, and then asking for a map. 

”Don’t worry about it madam, I take no offense.” Edric said respectfully “I have no map of my own but I believe I can get one, if you will just excuse me for just a second.”

Edric’s eyes began to wander once again. Where could he get a map? His first thought was to harass the barkeep about it, but then he decided against it. Edric belived he had already wasted enough of the barkeep’s time as is. Edric then turned to the bounty board and started briskly walking towards it. If there were quests to be taken, then there must be a map to direct one to those quests in the first place! 

Edric’s hypothesis was proven correct, and he grabbed one of many map’s of the area, alongside a handful of quest advertisements to look over later. Edric then quickly hurried back to Vivien, not wanting to keep her waiting.

Edric wordlessly handed her the map, and then set the rest of the papers onto the counter. “I’ve been down south, near the great white tree landmark on the map.” Edric suddenly spoke facing Vivien. “And let me tell you that the lands from there to here are in a terrible state. Burned fields, destroyed houses, hordes of depressed poor villagers. There is a stench of death, a air of depression and despair. The people here are in desperate need of help maddam, and there is nothing out there for people like us unless we wish to bloody our swords in their defense.”

Edric then smashed his hand into his forehead, chastising himself for apparent stupidity. “Here I am throwing the problems of the world onto a woman who seemingly has enough problems as is! I am deeply sorry if I have made your day worse in any way maddam!” He bowed in apology, and then continued to speak. “What would be your name maddam? It would be proper for us to know each others names. My name is Edric.”


ooc: Don’t worry about it Emi, post length dosen’t really matter as long as you give enough info for others to respond with I think. Sorry if my post is too long though lol.

Edited by Edric Schafer

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She sat there listening to the conversation of the two people next to her, what kind of place is this? Where is this? She thought of a way to get that information, she had never been taught mannerisms because social interactions were never really supposed to be part of her life and she had never expected it to but now they seemed important. She supposed she should ask the pets with the map but how to get his attention? She decided to just ask the question “what is this country?” Her tone was flat and devoid of any expression.

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10 hours ago, Unicorgi said:

She sat there listening to the conversation of the two people next to her, what kind of place is this? Where is this? She thought of a way to get that information, she had never been taught mannerisms because social interactions were never really supposed to be part of her life and she had never expected it to but now they seemed important. She supposed she should ask the pets with the map but how to get his attention? She decided to just ask the question “what is this country?” Her tone was flat and devoid of any expression.

@JellyEmi I got left behind in a hurry)


alishar smilies as the teo hit it off wyite well before looking at the third stranger. He wanted to reach out and touch her. The pain was beginning to get to him and he needed help, quite soon.


” alright Newbies let me break this down again once more for the new gal. Your in the Tavern of legend. It functions as a sort of nexus. Many worlds and places lead here some how. The land scape changes but the bar itself remains the same. Things come and go with ease. Multiple timelines and forgotten events. It’s the gate way to Valucre. Now if we don’t have any new comers...” he looks between the three.  


“ first off I need one of your bodies. Makes things easier for me. Don’t worry I’m not going to mind control you. Second off,  I know a place in the destruction, let’s call it that. If your feeling chairitable we should all head there and help clean the place up.  Don’t expect a reward.  However if we do good enough we can make a name. We make s name, it means we can get some jobs. Alright? “ 

he looks to Edric  “ So anywhere specifically you want to go?”

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