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Acies ab Vesania

Tavern of Legend Season 3

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"Terrenus." Arashi replied with a simple answer as he followed Dion. When she came to a halt he stood behind her, offering a wave and a smile to her group. Still, his mind wondered back to his painting of the grandeur tavern bringing his thoughts back to the almost uninhabitable environment outside of its walls. This plagued his mind as he stared off into space, his smile still present on his face.

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(OOC: I'm assuming "Night, Hot" on the first page is still extant)

Location: Outside the Tavern, around the back, near the outhouse facilities.

The still night air was filled with the hissing, whispering sound of insects going about their business.  Fireflies wound their way in aimless patterns, their ghostly blue sparks gently fading in and out of sight.  Despite the heat, the air smelled of rain and thunderstorms; a hint of petrichor mixed with the sharp, metallic tang of ozone and accompanied by a definite drop in air pressure.  The wind picked up, carrying discarded paper and leaves into the space where the ghostly blue fireflies danced, only to have them abruptly catch fire and swirl in midair as small fronds of electricity snapped and sparked between them.

Without any more warning, as if the world itself despaired of the unnecessarily dramatic buildup, the air curved inward, dragging the burning detritus with it, until it gave with a faint 'pop'.  Stood in midair, framed by an impossibly thin, rectangular line of faint blue light, was a hulking, hairy shape.  Torchlight flickered behind the tall monster as it moved its head from side-to-side, peering through the magical gateway, before reaching out to touch the invisible boundary that cut it off from the grounds of the tavern.

"Hmm," it said, the sound given an eerie, echoing quality.  "Eriskuk mehr Ahz merher."

The monster reached through the doorway, flexed a blue-furred, clawed hand experimentally in the air, and then stepped through the portal.  Immediately, all hint of the dramatically shadowy lighting that had hidden the details vanished, leaving behind a hulking, seven foot tall wolfman.  He stretched, looking up at the sky and adding a brief extra foot to his height, before once again dropping into a comfortable slouch.

"So, what can I expect from this place, Ahz?"  The growling voice was the same, minus the echoing quality it had possessed.  "Ahz?"

The wolfish head tilted, and the beastman reached up to tap at the top of his skull with a clawed finger.  Something made him (it was definitely a he) turn curiously to regard the portal behind him as it wavered and rippled in the air.  For a moment, the firelit clay blocks of the room he had just stepped from stabilised, and then the picture vanished with a nothing more dramatic than a faint sigh and a gentle breeze.  For a moment, the strange visitor stood there, then his slouch turned into a tense crouch and the pointed ears on top of his head flattened themselves against his skull.

"Oh.  Oh, shit."

Edited by Ghorroj
Miscellaneous typos, grammar and missing description added. Made 'Location' segment more noticeable.

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Warren entered from the side door - the one which the maintenance staff used to exit the building discreetly. Having never set foot in this place before, he thought it best to observe the environment from the sidelines before leaping into something he was not prepared for. Feet pacing slowly and deliberately, he stalked away from the darkness of the corner, his eyes momentarily falling upon the wolfman in brief intrigue. He had been told stories as a child of how his father hunted creatures much like the one before him, up until his untimely death. Perhaps he had lived in less civilized times. @Ghorroj

His eyes snapped over to the immediate movement on his left. A pair had gotten up from their table and was heading over to join another group in conversation. @Token @Unicorgi

Fishing around in his pocket, he laced his fingers around the few silver coins he had left. It could be enough for him to afford a night at the tavern. Or perhaps afford a meal. Or both. Or neither. 

He contemplated ordering a beer before pretending to pass out on one of the tables for complimentary accommodation for the night. 

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