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Dancing on Moonbeams!

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“Give me him!”

Jolted awake by unfamiliar hands, Connor opened his rather green eyes to stare at the interruption to his much needed sleep. The infant had a sour scowl on his small brow, a homage to his father no doubt. He’d been warm and comfortable and safe in the arms of his brother, and to be snatched away from it all made him angry. A yell balanced on his frowning lips, something mighty and mean only a child of a Lion could create; he took in a great gulp of air and in a moment of grandeur the small babe screamed high over the festivities.

Primera laughed at the dark haired, green eyed babe, clearly loving his response. Holding the sweet thing close to her chest, the red haired woman bounced him gently and spoke to him as if he understood her words, as if he could grasp the meaning of what she's saying. “Your mother gave you those lungs and your father gave you the words accommodating them. Here, my Black Lion, your words are law and your strength our strength.”

She peppered kisses across his brow, soothing the wrinkles there before moving to his soft cheeks moist with tears. “Renovatio is your domain! Here the moon wanes for you and the sun rises at your will. Tell me my Prince, would you like a crown of stars or should I leave them for all to adore? A garland of planets or maybe armour carved from the nights sky?”

Desmond had forgotten Primera's exuberance two-fold, now only reminded of it as she raises his brother to the sky and speaks to him about stars and planets. He loved how Connor screamed for seconds before being swept away in the Grande Kommandant’s love and warmth, calming underneath her kisses and promises. “You spoil  him any more and he'll be cashing in on your claims sweet sister.” The Imperial Prince nervously laughed to hide his random gasp in response to the woman throwing his sibling in the air.

“Spoiled?!” She whirled on her brother-in-law, causing the fabric of her dress to billow beneath her like lazy clouds strung across an equally lazy sky. “Black Lion you are not spoiled, don't let your brother tell you such lies. You need not ask for anything, want for anything; you are Prince Grande, my True Love, my Everything - Absolute. You are not spoiled, you are you.” Connor looked to preen underneath Primera's interpretation of him. Tears dried and anger snuffed, the baby cooed and played with her hair, happy to be treated for what he is.

Desmond was at a loss on what to do, so to occupy his now empty arms he stuffed his hands into his deep pockets; a very tired smile wrinkles his handsome features, better accentuating his dark eyes and eager mouth. Connor has been a welcome balm to all their wounds, and he's delighted his Small Sister found peace in the infants sweetness. “He has grown too much these last few months. I'm not ready for him to walk yet, let alone talk! The things he's going to say.” Small conversation to fill the pregnant awkwardness surrounding them. “Primera, my Father…” how is he to say sorry? Corvinus was never one to mingle in crowds of unnecessary exuberance, only going to some because of his wife, and with her being gone …

Primera nuzzled Connor’s neck, causing the small lion to squeal and giggle delightfully. The noise interrupted Desmond, leaving him silenced while the Grand Kommandant teased and tickled Connor, clearly more occupied with him then the events happening around them.

And what an event it is. Avylon is alive. The streets full with people selling their wares, tripping over their finery due to the abundant drink in their empty bellies, and various games one usually find on the streets: card tricks, mind tricks, spells, and magic casting. Everywhere you turn there's an assault to the senses; the usual pristine streets of Avylon are covered in chalk ranging in color and shade.  When walking the color is imprinted on your shoes, feet, gowns, and canes, forcing everyone to color their surroundings. If you're not safe, children already drenched head to toe with color, will throw buckets of chalk on you before running away.

Foodstuffs flying out of every bakery and restaurant, feeding the eager people wanting to finally taste the wonders of Renovatio. Nothing, from drink to food to the entertainment, nothing cost a single cent.  There was a time when Renovatio was known for its hospitality and love, and tonight Primera wants all to indulge to their full and more. The various gardens welcome any to take a few slips of the beautiful flowers for their own gardens; the carnival rides are continuous and eager to entertain child and adult. This is supposed to be a festival for the delights of strangers.

Desmond can't help but admire the touch of love in each chandelier and flower vase. The great castle harboring most of the guests is a domed creation most would envy. Large windows open to the world, pillars supporting it's beauty with eagerness, golden crescent moons adding to the decor in admiration to their Goddess Steorra - it feels like home. Standing in the large dance hall he didn't feel nearly as lost as he first assumed he would. People flowed in and out like waves eating up a beach; too needy and far too curious to stay in one place too long, he noted the new arrivals and the departure of familiars.

How amusing, he mused silently to himself. “Tell Corvinus he is welcome here.” It hurt to give the offer, but it felt right to do so. In the world of Renovatio the legend of lions and giants are common talk, and she knows that it may add more to the wounds in the God-Emperor's heart, yet to be surrounded by the things your loved one loved, she can't think of a better medicine to the hurt. “Only if he promises Connor to me.” She teased of course.

“And what of your children?” Desmond reached for his brother, but she was a woman and she used that against him. Primera turned her naked shoulder to Desmond, bumping away his eager reach so that her back faced him. And what of her children? She didn't want the Prince to see the brief flash of anger and disappointment in her opal hues. “I have no children! You must be asking about your brothers brood.”

He looked her over, tracing her silhouette with dark eyes, doing what hands wished to do. He loved her at once and it's been an issue since then and it's an issue now. She had floated towards him in a dress of simple white, wearing only a intricate circlet of white gold above her proud brow; she is perfection personified, and how much he hates his brother for being able to taste her and love her. The crystal staff that's been floating by her side was a gift from him (Desmond) to her, to give shape to the Will of Renovatio. It was a tall, beautiful thing with a crescent moon glittering at the top of it; he had wanted to gift her something that spoke of his silent, unrequited love, and to give her a weapon that better suited her.

“No wrath like a mother annoyed. I hear Primero and Asher are doing well for themselves, and Ari is busy hiding in her books.” He plucked a glass of champagne off a passing waiters tray, needing something to cool his nerves and drown his sorrows. “They neglect their mother.” Desmond snorted at her pout hurled at him, almost staining the front of his dark suit thanks to the bubbly drink in his sinuses. “You can't just disown your children because they're busy solidifying their namesake.”

“Try me.”

Around them people danced, talked, and mingled in their group; music mingled with the conversations, making the room loud and booming. Not a single person, no matter their rank or the land they come to represent, would be given an introduction. This forced people to actually speak to one another and also to feel a little more comfortable approaching Primera. While she entertained Desmond and his brother Connor, the heir to All Things, she is an approachable woman who is already eager for new and awesome conversations.

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YEESH.png?m=1517250216L.png?m=1517250840et time speak of a world of absolute peace where only happiness had come to manifest and the elation of people became commonplace. Throughout the Sword Saint's travels never even in his native land had he observed such joviality through the lampshade of regional ignorance; though he supposed that such a way of life wasn't ill-rooted. Perhaps it was this serenity which was long sought after even the most violent of conquests, something thought to be an impossible benchmark for those who walked eternity. Falling through through the cosmos since time immemorial Evaristus Sicamedes was a manganimous soul warped by the twisted realities of "balance" which inevitably created the man who's blade reeked of blood. Arriving to the continent via the Saint George his troupe escorted the royals accompanying the Duke and his beloved to Avylon where they would partake in the contractual festivities of their kingdom's alliance. While Corvinus Melinsede seemed to refuse the occasion himself, he urged other officials to attend on behalf of the legend of Renovatio and beyond: Leoa Melinsede.

Still, something within him felt bothered. 

Even as their royal carriage arrived escorted by several armored vehicles along the outskirts, an anxiousness filled him. This world overflowed with something familiar to both Remmington and himself, something that felt refreshing but ominous. 

What was this?

Slowly gloved digits rose to stroke his chin in introspective thought. 

While Remmington and Evaristus had spent most days in each others arms, sometimes even in complete, emotional silence, he had given her permission to arrive ahead of their own camp as she was a native of Renovatio in this life and perhaps in few before. 

“Justis.” Evaristus called to his esquite, watching as the armored soldier knelt against the lacquered floor of the carriage which had halted no sooner than he called to Justis

“Seek the whereabouts of Remmington, she is your priority throughout this occasion, even when I am with her. Understand?”

“Forevermore Duke Evaristus...” Justis retorted with the utmost respect, taking a moment thereafter to contain a chuckle that almost eluded the duke. 

“Is something funny?” Evaristus scowled, realizing Justis was teasing him. It had been a few weeks since he reunited with Remmington, and everyone who had ever known The Sword Saint recognized the dispositional changes after his love was realized. Narrowing his eyes, he dropped his hand from his chin and folded his arms sternly. 

“Not at all your Dukeship...please try to enjoy yourself today. You have been on the frontlines of all of The Corvinite Imperium's greatest battles. You deserve rest..."

The Sun of Kadia rose from his cushioned seat in the golden carriage lined with the richest jewels that shined resplendently against the flickering lamp within. The fact that Justis thought in such a simple way disturbed him, even for his age, but he pardoned it. Opening the carriage door with a gentle push the eve of serenity immediately captivated him, sweeping him from his ground to the lazy marshmellow skies and chalked skyline. Incredible...this world...it ignored everything Evaristus had learned to be true. How could such a place exist? One of absolute harmony, where children danced, all ages, shapes, and sizes, parleyed in some divine synchronization not unlike that of tales of myth. This was...


“I'll travel alone, as usual. Be at ease...enjoy yourselves but...remain on-guard...” Evaristus struggled to relay his commands to his esquites who simultaneously dispersed in a variety of inner-formation cliques and brothers who had a history far before their assignment to the Saint George.

“Let me see how true this world is...” curious celeste eyes studied the overwhelming repose of Avylon, leaving his carriage among many others to explore this dream turned reality.


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Magnai by Freyz-RCUpon the air was a tangible shift in the air of the event at hand; something that did and did not belong to the area was afoot. At first it started out as nothing but a buzz in the air like static electricity. Then it morphed into a slow warp in the air of reality, rending and ripping it asunder like paper. What was seen beyond was much like a open door to the Galaxy beyond what any being could comprehend on a basic level. From within this Nether realm came forth the Patron Manifesto of the Left Hand Path. The vent itself was stationed upon Avylon's outskirts, placing him atop a building just on the side of the towns festivities.The last time Dominic set foot here was during a Conquest to establish; TESA.. The Earth and Sky Alliance that stretched from Alterion regions all the way to Genesaris itself. The cold sensation of the mountains still clutched deep within his chest. He could hear the vanquished cries from the white wraiths that sought to hunt them down. More over he remembered the feeling of Montis Maximus coming down upon them without fail. Yet now was a different time, history had seemed to revive itself in the hands of Primera. It's once closed doors after their calamity were opened once again for all to experience and encompass its hidden value.

"It feels good to be home.. Kupo~" Robin pipped up from with his cloak as they left the comforts of the Vale behind. It had been too long since he had walked this planet among many other adventures. "Let's take a look around Kupo~ We've been gone for so long we need a refresher on habits." Robin jested with Dominic before flying into the air and circling above his head. The Moogle was all too excited to be back on the terrain where savages walked. Yet there were those who made it worth his while to return to this planet instead of venturing among the stars. At some point he might even earn himself the title Nebulous if he stayed out there too long. Gently reaching his left arm back a bare hand clutched the fabric of the rift tightly. Pulling it around himself and the Moogle his travel attire changed to something more suitable for the event. Despite the Nelrosis scales to his blood line he clad himself in a suit fit for such events. Legion remained close at hand, but not upon his body. Upon the right hand he wore two golden chains at the wrist. Once he saw fit to the attire he made sure his white hair was pushed back against the ebony skinned dome of his. 

"I do not know what you mean by that Robin, however I will gladly take your suggestion into account.." Violet hues gazed up at the Moogle who flew circles over the mans head before perching himself down upon Dominic's broad shoulders. The suit was somewhat loose to fit his 6'5 figure of muscle and destruction. Yet now was not the time for such actions, he was here to be hospitable to those new to his home. Bear sized in hands and body or not he would do his best not to intimidate the crowd. Stepping close to the roof tops edge the man chuckled slightly, he was tempted to drop right in but at this point it would be rude to startle the people. Turning to look around himself his thick lips pulled back into a firm smile that exposed white teeth to the vibrant sun. "Well.. I gotta hand it to em.. They picked a perfect day to host this event.." Dominic mentally took note to give Primera praise when he saw her. 

Already he was having a bit of a hard time moving from his spot; the vibrations from the events assaulted his horns thoroughly. The once placid look in his eyes turned to irritation, he could not blame them either for he had chosen to spend time in solitude making conquest across the galaxy to find other life. Flexing his left hand he slowly folded away with the wind into smoke. Within minutes of disappearing from his spot he reformed down on the corner of a market stall and the main center of the festival. He needed to reach the castle of all places, that is where Primera would be no doubt. Wait a moment.. Now that he was book he couldn't get the feeling that he was surely forgetting something. Someone he was supposed to visit upon his return. Holding up his right hand he held up his pinky and looked at the string tied to it. "Robin.. What was I supposed to do when we got back...?" Raising a brow Dom looked at the Moogle upon his shoulder wiggling his pinky finger in its face. 

"Mmm.. Kupo..?~ KUPO!! Find Lemoine!!" Robin bounced off the mans shoulder and up into the air. Looking around slowly Robin began to wave his little cotton looking antenna ball back and forth. At first nothing happened but then slowly once could sense the searching magic that looked for the familiar presence. Reaching up Dominic pulled the Moogle back down into a safe spot within his grasp. "Search from here do not go wandering off.." Dominic scolded Robin who ignored his every word. The creature was more focused on the mammoth task of finding their companion above safety. A sigh left pressed lips as Dominic swiftly turned upon his heel and marched off to the Castle. He would meet with Primera first or second depending on who was closer.

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dbd7ccb37238471d0cdffe6562a79bd7--fantasHer name was Rin. And she decided to come to see the fuss of the event. It was time for her to take a break from the on goings of polticial masses in her homeland. Though she didn't wish to really come, Rin was here. She made her way to where everyone else was meeting.  She sighed. The half breed was not one for public events, not that she found them boring it was she wasn't good at talking or being social. She was a silent one unless she spoke and that was not a lot. However this could be good for her. 

This is going to go horribly wrong. I can feel it. But I am here. And they probably need allies. 

Rin told herself as she walked the streets. It was different than her own. People weren't afraid to walk the streers and they were friendlier. Probably because a monster didn't loom over their heads. However she had no idea where she was going. Rin had never been to Avylon. And it showed for the half breed didn't even kmow where she was now. 

Well if I ever make it I hope they don't mind me being late. I have no idea where anything in this city is. Wish someone could help me find where everyone's meeting up. 

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mHCLIGI.jpgA lot had changed in the last two years, Elion never thought he ever come back to his former home. But there he was, walking casually along the streets of Avylon. Being here however, his return seemed nothing but destined from the beginning. The city looked the same to him, but at the same time he felt everything to be different. A truly peculiar sensation swept over him as he moved along the many alleyways where he spent a lot of time as a child. Much had changed, but his memories served as an anchor linking him to this place. They would never change and the thought of it comforted him, if only slightly.

A lost son of Avylon had returned, stepped foot once again through its gates. But he was a changed man compared to the time when he resided within the city. Much had changed about, not only his appearance but also his mind but also his mind and his ambitions. He had been a man, now he was a man. His destiny awaited him, he could feel it within his grasp. All he had to do was to reach out and grab it and it would be his. He had been a sheep, now he was a shepard. He would guide his flock out of the darkness and into the light, even if it would cost them their life they would realize his vision.

And in the end, they would all praise him for it.

He had arrived just in time as the celebration has begun to pick up. Renovation had opened its gates to the world for the first time for a very long time. A truly spectacular event to witness, to be sure. It was near impossible to to avoid sense of the tide being shifted, even the winds whispered of it to him. It was the beginning of a new age for the people of Renovatio. And although tomorrow would remain shrouded in mystery, one thing was certain.

The land looked a little less bleak as it began to awaken from its long slumber.

Even though it had been a long time, he figured it wouldn’t take too long until he would surely stumble upon a friendly face. Of course he was not travelling by himself, such a thing would be unfit for a man of his statue even if the significance of his birthright would quickly fade outside of the walls of Avylon. Dilon was not longer with him, actually it was near to two years ago since he last saw his once trusted bodyguard. He had learned much from his time with Dilon, about himself and about the man himself. Where had once had been filled with anger, he was now calm and calculated.

He had been betrayed, but in the end Dilon belonged to him and one way or another, he would serve him until his last breath.

EZtNOtB.jpgThese days, the Lady Theresa Wolfhart protected him from all that would seek to harm him. He had met her on his travels and there was something about her that had left an impression on him. She had impressed him by her resolve and dedication, he had no doubt that she would lay down her life for him right here, right now if necessary. One could not ask for a better champion than the one that would obey without question. Being a woman, many had underestimated her which unfortunately had proven to be a fatal mistake. Their indifference to her unmatched skills had proven a quite poor as she buried her blade in their chests with ease. He would often train with her in order to keep his own proficiency with the blade top notch.

After all, he was still the undefeated champion although after all this time he was sure that a lot of people would contest that claim without a proper sample.  

They continued for some time, observing the festivities in silence until Elion came to a sudden halt just as they were about to reach the main entrance of the grand structure that was the seat of power in Avylon. He then basked in its glory of the nights sky before turning to his protector which in turned shifted to meet his gaze.

"I would like to enter the Castle." He let on. 

"Certainly, master. I will go ahead to give notice of your arrival." Theresa finished her words with a gentle bow before she turned and began walking in the direction of the main entrance of the castle. He remained for a moment behind her advance, watching the structure carefully. After his servant had moved out of sight he would follow in her footsteps.  

This was only the beginning and he had a lot to learn of his former home, so that one day he might call it home once again.


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jfQjEbk.pngJustis would find it too easy a task finding Remmington. Like any scared creature she hid in the nearest, most pointed corner she could find at the time and hasn't moved since burying her nose into the fine stone of the large castle. Absolute fear shaped her with tepid hands, causing her to shiver and panic underneath it's eager touch. It has been such an unexpected thing that the very air was snatched from her lungs and all the nerves in her body turned to liquid. By sheer strength alone she kept standing, willing herself to find a wall or else embarrass herself by fainting. Thankfully she found that wall and dug her nails into it with a prayer on her lips.

Her thoughts tumbled and collide with one another, he’s not here, but why does she feel that he is? Why is it that the instant she crossed the threshold her body shook and her mind ran a thousand miles an hour? Remmington has been home countless times to check in and just to visit, and all those times she's never felt her heart drop to her toes so hard and so quickly. Her only justified reasoning being that he had to be here, either in the crowds of people or hiding in the shadows, watching and waiting. Why now?

Weakened by her fears and inability to cope, the woman fell to her knees, causing the heavy fabric of her dress to crumple around her in a cloud of red. Shivering hands clasped themselves over her mouth, hiding her screams behind scarred fingers. Remmington (as some know) has never been a woman of many emotions and what emotions she has are usually shown to those closest to her heart. Her Sun has seen her terrified and overwhelmed countless times, but never like this.

The thought of her Sun made her hysterical, and anyone passing through the shrubbery would see the curve of her bent back and notice the shake of her slender shoulders. Her screams are just trails of sound desperately trying to make an impression to the festive air. The bubble of terror in her chest burst, leaving her ashamed and fearful, wondering what her Sun will say seeing his everything so impossibly weak and terrified. What if he saw Eva? What would he do to him? The very thought made her want to vomit on the pretty flowers bent underneath her.

Lungs emptied, the small, dark woman ran her fingers through her dark curls and instantly regretted her action. Her long hair had been brushed out till it shone black-blue and curled errantly around her waist - and it's ruined. Having been dotted with shimmering diamonds, her fingers snagged a few strands, causing a few knots and her panic attack dampened her hair around her face, she looked a hot mess. The frown on her face creased her features, making her look exhausted and heartbroken. Her attire, her accessories, all had been picked out because she wanted to make an impression on her Sun. Each detail had been meticulous, and because of her weaknesses she's ruined everything.

Defeated, fearful, and weak, Remmington melted against the ground and sobbed. What if he's here? The thought continues to dance with the beating of her heart and the swish of blood in her veins. What will he do? Remmy won't allow the man to touch a single hair on her Sun’s head. She won't allow the man to mar her most precious thing. He may have Remmington’s thoughts, but he will not have her heart.

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When Renovatio reopened itself to the rest of Valucre, Thurgood was overjoyed: the only path between the Mil Dot Gibson Creek, on another planet in another dimension, and the Mil Dot Lunaris, in the pocket dimension of Taen, is through a stable portal to Sigil in La Guardia. But after hearing about the celebration on Avylon, he decides to go see what it's all about. the first thing he sees is the copious amount of chalk dust on the ground. The very next thing he sees is the inside of his eyelids.

A group of teenagers decides to join the kids throwing buckets of chalk dust, though their "bucket" consisted of several 55-gallon drums, all dumped on one person: the five-foot eleven inch human in drow skin (and ears) with a simple tee and jeans now permeated with bright colors of chalk dust.

For a half hour he'd been shuffling through the streets effectively blinded by the chalk mud caked under his eyelids, furiously scratching himself everywhere because one genius had the bright idea to mix the dust with itching powder! Now he stumbles into the magnificently gilded castle, not knowing it is, and leaning against the wall, trying to pull his eyelids down so his copious tears can have a chance to do their job.

((I don't know if security would have taken his weapons or not...))

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Syr exhaled deeply, taking advantage of a brief moment of silence. He brushed a hand through his near black hair, feeling his horns for the first time in a long time. Renovatio had a rather profound effect on the Hooded Figure. Namely, it was somewhere he could go without his hood. Unencumbered by fear and violence, Syr seemed quite a bit younger than usual. The morbidly neutral demeanor about him gave way to one more jovial and warm. 

It wasn't long after he had finished setting up that his first customer arrived, seemingly undeterred by the horns and luminous harlequin eyes. In fact, her eyes were quite a bit like his. Shaking the thought, he smoothed out his suit and took the woman's order. 

Syr's performance behind the bar was something to behold. He was lost in a flurry of lithe limbs, whirling bottles and gravity defying liquid. Not long after he began, he garnered a fair gathering around his small station. He felt oddly at ease here, among these strange people. Syr had always considered himself a spectator of the world, but he wasn't quite used to seeing it all in one place. 

Avylon was beautiful. It was the kind of beauty that permeates the soul. Syr wondered if even the Night could see him all the way out here. Among the cacophony voices, it didn't seem to matter much. For now, he was making his customers happy. Could they be considered customers if they weren't actually paying him? Either way, his skill sets were limited, and he was glad to be exercising the more peaceful of the two. 

There were only a few seats at Syr's bar, and he was thankful that, for now, they were empty. He could not help but smile as he washed and dried glasses for the next round of customers. Some chose to stay and talk, others chose to take their drinks and go. Either way, they were all intriguing. 

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@danzilla3 @Deus Ex Aizen


A deafening humming sound tore through the surrounding blocks as the Serenity made its descent. It hovered ever so steadily in the air, gradually lowering itself onto the landing bay, the arcane repulsors dimming to facilitate such an action. Its wings slid inwards into its body, compressing down into a small diamond-shaped craft that occupied no more than half of a parking lot.

It surprised Hera that there weren't very many other airships here. Although it somewhat made sense, since it was only in Terrenus that the general transport systems were inactive, and people had to resort to using airships. Here, people had other means, whether it be teleportation, portals, or technological advances.

However, the cyberbeing was here to make a proposition; that airships were the best way to travel. Portals could be sabotaged, broken down, sometimes even suck their users into endless wormholes where they would spend the rest of eternity falling endlessly. The day the warp gates and lightning rails closed down in Terrenus was the day that the world would know of the dangers of using magical transportation. Furthermore, the mass transportation of goods would be inconvenient along the rails, if they ever did get repaired. Animals would tire eventually as well. But more would be told of the ambitions that the android had when she came face to face with Primera herself.

There was another reason as to why she was here, which was to extend her currently weak political presence. For once, she wasn't alone on her journey. She had with her two figures that were equally reputable in their own rite: the Empress of Hyperion, Raveena, and Grant Blackwater. She hoped that accompanying the Empress Raveena would elevate her status in the political sphere on Valucre, although such an assumption was a dangerous one for someone who knew so little to make.

-= =-

The large sliding door located at the back of the airship retracted upwards like a shutter. From within, the seatbelts would unclasp and slide off of Grant and Raveena, who were seated in the back of the craft. The gangway of the ship was lowered but hovered a few feet above the ground. Along the way, she would offer her hand to the Empress of Hyperion as she stepped out, making sure that she didn't trip on the edge of the gangway.

"Quite a remarkable city, isn't it your Majesty?" Hera paused as the light of the sun bathed her metallic body. She used one hand to cover the glare as she surveyed the surrounding architecture and technology. By no means antediluvian. By no means primitive.

"Someday, Hyperion will be showered with a similar glory. We just need some time, " she smiled warmly, although she was uncertain as to how the Empress would react. Even with the people that she thought she knew, she had to be extra careful to play her cards right.

"I only promised to bring you and Mister Blackwater here. The rest will be left to you, Empress. Lead the way."

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348ppw8.pngEsme sat down at the bar with a gentle hand pressed to her rising chest, and the other sweeping away random strands of hair from her damp face. Time has just slipped through her fingers this night due to the constant requests to dance and entertain, leaving her breathless and happily exhausted but impossibly sore. Making her home in her seat, she reached down to massage her ankles, hoping the sensation reaches her aching feet. There's pain in beauty and she's certainly living the saying, knowing well enough if she hadn't worn the heels she'd be in higher spirits.

Feeling her heart rate return to normal, the small woman began the long process of rearranging the curls of her hair. A few couples and some singles passed by, taking note of the woman's careless display as she took over a small portion of the bar for herself. The pins were scattered and her accessories were thrown; a night full of extravagance she figured she could splurge, pamper herself with the best, and now the best decorates a semi-empty bartop. At least for a few hours she dazzled, enough so she had caught the attention of a few men and the ire of a few women. None of that mattered though, her attire and demeanor were for herself and no others.

Fingers sifted through her hair, disturbing the curls, completely ruining whatever style it had been before the dancing and her impatience. Pale green hair tumbled over her shoulders and down her back, creating a halo of unique colors around her fae-like face. She felt relieved; her skull can now relax, her throat less constricted without the jewels, and her feet happy now that she's abandoned her fine heels underneath her seat. The only thing still in place is her dress, and given the chance she'll probably loosen the ties or hoist it above her knees, making it easier to dance and move. Until then she will keep the beautiful fabric in place and stay occupied with everything else.

“Excuse me, sir.”

Her voice reflected her kindness, as did the sleepy look in her emerald eyes. She didn't wave Syr over, neither did she snap her fingers or yell his way, very inappropriate gestures often used to servers attention. Instead she leaned against the bar and smiled at him, as if he would know she's doing so if he wasn't paying attention. She spoke loud enough so he’d hear her over the crowd but not so much that she's yelling.

“Could I bother you for just a cup of water?”

She knew the request would be laughed at or at least thought of as odd, but she's ignorant to the types of drinks he has to offer and their flavors.

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What do you understand about me?


It was a beautiful day, perfect for the hosting of a grandiose event within the continent, and certainly worthy of hailing visitors from all corners or said continent. And then some. Among the gathering masses was even Ryu Kotei  himself. The Dragon Emperor, Chijono Heika, or to those familiar enough, Lord Koji, the founder of the Datsuzoku brand itself that had found rapid expansion not only so far successful in the lands of Genesaris, but also right here in the region known as Renovatio. Unfortunately, Koji had not yet experienced the pleasure of meeting the powers that be in either location, not beyond initial formalities in the more current and direct case. However, he would fail to let such a thing be a hindrance to rectifying such a mistake. Prior he understood that the gates of the country were closed to outsiders, and yet he pried himself in, only to find now that his acceptance would be much more so. The rising Emperor not only attended this event to place himself as the public face of Oo'xora Province, but of it's entirety. While he had allowed a benefactor to sit in the Capitol as his Shogun, The Emperor had been pushing to survey his extended territories, and to settle them accordingly by his and his Empress' discretion. The same work still being done in the Midlands of Genesaris no doubt. Soon Koji would enforce his dominance over the entire Midlands, as well as the severely ignored portions of Oo'xora that could only harbor great and yet hidden potential. For now though, the Emperor would have to focus on communication, and potential relations to be found here today. His small, growing Dynasty turned Empire had made sure to promise enemies during it's rise thus far, and yet Koji had failed to secure any attractive allies to his nation. This too he would rectify this day!

Now that she was undoubtedly with child, the Empress Kimi failed to accompany him this day. As such, he was comfortable travelling with a much lighter party than he had while visiting the small nation known as Kadia. The thought of the place was a bitter sweet one, especially in consideration for it's proposed God-Emperor. While Koji begrudgingly allowed transgressions by their hand, he had done so in gratitude. While they might not understand such a stance from him, it made perfect sense. Judging by the severe misjudgment of Koji himself by their God-Emperor's mind, it would likely be overlooked completely and held as a false pretense of ignorance, arrogance, and or weakness to this very day. Yet Koji continued to act unhindered, and continued to exude only that which made him appear all the much more confident and capable. His incomplete harem was only a tragedy thanks to the attachment and favor he had learned to afford the particular women of his that were taken. Though there was also no doubt in his mind that eventually he would send for them, and when his call went unanswered, or even denied, he would be certain to collect them regardless. Time and time again Koji had proven the words he seldom spoke. He strongly favored the belief in the red string of fate, and nearly as much as he did with such, he fancied himself a manipulator of this divine string. His Will was continually pushed as one that was absolute, and not a single time had he failed to deliver. While many argued that such swift success on his behalf would likely swell the young sovereign's head, an unshakable few were in the mind that his greatness would only grow, and that while he was heavy with hubris, he refused to let it cloud his vision, an likewise his judgement. Certainly, only time would tell.

"We are well into Avylon soil by now, we should reach our destination by nightfall as planned. Let us pay our respects to the new Grand Kommandant, and likewise enjoy the festivities she had intended for us. If we're lucky, perhaps we'll get so see some entertainment. Rumor has it that Avylon is responsible for producing the best warriors Renovation has to offer, in which the Oo'xora brand is second only to..."

Certainly that last statement was left a bit open ended, as if to say for now. There was no doubt in his mind that once they found the same level of establishment to be found in the Imperical City of Jigoku, that Oo'xora would usurp such a proud title from it's sibling nation of Avylon. Avylon might have been a larger nation in comparison, with a larger population, though these would fail to be factored into the worth of a single warrior compared to another. Oo'xora was great without definite direction, and with Koji's directive it would become even greater. Under the tutelage of people like Kenshinobu, and the Dragons of Jigoku, there was no doubt that not only would the nation perfect it's own forms and the new one's introduced to it, he was more curious to see how many would be adaptable enough to evolve entirely new, unique forms that would further impress Oo'xora's reputation across the lands. Then there was the bulk of the rest of the military building plans in the Emperor's mind. From feudal technologies and martial prowess to the likes of black powders and magitechnologies, they would rival the cutting edge, and perhaps one day become it without dispute. Just the thought of it brought a twinkle to his scarlet eyes as they narrowed, a grin coming to accent his face as they continued onward to their destination. Just as predicted, they came to arrive just after dusk, officially delivering omagatoki upon Avylon. 

@Etched in Stone

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ff5yjm.jpg“Here, let me help you.”

He'd hear a gentle but demanding voice slip through his panic and pain caused by over zealous children overstepping their given boundaries. She knew there'd be some trouble makers roaming the busy streets, so she wasn't at all surprised to see the stranger in the state he's in. Prepared and ready to rock and roll, the woman pulled a small vial from the inside of her robes, and poured a bit of the clear substance on her hands to rub on his face, concentrating on his eyes.

If he felt the need to jump away from her eager hands, he would find himself overwhelmed by her touch. She is not the kind of woman to take no for answer and his reaction would go ignored. Glad that he was able to find a wall to lean on, the woman took her time to obnoxiously invade his personal space. Without her, he would be at the mercy of more play, as he's clearly a victim to childish games making him an easy target to anyone wanting to pick pockets or worse. The city is now open to criminals and hero's, making the streets too crowded with the too eager and the too needy.

“It's harmless fun according to them. Thankfully you'll be alright in a tic.”

He'd feel instant relief as the caked on chalk began to melt away with ease. Her touch became less abrasive the more the chalk was chipped away at, an offering of peace because she knew it had to be painful to just have her fingers rub the already sensitive skin. Sadly there's nothing else she can do about the rest of him, the effects of the itching powder will eventually wear away, hopefully he's okay being uncomfortable for a bit.

She stepped back once satisfied he’d make a full recovery, and wait for her acknowledgment and his thanks. Hopefully her appearance won't ruin the brave display she had put on; being rescued by a woman half his size may not appeal to him, or it might, some men could care less and maybe he's part of that lot. Standing at a mere five feet and a few inches Yonatan isn't a sight to be feared, let alone revered. Yet she wore her white ucissore (assassin) robes with envious pride; arms crossed at the chest and one small foot tapping showed her slight impatience towards the matter, but she is a servant to the people and she will wait for him to recover.

“You gotta be aware of your surroundings or else be victim to the nights festivities.”

Yellow eyes glittered with a passing thought going through her mind. There had been a time long ago when she was the playful youth tricking the adults … strange how time can just change a person. Never in a thousand life times she would ever guess she'd be where she is now, especially with the title Grande Ucissore (Master Assassin) hooked on her name - she still hasn't accepted it.

“You don't look like you're from here.”

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It helped, these random distractions - music, conversation, yelling, excitement.

All the noise drowned out the increasing ache in her heart, giving her seconds of reprieve before her mind returned to the present. No matter how hard she tried to ignore the scars of lost yesterdays, her mind has a way of reminding her that such things are not easily forgotten nor forgiven. She thought her heart had accepted that the past is the past, that there is no use in trying to return to those days where she had given her trust, only to have it abused.

Her frown painted her melancholy, a mood that should not exist when the Avylon is bright and beautiful underneath the full moon. All the hard work and heartache, their losses and gains - everything - is in this very night of celebration. Primera had struggled through her selfishness and righteousness to make Renovatio what it is today, with her husband standing tall at her side and Lemoine behind her, ready to catch her niece if she ever felt weakened by the weight of her responsibilities. She is supposed to be immersed in the celebration, drinking away her sorrows and mingling with the highs and lows of Renovatio and beyond.

“Excuse me!”

She was pushed out of her thoughts thanks to a eager shoulder bumping into her. The streets have already been lit with various lights and fires, illuminating the scene of painted faces and happy bodies all squished together in tight spaces. Aware of her surroundings she wonders how many people she’s already bumped into and vice versa, surely too many to count and enough to be embarrassed about. With her mind too lost in strings of listeles memories, she hadn’t the time to think about the now, and shamefully she hung her pink head.

Now isn’t the time, Lemoine.

Chastised, the tender woman stood straighter, thrusting her proud chin into the air and began her walk back to the castle. Lemoine had left the center of the whole celebration to catch some air and relieve her thoughts, two things she did not do by the way. A bit too eager to live in the past, Primera has tried to push the woman into the present by keeping her occupied with various needs that need to be fulfilled throughout Renovatio. Most of the time it works, others it just makes her think too much. It’s just too easy to think about that ‘what-ifs’ and the ‘whys’, hoping that somewhere underneath all your broken hearted woes you’ll find the answers to everything, and once you have those answers it’ll piece together the past and ease you into the future.

At least, for her, that’s the hope.

“Oops! I’m sorry, Ms!”

Apologizing for the second time in a matter of minutes, Lemoine is becoming frustrated with herself. By the looks of the other woman she knows she is not of Renovatio, making her feel even worse for being up in the clouds because now she's just stepping all over strangers. Opal hues glittered with unspoken apologies, sure that the other woman would rather get on her way the  have some random stranger step on her and blubber about. It's impolite as it is to be stomping around on your guests, not apologizing for your missteps is just adding a cherry on top of a timid situation, and she's not the sort to be so uncouth.

“It's a bit crowded on the streets, you'll have to forgive my tactlessness. I didn't mean to bump into you.”

She shuffled the skirt of her dress out of the way, just in case the other woman decides she wants nothing to do with Lemoine's apology and wishes to stomp away.

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1 hour ago, Aleksei said:

“Here, let me help you.”

"Huh, who are-" Thurgood starts as his words get cut off as Yontan rubs her hands on his chalk-covered face. At first it stings bad, but in a few more seconds the chalk mud under his eyelids somehow finally softens, allowing his tears to pull them into solution and away from his eyes.

If one could see the drops falling, they would see  vivid swirls of color in each drop as the different colors of chalk dust move around, suspended in the saline until they hit the ground.

It only takes a minute for Thurgood to be able to open his eyes without irritation again, where he sees the short woman in her peculiar robes. "Oh, thank you so much," he says, "I thought I'd have to stumble around until I managed to find a sink somehow."

1 hour ago, Aleksei said:

“You don't look like you're from here.”

"Naw, really?" Thurgood replies, "I thought everybody openly carries firearms everywhere, and constantly smell like a mix of fragrant nectar and rotting leaves! Anything I can do for ya, since you just, like, un-blinded me?"

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Curious thing, a spirit. Often elusive and uneasy in the presence of those it deems greater or more predatory. More often domineering and confident in the presence of those weaker. Rarest and most beautifully of all: tender in the presence of those kindred. Syr's spirit was energetic at best, tumultuous at worst. At times both uneasy and domineering; at times neither. Now he felt a new flux in his soul. An unfamiliar - but not altogether unpleasant -lilt taking his spirit. 

"Excuse me, sir" 

The sound tore him from his performance, though it wouldn't seem so to onlookers. He was used to people shouting their orders, but no voice quite struck him like hers. There was a kindess not commonly found, nor commonly advised. Syr quickly ended his flourish and served what drinks he had in progress. 

"Could I bother you for just a cup of water?" 

Curiousity only continued to grow as Syr processed the strange request. He hadn't looked to the source of the voice prior, preoccupied as he was with customers on the other end of the counter. Immediately he could see what made his soul sing; she was gorgeous. With hair green as the forest and eyes like glittering gems, he found himself quickly perplexed and enamored with the woman before him. The whole scene was too intriguing, so he decided not to comment on her commandeering a large section of the counter. Since he was here as a volunteer, Syr wasn't too worried about seating. There were no paying customers to lose anyway. 

Esme was quite a bit smaller than himself, and much paler by comparison, flushed as she might be from dancing. During his occasional glances into the crowd, he could have sworn he caught the briefest glimpse of her. She looked different somehow, sitting in front of him. Here, now, she seemed more - tangible. Dispelling the thought, he considered her and her order more carefully. 

Her cadence had been cautious, and her order universal. It didn't take the until-very-recently-Hooded Figure too long to figure out that she had no idea what to order. It was his fault for not including a menu, but this whole endeavor was so last minute that he barely remembered to pack his suit. Syr darted around behind the bar for a few brief moments, pouring liquids of various colors and consistencies into a cup and shaking. He reached below the counter and produced a piece of ovate stemware, like a slightly more robust wine glass. Luminous orange liquid filled the glass three quarters of the way up, and was garnished with a slice of what could only be described as a very unhappy cross between a melon and a peach. 

"Here" he prompted, sliding the drink closer to his guest. "It's a specialty of mine, I call it 'The Pheonix', it should put some pep back in your step."

He smiled as only he could, at once both mischievous and earnest. "And its Syr, like cooking steak, but I get that a lot." He pointed to a bare spot on his lapel where his nametag should have been. He couldn't help but smile sheepishly as he realized that she hadn't read his name wrong and was, in fact, just being polite. 

"I see extravagance wears you well" he chided, clearing his throat. "Must be careful not to drown in all of this," he motioned to the various pins and baubles occupying more than his width on the counter. "I can hold these back here if you'd like, unless you'd planned on going swimming again." He smiled warmly as he eagerly awaited the look on her face when she tried the Pheonix. 

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