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Dancing on Moonbeams!

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'I am home.'

Chapter I: Noi's return

Pale optics observed every move the nurse made while holding the smol bean of Celine's off spring. Noi was ever observant now that Celine was resting else where at the time; biting her lower lip her scars itched as they always did. Her treatment at the hand of the Empire was comfortable and nothing harmful from the moment of arrival to Desmond's rescue of herself and her High Fist.. There was little to be said on her part, her dark complexion remained smooth and youthful thanks to the oils and refined baths here in Reno. There was a small measure of joy to be had in returning home upon the festival of Renovatio's grand reopening to the world! 

There were butterflies rolling in her stomach; an unspoken joy that brought her to a new level of strength. Adjusting her robe Noi made sure to keep the fabric clean and untouched by dirt on the floor of the castle. Her long hair was kept in a dual braid fashion while adorned with a tiara. She remained completely unarmed and unveiled before the public allowing her horns to protrude from her skin up and around the tiara. The world around her was a dazzling array of lights and music. There was so much joy to be had Noi was unsure how to honestly respond, her only task at hand was to look after the baby while Celine was away at the moment. 

When Desmond arrived and called the nurse forth, Noi only watched and listen to the conversation at hand. An yet as Desmond spoke Koji's presence brought her to full attention. Freezing in place she was not in view yet but she could see them both standing with the baby in hand. Pressing herself to the wall she waited and listened to what was being said. The baby did in fact need a name and thus would be Koji's choice as soon as he had the baby in his hands. This moment was one Noi wished Celine could be present for all of this goodness. To see Koji holding his first born for the first time and hear him speak the name Kaori for the baby girl. 

Her lips curled into a faint smile as the joy bubbled over in her chest. Keeping her back straight and her posture correct, Noi slowly walked out from where she was standing behind the nurse maid. Taking a slow knee she did not make a sound but only waited to be acknowledged by her lord.

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t070h1.jpgDesmond could feel the delight, and with it, he lived vicariously through Koji, if only for mere seconds before allowing the man to live in the moment. He detached his gaze from father and daughter, to peek at the corridor which harbored the mother to the child, the wife to the man smitten with the tiny bundle, and the woman stripped of her rank in the Kadian Empire. It wasn't just he who had sacrificed so much, honestly what was gone from him is relatively minimal in comparison to what the woman had gone through. 

Celine has always been a woman of devout beliefs, but never blind. Leoa had given her to Koji, showing her skill in the games of the concubines to win her station next to the Emporer. All she does, she puts her mind and soul into every action; underneath her vivacious beauty, she has cultivated her duties and skills to benefit better the men she's served. He knows her heartbreak. It's not a difficult thing to see or even imagine, and so it didn't surprise him much when his father had difficulty bringing her back int the fold as one of his SoulSeekers. She had fallen in love with her life as Koji's Concubine, allowing that love to dictate her actions the day she was taken away from her new home. 

The prince wondered if his mother saw this, knew that inside Celine there was something stronger, bigger that demanded the freedom of choice. Beneath the strength of Corvin's rule, one can almost suffocate from the weight and mighty, and the once SoulSeeker had learned to live while drowning, growing comfortable with the struggle. He had asked her once if she regretted the choices that brought reason to her torture - she said no. Without those choices, she would not have this moment.

"Kaori, how perfect."

His attention went to Noi, the woman who had sworn herself to Celine and kept away from the other woman the entirety of their capture. Desmond worked hard to be the voice between all these people - Koji, Noi, and Celine. He understood that these relationships are meaningful and are meant to be prosperous. When he took Celine out of her cage, he made sure that Noi was close to but still kept away. There was so much she did not know, for Desmond feared the woman would go into a fit of rage and do something that'd be disastrous to his plans.

The smile on his face spread wider as Celine finally took herself out of the shadows to partake in this reunion. He had left her the choice of returning with Koji or staying behind with him. No matter the decision she made, she would be protected, as will her child. He has put so much into his promises; he will not see them fail now, no matter the distances placed between them all. 

He quickly stood to help the healing woman walk forward, and when he attempted to guide her to a seat, she disregarded him to fall into a bow at Koji's feet. The action reminded him of his mother who had done the very same to his father, swearing her life to him and the empires that grown beneath his rule. The sight persuaded him to move - this wasn't his moment. Celine has made her choice, and he has accepted that even helped her solidify her place in the decisions that brought them here. For now, the SoulSeeker has found a home, and he will ensure that it stays beneath her feet. 

Silently excusing himself, Desmond returned to the party where Primera is still surrounded by Connor admirers.

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1fbg2d.pngCeline remained a silent spectator, utterly comfortable with being gently set aside while Koji enjoys the company of his firstborn. For the last few months, she's been spoiled with the child's presence, taking pleasure in the old-age ways of motherhood. In the beginning, she had merely accepted the pregnancy, knowing that the child was just another body on the field in Koji's growing empire. Then, because time has a way of changing one's mind, she understood that hearts are easily swayed and tempted.

She had known that Corvinus would come for her and if she were to resist she would be punished. Treason, the word carries so much malice, so much pain, it burned her tongue even to whisper it. There was no way around it though, she had disregarded her title as SoulSeeker and the vision of Corvin's ascent into greatness, and played the fool's game against the preordained. The choice hadn't been as severe as she thought it would be; the child in her womb had changed her and the man that she protected influenced her. 

Tortured is putting her punishment lightly. Inside her bottom lip, the letter 'T' was carved with no attention to its appearance. She knew that she would be marked, understood that there would be pain, but the fear was a surprise. For all he is a monster, Corvinus would never hurt a child unnecessarily and with Leoa at his arm, his anger and punishment would be light against Celine. Her mark was nothing in comparison to the rest; they had beat her enough to bruise and ache the skin, but never enough to break bone or tarnish much of her appearance. The worst of it was the cell, where she had been stripped naked and kept away from every9one, left to grow restless in silence. 

Starved some days, beat others, her life before Kaori was lost in the daze of pain with the only bit of hope growing inside her. The final act was a pilgrimage, where she had to crawl from the base of a tall mountain to the tip; the rocks had been liberally sprinkled with salt, burning her hands and knees. She did it, but she certainly did not repent. 

Her torture was seen in the scars on her hands and knees, the fading bruising on her body, and the hollows of her face. Celine is still the Concubine Koji so adores, just starved, light-deprived, and weaker in body (absolutely not in soul). She was slightly ashamed to appear before him in all her glory, knowing that she must look sickly, but her proud chin still stuck itself in the air, and her eyes glowed with determination. Desmond was quick to stand, offering her his arm, which she took quickly so to not fall on her knees in fatigue. She was tired of resting.

The woman appeared from the corridor, parting away from the shadows in all the glory she could muster. Adorned against Desmond's darkness, she glowed thanks to the helpful hands of the maids, who've all been accommodating and caring to the hurting woman. Kaori was spoiled by many hands reaching for her, cuddling and loving on her, treating her as preciously as she should be. Having her child in the care of strangers was a new fear she never thought she would be witness too. Desmond had teased her about her motherly ways, but she took the easing as more of a compliment to her ability to protect her child.

"My Emporer."

Celine released Desmond, and slowly she went to her knees before Koji and Kaori. Noi would not go ignored, but for now, Celine could not be distracted by beautiful, familiar faces. 

She pressed her forehead on top of her hands, hands that were pressed at Koji's feet; this low bow was her apology. Dressed in the most beautiful silks of red and navy trimmed with gold, the Concubine had wanted to present herself as something worthy to obtain. She had explicitly dressed for Koji, hoping that her waned appearance would not disgust him, instead, he would be distracted by the beauty of her attire and the golden pins in her red hair. 

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The moogle did a proper job of punctuating the moment of gift giving. Connor was comfortably content in the arms of his eldest sibling, wherein such a state he could see all things moving around him in bundles of light and sound. Robin floated above him, forcing the infant to wave his small hands high in sluggish attempts to grab the flying creature. His happy laughter made the Grand Kommandant smile and laughed as well, contently lost in the child's splendor of the events. 

"Your gift will be looked upon fondly, Ser Dominic."

The cloak will surely become a part of the small babe's collection of enchanted items. If he is anything like his mother, he will surely be a collector of great and wondrous things. 

Attention is swiftly shouldered to the arrival of the lovely Squire, of who looked a little fuddled at first, which only drew an understanding smile from Primera. Unsure of the why she can assume that being presented in such a large group can be somewhat daunting and uncomfortable. Merida had always made it a point to introduce her daughter, make her the center of conversation before switching to something better, like political dances and backstabbings. Nonetheless, she had always felt out of sorts, unable to fit into the strange puzzle of society that had once ignored the young lady. All eyes had been on her brothers.

Primera returned Selene's bow before speaking, "Please, he would be honored."

She spoke for Connor, knowing well enough that the sight of the beautiful woman so fair like his mother, would likely give the child a sense of happiness. Next, Selene would be partnered with another Squire, one who also offers a gift to Connor. Primera had to laugh at the sight, not to disrespect the two women, but to show how amusing it was that Connor was the one of whom was receiving all the gifts this night. This would have to be written down in words most verbose for his mother; surely the woman is beaming with pride at the sight of her son being so fancied

"By all means, please."


The babe being cared for, Primera finally turns her attention to Rin. Her accent was familiar, but she wasn't able to put a word to it, but the princess was quick to give her the answer to her small question. Athentha - yes, that makes sense. Somewhere, somehow, someone had mentioned the area in passing and how strange the accent was there - not that Renovations had much to say about that. Primera's accent is a mixture of French and Latin, making it light and heady, demanding while remaining soft. It's a part of her personality that she's often used.

"You grace us with your presence Princess," the Grand bowed deeply, showing respects to the other woman. 

"Excuse my ignorance, but an alliance? What can my Renovatio offer your Athentha?"

Primera understood the need for alliances and is more than willing to extend her heavy hand to anyone needing her assistance. But! She will not be so blind to enter into contracts without reading the fine print. She will not play the eager fool and allow herself to attain an alliance with Athentha without knowing the whys behind it. There is so much that she needs to know about Athentha, how it would benefit Renovatio and how Renovatio could benefit it. Such relationships should cultivate greatness, and she will take nothing less than that.

Patiently, she waited for Rin to explain her reasoning and while she's at it, there is a chance for anyone else to dip themselves into the conversation. Now that simple pleasantries and introductions are done with; it's time to talk shop. Anyone wanting to get something from the Grand Kommandant is welcome to approach her. 

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Lemoine watched Desmond enter back into the fold. She was curious by his hurried gestures from earlier and now his lack of Koji at his side. There are always hushed rumors being kicked around the castle; very little goes ignored in the upper crust of society, especially the escapades of anyone holding a high title. Desmond had arrived in Renovatio weeks earlier than planned and with him, he brought a few individuals, all of which were hidden and kept away from the rest of society.

Primera accepted the situation for what it was, not once questioning the man. Lemoine wasn't so sure she was comfortable with her niece being so casual with Desmond, who is the brother to Primera's husband, but he's also the son of Corvinus. Renovatio as a whole does not agree with Corvin's rule, having gone far enough to deny any true alliance. They are there to assist one another, hep where they can without getting too political, but there is a small divide that keeps them at arm's length. The Grand Kommandant wasn't shy about her feelings towards Kadia and the Cold South; outspoken and fearless; she understands that not everyone carries the same beliefs.

Whatever and whoever is being hidden inside the castle walls carry a certain amount of importance that required secretive conversations. Lemoine was happy not to be part of it. The less she knows, the less she has to worry about. Right now what mattered was her reason being there and with Desmond returned to them, she can finally introduce the man correctly.

"I'm glad you've returned!"

Opal hues danced teasingly. Desmond has worked up a somewhat flippant attitude, and while most of it is untrue, she finds every opportunity to knock on that sore nerve. Her comment drew a dry laugh from the man, who looked at her threateningly with a smile crookedly drawn across his face.

"May I have everyone's attention here, please!"

The small woman's voice rose high above the crowd, only drawing in a few interested who were otherwise unoccupied with less exciting things. The prince rolled his eyes but begrudgingly allowed himself to be pulled to Lemoine's side, where he folded his arms across his chest and became interested in the polished floor. She tried to shake him, to draw his gaze back up but he chose to ignore her, the smirk on his face playful. 

"Allow me the honor to introduce the newly crowned Maharaja of Kalopsia, Desmond Melisende!"

There was a round of applause and a few whistles, even a few passing clasped the gentleman on the shoulder as congratulations. Lemoine knew how hard he worked to gain Kalopsia's trust and what he's sacrificed regarding titles to acquire the land. Corvinus and Leoa have always been kind to their children's needs to be individuals, and often that leaves their offspring to wander outside their designated herd. Desmond and Lemoine are two examples, Desmond possibly being the more extreme of the two. 

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My land is a small place. Though we can live by the many comforts we acquire, there are still somethings we need among other lands. I think they would be called exports by your people. Humes, humans I recall. We do not have fruit trees where I live though we have humans among us. Seeds could help us. Also, I am a weaponsmith, I was hoping to acquire some metal to strengthen our weapons.

Rin replied before bowing to the Grand Kommadant. She may be a wild creature but she did hold manners when needed. And of course Renovation was guarded by good fighters. And she wasn't here to cause a fight. That would be reckless. She stood then a bit slumped off. It was only because her structure was a bit old so she didn't stand up correctly. 

I do understand that you are wary of people asking for alliances. But I come sincerely. In return I can offer you soliders trained in the hardest of surroundings of my land. Tough and loyal. 

Rin leaned against the wall to steady hetself. The heat seemed to do a number on her. And she was not good with heat as she came from an ice covered island. She eyed the Kommadant with her one orb of an eye. With more metal and fruit she could get the humans of her land to be complancent. 

I do hope we can help each other out. Not sure what we can give you. But I'm sure I can accommodate your needs perfectly. 

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A calm never experienced before overcame the Emperor. For the moment he lost sight of his ambitions and goals, his stresses, and his prior thoughts and feelings of happiness were usurped in the moment. Not only did he revel in this joyous moment, though it foreshadowed the excitement that was sure to arrive with the anticipation of his heir. Despite his immediate distraction, Koji was fully aware of the presence of not only the mother of his first born, but also one of the other women fortunate enough to complete the concubine trials and earn her place among his harem. The one that swore to protect the first mother. If either of them thought for a moment that he would not feel their presence amidst his, then they had began to forget their Emperor in their absences respectively. Still, even as they initially exposed themselves he dared not to peak just yet. Even as Desmond excused himself rather silently, he still found himself enamored with with agape over his, their daughter. It wasn't until he noticed the way his women threw themselves at him, Celine most precisely at his feet, that he snapped out of his euphoria and back into reality.


He began, demanding them to seize with the devout bowing to their sovereign. In the eyes of the public he would expect such, though in private and especially without the presence of his Empress, he expected them to feel more or less his equal. Even if they denied themselves any sense of entitlement, their loving Emperor was prepared to shower them with privilege.

"Rise and stand proud before me. Your priceless dedication and services to our Dynasty and myself is more than deserving of mere leniency."

Repostitioning the infant, he cradled her in just his dominant, Draconic arm. Squatting to meet Celine whom took to the deepest bow she could muster in comparison to Noi's kneel, his left hand grasped Celine's bicep and guided her up to her feet once more. His scarlet eyes found her's as he peered straight into her soul for the first time in months. His hand caressed the fabrics of her silk up beyond her shoulder to her neck before he elegantly cupped her lower jaw. His fingers hosting the right side as his thumb took the left, only for his thumb to smooth about her chin before sliding across her soft lips. Though his mouth spoke no words to indicate his disdain for the Kadian Emperor, his eyes fully harbored flames of vengeance. It was as if his eye begged the question "What has he done to you?" . Still he would not ask, for the details mattered not. Corvinus had made perhaps one of the biggest mistakes of his false god life, and in a perfect world, Koji would be the one to proudly hoist the man's severed head upon a pike for all to gaze upon as a first and final warning of the fate to any that dared to trifle against the Datsuzoku brand. Noticeably, Noi was practically unscathed in comparison. While this brought no ire towards Noi herself, it told Koji one important piece of information. Reinforcing the fact that Corvinus could be felt within Celine no more.

Leaning in as he too beckoned her forth, he planted a sensual kiss upon Celine's lips however brief prior to allowing his eyes to slide shut. Just after he pressed his forehead against her's, still cradling their daughter between the two of them. Still he remained silent, simply drinking in the minute affection afforded to them in this endearing moment. Fortunately for him, her scent had not changed, save for the savory aroma added with her full experience of motherhood. A smile graced his lips, and slowly he pulled away from her as he relinquished her completely, his eyes opening once more for another glance before his gaze shifted upon Noi. If she failed to approach him sooner, she found herself being the next one that he approached. Upon reaching her, his eyes became half lidded, his smile remaining genuinely. His human hand brought the back of his fingers to caress the side of her face before repeating his prior doting and affection upon her. The slightest grasp at the back of her skull brought her to meet him in a passionate kiss, in which their foreheads touched just after, though his eyes remained open and peered into her's, a look of pure gratitude being afforded to her in a show of realization of just what she had done in allowing herself to be taken with Celine that day. The day he allowed them both to be taken without any interference. Such a shame it was that the reason he allowed them to be taken still had yet to come to fruition, granted he was certain the reason was still valid. Inevitable.

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As their dance concluded, Syr could feel Esme's fingers pressing into his back. He couldn't help but smile at her gentle panic. Frantic attempts at steadying oneself rarely ended so elegantly. A moment passed and he became aware that he was holding her too. The world seemed to still once more, and Syr began to wonder if this was a power she had, or if it was just power over him. Silence blanketed them both, insulated from the festival by their intertwining spirits. 

"You are a sneak!" 

Her words sundered their tranquil sphere, and her laugh enraptured him anew. So much so that he couldn't help but join in. Syr furrowed his brow and held his mouth agape in feigned incredulity, though the humor was clear in his eyes. His arms never left her form as he righted them both. The parting of their worlds was inevitable, and it was all he could do to convince himself otherwise. For now he sought refuge from the notion in her arms, where time always seemed to stand still. Eyes alight, he beamed back at her. 

"Now that's all a matter of perspective!" He exclaimed, "from where I was standing the whole thing was entirely expected!" 

He paused for a moment, tearing his eyes from her. "Speaking of perspective..." he trailed off. Glimmering harlequin eyes drifted gently across the sea of people. Only the height and majesty of the castle stood out from the endless, shifting forms. He pulled her a little closer, excitement burning luminescent spots in his eyes where the enchantment was beginning to fade. 

"I came here to see Renovatio, and so far all I've seen are a bunch of drunk people dancing, and you." He turned his eyes to the great dome atop the castle. "How about we get a better view?" Giddiness was welling up in him, threatening to turn him inside out. It was then that he became aware of the warmth washing across his cheeks. Some embarrassment subsided when he noticed that she had been blushing as well. It was more than attraction though, now it was the heat of excitement. From their perch on high, they would be able to see miles of this beautiful country. For perhaps the only time in both of their lives, they would experience the world the same. 

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Lewis was headed to the place in the castle where those of others held their own kingdoms within this floating island held miles abive the sea.

Someny things were going on at once that he just didn't know where to start where he went was where there was a Woman who seemed to be asking about alliences towards someone who seemed to be  an importaint figuar 

"Mabye ill start there" as he went to see the person she was talking to but waited patiently until she was finished.


Of course after he set himself to bow and speak

"Hello my name is King Lewis of Lexdord, Ox'ora I have come as I have heard there were alliances going about. I was wondering if there could be one between the kingdoms?"

It was a good start but where would it lead to he didnt know, all he knew was that he barely knew anyone save for the female warriors he met so he didnt even know what the royal family tree looked like nor whats is name was. But first thing first, he needed to find out if there were any neighbors nearby his kingdom but before that he need to begin forming alliances.

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Selene Belfreid





Carefully, whilst Connor rests in the arms of his brother Ezio, Selene pulls her mask at the chin and lifts it. If only to make proper her sight of Connor as a whole. There is little for her to say toward the beauty held by such a small being as it radiates for all around it. A warm happy glow permeating her heart and soul.

Were there ever a moment for her to be drawn so tightly in by another, it is this one. And with it she finds the ardent locution to weave an everlasting promise. One bearing a strength she will someday learn can never be severed.


“I give you this small token, sweet prince. Of friendship and loyalty. If ever in need, if sad or lonely, in want of friendly guidance or counsel, I shall know. And will always come when called.”

Tucked within rings of varying hues, is a drop of clear blue water. A tear having been shed by someone dearly beloved and long ago lost. Personal skill, hard work, and a framework of emotion, formed into a special trinket that is gently placed around the little bundle that is Connor. Only after having been granted permission to do so.

The moment fades as duty calls, and silence ensues as the mask is appropriately placed in its former position. However, her fingers dawdle, hesitant to break away too suddenly. Maybe the jolt of doing so, would cause her to sway… in the end her fingers slip away and her arms hang heavily at her sides. Selene’s frame shifts in order to allow Freydis to have her turn, while her ears listen to the Grande Kommandante’s words as addressed for another of the great prince’s, Desmond.




Then, as Primera’s announcement comes to and end, Selene turns and begins to walk away. The world outside beckoning for her to join in...

It can be hard to determine who’s story is truly beginning. But the lives they each lead separately will eventually become tangled, and as their paths cross new adventures will begin.

And even if left unknown for a good portion of time, all will eventually unfold and the new age will tell a story greater than the accumulation of lives entwined in it can ever comprehend.




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