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Canon requirement - 120 to 80

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The required word count for posts seeking to be canonized has been reduced from 120 to 80, and the canonization guide updated accordingly. 

Our goal in establishing a word count for canon posts to begin with wasn't to be exclusive, which is why it was a requirement only for canon and not for play at large on Valucre, but to set the bar at a minimum of effort required for new and old members to effect change on the lore that others put into place. This is also why many quests, artifacts, and etc. come with a certain amount of posts required as well. It lets us establish a "baseline of effort". This was first put into place years ago when some members would attempt to completely wipe cities off the map in two posts, or reply to roleplay with emoticons or single word dialogue replies and things of that nature.

But, over the last couple of years, the community has proven remarkably solid (as it pretty much always has been) and has not shied away from the challenge of substantial and meaningful content to effect substantial and meaningful change. So with that in mind we've lowered the requisite count for canon posts going forward. I'll see you all out there a-writin'

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