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Dolor Aeternum

The Abbadon Triumvirate

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|What is the Abbadon Triumvirate?|

The Abbadon Triumvirate is a clandestine organization that strives to continuously amass power to cement its influence in Terrenus, Genesaris and any other lands within Valucre. It takes advantage of the downtrodden, outcasts, and exiled alike providing them a safe haven to attain whatever their desires may be as long as it does not conflict with their agendas.


(soon to come)


Power, intoxicating power, is our mistress.  She bares her supple flesh to us, divesting her...


The Abbadon Triumvirate’s main hierarchy consists of the three triumvirs that founded it. Agony, Ker, and Rodan founded the organization despite knowing very little about one another other than they had one common desire: Uncontested power.

The rest of the organization is run loosely with members reserving the right to work with whatever arm of the triumvirate they desire as long as they do not become hindrances to the organization’s goals. This lack of true structure is intentional at this time as it will allow any members who end up getting caught by Terrenus military/law enforcement or Genesarian law enforcement to become unable to divulge too much detail concerning the organization’s current dealings/affiliations.

Establishing several legitimate fronts in business to disguise the Triumvirate's presence, their notoriety is confined to the current city they have established a small foothold in: Patia.

|Divisions and Offices|

Political Arm of the Triumvirate – Ker has likely abandoned her arm of the triumvirate stemming from a disagreement with the methods Agony has employed in Orisia as well as preserving herself and Nines. It is unknown whether this arm even exists any longer.


Erudite Arm of the Triumvirate – Anyone affiliated with Rodan will commit themselves to the advancement of science within the organization, studying stolen artifacts, creating new devices for the benefit of the organization and conducting experiments/torturing any captives.


Covert Arm of the Triumvirate – Anyone affiliated with Agony will participate in assassinations, kidnapping, or any other clandestine activities that require stealth, precision, and sometimes brutality.

|Rank, Reputation, & Advancement|

Currently the triumvirs serve as the complete authority though future ranks may be established as growth continues.


A series of cryptic messages were sent out and should the readers be capable of decrypting and finding the locations embedded within the missives they will be met with a recruiter who will relay their interests to the appropriate parties.

The triumvirs have also been known to seize opportunities out in the field should certain individuals spark their interest.

|Allies and Enemies|

Primary Location: Patian Hub (not common knowledge)

Secondary Locations: Weland, Hell's Gate (both of which are not common knowledge)

— Roen?(Thanks to events of Maze as well as the successful kidnapping of Gabriela it is unknown whether Roen exists as ally or enemy)
— Enemies: Law Enforcement Entities, Terrenus Military, Rafael Bartolome/Orisian Government (Rafael's knowledge of one of the triumvirs as well as Lunara from the events of Maze have placed some key members of the Triumvirate in his sights but it is unclear what the vampyre Elder seeks to do)
— Neutral Parties: Any other likeminded individuals/parties.

|Goals and Activities|

1.    To attain uncontested and insurmountable power through any means necessary.

2.    To assert influence to support the above primary objective.

3.    Maintain anonymity for now and avoid detection.



First Year

Canon - Asset Recruitment - Rin (Completed) - See Meeting on the Mountain Trail (October)

Canon - Initial Recruitment Meeting (Completed) – See Power Beckons (October)

Canon - Asset Recruitment – Bruga (Completed) – See Safe Riots and Kidnapping (October - November)

Canon - Asset Recruitment – Centaur (Completed) – See A Raid in the Night (October - November)

Second Year

Canon - Recon Mission in Orisia  (Completed) – See Walking in a Winter Wonderland (January)

Canon - Acquiring Political Currency via Kidnapping - Gabriela the Orisian Black Queen (Completed but ended in failure) –

Canon - Establishing New Hub in Terrenus (Completion ended in Failure) – See The Anima Imperium (February)

Canon - Doing some Recon to find out about LoD at Red Festival (Completed) - See Red Festival (Open) (posts from Tyler and Dolor specifically) (April/May?)

Canon - Assessing LoD's potential as ally or foe and witnessing the Terran military's might (Completed) - See Two if By Sea Last Chance Raid (posts from Dolor specifically)

Canon - Acquiring ghost ship (Completed) - See A Race to the Finish

Canon - Recovering from failed mission to kidnap the Queen. Acquiring some interests in the eastern portion of Hell's Gate: usurping ownership of an inn, recruiting a lost soul and gaining an ally - See The Long Road Home

In Progress:

Lirrey Lines (in Progress and will be canonized)

Reviving the Promise [Sky's Great Ravine Airship] (looking to gain a formidable airship)

Other Lore Threads: Some of these threads were inspired or could not have occurred without some of the canonized threads above so will be logged here for reference

Night of Terror [Knoles]
Pre-Broken Recruits

|Material Acquisitions through Missions/Events|

1 x object class starmetal (obtained in Safe Riots Thread)

1 x forged magic license (obtained in Safe Riots Thread)

1 x Ghost Ship Galleon (obtained in A Race to the Finish)

|Current Plans|

Defeating Kaiju in Weland (In Progress) - See Souzou Enraged

Acquiring Godfury (Abandoned) – See Salvation Through Steel

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Added more canonized threads

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