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[Quest] To BECOME DEATH...

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Shanna takes in his appearance, the noticeable changes, the way he doesn’t enrage at her earlier insults…It’s different, and different isn’t something Shanna particularly cares for. At least, not in the present. Instead she pauses at his words, mouth agape like a fish out of water.

“Ten thousand years?! That’s so long! Why would they hold you that long? How are you still alive after all that time?” Shanna questions with a dubious look. The ever-changing visage shifts as she barrages him with her questions, before her cheeks puff quite a bit, making her look like an angry chipmunk.

“I’ll beat them up for you!” She offers sincerely, even as she deflates. “I had noticed that you moved, but I didn’t realize why…this place seems nice enough! I like your trees, anyway!” She prattles on for a moment, pausing to accept a beverage of some sort and guzzle it as they move. “Oh, Brutus?” Here Shanna frowns, brows furrowing deeply as the woman contemplates the best way to explain the absence of her once familiar, turned traitor.

“I…banished him.” She states plainly, though there is sorrow and pain etched in the lines of her face should one look closely enough. The loss of a familiar to a witch or mage was as though losing a piece of their own soul. Though Brutus had not been her full familiar, the loss had been great. “A true familiar can’t hurt their mage or witch…” Her hand moves to her wrist, drawing back to reveal the scars of the hellhounds’ giant maw. They are gnarled and vicious, wrapping up her forearm like a vile tattoo. “When he attacked me, I knew then that he wasn’t my true familiar and banished him. Not before he left some marks, though. Of course, that was after the banshee ruptured my eardrums, too….Queen Gabriela fixed that, though. She’s so nice.”

Shanna pauses to take another drink, peering up at Bull for a long moment. “I like the beard.” She finally decides. “It fits you a lot better than not having one.”

Priscilla stands vigilant at the head of the hall, awaiting her son and his strange companion. When they finally arrive, she manages a pleasant enough smile to Shanna.

“Welcome to our home once more.”

“Ah! Thank you!” Shanna gasps, before turning to Bull.

“I always forget how pretty your mum is. How did she turn out you?” She teases.

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