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Book 3: Quests and Timeline

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Book III: Quests and Timeline



Who is this booklet for?

Players looking for quests to embark on, and players who want to know the history of Yh'mi. Please read the rules in section (1) before you take on a quest. Section (2) lists the current quests that you can take or possibly join, and Section (3) gives a brief summary for each past thread that has been completed in Yh'mi, and links to the threads. The links bring you to the last post (full summary) of each thread.


What does it mean if a quest requires a storyteller?

It just means that there should be someone who is driving the thread towards its main objective. This person would most likely take the role of deciding when, and how many enemies will appear etc, and what kind of obstacles the characters will face along the way. I might also give the designated storyteller some hints on what might happen within the thread. Sometimes it is more interesting if most players don't know about these surprises. Your RP group can just select anyone to be the storyteller, or if you wish to, Valucre has a pool of volunteer storytellers that you can request from here.



1. Quest Rules

2. Current Quests (Available and Ongoing)

3. Timeline of Past Threads


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1. Quest Rules


Quest Rules

(modified from the Terrenus Quest Index)

  • PM jaistlyn before undertaking a quest, so I can update availability.
  • Include the Quest tag in your thread.
  • Each post should be no less than 80 words, as per the minimum for canon posting. 
  • If a quest goes 30 days or more without a post, it will be considered a failed attempt, and opened to other players. If you continue the thread after 30 days, it will be considered as a second attempt. 3 failed attempts on a particular quest constitutes quest failure.
  • Some quests must be started within a timed period. If no one takes up the quest in the stated time, the quest will be an automatic failure, and the lore of Yh'mi will be affected accordingly.
  • Rewards include: IC spoils that will be listed (negotiable), and impact on the lore of Yh'mi.
  • PM jaistlyn when you complete the quest.


Quest ranking descriptions

(modified from the original Marketplace)

  • S: Only a few available at any given time. Those undertaking them should do so with the understanding that this is a serious business quest - characters are subjecting themselves to dangerous situations. If a player’s character does something very foolish and the person running the thread can’t find a logical way to save their character without resorting to a Deux ex Machina, you need to accept that your goose got cooked. Probably requires 5+ pages of RP.
  • A: A difficult quest - might pose risks (depending on the capability of the character) and will take some time and work. Might be challenging in other ways (requires solving complex problems or puzzles or the like). Probably requires 3+ pages worth of RP.
  • B: Meat and Potatoes kind of quests - moderate difficulty and some work to finish, but characters generally come out without lasting injuries. Typically requires a couple pages of RP.
  • C: Bottom level quest. Easy with little risk. Usually require not more than 1 page of RP and typically an option for solo questing.


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2. Current Quests (Available & Ongoing)


Level C

1. A Widow's Request

Ongoing thread: A Widow's Request


Quest Description: One of the brave warriors who had died in the recent battle left behind a grieving wife. Among the belongings that had been collected from his body, his wedding ring could not be found. Besides having sentimental value, the monetary value of the ring could also be used to tide her over these trying times. She is asking for your help to find the ring, which would most likely be within Inns'th, or just outside the Wall where the battle took place.

Quest Level: C

Recommended group number: 1 to 3.

Minimum thread length: 15 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level C.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: A handcrafted whistle, as ornamental as it is useful to attract attention.


2. Sticky Situation

Ongoing thread: Sticky Situation


Quest Description: Inns'th's only blacksmith, Smithy as he is known, fought during the battle against the rogue paladin, and killed several Yh'mi creatures of his own. However, when he returned to his shop, he found that some of his materials and items were missing - including raw leather, a mace, a short sword and a well-made steel shield that he had just completed. He is putting up a reward for the thief's capture.

Quest Level: C

Recommended group number: 1 to 3.

Minimum thread length: 15 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level C.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: An extremely sharp dagger that is suitable for hunting and skinning animals.

1 failed attempt due to inactivity after 30 days. 3 failed attempts would mean that the quest has failed.



Level B

3. What's Mine is Mine *Available*


Quest Description: A group of prospectors had successfully exposed a large vein of Ercaniron ore at the mountains at the edge of the Whitewoods. The Order's concern is that the ore is tainted and dangerous, and that mining it will put the citizens of Inn'sth at risk. They are hiring contractors to close the fissure and make the ore inaccessible. You can either take up the quest to close the fissure, or to mine the ore for your own gain and fortune, but know that doing so will anger the Order of the White Hand.

Additional: You will find charred pieces of a Gutterfiend near the fissure, and signs that a significant amount of Ercaniron has been taken recently. You may also find wagon tracks around the area. These Ercaniron have been smuggled out by gypsies. It is up to your characters whether to report these findings to the paladins of the White Hand.

Quest Level: B+

Recommended group number: 3 to 4.

Minimum thread length: 40 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: If you close the fissure, the Order will reward each character with a ring that can be activated to cast a light beam of 100 metres. If you mine the ore, you can sell it to gain money, but by doing so, your character will no longer be welcome in Inns'th - the Order will forcibly remove you from the area.


4. Hold your Vines

Ongoing thread: Hold Your Vines


Quest Description: It has been rumoured that the Saevion, a territorial, stag-like creature, can be calmed by anyone holding the Tempest Vine. Unfortunately, these vines are extremely toxic, and can kill anyone holding them for too long. The Order is seeking adventurers who are willing to verify these rumours. First, they have to locate the vine in the Whitewoods, find a way to harvest them safely, then anger a Saevion in order to test its effect. The Order will provide two pairs of impermeable gloves, which are also water-proof and fire-proof, to protect against the poisons of the vine.

Quest Level: B+

Recommended group number: 3 to 5.

Minimum thread length: 45 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B. You might get attacked while searching for the Tempest Vine, and if it doesn't work to calm the Saevion, you will have 1700 lbs of angered muscle charging at you. Also, be careful not to touch the Tempest Vine with bare skin.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: You get to keep the gloves, and if you wish to, you can hunt the Saevion for delicious, good quality meat.

1 failed attempt due to inactivity after 30 days. 3 failed attempts would mean that the quest has failed.


5. Uru Trouble *Available*


Quest Description: The repair of the Walls has been completed, and the next phase of the project is to strengthen the wall with Uru, a dark matte grey alloy of Urutrium metal and naturally occurring zinc and carbon. It is notoriously difficult to shape, requiring extreme forging methods. The Aligorian contingent, who have arrived to aid Inns'th in its rebuilding and expansion efforts, includes engineers and blacksmiths who are experienced in working with Uru. While working with the metal, they found that a portion of the Uru that they have brought in have been tainted with other metals, significantly lowering the famed strength of the alloy. The Order of the White Hand has put up a request to investigate and find and arrest the person(s) who had sabotaged the metals, be they Twistlings, Yh'mi sympathizers or mischief makers.

Quest Level: B+

Recommended group number: 3 to 5.

Minimum thread length: 40 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B. The saboteurs are likely to put up a fight when they are found or cornered.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: Each member of the team will receive a dagger forged from Uru, a material among the strongest in the world that holds enchantments easily.

(Credit to EpicRome23 for the quest idea)


6. Odd One Out *Available*


Quest Description: In Lirrey, villagers live in contentment as one with the community.  There is one however, who resists harmonizing with the neighborhood.  News of this man has reached the paladins of the White Hand.  The description matches that of Nadas Xar'cha, thought lost and dead after a failed excursion into the Whitewoods.  While the Paladins discourage direct contact with Lirrey, they wish to make an exception.  On the surface a rescue mission, the intelligence on how Nadas survived and resists Lirrey's influence takes precedence. Travel to Lirrey, discover Nadas' secret, and decide what to do with him.

Quest Level: B

Recommended group number: 1 to 3.

Minimum thread length: 30 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B. You'll need to resist the effects of Lirrey trying to make you stay and be part of their community.

Storyteller: Required - Contact Reinholdt to receive more details about Nadas.

Reward: Nadas' secret can be used to create protective charms that can suppress some of Yh'mi's mental influence.

(Credit to Reinholdt for the quest idea)


7. Into the Dark *Available*  Multiple versions / iterations of this quest are allowed.


Quest Description: Much of Yh'mi is currently unexplored, and information will be needed to hold back the darkness of this land. The Order of the White Hand is encouraging parties of adventurers to carefully scout out the various areas, and is offering a reward for any new information brought back.

This ‘quest’ is very open-ended, multiple groups can explore at the same time and groups can go exploring more than once.  Essentially, this isn’t a single-thread quest, it’s a larger objective for people to base threads on.  It will likely take several expeditions to fully explore even one area, and there are quite a few...

Areas to be explored: the Whitewoods, the Spires, the caverns and crevasses beneath the Broken Plains, and the entirety of the Unknown Territories.

Quest Level: B+ to A+, depending on number of posts

Recommended group number: 3 - 7, depending on how deep the expedition plans to go.

Minimum thread length: 40 posts for scouting or a minor discovery, 55 for a major discovery,  70 for any expedition into the Unknown Territories.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): B to A. The deeper you venture into Yh’mi, the more malicious it becomes.

Storyteller: Recommended, but not required.  Anyone aiming to make a major discovery should PM jaistlyn to confirm beforehand, likewise with anyone aiming to discover a new area within the Unknown Territories.

Reward: Players get to keep any items that they find that are not part of a discovery linked to Yh'mi.



Level A

8. To Lose a Star

Ongoing thread: To Lose a Star


Quest Description: After multiple attempts, the Order had failed to retrieve a crystal-powered lantern from Aizus Flint, a recluse sorcerer who had stayed in a wooden cabin in the Whitewoods in the name of research. The lantern had kept the sorcerer safe from the madness-inducing mists of the woods for a long while. Recently however, groups traveling near the Whitewoods have reported seeing an apparition darting in between trees, cackling at them and holding what looks like Aizus' lantern. When they try to catch the apparition, it always manages to evade them. The Order has put up a notice to investigate the apparition, as well as the sorcerer who is supposed to be residing in the woods. They also wish the lantern to be retrieved if possible.

Quest Level: A

Recommended group number: 3 to 5.

Minimum thread length: 60 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes):  Level B. The journey to the Whitewoods itself is perilous, not to mention the dangerous mists of the woods that can cause madness and amnesia, as well as the unknown identity of the apparition.

Storyteller: Recommended but not required. You can request for a storyteller here.

Reward: Each member of the party will get a crystal that offers moderate protection against all shadow-based attacks. 

1 failed attempt due to inactivity after 30 days. 3 failed attempts would mean that the quest has failed.


9. One-Eye Zapping *Available*


Quest Description: Recently, a beam of red laser light has been seen shooting towards the sky near to the village of Lirrey. The Order of the White Hand requested investigation of this phenomenon, and found that the laser is shooting from the eye of a dead Cyclops - one of the larger of their kind. The laser seems to be relentless, and does not require any kind of power source. No other Cyclops had been known to be able to shoot lasers, so the Order is unsure of what caused it. Nevertheless, they are requesting aid to find a way to stop the laser temporarily, and harvest the Cyclops' eye safely so that they will be able to install it at the Furthest Point fort that is in the midst of being built as a defensive weapon.

Quest Level: B+

Recommended group number: 2 to 5.

Minimum thread length: 40 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes):  Level B. The creatures of Yh'mi may be hanging around the corpse of the dead Cyclops, devouring its flesh, and adventurers may also encounter its Cyclops brethren attempting to retrieve the body of one of their kind.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: In addition to monetary rewards, each adventurer will receive a ring that can store some of the energy of the laser, and they will be able to release the energy at will. (Laser beam 5 seconds, 2 uses.)


10. Fibs for Dips *Available*


Quest Description: A girl entered Yh'mi with a storybook, and the events in the book were played out in real, exposing Yh'mi and Inns'th to fourteen days of constant sun. She claimed that a creature was responsible for it, saying that she only managed to save herself and the world by changing the ending of the story. She named the creature the Storyteller. The Order is concerned at the implications of this creature, and is requesting for adventurers to investigate and find the creature, bringing back to Inns'th if it is sentient, or killing it if it is found to be vicious.

Quest Level: A

Recommended group number: 3 to 6.

Minimum thread length: 50 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B. The full extent of the Storyteller's abilities are unknown, and creatures of Yh'mi will be hunting you, as usual, while you're searching for it. It is highly recommended that you do NOT bring an unpleasant storybook with you while attempting this quest.  

Storyteller: Of course it's required! That's the creature you're looking for! ..just kidding, storyteller recommended, but optional.

Reward: All participants will each receive a tube of strong fire-resistant lotion that protects them from burns for 3 hours at a time. Good for walking in the desert, or even the occasional walking through fire. Enough to apply all over a human's body 5 times. 

2 failed attempts due to inactivity after 30 days. 3 failed attempts would mean that the quest has failed.


11. Undying Vengence

Reserved for Damnatus


Quest Description: As occult scientists world over have been studying recent surges in portal-related phenomena in Yh'mi, several groups have turned their focus to study these events in that blighted land. Recently, an expedition was planned by Dr. Alstofo Heydrich to trek into the uncharted lands that lay to the southwest of the Pillars, to investigate energy signals detected within that indicate portal activity. Mercenaries from the Free Company Butcher’s Bill were hired on as security, as the lands they were to travel are fraught with peril.

The main base camp for the expedition was established some 75km southeast of the Spires, to give that area a wide berth. Dr. Heydrich’s undertaking was proving rather successful, but after a month in the field, the base camp went silent. All manners of trying to hail the camp failed, and fearing the worst, Dr. Heydrich’s support staff back in Inns’th have begun setting up a rescue party to relieve the wayward doctor and his crew.

Quest Level: A

Recommended group number: 3-6

Minimum thread length: 50 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level A

Storyteller: Required

Reward: Whatever spoils await any adventurers who are willing to trek into the dark to find this lost party. That, and they will be well compensated monetarily by the support staff.

(Credit to Damnatus for quest idea & description)


Level S

12. Heart of Darkness *Available*


Quest Description: An expedition team sponsored by the Order of the White Hand ventured beneath the Broken Plains to map the underground portals and caverns (Important: read this summary for full details). Several locations in their reporting warrant further investigation, specifically in two areas: (1) an underground ruins with glowing crystal deposits, and (2) a chamber beyond a chasm that houses a large black stone, dubbed the Heart of Darkness. Many human bodies surround the stone, unnaturally frozen in various positions of worship, devoid of life. The Order is looking for any artifact that signifies what the ruins are, how old they are, who the bodies are, and whether the Heart is linked to the ruins. They request for some samples of the crystals to be brought back, as well as any identifying items found on the bodies in the chamber. Exercise extreme caution, for the Underdepths are not fully explored or understood yet, and the Ghoul that had been found in the chamber protecting the Heart is a seemingly indestructible creature that strikes horror and fear in its opponents.

Quest Level: S

Recommended group number: 4 to 8.

Minimum thread length: 100 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level S. The Ghoul seems to be the guardian of the Heart of Darkness. It had been pushed off into the chasm in the last encounter, but it is likely that that was not the last to be seen of the creature.

Storyteller: Required. Please choose a player among you to PM jaistlyn to get more details about the quest. 

Reward: All participants will receive a holy shield from the Order of the White Hand at the start of the quest. However, even the paladins are uncertain as to the shield's true effectiveness against the ghoul's tremendous speed and raking claws.

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3. Timeline of Past Threads

(Arranged from newest to oldest, in IC time)



Claiming the Furthest Point link

Summary: With the aid coming in from across Terrenus, the Order of the White Hand takes another shot to capture the Furthest Point hill, which would give them a vantage point and strategic advantage over Yh'mi's creatures. A first wave consisting of more than twenty individuals were tasked with escorting four wagons to the Furthest Point to set up the foundation for more defenders and builders to arrive. Along the way, the group was attacked by different creatures of Yh'mi, including the Saevion, Chhitten and Chhitten Magnus. Twistlings had also revealed themselves to be hiding among the defenders. The creatures were mostly defeated, but not before they had managed to destroy two of the wagons. Despite the shortage of resources, the White Hand paladin leading the expedition decided to press onwards.


> Related next thread: Claiming the Furthest Point Episode 2


Repair of the Walls link

Quest Description: The battle against Remissio's veritable army of 200 had caused part of Inns'th's Wall to be knocked down. This ancient wall had kept Yh'mi's creatures out for centuries, and the Order of the White Hand intends to keep it that way. As such, it is imperative that the Wall is repaired with haste. The Order has put up a request to the Terran military and nearby cities for assistance in this endeavour. There are a few possible ways your character can help (your thread can touch on one, or a combination of these aspects): 1. Engineer materials to produce a modern barrier that is superior to the ancient material of stone. 2. Guard the breach in the wall against any Yh'mi creatures that might attempt to enter Inns'th. 3. Physically help with building the wall.

Result: The dark knight Gormaric Warmoon came forward to lead the overall efforts, and the White Hand paladin Tor'Gall led the defensive force assigned to guard the breach. Yh'mi's attacks were relentless, but fortunately knights from Aligoria and House Uldwar in Ursa Madeum came to aid. Together, they managed to drive back the creatures and rebuild the wall. For his bravery and leadership in battle, Tor'Gall received a promotion. (Link to Tor'Gall's promotion thread)


> Related next thread: Uru Trouble


Lirrey Lines link

Summary: Doctor Xeyal of the only bar in Inns'th (The Purgatory) aimed to set up a portal between Lirrey and Inns'th with the help of Lunara, Karuna, Sasha, and Agony.  The group traveled to Lirrey and ended up exploring a secret passage leading beneath Lirrey's church.  There they discover the horrible truth behind Lirrey, that the village and the people within were an extension of a fallen elder god, Lirrey the Eternal Star.  Fated to be drawn to this location, Lunara and Lirrey form a deep eldritch pact, making the faerie Lirrey's Herald and granting her great blood powers.  The portal was successfully opened and now secretly connects the Lirrey church with Purgatory's basement.



Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.) Treaty of 597 link

Summary: The manpower shortage and constant threat of Yh'mi caused by Remissio's betrayal drove Chastity, the head of the Order, to travel to Ursa Madeum for a meeting between the leaders of independent nations in Terrenus. The visit was twofold, one - to converse with Taen leaders about the newly-opened portal that connects Yh'mi and Taen. Two - to persuade the leaders that Yh'mi was a threat to everyone, and to appeal for warriors to aid in the White Hand's planned effort to finally claim the Furthest Point hill. The aid that each nation had agreed and signed to are as follows.


Phase 1 (happening together with Furthest Point event)

Limited to the number of resources needed to claim the Furthest Point. Transport will be arranged directly with the White Hand, and because of that, small and fast fleets are assumed for transport (except for Patia, whose contributions are significant for this phase - they will probably be using larger airships)

  • 50 Seekers, 50 Keepers from Mythal
  • Dogs of War trainees from Uldwar
  • Visit/help by Tarquinis and 4 Patian knights
  • Visit/help by Nairne - herbalist, Hildebrand
  • Shipments of stone and lumber from Patia
  • Food from Patia will come into play here to support the people coming in. Due to the distance of Patia, these are more dried goods, nothing super tasty, but for sustenance.
  • Fresher food from Hildebrand, in small amounts and not as frequently due to logistics (no port yet)
  • Finance from Taen and Hildebrand to acquire basic weapons and equipment etc
  • Assumed that the displaced Orisians from Antigua will be spending time settling in the Free Marches
  • The White Hand will also apply for a higher budget from the church and Terran military to sustain the growing community (but funds probably wouldn't come in that fast, even if approved)
  • One company (~100 men) of Army Rangers (basically scouts) and their horses, vehicles, weapons and provisions (they'll mostly be self-sustaining) from Norkotia. This is arranged outside of the treaty. These soldiers will be working alongside Grubb's Dogs of War in the field.
  • House Karradeen will be available to supplement anyone who needs transportation for their goods or services.

Phase 2 (after the Furthest Point has been claimed)

Basically aim to expand Inns'th to accommodate more people and build a port nearby but far enough away from danger so that resources and people from UM can be more easily transported.

  • Additional 50 Seekers from Mythal
  • Start purchasing food grown in the Free Marches (cheaper than commercial crops), Mythal
  • Financial support from Taen and Hildebrand continues
  • THRIVE Conservation team from Hyperion
  • Visit by Aspen, crop development, Hildebrand
  • Use of Port Mars (House Uldwar) to transport people and food/trade from UM
  • Police force of sorts set up to keep peace in the growing town
  • One hundred foot soldiers, fifty archers and twenty horsemen from Uldwar

Phase 3 (when they're done or almost done with building stuff)

  • Possibly grow a portion of own crops
  • Possibly attract better-quality mercenaries due to a rise in standard of living
  • Possibly have a small port town arise next to the new port (which will be a small distance from Inns'th), where the bravest of the fighters' families can live. It's safer than Inns'th (not by much, but still.) Close by enough for the fighters to visit.
  • Possibly a research branch made up of mainly Keepers from House Mythal in order to analyze the ancient artifacts found in Yh'mi



Mapping the Depths link

Quest Description: The group of mercenaries that had tailed Remissio's army reported that they traveled through the underground paths underneath the Broken Plains, and that these paths contained portals which allowed the army to traverse the Plains in a much shorter time than overland. The paladins are awarding anyone who would venture into the dark caverns, and map its path and portals. However, prospectors are warned that this is an extremely dangerous expedition, since it is not certain what lies in wait beneath the ground.

Players are expected to map the area beneath the plains, which consists of separate tunnels connected by portals. There might also be deeper, open cavern areas. The task is to draw a map of the underground, and label where each portal leads to (as in literally draw a map of where your characters have traveled, whether it's hand-drawn or digital, it's fine). The underground paths may lead beyond the Broken Plains or not - it is up to you.

Result: James Eredas of the Order of Force Majeure and several mercenaries delved into the dangerous bowels of the Broken Plains to map its pathways.  The first portal led them to a waterhole with glowing larvae worms and a horde of Wispered. They found an underground ruins with glowing crystal deposits, where they were attacked by four Fallen Knights. After defeating them, the group crossed a chasm and found a chamber beyond which housed a black stone (the Heart of Darkness). Unnaturally preserved corpses were littered around it. They were attacked by an extremely vicious and dangerous Ghoul, and though they managed to drive it down the chasm and escape narrowly, they are almost sure the Ghoul wasn't dead. The map that was drawn by them will definitely aid further explorations.



The Grey Gateway link

Summary: Nearly 200 km south of Lirrey, a silver portal opens up in the skies. The Unknown Territories released their hold on a volcano, replacing it with a smaller green mountain. The despairing aura of Yh'mi wasted no time and coalesced with the mountain, sucking away whatever unique life-magic inhabited the structure. A group was sent to investigate, warned about the dangers of venturing into the Unknown. After losing more than half of their members during their journey, the group discovered creatures that were not native to Yh'mi, but rather seemed to be gross mutations of animals such as bears and wolves. The group decided to turn back after collecting the corpse of a mutated wolf pup. It was too dangerous to proceed without having a clue of what they were facing. After analysis of the pup's remains, it was determined that the creature originated from Taen. Similarly, reports came in of a silver streak over the skies of Taen, and a black volcano that appeared out of nowhere. This incident triggered the head of the Order of the White Hand to travel to the neighbouring Ursa Madeum islands to attend a symposium hosted by the Taen Empire for leaders of independent nations in Terrenus.


> Related next thread: Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.), Treaty of 597 (Completed)


Accretion link

Summary: Two people enter Yh'mi with the stated mission of delivering a letter to a band of gypsies who had gone searching for a family artifact said to be buried somewhere in Yh'mi. In reality, the two are searching for the Gypsies for reasons of their own. The two found the gypsies near the vein of Ercaniron that had been uncovered earlier by prospectors. They had incurred the wrath of a Gutterfiend. The two brokered a deal with the matriarch of the clan; in exchange for saving their lives and guaranteeing their safety back, the gypsies will smuggle a large amount of Ercaniron out of the country for them.


< Related previous thread: The Watcher in the Mist (They Never Learn)

> Related next thread: What's Mine is Mine (Available quest)



Black Destiny link

Quest Description: It has happened. A paladin, sent on a mission to the Spires, has spoken with Lun’silth.  Now, he is returning, and his continued existence will inevitably lead to disaster.

It is unknown exactly what threat he poses.  The only thing that is certain is that somehow, this man will bring ruin down upon Inns’th.  Adventurers must help avert the catastrophe, which first means eliminating the rogue paladin.  However, this difficult task is only the beginning of the true nightmare that you will have to face.

Result: The mercenaries who had been sent out to intercept the corrupted paladin had failed, because he had used underground portals to bypass them. The paladin led a 200-strong army of Yh'mi's creatures against Inns'th, determined to destroy the Order of the White Hand and its head, Chastity. His attempt was finally thwarted, but both sides took heavy casualties. There is now a hole in Inns'th Wall, that the Order is hastily trying to repair, and the population in Inns'th is the lowest it has ever been, with many injured or dead, and with many others fled.


 < Related previous thread: Five Fingers on a Hand, Whispers Bind

> Related next thread: A Widow's Request (Available Quest), Repair of the Walls (Available Quest), Mapping the Depths (Available Quest)


Whispers Bind link

Summary: After a brief encounter with Lun'silth during the expedition to retrieve the banner from the Stalwart Knight's crashed airship, one of those who had been in the team approaches Inns'th's resident doctor. She struck a deal with the doctor to help her delve into her own memories in order to further understand the vision that Lun'silth had shown her, and to keep this a secret from the paladins of the Order.


< Related previous thread: The Knights Who Say "Yh'mi!"

> Related next thread: Black Destiny (for this character's appearance and the significance of her findings)


Life is a Hideous Thing link

Quest Description: Creatures are gathering, preparing to strike in a storm of claws, teeth, and tendrils. Without knowledge of what it faces, Inns’th will fall.  Gutterfiends are known to be among the deadliest creatures of Yh’mi, but much concerning their nature is still unknown.

The Order of the White Hand will offer a fair reward for anyone who can kill one of these beasts, and safely bring its head back to Inns’th for examination.  But nobody has ever brought down a Gutterfiend before, and some believe the creature to be immortal...

Result: A Gutterfiend had been brought down by a group of 5. Through the group's reports and an in-depth study of the head of the creature that had been brought back, the Order has made significant process in understanding this creature. The downside is that the creature is as hardy as they first believed, but the good thing is that now, adventurers can be better mentally prepared to face this creature. The findings have been updated in the Tomes.



The Watcher in the Mist (They Never Learn) link

Quest Description: Eldritch hellscape or not, Yh'mi is unexploited territory. A band of prospectors has recently arrived in Inns'th, and are seeking someone to escort them out onto the Broken Plain so they can scout for resources. The Order of the White Hand is furious, knowing the dangers of this, and wants them gone.

Adventurers can choose a path in this quest. They can protect the prospectors, take them into Yh'mi and potentially find valuable resources within the deadly land. Or, they can find a way to get rid of them, and, if possible, do so forcefully enough to dissuade others who might try to look for wealth within the heart of darkness.

Result: A band of prospectors recently arrived in Inns'th had been accompanied by Handymen into the Broken Plains. They were attacked by a psychic creature, the Sri'Maash, but the survivors brought back with them large amounts of Ercaniron that would fill their coffers. The Order is concerned about this discovery, believing the ore to be tainted, thus they are looking for people who would seal access to them.


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A Series of Unfortunate Effects link

Event Description: Although the Terrenus mainland is now mostly free from the maddening mists, something is happening in Yh'mi. The mists from the Whitewoods are thicker than ever, even enveloping the Broken Plains. Yh'mi creatures are driven mad by the mist, even attacking their own, thus suggesting that this is not an effect of Yh'mi itself, but something external. The paladins of the Order of the White Hand regard the threat of the growing mist as the same as/even greater than Yh'mi itself, and they are taking emergency measures to find the source of the thickening mists and destroy it.

Result: It was found that Buford Atwater, the missing scientist, had been behind the mists and spires. Someone or something had granted him the ability to open portals within Yh'mi all across Terrenus, and to channel mists through these portals. A group led by one of the White Hand paladins risked their sanity, hunted down and ended Buford's life, therefore dissipating the mists.


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Maddening Mists Event (Across Terrenus) link to main event description

Event Description: Areas across Terrenus had been afflicted by thick white mists and randomly and rapidly growing black spires, hundreds of meters tall, with hollow interiors which can be ventured into. The mist had amnesiac effects. The longer one was inside or surrounded by the mist, the more memories and context one loses (skills and motor-functions remain). This was a temporary effect, as leaving the mist would eventually return the afflicted to normal, but it took time and there was no known rapid cure. The spires generated an oppressive and unsettling influence. Anyone within a 25-mile radius of the spires, both sapient and animal, found their aggression and anger gradually building to critical mass.The Spires and Mist worked in concert, erasing memories, increasing aggression, and inducing visual and auditory hallucinations.

Result: Groups of heroes had banded together in 5 cities to destroy the spires in - Blairville, Last Chance, Weland, Gaian Academy, and Tia. When each group reached the top of their tower, they found a portal, that leads to a snowy landscape. Written in the snow was a hint on how the tower can be destroyed. With the exception of the tower at Gaian Academy, 4 of the towers have been brought down, and their effects dispelled. The students who had read the message in the Gaian Academy spire were not able to destroy it, but they had passed the message on.

There was also a cryptic message written on the wall at the top of each tower, which, when deciphered together, hinted at the origins of the phenomenon in Yh'mi. At the same time, thick mists blanketed Yh'mi. Thinking that the events might be related, the Order sent a paladin, along with a group of volunteers, to investigate what was causing the mists.


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Five Fingers on a Hand link

Quest Description: Yh’mi gradually wears away at the sanity of the people of Inns’th, but it does not merely sit idle and wait for this to happen. Twistlings sneak in from the dark land, and walk through the encampment in the guise of humans.  They could be anyone, anywhere, just waiting for the right moment to strike.  If they succeed, Inns’th will rot and die from the inside, leaving nothing to stop Yh’mi’s darkness from expanding to consume more of Terrenus.

It is believed that there are five Twistlings hiding within Inns’th, pretending to be ordinary people.  Those who take this quest must discover who they are, and kill them all before they can summon something far more dangerous into the encampment.

Result: The five Twistlings hiding within Inns'th had been exposed and destroyed by a witch of sorts, who accomplished the feat by launching a mass attack on the people of Inns'th. To hide the fact that the Order allowed the witch to perform this questionable deed and to protect their honor, a paladin told the people that the witch had summoned the Twistlings.


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To Steal A Star Failure due to 3 attempt failures

Quest Description: A powerful sorcerer known as Aizus Flint has recently arrived in Yh'mi, seeking a new start to his life.  Highly introverted, he was unable to handle the pressures of his former position, and has decided to become a hermit, carrying out delicate research far from any disturbance.  The Whitewoods of Yh'mi are an ideal location for him, quiet and desolate, free from people and the petty interruptions they bring.

Of course, there are the creeping mists, and the vicious creatures to worry about.  But Flint has a solution to this: a valuable crystal-powered lantern that repels the fog, and drives most monsters away.  In addition to more ordinary magical defenses, it is keeping him safe in a little wooden cabin, deep within the deadly Whitewoods.

The Order of the White Hand believes that this lantern is an extremely valuable piece in the ongoing effort to build up defenses to confront the terrible surge of darkness they have forseen emerging from Yh'mi.  However, Flint will not hand it over, claiming that his research is more important, and emphasizing his need to be left alone.  Adventurers may choose to help the Order and steal the lantern from Flint, or help the sorcerer and protect him and the artifact from mercenaries sent by the Order to retrieve it.

Result: Numerous attempts by the Order and adventurers alike to retrieve the lantern have failed. Recently however, groups traveling near the Whitewoods have reported seeing an apparition darting in between trees, cackling at them and holding what looks like Aizus' lantern. The Order will be holding an investigation on these reports.


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Stone Ocean - Let's Go Hunting! (Into the Dark II) link

Quest Description: Much of Yh'mi is currently unexplored, and information will be needed to hold back the darkness of this land.  The Order of the White Hand is encouraging parties of adventurers to carefully scout out the various areas, and is offering a reward for any new information brought back.

Result: A girl went into Yh'mi on an exploration quest, only to discover a new creature that is capable of making stories from books come true. She only manages to save herself and the world from certain doom through changing the ending of the storybook that was in her possession.


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Reap What You Sow Failure due to timeout

Quest Description: An earthbender had successfully transmuted a portion of the ground in Inns'th into arable soil to ease the lack of food from an infestation of rats. However, the earthbender left shortly after due to concerns for his safety, and with the job half-done, the soil will soon turn back to hard ground. Another earthbender has been hired to continue the work. Protect her from possible attacks while she does her work.

Result: No one had come forward to protect the earthbender from attacks, and she had left without performing her task. For a short time, the inhabitants of Inns'th had tasted fresh produce, and this recent loss has hits them even harder. This has made the food situation in Inns'th more desperate than ever, and prices of half-fresh produce have skyrocketed. The inhabitants of Inns'th are currently mostly surviving on hard, dry and depressing food.


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Stone Ocean - Those Thieving Chhitten! link

Quest Description: After a vicious plague of rats that no adventurers were able to stop, Inns'th has been struck by a deadly famine!  With tensions rising, the Order of the White Hand has called in a Gaianist earthbender to turn the ground around the town into soil, which can be used to grow crops and feed the people.  However, turning such twisted earth will require a great deal of focus- and it's likely that the creatures of Yh'mi will launch an attack to try and halt the operation.  Your mission: to defend the earthbender and protect the changing ground until he can complete the transformation!

Result: An earthbender hired to transmute the ground of Inns'th into arable soil had been attacked by a swarm of Chhitten, but saved by falling asteroids summoned by a strange creature. The transformation was of limited success, and the earthbender quit before he could complete the process.


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Hot Pursuit Failure due to timeout

Quest Description: The creatures blocking Esperanza have been eradicated. However, the level of coordination that the creatures had were concerning. Something must have been in charge of the attacks, and there are no known creatures of Yh'mi that can do that. Is it another of Yh'mi's monsters? Something more sinister? It falls to brave adventurers to venture into Yh'mi and track down the mastermind, before another attack is launched.

Result: The mastermind had not been tracked down, and another attack had occurred in Esperanza. The small village has been unfortunately wiped out, its inhabitants either dead or have fled.


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Operation Road-Unblock link

Quest Description: "Help! Monsters have blocked the way to the village of Esperanza! No one can go in or out, and they are running short of supplies. It will not be long before those creatures decide to go for a final strike.” – Message from a merchant caravan.

Considering the number of monsters and their level of coordination, there is likely to be something in charge of the attack. The perpetrator should not be far from the walls, but Esperanza cannot send people to the other side of it without sacrificing its defenses. First, the monsters blocking the path must be eradicated.

Result: Two mages had successfully eradicated the monsters that have overrun the route to Esperanza, saving the villagers.


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The Knights Who Say "Yh'mi!" link

Quest Description: No adventurers went in search of the Stalwart Knights, whose airship had crashed in the Spires. They have now suffered a terrible fate (see Fallen Knights entry in Booklet 2 - The Tomes).  The objective is now to recover the banner of the Stalwart Knights, which supposedly allows one to communicate with their ancestors.

Result: A group of adventurers have successfully retrieved the banner of the Stalwart Knights from their crashed airship in the Spires. The banner is said to be able to allow one to talk to their ancestors, and will no doubt prove to be useful in the future. They also fought and survived encounters with the Saevion and Maash, in addition to burning the Stalwart Knights' airship-wreck.


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Fall of the Stalwart Knights Failure due to timeout

Quest Description: The Order of paladins in Inns’th is tiny, only thirteen members strong.  While they do get help from mercenaries and adventurers, they need reinforcements.  Recently, another group of paladins, known as the Stalwart Knights, agreed to come to Inns’th and face Yh’mi alongside them.  However, they came via airship, and their vessel was blown off course and crashed down in the Spires.

A party of brave souls must travel to the Spires, find the wreckage, and rescue any survivors before they are claimed by the darkness.

Result: No warriors were brave enough to go out in search of the crashed airship of the Stalwart Knights. The potential allies have turned into a new kind of enemy that stalks Yh'mi.


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Into the Dark I link

Quest Description: Much of Yh'mi is currently unexplored, and information will be needed to hold back the darkness of this land.  The Order of the White Hand is encouraging parties of adventurers to carefully scout out the various areas, and is offering a reward for any new information brought back.

Result: The expedition to the Whitewoods had concluded with most of the explorers involved making it out alive. Findings include a sentient weapon, presence of Twistlings outside Inns'th, effects of consuming Chhitten Flesh, and effects of the Whitewood mists.



Secure the Furthest Point link

Quest Description: The time has come to begin expanding the defenses, for Inns’th alone will not be enough.  There are plans to build an outpost on the hill known as the Furthest Point, a good location to defend and one that would hopefully draw attacks away from Inns’th. However, some of the more cautious paladins have pointed out that the area will likely need to be cleared and protected before construction begins.

A small part must go out over the Broken Plain, and place four runes around the hill, one at each cardinal point.  When the runes are placed, a powerful aura will be emitted, which should drive any Chhittens or Dream Crawlers away.  However, the runes will likely attract these creatures while being carried, so caution is advised.  Construction will eventually begin regardless of whether the area is secured, but its completion will affect the difficulty and outcome of said construction.

Result: The expedition to secure the Furthest Point had gone missing after a Chhitten attack. The Order is now preparing to construct an outpost closer to Inns'th.



Stand Up and Fight link

Quest Description: Many people come to the town of Inns'th when they have nowhere else to go.  Hopeless and destitute, they eke out a living in this small encampment at the edge of the darkness.  The Order of the White Hand aims to remedy their situation, and recruit some of them to become acolytes of their Order and defenders of Inns'th.  However, they have not had much success so far, as their potential recruits are mostly cowardly, selfish, or stricken by grief, unwilling to fight to protect their home.  The dark air of Yh'mi leeches at their souls, destroying their courage and hope.

The Order is offering a reward to adventurers who can persuade, bully, inspire, or otherwise convince these poor souls to join up, so that they can form a sort of police force for Inns'th under the direction of the paladins.  Five to ten recruits would be ideal, the more eager the better.

Result: The mercenary organization known as the Free Company has successfully recruited a small group of twelve to be trained by the Order. These people are the beginnings of a Watch force, leading to a drop in crime and a more calm and orderly town.



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