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Book 2: The Tomes (Bestiary)

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Book II: The Tomes (Bestiary)


The Tomes of the Order of the White Hand are new, created by the splinter-group of paladins in order to keep track of what they learn in the dangerous lands of Yh'mi. Easily accessible to visitors and heroes, the guarded tomes have a large section devoted to the horrors that have already been discovered in the dark lands beyond Terrenus. A cursory examination yields, perhaps to the dismay of the reader, that a great many pages are blank. There is no doubt that the Order of the White Hand expects to fill these tomes.





Who is this booklet for?

Everyone who wants to incorporate the essence of Yh'mi in their stories.

Yh'mi's creatures play a big role in stories here, as the narrative revolves strongly around the struggle against these creatures and the hostile environment. Sections (1) to (4) on the creatures are recommended reading for new players, and for more advanced players, you can make use of the unique flora, materials or other discoveries of Yh'mi in section (5) and (6) to enrich your stories, or even to make it a goal for your character. 


Can I use my own creatures in Yh'mi RPs?

Yes, you can, if it is within the general rules of Valucre (e.g. mild powers etc). Or you can have a mix of Yh'mi creatures and your own creatures. It's really up to you. But if you think you have a good idea for a creature, do share it with everyone by submitting an entry for the bestiary!


Can I submit an entry for a creature, plant etc?

Yes, of course! Yh'mi lore is ever-expanding as the territories are explored, and players are encouraged to contribute to its discovery. If you have an idea, or if you have created a creature in one of your RPs and want it to be included in the lore for other players to use, PM me (jaistlyn). I will request you to fill in the details of the entry using the template. For the size comparison and sounds of creatures, you can leave them to me, but a description of those would be much appreciated. If you have the know-how and want to do the size chart or the sound, or both, that would be doubly awesome!

A requirement is that the entry should be used by yourself, or someone else in at least one RP. I might request that you edit some parts of your entry in order to fit with the lore or the overall atmosphere of Yh'mi.


What do the Creature Levels (S, A, B, C) mean?

Quests and danger levels -

All Yh'mi quests have a danger level associated with them. Generally, the danger level matches the level of the quest, though there are exceptions. Note that it may not be necessary to face a level A creature to fulfill a level A quest. You can face a swarm of level B creatures, which will elevate the danger level to A. For example, in one of the level S quests, players faced a total of 200 creatures from a mixture of levels A to C.

Generally speaking - 

  • Level C creatures can cause major pain and inconvenience, but facing just one of the creatures is not likely to kill you. Most of the time.
  • Level B creatures will prove to be difficult. Only experienced warriors can take them on one-on-one. Generally requires two to three characters working together to defeat one of them.
  • Level A creatures are extremely dangerous, and there is a significant chance that you will not survive an encounter with them. Most of them are at least as large as three to four men, with the strength to match. Even the greatest warriors will fail to defeat one of them alone. (Think boss-level.) If you are caught by surprise by one of them, the recommended course of action is to run.
  • Level S creatures are legendary. The Order has no information on the full range of their skills, and how to defeat them. Avoid at all costs.



1. Creatures - Level C

2. Creatures - Level B

3. Creatures - Level A

4. Creatures - Level S

5. Plants and Fungal Life

6. Minerals, Anomalies and Artifacts




Previous board leaders Yhmi and bigfatcat for creating the original creatures and concept.

Off Topic for sounds of the Gutterfiend and the Fallen Knights, and the silhouette of the Saevion.

sorainvoked for sounds of the Chhitten and the Saevion.

Edited by jaistlyn

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1. Creatures - Level C

"Never in all my life, and in all my research, have I seen such terrible things as the things that lurk in the lands beyond Inns'th. They are nightmare given flesh, and they want nothing else than to destroy any incursion into the lands themselves. It's as if they are trying to hide something... Something dark. Something old..."

- Sophia Veda, linguist in the service of the Order of the White Hand




1. Chhitten






Size: Small (roughly the size of a domestic house cat).

Weight: 3 to 7 kilograms.

Threat Status: Low in small numbers, Extremely high in large numbers.

Known Areas: Inns'th, Broken Plains, Spires, Whitewoods.

Known Abilities: Neurotoxic bite, slashing claws, hard carapace.

Known Weaknesses: Seem to be susceptible to holy magic. Cold-based magic has a moderate effect. A recommended approach to dealing with them is to first slash off their legs, rendering them immobile.

Further Notes: Chhitten flesh is edible, though it tastes rather foul. However, consuming it may cause 'Chhitter Jitters,' a state of increased anxiety and jumpiness that persists for approximately twenty-four hours.

Sound Recording:


One of the first creatures that was encountered by a group of paladins was the Chhitten. Named for the sound that its legs made while skittering along the ground, this creature resembles some sort of demonic spider. While its carapace is solid and resistant to a small degree of punishment, they can be brought down quickly. Victims of their bites have shown symptoms of severe neurological distress, and all emotions related to fear are intensely magnified. Chhitten rarely travel alone, and are often in small packs (usually brood-packs) of six to nine Chhitten. On occasion, larger packs, upwards of twenty have been spotted, though packs of that size are very wisely avoided. They have displayed some resistance to magic - fire has minimal effect, cold has a moderate effect, holy magic has shown to be immensely effective, and any forms of necromancy or mind control have yielded less than good results for the casters. It has been discovered that Gutterfiends (Level A creature) can psychically connect to Chhittens when they wish to control them, and use the Chhitten as their eyes and ears. As such, any mind control ability against the Chhitten is to be avoided, lest the caster inadvertently connects themselves to the immensely dark and powerful minds of the Gutterfiends.



2. Wispered






Size: Tiny (1 cm).

Weight: Negligible.

Threat Status: Virtually harmless if they are alone. High if they are attacking in a swarm.

Known Areas: Broken Plains, Whitewoods.

Known Abilities: Small enough to enter their victim's body from the nose, mouth and ears, and consumes them from within.

Known Weaknesses: Fire, water, any type of area magic, or typical insect-killing methods. Swords, arrows and other common physical weapons are notably useless against them. If one or two of these creatures enter the victim, they are quickly destroyed by the body's own defence mechanism, and do no harm. It is only when a swarm attacks in large numbers that they quickly overcome the victim.

Sound Recording: None. Wispered are silent creatures, and silent killers. However, their victims never go silently, screaming in horrific agony from being devoured from the inside out.

Unlike most creatures in Yh'mi, these delicate creatures are beautiful. Their emerald wings with purple tips shimmer in the gloomy, dusky light of the desolate land. However, their deadliness are not to be underestimated. A group of two men and a woman had been discovered dead around a cold campfire in the Broken Plains, their faces frozen grotesquely in eternal torment. When the adventurers who had found them tried to move their bodies, they were first surprised by how light they were, and then horrified by the hundreds of Wispered that burst out of every orifice. A panicked mage present among the adventurers cast a pillar of fire that charred the dead bodies and destroyed most of the insectile creatures.. but she also boiled two of her teammates alive. It did, however, save the rest from the same terrible fate. It is not known yet under what circumstances the Wispered will appear in large numbers, but they appear to be more active at night. Do not ever let your vigilance down when resting.



3. Kraith






Size: Diameters range from 0.6 to 3 meters.

Weight: Unknown / Not Applicable.

Threat Status: Moderate.

Known Areas: Broken Plains.

Known Abilities: Camouflaged in the Broken Plains, among the numerous crevices. Snaps open when an adventurer steps on it, revealing a gaping hole in the ground lined with sharp, jagged teeth. Small Kraiths can crush and bite off a man's leg, and the largest sized ones can swallow 2 men whole.

Known Weaknesses: A Kraith's teeth is not able to bite through heavy, rigid armour. However, once it clamps down on its victim, it is impossible to pull free. A Kraith can be identified from its surroundings by the numerous small cracks in the ground that surround it. In the day, it is not difficult to avoid them, but many have fallen victim while fleeing from other creatures, or while attempting to cross the Broken Plains in the darkness of night.

Sound Recording: While Kraiths are not known to emit sounds by themselves, the sound of ground shifting and rocks rolling are common when they crack open their deadly maws.


No one is sure if Kraiths are actual living creatures, and if they need sustenance. They almost seem to be deadly traps set by the land of Yh'mi itself. Their interior and teeth appear to be made of the same rocks that make up the Broken Plains. If adventurers are lucky enough to be wearing plate armour when they accidentally step into the jaws of a small Kraith, it is possible to escape by cutting the armour away and leaving it behind. However, there have been several cases where adventurers wearing full armour have been swallowed whole into a large Kraith. Their companions try their best to get them out, but they eventually realize that it is hopeless, and either leave them to slowly waste away from thirst and starvation, or to end their misery there and then. These grisly bodies of armour can still be seen when the large Kraiths open up for their next victim. When any of the Order's paladins discovers a Kraith, they try to push a boulder into the hole, propping it open so that they do not endanger adventurers. The Order urges other adventurers to do the same. The boulders stop the Kraiths for a while, but their openings eventually mold around the rock, and in months, they become camouflaged once again.



4. The Eyes of Yh'mi


Eyes of Yh'mi




Size: Small (Approximately 2" - 18" in diameter, as size and flare varies.)

Weight: None.

Threat Status: High. Encountering one is almost certain death, as the conditions under which it appears often leaves its victims defenseless. However, they are very avoidable, as the Order has endeavored to make quite clear.

Known Areas: Underground.

Known Abilities: (1) Able to teleport to other Eyes. (2) Kills its victims on contact.

Known Weaknesses: Nothing has proven to harm the Eyes of Yh'mi in any capacity except light. They do not appear near those who have a light source, and are seemingly banished when introduced to the presence of light. Even in its indirect presence, it seems to recede into the darkness, or expand into the light if cast upon directly.

Sound Recording: None. It was previously believed they emitted a high pitched whine, but the ambient sounds perceived by those who see it were proved to be an auditory illusion. 


(A reproduction of what the high-pitched whine might sound like.)


If you must travel in the dark beneath Yh'mi, never be without light. This is the mantra of the Order of the White Hand, told to any who even consider exploring the crags or any caves in the Broken Plains or around the area. While it is not guaranteed that they will appear, many an adventurer have died to its hand. It is not known how, but an Eye of Yh'mi will approach its victim and suffuse them with its light, seeming to envelop them in a moment of glowing ecstasy before they fall, limp and dead. Victims' eyes, blood, and internal organs are tainted black. It appears to be some form of decay, as examination shows that it is not a residue or a coating that causes this effect. However, the black residue does not seem to decay further. After the skin decomposes, a corpse left by an Eye of Yh'mi is reduced to a skeletal cage encasing charcoal-black organs. The largest number of Eyes that has ever been recorded to appear at once is four, though normally no more than three appear. They move rather slowly by themselves, but interact with one another in disconcerting ways. As light tends to do, they bleed together when near each other, and can teleport to other Eyes by shooting itself at it as a ray, after which the two will often part to once again become singular points of light. Outside of this ability, they have not been recorded at speeds any higher than a human's walking pace. 

Designed by Wanderlost.

Edited by jaistlyn

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2. Creatures - Level B




1. Dream Crawler






Size: Moderate (approximately five meters long).

Weight: Unknown. May in fact be a hallucination.

Threat Status: High. If reports are true, it is very fast, and can only be engaged by its prey.

Known Areas: Anywhere within Yh'mi. Not known to exist in Inns'th.

Known Abilities: Invisible, inaudible, and intangible to anyone other than its current target.  It cannot cause physical harm, but contact with it affects mental faculties and eventually results in brain death.

Known Weaknesses: Whether real beasts or merely images, physically fighting or fleeing these creatures can prolong survival.

Sound Recording:


The existence of Dream Crawlers cannot be confirmed, but they are believed to be responsible for a strange mental condition that has afflicted many exploratory expeditions. Victims of this condition suffered severe palsies, soon followed by brain death.  Before this, the affected persons claimed that they were being attacked by long, many-legged creatures. Only a single person experienced this at a time, and none of their surviving companions saw any sign of these beings.  Because of this, many believe they are merely images conjured up by diseased minds.  However, until more evidence emerges, it is advisable to consider Dream Crawlers a very real and dangerous threat. There are rumours that this creature is actually a remnant of a failed experiment conducted by the strange doctor who owns the Purgatory - Dr Xeyal.



2. Twistling





Size: Moderate (height is similar to that of a human).

Weight: Varies, usually between 40 and 100 kilograms.

Threat Status: High when infiltration is successful.  Moderate otherwise.

Known Areas: Inns'th. Only occasionally encountered outside of Inns'th, in the Broken Plains. 

Known Abilities: Shapeshifting, voice imitation, intelligence while under psychic control.

Known Weaknesses: Vulnerable to fire and cold, lose intelligence when control is broken.

Sound Recording:


Twistlings are amorphous beings capable of changing their shape, altering the color and texture of their skin, and imitating the voices of others. Twistlings have been found within Inns'th, though it is not known how they manage to enter the encampment. They are occasionally encountered outside of Inns'th, although several have been found and killed while attempting to infiltrate the Order of the White Hand. Twistlings have tiny brains, completely incapable of sentient thought.  However, like Chhitten, they are believed to be psychically connected to a more dangerous and intelligent being, which can use them to successfully impersonate humans.  When this connection is broken, Twistlings become feral, and attempt to consume any living thing they come across.  Until revealed, however, they can pass themselves off as anyone they know of. Travelers are advised to be wary of whom they trust, as the number of these creatures is not currently known. There is only one proven method to reliably identify Twistlings, but there is only one person who can perform it - a woman who has been banned from Inns'th from practicing dark magic. The procedure involved her summoning bony hands from the ground and piercing the suspected person at specific nerve points, causing excruciating pain, but also forces Twistlings to revert to their true form.



3. The Fallen Knights





Size: Most are around human size, with a few taller ones that were once elves.

Weight: Very light, around 50 kilograms.

Threat Status: High. Very hard to kill, and will never give up once they have sighted their target.  Their calls and cries can also be severely traumatizing.

Known Areas: The Spires, near the site of crash of the Stalwart Knights' airship.

Known Abilities: Skilled swordsmen, cannot feel pain, and will never become tired.  Capable of very swift movement and high leaps.  Near-total destruction of their physical form is required to kill them.

Known Weaknesses: Their sensory abilities are limited.  Evasion and concealment can sometimes be enough to throw them off.

Sound Recording: 


A group of paladins known as the Stalwart Knights recently traveled to Yh’mi, seeking to reinforce the Order there.  However, when they tried to come in via airship, a powerful storm emerged from seemingly clear skies, and their vessel crashed down among the Spires. The paladins did not die, however. Yh’mi had a far worse fate in mind for them. Now, they roam the land as warped, emaciated mockeries of what they once were, screaming and laughing as they relentlessly hunt down anything that dares to venture beyond the Broken Plain.

A group of mercenaries had killed a number of the Fallen Knights by blowing up their ship. It is currently unknown if any of them still prowl the Spires.



4. Cyclops





Size: Variable. Can be anywhere between one and six meters tall.

Weight: 80 kilograms to over a ton.

Threat Status: Low for smaller individuals or groups.  These are not necessarily aggressive, and can be overcome or avoided through conventional means. 

High for larger individual Cyclopes, or groups of more than five.  The former are dangerous and highly aggressive, the psychic ‘noise’ of the latter is enough to overcome most unprotected humans.

Known Areas: At the southern end of the Broken Plains, near the Unknown Territories.

Known Abilities: Intelligence in smaller individuals, immense strength and regeneration in larger ones.  Capable of emitting a psychic scream which increases in strength when they are near each other.

Known Weaknesses: Other creatures of Yh’mi will attack them as readily as they do most other beings. Smaller cyclopes can be scared away, larger ones are not particularly intelligent.

Sound Recording: 


Cyclopes are a rare humanoid species occasionally encountered roaming Yh’mi.  Their size and shape is incredibly variable between individuals, with their only unifying features being a generally humanoid structure and a single eye.  Smaller individuals closely resemble ordinary humans, and exhibit signs of high intelligence.  Larger ones are more animalistic in their features and behavior, being as aggressive and voracious as most creatures of Yh’mi.

They will often travel in groups, which can include a wide range of sizes.  Others have been found traveling alone.  Almost all sightings have been of said groups traveling away from the Unknown Territories.  How these creatures hunt, communicate and reproduce is still largely a mystery, as is their origin. Other creatures of this region have been witnessed attacking them, implying a difference in their nature.

Cyclopes are capable of making and using basic tools and clothing.  They also constantly emit a psychic ‘scream,’ a loud whine that dominates the consciousness of organisms around them.  This phenomenon grows stronger when they are grouped together: from an individual, it is almost impossible to notice, whereas near groups of six or more it renders most beings completely unable to concentrate.



5. Saevion





Size: Moderate. Usually between one and three meters tall.

Weight: Around 600 to 800 kilograms.

Threat Status: High.  Extremely protective of their territory, and will charge very suddenly from a great distance.  Constant vigilance is recommended.

Known Areas: Broken Plains, Whitewoods.

Known Abilities: Extremely fast, and very heavy.  Horns are very tough and also quite sharp.  The noise created as they run can be deafening.

Known Weaknesses: It is rumored that certain plant species have a calming effect on these beasts.  Also, in spite of their speed, they cannot turn quickly while charging.

Further Notes: 1. The flesh of a Saevion tastes good roasted, and does not cause adverse reactions. 2. One person had communicated psychically with a Saevion. The creature allied herself with the group of adventurers in a territorial fight against another Saevion, when mind-altering mists enveloped Yh'mi. Unfortunately, this specific Saevion died in the battle.

Sound Recording: 


In spite of their appearance, Saevions are not actually stags.  These are actually the females of their species - but are highly aggressive and protective of their families and territories, to the point that they will ruthlessly drive off any who trespass their domain.  Unfortunately, the boundaries of said domains are marked only by a very faint scent, making it near impossible to know when one is at risk of being attacked by one of these creatures.

Saevion are very large, and extremely fast.  At a run, the sound of one's hooves pounding the ground can match the roar of thunder, and create tremors in an area of hundreds of meters.  These are the only warning signs given, and it will only take a Saevion a second or so to reach its target.  It is advised that all travelers be on their guard, for a peaceful day can turn into a life-or-death battle in seconds with these creatures roaming Yh'mi. A herd of charging Saevion is known as a splatter of Saevion, due to what is left behind in such a situation.

According to rumors, the aggression of a Saevion can be reduced through the use of a specific plant, the Tempest Vine. It has been said that the creatures will become passive around the one who holds the leaves of this vine - but these leaves are also deadly poisonous, and may kill the one who holds them for too long.  The Order is currently seeking to investigate these rumors.

Designed by sorainvoked.



6. Raake





Size: Moderate (They stand 3.5 - 4' tall.)

Weight: Varies, usually between 22 - 32 kilograms.

Threat Status: Low, in small numbers and/or during the day. Moderate in larger numbers and/or at night.

Known Areas: Broken Plains.

Known Abilities: Paralyzing staccato screech, hooked claws, flight, stealth.

Known Weaknesses: As a singular creature, Raakes are surprisingly easy to kill. It is the cover of night and the advantage of stealth that makes them difficult to defeat. Therefore, having an additional means of locating them in excess to sight or conventional hearing are most effective. Chaos, dark, necromantic, and cold effects have proven widely ineffective, but Raake have shown vulnerability and even flimsiness to conventional weapons and other magics. Additionally, it is vulnerable on the ground, and clumsy while pushing off in order to take flight. 

Sound Recording: The Raake has exhibited two screeches on record. One, which is significantly louder and higher in pitch, is staccato, with short rests as deafening as the sound itself, which seems to have the supernatural ability to cause paralysis in those who hear it for its duration, and does not appear to affect other Raake. The other is more avian, and is often made in long drawls. Much, as has been noted, like some sort of possessed vulture. 


Made known to the paladins long after many of the other beasts in these tomes, the Raake are an avian predator that prefers the cover of night. It was an unfortunate adventurer who returned with many gashes on her head and back bled who reported their existence. She said they weren't just eating the friend she had been searching for, but were nesting inside of him. She eventually bled to death. After careful observation of the creatures, the Order has successfully confirmed their behavior of circling very high above corpses at night before seeking them for food and nest. So high that the sound of their flapping wings is not heard. They do not appear to discriminate on the manner of corpse they choose to nest in, so long as it is a the size of a human or larger. Identifying them previously had proven difficult, as the Raake spread the blood from their nesting onto their skin to darken it, as well as  their black feathers. It has also been noted that they partake of all varieties of meat. They have been observed eating corpses of Chhitten, men, and even other Raake.

By some, they have been compared to the most demonic vultures they might have ever dreamed of, and their behaviors do resemble this observation. Much of what makes them dangerous is the anatomy of their legs and claws. Though it seems to serve as a detriment on the ground, their talons are huge, hooked, and almost completely backwards. With a single digit in front and the rest behind, along with forward-facing knees, it is able to combine its momentum in flight with structural stability in dragging those hooked claws through prey, though it does not exhibit a preference to hunting over picking at remains. 

Designed by Wanderlost.



7. Maash





Size: Moderate, around the height of an adult male human.

Weight: Between 80 to 100 kilograms.

Threat Status: Varies. By itself, it is low in threat. If there is a powerful creature nearby for it to create illusions from, it can become very dangerous.

Known Areas: Spires, Whitewoods, Underground.

Known Abilities: Can create up to 5 illusions of any other living being within 100 meters. Good at concealing itself in dark areas.

Known Weaknesses: Slow, cannot outrun a human's speed. Cutting off each one of its tentacles will progressively reduce the number of illusions it can generate. Once a Maash's physical form is found, it can be easily defeated.

Sound Recording: 


Maashes can only be found in the distant reaches of Yh'mi, hiding in very dark places. They are stealthy and hard to locate, but are relatively easy to eliminate once found. They will fight with their tentacles and large mouths, but they have soft flesh and unimpressive physical strength. While concealed, however, they can pose a major problem for unprepared explorers.

A Maash is capable of creating up to 5 illusory copies of any other living being within 100 meters of it. The copies appear solid, but vanish when they are physically damaged. However, when that happens, the creature will usually conjure up another illusion within seconds to take its place.  Copied organisms have the same equipment and abilities as their originals, and although they cannot inflict any physical damage, their victims will feel pain that is no less debilitating than if they were actually struck. The pain will subside naturally within an hour, and will vanish immediately if the Maash is killed. The illusions are able to make vocal noises similar to the actual organisms, but lack the intelligence necessary for speech. When a Maash's presence is suspected, travelers are advised to seek out and destroy the creature with urgency, to prevent it from following them and causing complications.

Edited by jaistlyn

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3. Creatures - Level A




1. Chhitten Magnus






Size: Capable of extending itself vertically into the air with a powerful lower body, it's overall length from head to tail is roughly 7 meters. 

Weight: First specimen estimated at 2,400 kilograms.

Threat Status: Extremely dangerous. First encounter proved this creature to be highly aggressive and offensive in nature.

Known Areas: Whitewoods, Underground

Known Abilities: In addition to the neurotoxic bite, slashing claws and hard carapace found in small Chhittens, the Chhitten Magnus also rips, constricts, crushes, ravages, and devours its enemies whole.

Known Weaknesses: Much like its smaller counterparts, the creature is most susceptible to holy magic, and moderately affected by ice and cold magics. Chaos, dark, and necromantic magics have little to no direct effect.

Sound Recording:


The Chhitten Magnus is a massive serpentine insectoid creature. Its upper body consists of three sets of sharp scythe-like arms capable of devastating attacks. While the upper body and posterior aspect of the creature are adorned with a chitinous carapace, its unprotected lower body maintains the feel and texture of a slimy, thick skinned slug. Vestigial legs the size of a human’s arm line the creature's body like a centipede, but provide no noticeable benefit or disadvantage. The creature’s physiology shows an unfused jaw similar to that of a snake, allowing it to devour creatures of greater size than humans or traditional fauna.

The first encounter with a Chhitten Magnus occurred during a failed expedition into the Whitewoods by a band of mercenaries. This creature was seen in the presence of a large swarm of Chhitten, actively participating with its smaller brethren in hunting, foraging, and offensive behaviors. Whether or not this creature was leading or merely emboldening the group, and what relation this creature has with the smaller Chhitten is yet unknown, but the similarities in appearance suggest that these creatures are somehow related. The creature was first believed to be just one creature (an anomaly), but later found to be a whole species.

Designed by Silver Thunder.



2. Gutterfiend






Size: Large (Approximately four meters in height, and six meters in length)

Weight: Very heavy. Assumed to weigh some 4,000 kilograms.

Threat Status: Very high. Its caustic organic fluids are lethal. Very strong.

Known Areas: Southern area of the Broken Plains, Spires

Known Abilities: Caustic bite, claw, acid boil, spawns Chhitten covered with its body fluids, tough hide, magic resistance, psychic control over its Chhitten spawn (see full description below for more details).

Known Weaknesses: Damage to the eyes is painful to the Gutterfiend. No other weaknesses has been discovered yet. The currently known method to deal with it is strong, continuous physical attacks to wear out and cut through its hide. The death blow on a Gutterfiend that had been brought back to Inns'th for research was dealt by a man jumping from a 21 feet height and cleaving a soul-hardened scythe through its skull and brain, after the creature had been savagely wounded by his companions.

Sound Recording:


A solitary survivor of an expedition of five paladins gave a detailed report regarding the group's encounter with a Gutterfiend. The large bloated monstrosity stands as tall as two men, its body a grotesque and bloated mass that drags itself along leaving a caustic slime on the ground. The thorax of the creature seems to be filled with some sort of liquid, which upon contact with flesh causes the flesh to blister and boil. Three paladins in the group died by rupturing that sack and being covered in the liquid that ate away at their flesh. Lining the torso of the Gutterfiend are small pustules which seem to be egg sacks for Chhittens. The paladin swears that while the eggs seemed to be housed in the Gutterfiend, they did not seem to be of the creature. The paladin noted that magic had almost no effect on it, and that he was only able to escape by throwing a spear and piercing one of the creature's six eyes. Then, he ran.

Recently, a group of five adventurers successfully killed and brought back the head of a Gutterfiend for examination. It has been found that Chhitten burrow into the Gutterfiend's flesh as a safe haven, and coat themselves in its caustic fluid for protection. In return, the Gutterfiend keeps psychic links with the Chhitten, and are able to use the smaller creatures as its eyes and ears, as well as command them by connecting their minds with its own. It is this interdependent relationship that allows the Chhitten to lay its eggs in the Gutterfiend.

A list of known skills of the Gutterfiend are as follows -


Attack -

1. Caustic Bite: Row after row of gnarled and jagged teeth sink, coated in the vile bile and ichor of the Gutterfiend, into the flesh or armor of the target, which may inflict Fever (shaking, nausea, cramping, headaches and sinus congestion).

2. Claw: Swipes with a set of vicious claws that can shred or grapple a target if close enough. Leather and cloth armor offer no resistance to the puncture of these claws, as the grip strength of the creature is devastating. Metal armor protects somewhat, but a solid strike or press on a dent or a subtle bend in the armor can break, and has broken, through it. The hide of the Gutterfiend is unnaturally resistant and elastic, so the jagged metal is little more than a nuisance.

3. Acid Boil: The pus-filled boils are actually filled with a natural chemical that strips the flesh from most living creatures. If sprayed with this fluid, dirt can help wipe away the acid and neutralize the agent that burns flesh, but it remains potent and leaves scarring on the afflicted body part. If an enemy gets close, the Gutterfiend can rupture one at will to blind or deter a foe.

4. Caustic Crawlers: Chhitten regularly burrow into the GutterFiend's flesh as a safe haven, and will coat themselves in this fluid to remove bacterium and fungi from their exoskeleton and flesh. They can be coated in the material when they unburrow and go for an attacker, making hand to hand combat inadvisable with these Caustic Crawlers.

Defense -

1. Elastic Hide: The hide of this creature around the slug like thorax can be very rubbery, stretching to accommodate most blunt strikes and avoiding all but the most savage of precision piercing strikes.  Slashing weapons are advised to loosen and remove connective tendons and tissues and reveal the meat and tissue of the creature.

2. Tough Hide: Near the torso and the face, the creature has a much thicker hide, save for the tentacles, and it is advised that blunt strikes be used here for the most efficient damage per swing.  Piercing damage can also be very useful for locating and exploiting weaknesses, while slashing damage does little to penetrate the thick and rough shell of this monstrosity.

3. Magic Resistance: This beast is surprisingly resistant to almost all forms of magic.  Whether they be void, elemental, or physical, any manifestation of a non-biological component affects this creature in only subtle ways.


Psychological Abilities -

1. Crawling Fear: Clicking and scraping may be eerie sounds, and perhaps whatever making them is something one would like to avoid, but the realization that  this clicking is coming from inside your head, that the itch you feel is actually an insect burrowed in your skin and digging through your flesh might be a bit harder to rationalize away or simply avoid.  Delving into the mind of this horrific beast is worse than merely reading the mind of a sociopath, it comes with all kinds of nasty detriments such as the need to remove whatever non-existent insects currently reside within one's skin.  The effects can be horrifying, as watching someone dismantle themselves is never fun, and it's hard to know what is real life and what is fantasy. 

2. Silent Memory: Being a beast of unknown origin and purpose, this creature has many thoughts that can leave a man or woman speechless at the mere cruelty and finality of life through the eyes and pus filled sacs of this beast.  If one ever happens to share a memory of a Gutterfiend, they are expected to lose the ability to speak or simply become unresponsive when prodded.  For whatever reason, the comprehension of life beyond their own form will induce shock that may carry permanent effects beyond the initial encounter of the Gutterfiend, should they even survive that long. 

3. Labyrinthian Minds: Hive minds are such a nasty and overused concept, that this beast decided to spruce up the joint.  If one so chooses to travel the mind of this beast, they could end up with weeks being spent, hunted through a labyrinth of monsters more gruesome than the Gutterfiend, and eventually waking only to realize that their exhausted, terrorized minds have only been gone from this world for maybe a few seconds to a minute.  What happened in that time of unconsciousness is usually obvious to the last moments of the screaming victim of the Gutterfiend, but such is the way of life  when in Yh'mi.  As they say, when in Rome, don't try to read the Centurion's thoughts.


Credit to Artisan of Soul for this list of the Gutterfiend's abilities.



3. Sri'Maash





Size: Moderate, around the height of an adult male human but twice as wide.

Weight: Between 180 to 230 kilograms.

Threat Status: High. Capable of producing phantom servants that are able to interact with the physical world, drastically increasing its threat status.

Known Areas: Whitewoods. Rarer than the Maash, only one Sri’Maash has been encountered thus far.

Known Abilities:  Can create several powerful half-illusion constructs with which to defend itself. It is also able to obscure its physical form through bending the appearance of its surroundings. Extrasensory means are required to locate it, or else an alternative strategy to disrupt its concealment.

Known Weaknesses: It is itself physically weak and slow, and in possession of all the weaknesses belonging to its lesser cousin, the Maash. If stripped of its defenses, the Sri'Maash is exceptionally vulnerable to physical and magical assault. The Sri’Maash’s constructs are­ unstable in the presence of the Eracaniron ore.

Sound Recording: 


As with its lesser cousin the Maash, the Sri'maash are magically active, solitary creatures that prefer dark and secluded territories. The specimen encountered by the Handymen team near the Whitewoods was noticeably larger than normal and distinct in its ability to create life-like, solid constructs that can interact with the real world.

Initial observations concerning the specimen point to an abstract divergence in physical and spiritual development, allowing it to exist on two planes at once. Disruption to its spiritual/psychic plane is needed to access it in the physical plane. It is advisable to avoid entering a Sri'maash's territory altogether, and to retreat immediately upon doing so.

The Sri’Maash’s interactions with the physical world are through the use of its constructs, which are complex and can take many forms (including animals and plants). It is difficult for observers to distinguish the behavior of the constructs from their real life counterparts. The constructs cannot be physically damaged, but disappear when the Sri’Maash is defeated. It has been proven that the constructs are highly unstable when exposed to the Ercaniron ore.

Designed by Paroxysm.

Edited by jaistlyn

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4. Creatures - Level S




1. Lun'silth





Size: Massive (Approximately eight meters in height).

Weight: Unknown, creature moves through levitation.

Threat Status: Very high.  Contact with this being may well mean a death sentence for you and anyone close to you. The alternative is even worse.

Known Areas: The creature will not leave the forests at the base of the Spires.

Known Abilities: Armed with claws, and is an incredibly potent psychic.  Can also grant magical abilities to others.

Known Weaknesses: Will not attack unprovoked.

Sound Recording: All attempts to record the creature have failed.

CAUTION: Do not communicate with this creature. The Order has deemed speaking to Lun'silth a crime punishable by death.

Lun’silth is a single being rather than a species of creature. It is intelligent and capable of speech, able to psychically communicate with the few who have encountered it in the Spires.  Unlike other creatures of Yh’mi, it is not aggressive, and will actually try to converse with those it comes across.  However, all communications and negotiations with it to date have had catastrophic consequences. Thus, the Order of the White Hand has decreed that speaking with this creature is punishable by death.

Use of Lun'silth (OOC note) -

Lun'silth is an important influencer in the story of Yh'mi. As a creature, it can be used for NPC purposes around the Spires to generate fear and illusions, but for direct interactions, Lun'silth is considered as a character (as opposed to other creatures in the bestiary). There is an entry for Lun'silth in Booklet 1 if you want to know more clues about what this creature is, and how it is connected to Yh'mi. Do contact jaistlyn if you want to interact with Lun'silth, and I will give you more information on its motivations, and we can plot how Lun'silth can be used to further your story and character.


2. Ghoul





Size: Large. 8 - 9 feet tall.

Weight: 200 - 270 kilograms.

Threat Status: Very high.

Known Areas: Underdepths (beneath the Broken Plains)

Known Abilities: Armor-piercing claws. Extreme resilience to damage. Fear-inducing scream. Very fast, very strong.

Known Weaknesses: No known weaknesses.

Sound Recording:


The Ghoul was first encountered in the Underdepths of Yh'mi, when a team was sent to explore the portals beneath the Broken Plains. It seemed to be guarding a black stone (the Heart of Darkness) in a chamber that is only reachable over a chasm of indeterminable depth. Unnaturally preserved corpses were found strewn around the stone in various worshipping positions. The Ghould is almost impossible to hurt. Avoid engagement if possible. The only one sighted so far was defeated by knocking it into the chasm, though it is uncertain if that truly defeated it. Creature is believed to guard sites of religious or eldritch power.

Designed by Fierach.



3. Lirrey the Eternal Star





Size: Humongous (At least thirty meters in span - covers the whole ceiling of a cave).

Weight: Unknown, estimation impossible.

Threat Status: Unknown. Has not been known to attack or attempt to communicate, but seems to control the inhabitants of Lirrey. Stepping into its pool of blood may have detrimental effects.

Known Areas: In a cave beneath Lirrey's Church, only accessible under the Altar of the Church.

Known Abilities: Control over Lirrey's inhabitants. Uncertain if the timeless nature of Lirrey is a result of Lirrey Star's abilities.

Known Weaknesses: Unknown.

Sound Recording: None. The creature is silent.

"Awaiting at the base of the stairs, is a gargantuan cavern, robust in size purely out of necessity to contain the unfathomable creature within.  Along the ceiling and far end rested innumerable tendril like 'roots', pods, appendages, and other yet unclassified characteristics sewn onto bulbous, disconcerting flesh converging around a radial set of presumed teeth.  The sense that what little they viewed of the beast was a minority is reinforced by the number of spots in the rock and dirt where pieces of the creature embedded and disappeared.  Suddenly the religious imagery of one of the figures in the church above made sense, was understood, became Truth.  The REALity is, this is Lirrey the Eternal Star. Towards the middle of the cavern stood a tall woman garbed in a mixture of clergy regalia and admiral's stripes, smiling warmly.  Beside her lies a large pool of the blood both dark as night and a vivid crimson in a clear contradiction to itself.  The source is evident as a large amount of blood falls into the pool with an echoing sploosh.  Above, some section of the creature seems to be torn out, a gaping wound revealing indescribable internal workings that would leave one queasy for eternity if it were truly understood." - excerpt taken from Lirrey Lines thread.

Use of Lirrey Star (OOC note) -

Lirrey Star is not known to the Order of the White Hand yet, and as such is less accessible IC than Lun'silth. Contact jaistlyn if you wish to have interactions with Lirrey Star, and we can discuss and agree on the outcomes of such an interaction.  

Designed by Reinholdt.

Edited by jaistlyn

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5. Plants and Fungal Life

There have been some interesting rumors going around about some of the things growing out there, but nothing we can confirm.  The information could be valuable, it is likely that the plant life will affect the creatures somehow.  There is also the possibility that it may be some kind of threat, as most things are out there.  As a member of the Order of the White Hand, I am officially requesting that future expeditions take care to retrieve samples of local plants and fungi, when practical. (Though, obviously, if it tries to eat you or something it's probably not a good idea to drag it back to Inns'th.  A detailed description will do nice.)

Erudition, Scribe of the Order of the White Hand




1. Whiteflange Mushroom Gluttonia Agaric

Type: Fungus. 

Uses: Useful as a food.

Known Areas: Broken Plains, Whitewoods, Spires.

Danger: None. No negative effects have been observed from consumption so far, although the local order of paladins urges caution regardless, simply due to the fungus being a native of Yh'mi.

Tall mushrooms with very thick stems. Fast-growing, and apparently capable of surviving in almost any environment, although damp conditions are favored. It will grow rapidly in all seasons, and spreads very easily, although its lifespan is short, under a month in most cases. The fungus is entirely white, with a small, round cap growing at the top of the stem.  Its surface is strangely hard, but its internal consistency is soft and flexible.

(See entry 56 in the Herbalism textbook for reference.)



2. Tempest Vine Hurdous Vatis

Type: Climbing plant.

Uses: Claimed to calm stampeding Saevion down. (Verification necessary)

Known Areas: Whitewoods.

Danger: Extremely poisonous. Ingestion of the vine causes immediate nervous system breakdown and death. Even holding the plant in hand causes toxins to diffuse through the person's skin, and leads to eventual death.

The Tempest Vine can be found in the Whitewoods, growing around the trunks of the trees where the mists are thickest. The green, arrow-shaped leaves look innocuous enough, but beware, for the plant is extremely poisonous. A person holding the leaves without protection gloves will feel numbness in the limb after 20 minutes, and continued exposure to the plant will cause the person to lose muscle control, causing spasms and eventually loss of control over breathing muscles and death by suffocation. The Order of the White Hand is currently seeking verification on the rumour that the Tempest Vine can reduce the aggression of Saevion.

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6. Minerals, Anomalies, and Artifacts

The land of Yh'mi is still mostly unknown. We know little about its history, though it is certain that it was once inhabited land. For one, it has been said that riches can be found in the caverns beneath the Broken Plains, though no one who has dared ventured into its depths has made it back. Any and all discoveries will help us in understanding the land.

Erudition, Scribe of the Order of the White Hand




1. "Nequam"

Type: Artifact, though the material it is made of may be relevant.  Expeditions should be on the lookout for other examples of sentient metals.

Notable Properties: Sentience, telepathy.

Uses: None obvious. Perhaps it may know something about the region, however.

Area Found: Broken Plains.

Threat Level: Low. The only things it's likely to hurt are your feelings.

A sword, discovered abandoned on the Broken Plains during a recent expedition.  The weapon, though hardly well-crafted, is sentient, and capable of some form of telepathic communication.  However, its personality leaves much to be desired.  It is extremely vulgar and disrespectful, though there is no evidence to suggest that it is evil.



2. Banner of the Stalwart Knights

Type: Artifact.

Notable Properties: Bears the symbol of the Stalwart Knights.

Uses: Said to be able to communicate with one's ancestors through the banner, though the Order of the White Hand are still researching on how to use it. 

Area Found: Spires.

Threat Level: None.

The Stalwart Knights had sent forces to Yh'mi, but unfortunately their airship had crashed in the Spires, and the Order had not been quick enough to rescue the knights before the horrors of Yh'mi drove them insane. An expedition sent to retrieve the Knights' banner had been successful. The Order hopes to unlock the ability of the banner and gain useful knowledge about the region.



3. Ercaniron

Type: Mineral.

Notable Properties: Magic destabilizer.

Uses: In large amounts, kIn large amounts, known to destabilize the half-real, half-illusion constructs of the Sri'Maash creature. 

Area Found: Can be mined in the mountains near the Whitewoods.

Threat Level: Slight, due to its nature to destabilize magic.

Ercaniron is a heavy metal which is non-toxic to biological systems. Ercaniron radiates dangerous amounts of chaotic raw enchantment that destabilizes structured magic. Ercaniron is not an anti-magical element but one which introduces chaos and entropy into existing arcane constructs. The ore was first found in the mountains near the Whitewoods by a group of prospectors. Due to the presence of a nearby Sri'Maash, most in the group had been killed, though those who had survived had taken with them a huge amount of the ore, and said that there were a lot more to be mined.

Physical Properties

  • Color: Dark-blue when inert. Ultra-orange when volatile
  • Malleability: High. Can be easily shaped into plate armor and weaponry
  • Ductility: Medium. With effort can be stretched out into wires
  • Luster: High when volatile - orange glow
  • Conductivity: Good for heat; poor for electricity
  • Ferromagnetic: Low

Chemical Properties

  • Toxicity: Non-toxic - destabilizes magic
  • Reactivity: High against magic. Destabilizes arcane structures
  • Oxidation: Low
  • Solubility: Dissolves in acid

Also logged in the Terrenus Materials List



4. The Storyteller

Type: Creature / Alien lifeform

Size: Moderate, slightly smaller than a human. 

Weight: Estimated around 50 kilograms.

Threat Status: True extent of powers unknown. It is unknown if the creature is hostile.

Known Areas: Broken Plains.

Known Abilities: Rumoured to be able to make stories in a book or told by mouth come true.

Known Weaknesses: Unknown.

Further Notes: There is only one of this creature known to exist. 


Sketched by the girl who reported the creature.


A girl who had set off alone for an exploration quest reported that this creature had made a storybook that she brought into Yh'mi come true. Indeed, during the period of time that she was in Yh'mi, undeniably strange events had happened. She said that she was only able to stop the effect by changing the ending of the storybook. She further claimed that The Storyteller brought her back to Inns'th while she was unconscious, suggesting that the creature may not be hostile. She described the creature as "...a disturbing, alien life form. Tendrils lay slack, like a dozen slimy white tails, where fins on its torso flap pathetically to move itself away. Its head....some sort of mix between a cur, a bird, with a myriad of eyes in each direction, unblinking."

If a person is carrying a text with a story on it, or tells one by mouth in the farther area of Yh'mi, the long arm of the Storyteller can cause a cosmic level phenomena to make the story real, turning listeners and readers into characters. The story is fated to 'end', and the effect will not stop until it does. 

OOC note -

Any story that is made to come true by the Storyteller only happens within Yh'mi and Inns'th, and does not affect the rest of Valucre. Furthermore, Mild Powers apply, i.e. the stories cannot be used to destroy parts of Yh'mi and Inns'th in a single turn, and characters cannot be made into insanely powerful beings through stories. If any thread involving The Storyteller does not fit into Mild Powers, the Yh'mi board leader has the right to deny it.

Designed by Puranetto Ueivuzu.


Edited by jaistlyn

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