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Book 0: Quick Start / Guide to Yh'mi

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Book O: Quick Start / Guide to Yh'mi




Yh'mi is like no other place on Valucre. Dare ye enter this land of utter darkness?



Unlike the other zones of Valucre, Yh'mi is an unknown quantity. There are no cities to speak of, no formal government, and no permanent populace. The only things that exist here are shrouded in mystery. How did this place come to be?  What makes its nature so hostile to outsiders?  What strange creatures lurk deep within it?  There are many questions, but only one answer:

Nobody knows.

Any characters that enter Yh'mi have the opportunity to finally solve these mysteries, to defend against the growing evil of the land, and to become legends in the lore of this area.  At first, you will find yourself in a tiny town not even worthy of its title, desperately trying to maintain its existence at the edge of a deadly wilderness.  But things are going to change.  It is up to you to protect Inns'th, to explore the mysteries beyond, and to find a way to survive the endless evil of Yh'mi.  There are untold things that can be found, creatures to be discovered, elements to be harnessed, and a world that does not want you there.


Roleplay in Yh'mi - How it works

Quests and advancing the storyline

Yh'mi is largely driven by quests. Players will advance or hinder the progress of Terrenus forces in Yh'mi.  Success means that the lands will be explored, information discovered, tools acquired, etc. Failure may mean that the forces of Yh'mi have cost Terrenus resources and time. Successful completion of quests will allow plot-forwarding information about Yh'mi to be unveiled. How it proceeds is entirely up to you, as the players.


A quest asks players to retrieve resources for the war effort. Success in this quest attracts new soldiers, bolsters the defenses of the camp, and allows the forces of Terrenus to push deeper into the lands, expanding their foothold. Failure in the quest might result in the deaths of valuable NPCs, damage to the encampment, and more dangerous missions in the future.


Canonization of quests

Events happening in quests are automatically canon, and players need not summarize the threads (unless they want to). The Yh'mi board leader will give an IC summary of the quest through the point of view of Erudition, a paladin scribe. 


Non-quest threads

Besides quests, players are welcome to use the setting of Yh'mi for their own character development. The events affecting Yh'mi in these threads will not be considered canon unless it is submitted to the board leader for approval. Some details may be required to be omitted / altered with agreement to be consistent with existing lore. You can find Valucre's canonization guide here. An example of a canonization summary in Yh'mi: The Watcher in the Mist


How to start

I am new to Yh'mi. Do I need to read all of the lore in order to take on a quest?

No. Yh'mi lore is structured in a way to both help players new to Yh'mi start out, and to provide experienced players with easily accessible resources to incorporate the lore and history in your posts.


How information is organized

There are a few threads pinned to the top of the Yh'mi board. Information in each thread is ordered by how detailed they are. There are two categories of information:


Reading these posts in each thread gives sufficient information for new players, or players who want a quick play, to take up individual quests.


If you would like to follow the full storyline, just read the more detailed posts in the threads.

Lore booklets

Booklet 1 - Current Atmosphere, Locations, Characters, History

  • Information on the current state of things, notable places, culture, NPCs to interact with, and the past history of Yh'mi.

Booklet 2 - The Tomes (Bestiary)

  • Creature, plants and items compendium. Use this for monsters and creature encounters in Yh'mi. You're not limited to the bestiary, you can also invent your own creatures, plants, artifacts etc.

Booklet 3 - Quests and Timeline

  • Currently available quests, timeline of past completed quests and brief summaries for each one.


What do I do?

I recommend you start by picking an available quest from Booklet 3. Next, know what locations your character will be passing through for the quest by reading up on the locations in Booklet 1. Then, depending on the danger level of the quest, pick appropriate creatures to battle against from Booklet 2. Finally, gather up a team, post a new topic in Yh'mi and start writing!


Feedback and Help

Primary contact

Questions? Suggestions? Have RP ideas for discussion? Ask them in the Yh'mi AMA (Ask Me Anything), or PM me (jaistlyn). I don't bite, I promise. But Yh'mi might...


Secondary contacts

If I'm not around, you can contact @Reinholdt for questions relating to the Purgatory and Inns'th's doctor (Dr Xeyal). @supernal is the overarching board leader for Terrenus, the continent that Yh'mi is located in.


Credits to previous board leaders Yhmi and Chouette for their contributions to the lore, and DmitriNoir for the banner design.

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