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Canon Updates to Yh'mi

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This thread is to track canon updates for completed threads, and how they have impacted the lore. Although there used to be monthly updates, I have found that these are not as widely read as I would have liked. The monthly updates have become too much both to maintain, and for someone new to Yh'mi to read through them. As such, the Timeline of Past Threads in Book 3 is a replacement for the monthly updates, as well as this thread, where I will specifically state which part of the lore has been impacted by a completed thread.


Monthly lore updates: July 2015 to February 2016

(originally by bigfatcat)

July 2015



-A growing gateway: The population of Inns’th, while still small, has begun to grow, and there is talk of expanding the town or even pushing into Yh’mi.  The Order of the White Hand aims to recruit acolytes to help maintain order.

-Improving defenses: With sightings and encounters with dangerous creatures on the rise, plans are being made to construct an outpost at the furthest point.  In addition, more exploration is now underway, and several new locations in Yh’mi have now been documented.

-Infiltration: While Inns’th does appear to be gaining strength, its dark enemies are not idle.  Shapeshifters known as Twistlings have been infiltrating the town, trying to disrupt operations in any way they can.  And out in the wilderness, other deadly beings have begun to appear, threatening anyone who dares venture beyond the encampment walls.



August 2015


- A new wave of travelers: Adventurers have been arriving in Yh'mi in greater numbers than ever before!  Word is spreading, and more will soon follow... but not all of them will be paragons of virtue...

- Finally, we have a tavern: The Purgatory bar is open for business!  Travelers in Inns'th now have a place to get drinks and meet up with each other.  That's not all, however, the place is owned by a mysterious doctor, who conducts strange experiments behind closed doors, and offers some of the best medical aid the town has to offer (which isn't saying much, but still...).  Step on in, and don't drink the purple ones!

- The Knights have fallen: No warriors were brave enough to go out in search of the crashed airship of the Stalwart Knights.  Now, it is too late.  The potential allies are dead, and a new and deadly kind of creature now stalks the lands beyond the Broken Plain...

- New expeditions: Exploratory missions are being planned once again, and some have already set off!  One in particular, on its first day, has discovered a sentient sword capable of telepathic communication.  Further investigation will be useful in determining its origins, and whether it is an isolated case or merely an example of some new phenomenon...

- The First Company enters the stage: The mysterious army known as the First Other Company, having appeared out of nowhere, has now set up camp outside the northwest side of Yh'mi.  Many tents, weapons, cooking fires, and trucks can now be found there, along with the jolly membership of the Company itself.  Relations with the Order of the White Hand are cordial, but still frosty.  However, the Company's soldiers have begun helping out some of the task forces delving into Yh'mi, gradually earning more trust from the paladins.

- A mad hermit: The introverted sorcerer Aizus Flint, for some crazy reason, has decided to go and live by himself in the Whitewoods.  He carries with him a powerful lantern that the Order desperately wants.  Those wishing to undertake a quest would to well to investigate this opportunity...

- Mercenaries on recruitment duty: Members of the mercenary band the Free Company are trying to gather people to form a small town Watch in Inns'th, on behalf of the Order.  Their efforts have created some unrest in the town, and has made the Twistlings uneasy, possibly spurring them to take action in the near future.

- To the ends of the earth: A team has been put together to prepare the Furthest Point for the construction of an outpost.  The Order will await the success or failure of this mission before building their outpost.  Whether this outpost is completed, and how strong and safe it will be, will likely hinge on the bravery and dedication of this group.


September 2015



- We are not alone: The mysterious Cyclopes, first encountered in an early expedition, have been sighted again.  An entry has been added to theBestiary, warning adventurers of this new presence.

- Hidden treasures: A group of prospectors were able to venture into Yh'mi, protected by a small band of wanderers, and have discovered signs of valuable metal deposits in the crevasses beneath the Broken Plain.  This could signal the start of a rush to conquer the area- if the discovery ever makes it back to civilization.

- Crawling in the walls: Inns'th's rat problem has been growing worse lately, and there may be something far nastier than mere pesky rodents involved... Quest-seekers will be needed to help save to town from starvation and disease!

- A semblance of order: The mercenary organization known as the Free Company has successfully recruited a small group to be trained by the Order.  These people are now forming the beginnings of a Watch force, leading to a drop in crime and a generally more calm and orderly town.  They will step in to resolve most minor disputes within the encampment, allowing the Order to focus its efforts on larger matters.

- Hunting them down: The Company was rewarded by the Order for its efforts, but the mercenary band is already looking toward its next objective.  Their new job is finding and killing all five Twistlings in Inns'th, and they're already close to nabbing the first!

- The final frontier: A certain exploratory expedition has survived several days out on the Broken Plain, and is now nearing the Whitewoods!  Among their discoveries so far: the first sighting of Twistlings outside of Inns'th, an artifact that is both sentient and telepathic (and makes most wish it was neither), and the disturbing consequences of eating roasted Chhitten.  And still they press on, aiming to uncover even greater mysteries...

- Searching for hope in the depths of insanity: In spite of the recent fall of the Stalwart Knights, a small band has gathered to retrieve their ancient banner, a powerful artifact that could have major consequences if reached.  May there yet be hope for the Fallen Knights?  What effect might the banner have on the darkness of Yh'mi?  It is up to these brave souls to find out.



October 2015


- Came outta nowhere:  A new creature has been recorded in the Bestiary, after a certain traveler was able to piece together various descriptions to confirm its existence.  Perhaps you think you are safe- but you may be mere seconds away from being charged by a Saevion...

- Into the woods: The current main expedition into the strange lands of Yh'mi has reached another milestone and entered the Whitewoods.  Few dare venture so far, but it remains to be seen whether these brave souls will be able to discover anything before they are forced to turn back.

- Time to farm: A recent plague of rats has devastated Inns'th's food supplies, leaving the town starving.  The Order of the White Hand plans to bring in an earthbender to render the ground nearby suitable for farming.  It remains to be seen whether this project will go as planned.

- A risky decision: The expedition to secure the Furthest Point has gone missing after a Chhitten attack.  The Order is now preparing to construct an outpost closer to Inns'th.


November 2015


- Dangerous and lonely travels: The expedition to the Whitewoods has concluded, with most of the explorers involved making it out alive.  See theincident report for the details on their discoveries!

- He is coming: A paladin of the Order has gone rogue, and a small band has been hastily put together to stop him.  A simple enough job, but bad omens abound, and the vile touch of Lun'silth stains all...

- The missing scientist: A scientist investigating the mists surrounding the Whitewoods has gone missing after leaving for Terrenus.  His current whereabouts are unknown, though the Order has begun searching for him.

- Shadows in the mist: Very recently, there have been sightings of small figures moving about on the fringes of the Whitewoods.  Apparently, these resemble bears, even though nothing ursine has ever been found in Yh'mi before.  Perhaps this is related to the expedition that recently ventured there, or perhaps it is just another strange occurrence in a land we cannot even begin to understand.

- A beacon in the night: The Order of the White Hand is sending one of their elites to help build an outpost on the Broken Plain!  Whether or not this deadly endeavor succeeds remains to be seen, but many recruits will be needed.  Let the bravest gather, to raise a fortress, a sanctuary for any who venture into this cursed land!


December 2015


- New ventures: A small group has been gathered for an expedition to the Whitewoods- only this time, they're working against the Order, to protect a lone sorcerer from the paladins' hired mercenaries.

- Deadly encounters:  With numbers dropping and survivors faced with mounting horrors, the search for the lost banner of the Stalwart Knights is in dire straights.  Will they persevere and make it through these challenges, or will another brave party be shattered by the evils of Yh'mi?

- A lone crusader:  Abandoned by his mercenary fellows, a lone man now works valiantly to rid Inns'th of an infestation of deadly shapeshifters.

- Omens of the apocalypse:  The danger of Yh'mi is no longer confined to its borders.  In Tia and Blairville, among several other places, dread Spires of Yh'mi have erupted from the earth, bringing with them silvery mists which eat away at the mind.  Heroes far and wide will need to gather and fight, to bring down the vile structures and protect all of Terrenus from the spread of darkness.


January 2016


- A brush with death: A small party searching among the Spires has encountered Lun'Silth- and survived.  What this means for them, their quest, and Yh'mi itself, however, remains to be seen.

- Quiet on the front: Yh'mi has remained quiet of late, with few threats emerging from its shadowed reaches.  The people of Inns'th breathe sighs of relief, even as the Order of the White Hand peers suspiciously over the plains, knowing that such changes cannot bode well.

- While battle rages on: Thrown into chaos by the emergence of the Spires, the forces of Terrenus are marshaling to bring them down, with separate teams now working to strike at each of the five dark towers.  Success, however, is still a long ways off for many of them, and the true nature of the threat can still only be guessed at...


February 2016


- Things unseen: As time goes by, more and more of the horrors lurking within Yh'mi are revealed by those who survive long enough to chronicle what they saw.  The Bestiary now includes what little is known of the elusive Maash, a creature capable of multiplying the danger of other hazards.

- Artifact found: The lost banner of the Stalwart Knights has been located!  Although it remains in dangerous territory, its discoverers now have a good shot at returning it, a feat that could prove to be the greatest victory yet against the evils of this land.

- Spires penetrated: The Spires in Weland and Blairville have been breached, and a few brave souls are now scouring the mysteries within for a means to permanently end their threat.  However, there is mounting evidence that something is behind the appearance of these structures, and is viciously fighting to ensure that they are not destroyed.

- Order movements: The paladins of the White Hand have been busy of late, gathering mercenaries and supplies for an as-of-yet undisclosed task.  It would seem that the short interval of peace enjoyed by Inns'th is coming to an end...

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Monthly lore updates: June 2016 to June 2017

June 2016


Banner successfully retrieved: Against all odds, four out of six members of the team that had set out to recover the banner of the Stalwart Knights has returned with the item. The Order is elated with the success, and hopes that the banner can be used to reveal clues to Yh'mi's past.

- Getting ready to farm: A mercenary has arrived in Inns'th to protect a Gaianist while he reshapes the ground around Inns'th into crop-bearing soil. Success will alleviate the shortage of food brought about by the infestation of rats in Inns'th.

- Battles continue with the Spires:

  • A group has managed to reach the top of the Blairville spire. There, they find a portal into a snowy landscape and a clue to destroying the tower. Fighting within the group, however, has impeded their progress. Will they bring the spire down successfully?
  • Through the sacrifice of a noble cabbage merchant, the Last Chance spire has recently been breached by a team brought together by an excessive love for drinks. Between their alcohol-drowned minds and a bunch of crazies hounding them, how will they succeed?
  • Creepy but sad, ghosts of children sway to a piano tune in the Weland spire. Who is playing the music, and can they free the souls of the children by destroying the tower?
  • A mismatched team sacrificed a vampyr girl's finger to open the doors to the spire in Tia. The longer they stay under the influence of the mists, the more memories will be taken away from them. The clock is ticking for them to destroy the spire before their identities are forever lost.
  • At the Gaian Academy, students of the Public Safety class are getting more than what they registered for, when they meet with a rabid rat infestation and an exploding corpse while investigating the spire. Can they figure out what is going on, and keep their good grades (and their lives)?


July 2016


- Monster hunt: No one has managed to kill a Gutterfiend yet. However, if Inns'th is to be protected and Yh'mi explored, a way to defeat the creature must be found. A group of brave adventurers have accepted the task to cut the head from the creature and bring it back for examination.

- Precious artifact: Merchants travelling to Inns'th are a rare but welcome sight. Two of such travelling merchants learn of a sorcerer who possesses a lantern that keeps away the evils of Yh'mi, and the Order's payment to whoever succeeds in retrieving the lantern from him.

- Protecting a grouch: The mercenary accepting the job of protecting an earthbender did not count on his unpleasantness. It seems that the mercenary is in for a long day...

- Fate deals a heavy blow: The Order's most dreaded event has happened: a paladin has been tainted by Lun'silth. A large group of mercenaries has been hired by the Order to kill the paladin. However, not a minute after they set out into Yh'mi, a deep crevice opens to the bowels of the earth, and spidery Chhittens pour out of it to bear down on our heroes. Can they survive, and save Inns'th from this peril?

- Beware of your neighbour: Till now, the townspeople are unable to identify Twistlings hiding among them in plain sight. The time is ticking... (Quest Five Fingers on a Hand is considered a failure if it is not started in one month.) 

- Spires continue to cause trouble across Terrenus:

  • The group conquering the Blairville spire has been split. One member of the team has deliberately destroyed the portal from the other side, trapping three of them in the snowland. Will the remaining members be enough to bring down the Spire? 
  • The three venturing through the snowland find themselves at the doorstep of the Last Chance Spire. Their arrival from the wrong side of the portal triggered a trap in the Spire. They have to work together with the group already in the tower to defeat rock and flesh golems that have appeared across two different dimensions. Can they exhibit teamwork and beat the golems, or will they be crushed?
  • At the Gaian Academy, students of the Public Safety class are horrified to find themselves with a bounty on their heads, while their school spirals into insanity. How will they get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon?


August 2016


- Danger in Inns'th: During an attack on Inns'th, a Twistling was discovered to have been hiding among the people. No one knows when the Twistling had invaded their encampment, but everyone believes there are more. A visiting doctor invented a method to distinguish Twistlings from normal people, but her methods are questionable. Can the remaining Twistlings be found and destroyed in time?

- Two out of five spires destroyed across Terrenus: 

  • The Blairville tower was burned down, and the city slowly returns to normalcy while mourning its dead. However, for some, the spire has permanently changed them, and life will never be the same again.
  • With the defeat of the golems, the spire in Last Chance was no longer indestructible. A powerful summon was called upon and tore the spire to pieces. With the amount of alcohol they had ingested, it would be a miracle if our drunken heroes remember what they did.

- New location: Esperanza:  The tribe of Striking Hope reached Inns'th after a long journey for a place to settle. The Order of the White Hand proposed that they could stay in the area and help to protect the walls and explore Yh'mi. Even with divided opinions, the leader of the tribe, Loui Nishi, decided to call Yh'mi home and made camp east of Inns'th, naming the village 'Esperanza'. ((owned by HELLruler))

- Help!! Monsters are blocking our way!: The only road in and out of Esperanza has been blocked by monsters, and the villagers are running out of supplies soon. It is suspected that something is behind the attack, but before the cause can be investigated, help is needed to eradicate the monsters. ((Quest description of Operation Road-Unblock is available here. This quest is submitted by HELLruler.))

- Mega-Chhitten seen:  The first encounter with a Chhitten Magnus had occurred during a failed expedition into the Whitewoods by a band of mercenaries. The similarities in appearance suggest that the Chhitten Magnus is somehow related to the Chhitten, though the Magnus is easily ten times the size of one. There is no information on whether this creature is an anomaly, or if there are others of its kind. ((The creature is submitted by Silver Thunder.))


September 2016


- Saving Esperanza: Aid is coming for the tribe of Striking Hope, whose sole path to their village has been cut off by monsters, but the heros number only three. Can they save the village and find out who or what is organising the attacks, or will they perish in their valiant attempt? 

- Hideous monsters of Yh'mi:  Whilst on a quest to find and slay a Gutterfiend, an expedition runs into another frightful monster instead, an abomination with two mouths and many legs. Perhaps they've swallowed more than they can chew.

- Twisting the Twistlings:  A mysterious doctor has figured out a way to reveal the identities of Twistlings, but her method is cruel, and her mind and sanity questionable. Is she the key to flush out all the remaining Twistlings hiding in Inns'th, or will she make things worse?

- Starless night: Two merchants, a thief and a young sorceress have foolishly wandered into Yh'mi, thinking that they could steal a wizard's lamp that the Order of the White Hand had set its sight on. A Chhitten attack has caused them to lose a horse, and put one of them in a life-threatening condition. Their way back has been blocked by monsters, and they have no choice but to escape further into Yh'mi. How dearly would they pay for their folly?  

- Thunderous hooves:  After dealing with a horde of Chhitten and narrowly avoiding a fight among themselves, the mercenaries tasked with killing a rogue paladin now find themselves faced with a large pack of charging Saevion. The rogue paladin is nowhere to be seen. Would they end up as a 'splatter' (a group of Saevions have been classified as a splatter by the locals on account of what tends to remain in their wake), and what would be the fate of Inns'th if they fail?


October 2016


- A desperate village: The three mages answering the tribe of Striking Hope's call for help uses magic to propel themselves over the monsters surrounding the village. The tribe's leader tells them that their top priority is to obtain food and supplies. Can they achieve that without going head-to-head in a dangerous battle with the monsters?

- Relentless battles: The land of Yh'mi pounds heroes mercilessly. Creatures after vicious creatures charge at the group that had set out to destroy the rogue paladin. The latest is a massive serpentine Chhitten Magnus that had broken through the ground from under them, and had already badly injured two. Can they even save themselves from a cruel death in Yh'mi, and what's more, save Inns'th from a tragic fate?

- Three more spires to take down in Terrenus:

  • Weland - Walking past the swaying ghost-children, the group comes across a small girl playing the piano. She reveals herself to be a nine-tailed fox spirit, and attacks them. The group defeats her, but are no closer to understanding the nature of the spire.. for now.
  • Gaian Academy - The students with bounties on their heads board the ship of the largest gang in order to seek refuge and to investigate the spire. Strange effects start happening: Furs grow from cuts, and moles glow under laser light. The students find themselves in an inexplicable situation - seducing a slimy frog-man, and negotiating with a shady human skin trader. Meanwhile, the ship drifts ever closer to the spires...
  • Tia - After gaining access to the tower, the group bumps into a crazed old man cowering from them, who turned rabid when cornered. A fluffy cat-like creature bolted from the old man's arms with surprising agility, climbing up the wall and ceiling. Could the cat be a key, or is it a mere distraction?


November 2016


- Treasure..?: Some say that beyond its danger, Yh'mi holds resources that can make one rich beyond imagination. Greed makes people brave. A band of prospectors has entered Yh'mi to hunt for these resources. The group of 18 is accompanied by just 2 bodyguards, and an intern of sorts. They are now flanked by chhitten on one side, and cyclopses on the other. Will they find what they seek, or will they just find Death?

- Dark solution: The doctor who had found a way to identify twistlings was responsible for subduing the captain of the guard in Inns'th, who revealed himself as a twistling to her. Her unnatural, unorthodox and I'm-not-sure-how-it-even-works methods are somehow successful, and with no other solutions, the authorities reluctantly coerced her into helping them. Would there be any consequences with allowing a madwoman/witch free reign? 

- “Throne for the eye of the beholder.”: So says the bloody etching at the top of the spire in Tia. During the journey to the top, a madman had his eye gorged out and was pushed to his death by one in the group. They now stand in front of a portal where a mighty snowstorm swirls, and beside the portal stands a singular needle-like spear to eye level. What more does the spire want of them?


December 2016


- Not a regular gardening job: Attracted by the rewards put out by the Order, a group arrives in Inns'th to protect an earthbender as he starts the labourious process of transforming the long-dead ground in Inns'th into fertile soil. It sounds like an easy job, but the newcomers will learn that nothing's ever easy around the unholy lands of Yh'mi.

- De-congestion: Two powerful mages have gotten rid of the monsters that had been plaguing the village of Esperanza. However, things are not at an end. The creatures, not known to possess much intelligence, had been working together, as if they had been commanded by someone or something else. The perpetrator had better be found fast, or they will definitely return with a larger force. Quest completed! New Quest "Hot Pursuit" available!

- Deal with the devil: The authorities of Inns'th aided in the mad female doctor's sick indulgence to expose the Twistlings hiding among the people - by having her summoned limbs of bone stab the townspeople in a mass attack. The method caused extreme pain for the innocent, but otherwise did no harm to them. For the Twistlings, however, stabbing these vital points forced them to revert back to their original form, and they were swiftly dealt with. In return for her help, the authorities promised to release the woman from jail and return her grimoire. Knowing that unleashing her upon the world was a sin in and of itself, a paladin made the decision to leave her with her book within the wilds of Yh'mi, alone.. Quest completed!

- Impending battle: Preoccupied with the creatures of Yh'mi, the mercenaries sent to kill the rogue paladin failed to notice when their quarry passed underneath them through the caverns of the Broken Plains. Now, their target is ahead of them, heading towards Inns'th with a sizeable army of dark creatures. Most of the hired help residing in Inns'th have turned tail and fled for their lives. The Order and the remaining few dedicated warriors prepare for an impending battle. One in the mercenary group rides ahead and tries to negotiate with the paladin. Brave, or foolish?

Spires across Terrenus:

  • Tia - The final sacrifice needed by the spire was a freshly gouged eye. Upon offering the bloody orb, cryptic writing was revealed in the snowscape, along with a number: five. When those who had made it to the top claimed the artifacts that had appeared, the spire crumbled. 3 spires down, 2 more to go.
  •  Gaian Academy - Using their wits to trick gang leaders, the students from the Gaian Academy now find themselves exchanging deals with a slaver and the ship's captain. Pitting the gangs against each other, they blew up the slaver's boat that they were stowing on, and are in over their heads.. literally, in water. Their aim? The spire.


January 2017


- Eyes on me: After defeating the first wave of creatures without much trouble, a band of prospectors and their Handymen bodyguards (see here for info on Handymen) make camp near the Whitewoods. The prospectors seeks valuable ore, while the bodyguards have other objectives. One of them scouts ahead, finding signs that a creature has made the area its home. He can't shake the feeling that they are all being watched.

- Dangerous journey of discovery: An adventurer prepares to set off into Yh'mi, to investigate rumours of a shapeshifter seen around the Furthest Point.. something that is not a Twistling. What kind of terrifying new creature will be found?

- Weland spire - the sound of power: Searching the fox spirit that they had managed to paralyze, the group finds a tuning fork in her possession. One of them strikes the fork against the ground. The sound reverberates through the spire - and it comes crashing down upon them. Wings and a hastily thrown up barrier saves them from harm. Now, only one spire in the Gaian Academy is left standing.


February 2017


- Precious star: A new group of mercenaries has taken up the Order of the White Hand's job to claim a powerful lantern from the recluse sorcerer, Aizus Flint, after the last group had failed. The lantern is said to be able to repel the mists of the Whitewoods and the creatures that come with them, and will greatly aid expeditions into the woods. Will the Order finally be able to get their hands on it?

- When stories are real..: A female adventurer sets off alone into Yh'mi, to investigate rumours of a shapeshifter, and bizarre events happen - the plot in a storybook that she was carrying became real! She manages to avoid an unfortunate fate by rewriting the ending of the story, and comes face-to-face with a creature that she suspects is the culprit. The Order is concerned with this new development, and orders an investigation. Quest completed! New quest "Fibs for Dips" available! New creature "The Storyteller" added into the bestiary!

- Hunter hunted: After defeating a fearsome creature, the group hunting for a Gutterfiend takes a much needed rest. Unbeknowst to them, the very creature they are hunting for has learnt about the death of its friend, and is embarking on the path for revenge. 


May 2017


- Sky hammer: Students from the Gaian Academy received the clue to destroy the last spire in their school, but the pressure of the spire's power on their young minds was too great. To save themselves from insanity, the students fling themselves from the top of the tower, using magic to soften their landing. The message from the spire was passed on for authorities to handle, while they themselves decide to lay low for a while, away from the underworld figures they had deluded in order to reach the spire. A cryptic string of gibberish letters and numbers was found in the spire, as with all the other spires. Would anyone figure out what it means?

- To lose a star: Numerous teams of mercenaries have attempted to steal a powerful lantern for a recluse sorcerer residing in the Whitewoods and claiming to be conducting research, but none of them have returned. Recently, reports have been received about an apparition spotted in the Whitewoods, carrying the lantern of interest. The Order wants the apparition to be investigated, as well as the cabin that the sorcerer is supposedly residing in. Quest "To Steal a Star" fails due to max number of attempts. New quest "To Lose a Star" available!

- Spiked: An earthbender hired by the Order to transmute Inns'th's bare ground into arable soil had been attacked by a swarm of Chhitten. Fortunately, a controlled rain of small meteors crushed each of the chitinous creatures. The strange occurrence seemed to be the result of an enigmatic creature who was involved in a prison fight at the time. The creature had limited communication skills. The earthbender's work had some success, but he quit before it was fully complete. A new earthbender will be brought in to complete the job, and bodyguards are needed to ensure that her work goes smoothly. Quest completed with neutral success! New quest "Reap What You Sow" available!

- Hidden gem: Once reaching camp, the prospectors seeking precious ore in the desolate land of Yh'mi separated from their Handymen bodyguards; the prospectors mining their quarry, the Handymen on the trail of a creature that had attacked one of them the last time. Soon, the Handymen find themselves in the middle of an almost-impenetrable illusion, and return to the camp to find it ravaged by a life-like feline illusion that could apparently interact with its surroundings. The presence of a new creature, the Sri'Maash, is discovered, and it was responsible for the illusions. The Handymen subdued the creature and brought it back with them, while the surviving prospectors left with sacks full of the Ercaniron ore that they had found. The Order of the White Hand are convinced that the ore is tainted and dangerous, and is seeking for mercenaries to permanently seal the fissure to deter other prospectors. Quest completed! New quest "What's Mine is Mine" available! New creature "Sri'Maash" added into the bestiary! New mineral "Ercaniron" added into the Tomes!

- From comrade to foe: The mercenaries sent to assassinate the rogue paladin failed to stop him, and he is now at the walls of Inns'th, with a horde of Yh'mi's creatures behind him. Using the might of the heavyweight creatures, the wall has been breached, although more casualties have been suffered on the attacker's side than on the defender's side. Twistlings marauding as people have thrown the defenders into disarray, however, this was mitigated by some figures stepping up to command and stitch some semblance of structure into the mercenary army. The paladins of the White Hand now stand face to face against their former friend. The battle is soon drawing to a close. Which side will emerge victorious?

- Battle on the horizon: A controlled force of Yh'mi marches towards the team that had set out to net themselves a Gutterfiend. The bloated monstrosity seems to be at the helm, although such intelligence had not been observed in the creature before. This only goes to show how little the Order understood of the creature. A specimen of the Gutterfiend's head would do well for them to further understand it... provided the team returns alive. 


June 2017


- Grotesque head on a stake: The group that had set out to retrieve the crown of a Gutterfiend came head to head against it, and a slew of creatures that it commanded. The battle was epic, and it was a close call. However, with teamwork and good technique, the group successfully defeated the creature. All that remains is to survive the journey back to Inn'th with their hunting prize.

- Untouchable riches: Prospectors have revealed a vein of the Ercaniron ore within Yh'mi, and the Order of the White Hand wants it sealed as soon as possible, as they fear the ore is corrupted. To accomplish the task, they are sending out a prisoner who is working for the Order to redeem his freedom, and a number of other mercenaries (who might have ulterior motives for taking on the job).

- Hush.... don't speak: Hearing rumours about a strange creature who literally brings stories to life, two explorers head into Yh'mi to find the Storyteller. Fearing repercussions of carrying stories with them, one of them literally eats the book he had brought along. To lure out the elusive creature, they start to weave a story verbally, being careful to keep it innocuous. Would that be a good strategy, or would the idea backfire?

- Fog of terror: After the spires all over Terrenus have been destroyed, strange mists have rolled over Yh'mi, seemingly to originate from the Whitewoods. The mists have driven Yh'mi's creatures to act erratically. The Order has stopped all travel into Yh'mi, only sending a group led by one of their paladins to investigate the cause. It has only been a few hours into the journey, and they have already been attacked by humanoid spiders, and two in their group have revealed themselves to be enemies. The maddening mists press ever closer...

- Emptiness after the war: After an intense battle in Inns'th with the army of dark creatures led by a corrupted paladin, the war is finally won, at the cost of the lives of many, including the Order of the White Hand's greatest warrior. The chaos continues as the defenders now turn against those who had used Unnatural powers in the battle, drawing away precious manpower needed for healing the injured, and for plugging the breach in the wall that stands between Inns'th and Yh'mi. How many more victims will be claimed in the aftermath?

- Who is the mastermind behind the attacks on Esperanza? The monsters that had sealed off the supply paths to Esperanza had been defeated by two young mages, but the monsters had been too well-coordinated. Someone must be behind the attack, and this person or thing needs to be found, fast. (This quest is available, and timed! If it is not started within 2 months, the quest is considered a failure.)


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Completed thread

Accretion link

Summary: Two people enter Yh'mi with the stated mission of delivering a letter to a band of gypsies who had gone searching for a family artifact said to be buried somewhere in Yh'mi. In reality, the two are searching for the Gypsies for reasons of their own. The two found the gypsies near the vein of Ercaniron that had been uncovered earlier by prospectors. They had incurred the wrath of a Gutterfiend. The two brokered a deal with the matriarch of the clan; in exchange for saving their lives and guaranteeing their safety back, the gypsies will smuggle a large amount of Ercaniron out of the country for them.



Effects: Updated the quest description for What's Mine is Mine to include discovering the clues about the smuggling of the Ercaniron ore.

@Mag @Chappu

Edited by jaistlyn

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Completed thread

The Grey Gateway link

Summary: Nearly 200 km south of Lirrey, a silver portal opens up in the skies. The Unknown Territories released their hold on a volcano, replacing it with a smaller green mountain. The despairing aura of Yh'mi wasted no time and coalesced with the mountain, sucking away whatever unique life-magic inhabited the structure. A group was sent to investigate, warned about the dangers of venturing into the Unknown. After losing more than half of their members during their journey, the group discovered creatures that were not native to Yh'mi, but rather seemed to be gross mutations of animals such as bears and wolves. The group decided to turn back after collecting the corpse of a mutated wolf pup. It was too dangerous to proceed without having a clue of what they were facing. After analysis of the pup's remains, it was determined that the creature originated from Taen. Similarly, reports came in of a silver streak over the skies of Taen, and a black volcano that appeared out of nowhere. This incident triggered the head of the Order of the White Hand to travel to the neighbouring Ursa Madeum islands to attend a symposium hosted by the Taen Empire for leaders of independent nations in Terrenus.



Effects: Updated the map of Yh'mi and locations - Doomed Steps, Netherpeaks, Narrow Pass and Taen Portal & Mountain.


@King @Wanderlost


Edited by jaistlyn

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Completed thread

A Series of Unfortunate Effects link

Event Description: Although the Terrenus mainland is now mostly free from the maddening mists, something is happening in Yh'mi. The mists from the Whitewoods are thicker than ever, even enveloping the Broken Plains. Yh'mi creatures are driven mad by the mist, even attacking their own, thus suggesting that this is not an effect of Yh'mi itself, but something external. The paladins of the Order of the White Hand regard the threat of the growing mist as the same as/even greater than Yh'mi itself, and they are taking emergency measures to find the source of the thickening mists and destroy it.

Result: It was found that Buford Atwater, the missing scientist, had been behind the mists and spires. Someone or something had granted him the ability to open portals within Yh'mi all across Terrenus, and to channel mists through these portals. A group led by one of the White Hand paladins risked their sanity, hunted down and ended Buford's life, therefore dissipating the mists.



Effects: 1. Updated the entry of the Saevion to include the successful psychic communication with one of the beasts. 2. Daily Weekly article closing the event.

Edited by jaistlyn

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Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.) Treaty of 597 link

Summary: The manpower shortage and constant threat of Yh'mi caused by Remissio's betrayal drove Chastity, the head of the Order, to travel to Ursa Madeum for a meeting between the leaders of independent nations in Terrenus. The visit was twofold, one - to converse with Taen leaders about the newly-opened portal that connects Yh'mi and Taen. Two - to persuade the leaders that Yh'mi was a threat to everyone, and to appeal for warriors to aid in the White Hand's planned effort to finally claim the Furthest Point hill. The aid that each nation had agreed and signed to are as follows.


Phase 1 (happening together with Furthest Point event)

Limited to the number of resources needed to claim the Furthest Point. Transport will be arranged directly with the White Hand, and because of that, small and fast fleets are assumed for transport (except for Patia, whose contributions are significant for this phase - they will probably be using larger airships)

  • 50 Seekers, 50 Keepers from Mythal
  • Dogs of War trainees from Uldwar
  • Visit/help by Tarquinis and 4 Patian knights
  • Visit/help by Nairne - herbalist, Hildebrand
  • Shipments of stone and lumber from Patia
  • Food from Patia will come into play here to support the people coming in. Due to the distance of Patia, these are more dried goods, nothing super tasty, but for sustenance.
  • Fresher food from Hildebrand, in small amounts and not as frequently due to logistics (no port yet)
  • Finance from Taen and Hildebrand to acquire basic weapons and equipment etc
  • Assumed that the displaced Orisians from Antigua will be spending time settling in the Free Marches
  • The White Hand will also apply for a higher budget from the church and Terran military to sustain the growing community (but funds probably wouldn't come in that fast, even if approved)
  • One company (~100 men) of Army Rangers (basically scouts) and their horses, vehicles, weapons and provisions (they'll mostly be self-sustaining) from Norkotia. This is arranged outside of the treaty. These soldiers will be working alongside Grubb's Dogs of War in the field.
  • House Karradeen will be available to supplement anyone who needs transportation for their goods or services.

Phase 2 (after the Furthest Point has been claimed)

Basically aim to expand Inns'th to accommodate more people and build a port nearby but far enough away from danger so that resources and people from UM can be more easily transported.

  • Additional 50 Seekers from Mythal
  • Start purchasing food grown in the Free Marches (cheaper than commercial crops), Mythal
  • Financial support from Taen and Hildebrand continues
  • THRIVE Conservation team from Hyperion
  • Visit by Aspen, crop development, Hildebrand
  • Use of Port Mars (House Uldwar) to transport people and food/trade from UM
  • Police force of sorts set up to keep peace in the growing town
  • One hundred foot soldiers, fifty archers and twenty horsemen from Uldwar

Phase 3 (when they're done or almost done with building stuff)

  • Possibly grow a portion of own crops
  • Possibly attract better-quality mercenaries due to a rise in standard of living
  • Possibly have a small port town arise next to the new port (which will be a small distance from Inns'th), where the bravest of the fighters' families can live. It's safer than Inns'th (not by much, but still.) Close by enough for the fighters to visit.
  • Possibly a research branch made up of mainly Keepers from House Mythal in order to analyze the ancient artifacts found in Yh'mi


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Completed thread

Claiming the Furthest Point link

Summary: With aid coming in from across Terrenus, the Order of the White Hand takes another shot to capture the Furthest Point hill, which would give them a vantage point and strategic advantage over Yh'mi's creatures. A first wave consisting of more than twenty individuals were tasked with escorting four wagons to the Furthest Point to set up the foundation for more defenders and builders to arrive. Along the way, the group was attacked by different creatures of Yh'mi, including the Saevion, Chhitten and Chhitten Magnus. Twistlings had also revealed themselves to be hiding among the defenders. The creatures were mostly defeated, but not before they had managed to destroy two of the wagons. Despite the shortage of resources, the White Hand paladin leading the expedition decided to press onwards.


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Completed thread

Repair of the Walls link

Summary: The battle against Remissio's veritable army of 200 had caused part of Inns'th's Wall to be knocked down. This ancient wall had kept Yh'mi's creatures out for centuries, and the Order of the White Hand intended to keep it that way. As such, it was imperative that the Wall is repaired with haste. The dark knight Gormaric Warmoon came forward to lead the overall efforts, and the White Hand paladin Tor'Gall led the defensive force assigned to guard the breach. Yh'mi's attacks were relentless, but fortunately knights from Aligoria and House Uldwar in Ursa Madeum came to aid. Together, they managed to drive back the creatures and rebuild the wall. For his bravery and leadership in battle, Tor'Gall received a promotion. (Link to Tor'Gall's promotion thread)

Result: The breach in the wall from Remissio's attack has been repaired.


Edited by jaistlyn

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Completed thread

Mapping the Depths link

Quest Description: The group of mercenaries that had tailed Remissio's army reported that they traveled through the underground paths underneath the Broken Plains, and that these paths contained portals which allowed the army to traverse the Plains in a much shorter time than overland. The paladins are awarding anyone who would venture into the dark caverns, and map its path and portals. However, prospectors are warned that this is an extremely dangerous expedition, since it is not certain what lies in wait beneath the ground.

Players are expected to map the area beneath the plains, which consists of separate tunnels connected by portals. There might also be deeper, open cavern areas. The task is to draw a map of the underground, and label where each portal leads to (as in literally draw a map of where your characters have traveled, whether it's hand-drawn or digital, it's fine). The underground paths may lead beyond the Broken Plains or not - it is up to you.

Result: James Eredas of the Order of Force Majeure and several mercenaries delved into the dangerous bowels of the Broken Plains to map its pathways.  The first portal led them to a waterhole with glowing larvae worms and a horde of Wispered. They found an underground ruins with glowing crystal deposits, where they were attacked by four Fallen Knights. After defeating them, the group crossed a chasm and found a chamber beyond which housed a black stone (the Heart of Darkness). Unnaturally preserved corpses were littered around it. They were attacked by an extremely vicious and dangerous Ghoul, and though they managed to drive it down the chasm and escape narrowly, they are almost sure the Ghoul wasn't dead. The map that was drawn by them will definitely aid further explorations.




Update to Locations:


From the reports of people who had followed the path of the army led by the rogue paladin Remissio, these caverns are apparently separate tunnels connected through confusing portals. An expedition sponsored by the Order of the White Hand uncovered underground ruins with glowing crystal deposits. Further in, they found unnaturally preserved corpses surrounding a black stone (the Heart of Darkness) and protected by a powerful guardian (the Ghoul). This is the map that the team drew of the Underdepths:





Update to Level S Bestiary:






Size: Large. 8 - 9 feet tall.

Weight: 200 - 270 kilograms.

Threat Status: Very high.

Known Areas: Underdepths (beneath the Broken Plains)

Known Abilities: Armor-piercing claws. Extreme resilience to damage. Fear-inducing scream. Very fast, very strong.

Known Weaknesses: No known weaknesses.

Sound Recording:


The Ghoul was first encountered in the Underdepths of Yh'mi, when a team was sent to explore the portals beneath the Broken Plains. It seemed to be guarding a black stone (the Heart of Darkness) in a chamber that is only reachable over a chasm of indeterminable depth. Unnaturally preserved corpses were found strewn around the stone in various worshipping positions. The Ghould is almost impossible to hurt. Avoid engagement if possible. The only one sighted so far was defeated by knocking it into the chasm, though it is uncertain if that truly defeated it. Creature is believed to guard sites of religious or eldritch power.

Designed by Fierach.



New Level S quest

Heart of Darkness *Available*

Quest Description: An expedition team sponsored by the Order of the White Hand ventured beneath the Broken Plains to map the underground portals and caverns (Important: read this summary for full details). Several locations in their reporting warrant further investigation, specifically in two areas: (1) an underground ruins with glowing crystal deposits, and (2) a chamber beyond a chasm that houses a large black stone, dubbed the Heart of Darkness. Many human bodies surround the stone, unnaturally frozen in various positions of worship, devoid of life. The Order is looking for any artifact that signifies what the ruins are, how old they are, who the bodies are, and whether the Heart is linked to the ruins. They request for some samples of the crystals to be brought back, as well as any identifying items found on the bodies in the chamber. Exercise extreme caution, for the Underdepths are not fully explored or understood yet, and the Ghoul that had been found in the chamber protecting the Heart is a seemingly indestructible creature that strikes horror and fear in its opponents.

Quest Level: S

Recommended group number: 4 to 8.

Minimum thread length: 100 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level S. The Ghoul seems to be the guardian of the Heart of Darkness. It had been pushed off into the chasm in the last encounter, but it is likely that that was not the last to be seen of the creature.

Storyteller: Required. Please choose a player among you to PM jaistlyn to get more details about the quest. 

Reward: All participants will receive a holy shield from the Order of the White Hand at the start of the quest. However, even the paladins are uncertain as to the shield's true effectiveness against the ghoul's tremendous speed and raking claws.

Edited by jaistlyn

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New quest added -

5. Uru Trouble *Available*

Quest Description: The repair of the Walls has been completed, and the next phase of the project is to strengthen the wall with Uru, a dark matte grey alloy of Urutrium metal and naturally occurring zinc and carbon. It is notoriously difficult to shape, requiring extreme forging methods. The Aligorian contingent, who have arrived to aid Inns'th in its rebuilding and expansion efforts, includes engineers and blacksmiths who are experienced in working with Uru. While working with the metal, they found that a portion of the Uru that they have brought in have been tainted with other metals, significantly lowering the famed strength of the alloy. The Order of the White Hand has put up a request to investigate and find and arrest the person(s) who had sabotaged the metals, be they Twistlings, Yh'mi sympathizers or mischief makers.

Quest Level: B+

Recommended group number: 3 to 5.

Minimum thread length: 40 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B. The saboteurs are likely to put up a fight when they are found or cornered.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: Each member of the team will receive a dagger forged from Uru, a material among the strongest in the world that holds enchantments easily.

(Credit to EpicRome23 for the quest idea)

Edited by jaistlyn

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Completed thread @Reinholdt @Dolor Aeternum @jaistlyn @1ionFang

Lirrey Lines link

Summary: Doctor Xeyal of the only bar in Inns'th (The Purgatory) aimed to set up a portal between Lirrey and Inns'th with the help of Lunara, Karuna, Sasha, and Agony.  The group traveled to Lirrey and ended up exploring a secret passage leading beneath Lirrey's church.  There they discover the horrible truth behind Lirrey, that the village and the people within were an extension of a fallen elder god, Lirrey the Eternal Star.  Fated to be drawn to this location, Lunara and Lirrey form a deep eldritch pact, making the faerie Lirrey's Herald and granting her great blood powers.  The portal was successfully opened and now secretly connects the Lirrey church with Purgatory's basement.



Location updated


The building known as Purgatory is Inns'th's only bar, which also doubles as a hospital, science lab, and funeral parlor at times. Run by the mysterious Doctor Xeyal, it awaits unsuspecting guests. Xeyal sought the help of mercenaries to establish a secret portal in his lab that connects to the church in the Village of Lirrey, unknown to the White Hand paladins.


Lirrey description updated

Timelessness anomaly

No matter what you do to Lirrey, it will always reset back to its original state. Burn it down, murder its inhabitants, and you'll soon find it back to its pristine state, as if nothing had happened. However, you will not continue to be welcomed  in Lirrey. All the villagers will collectively chant that you're a sinner and swamp you, forcing you to head to the church to 'repent'.

The church

A church for an unknown religion is one of more noticeable buildings in Lirrey. There has been one character who has been inside the church, in a vision. On the walls of the church were three religious paintings: One of a being that resembles Lun'silth, and the other two were obscured, as if by the mists of her dreams. If your character has met Lirrey Star before, then the second painting reveals itself to be the creature. 

Lirrey the Eternal Star

Lirrey Star is a large, tentacled creature that lives below Lirrey's Church (only accessible under the altar for those who know), and is the entity behind the villagers' one-trackness. Lirrey Star bleeds into a pool of red, and is assumed to have been wounded by the ancient battle between Galan the White and the Eater of Stars. The Order of the White Hand has no knowledge of Lirrey Star's existence yet. 


Lirrey the Eternal Star added to bestiary

3. Lirrey the Eternal Star





Size: Humongous (At least thirty meters in span - covers the whole ceiling of a cave).

Weight: Unknown, estimation impossible.

Threat Status: Unknown. Has not been known to attack or attempt to communicate, but seems to control the inhabitants of Lirrey. Stepping into its pool of blood may have detrimental effects.

Known Areas: In a cave beneath Lirrey's Church, only accessible under the Altar of the Church.

Known Abilities: Control over Lirrey's inhabitants. Uncertain if the timeless nature of Lirrey is a result of Lirrey Star's abilities.

Known Weaknesses: Unknown.

Sound Recording: None. The creature is silent.

"Awaiting at the base of the stairs, is a gargantuan cavern, robust in size purely out of necessity to contain the unfathomable creature within.  Along the ceiling and far end rested innumerable tendril like 'roots', pods, appendages, and other yet unclassified characteristics sewn onto bulbous, disconcerting flesh converging around a radial set of presumed teeth.  The sense that what little they viewed of the beast was a minority is reinforced by the number of spots in the rock and dirt where pieces of the creature embedded and disappeared.  Suddenly the religious imagery of one of the figures in the church above made sense, was understood, became Truth.  The REALity is, this is Lirrey the Eternal Star. Towards the middle of the cavern stood a tall woman garbed in a mixture of clergy regalia and admiral's stripes, smiling warmly.  Beside her lies a large pool of the blood both dark as night and a vivid crimson in a clear contradiction to itself.  The source is evident as a large amount of blood falls into the pool with an echoing sploosh.  Above, some section of the creature seems to be torn out, a gaping wound revealing indescribable internal workings that would leave one queasy for eternity if it were truly understood." - excerpt taken from Lirrey Lines thread.

Use of Lirrey Star (OOC note) -

Lirrey Star is not known to the Order of the White Hand yet, and as such is less accessible IC than Lun'silth. Contact jaistlyn if you wish to have interactions with Lirrey Star, and we can discuss and agree on the outcomes of such an interaction.  

Designed by Reinholdt.


2 new quests added

Odd One Out *Available*

Quest Description: In Lirrey, villagers live in contentment as one with the community.  There is one however, who resists harmonizing with the neighborhood.  News of this man has reached the paladins of the White Hand.  The description matches that of Nadas Xar'cha, thought lost and dead after a failed excursion into the Whitewoods.  While the Paladins discourage direct contact with Lirrey, they wish to make an exception.  On the surface a rescue mission, the intelligence on how Nadas survived and resists Lirrey's influence takes precedence. Travel to Lirrey, discover Nadas' secret, and decide what to do with him.

Quest Level: B

Recommended group number: 1 to 3.

Minimum thread length: 30 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B. You'll need to resist the effects of Lirrey trying to make you stay and be part of their community.

Storyteller: Required - Contact Reinholdt to receive more details about Nadas.

Reward: Nadas' secret can be used to create protective charms that can suppress some of Yh'mi's mental influence.

(Credit to Reinholdt for the quest idea)


One-Eye Zapping *Available*

Quest Description: Recently, a beam of red laser light has been seen shooting towards the sky near to the village of Lirrey. The Order of the White Hand requested investigation of this phenomenon, and found that the laser is shooting from the eye of a dead Cyclops - one of the larger of their kind. The laser seems to be relentless, and does not require any kind of power source. No other Cyclops had been known to be able to shoot lasers, so the Order is unsure of what caused it. Nevertheless, they are requesting aid to find a way to stop the laser temporarily, and harvest the Cyclops' eye safely so that they will be able to install it at the Furthest Point fort that is in the midst of being built as a defensive weapon.

Quest Level: B+

Recommended group number: 2 to 5.

Minimum thread length: 40 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes):  Level B. The creatures of Yh'mi may be hanging around the corpse of the dead Cyclops, devouring its flesh, and adventurers may also encounter its Cyclops brethren attempting to retrieve the body of one of their kind.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: In addition to monetary rewards, each adventurer will receive a ring that can store some of the energy of the laser, and they will be able to release the energy at will. (Laser beam 5 seconds, 2 uses.)

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