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The Island City of Corum.

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Caticum Vitae

The Song of Life




The city of Corum resides on a relatively small island-merely a speck on the map-to the southwest of Renovatio proper. It is a beautifully bountiful land, isolated from the rest of the country not only by its size, but also by the vast ocean of clouds surrounding it. A thick green forest outlines the island, where the city is nestled at its very center. Although it is not very sizable, the land does have an abundance of water and elevated points on which man made irrigation lines stream water through the ruins and off cliff-like embankments to create naturally appearing waterfalls. 



Corum, what on the outside appears to be a relic, is truly something of grand talent and magnificence. In appearance to the unknowing eye, the outer walls are worn down and overgrown with tumultuous amounts of vining foliage; that same indignant glance extending towards the inner sanctum. It is with profound invitation from those who dwell within, or a very keen and cunning eye, that one can spot the intention hidden beneath the veiling façade.



Outwardly, before a step onto the heavily stone paved walkways, one might be able to notice the eerie absence of sound. Brave seekers of fortune may not take hindrance while diving blindly into its depths. And what may have begun as a journey into a seemingly forgotten territory may come to a disastrously uncertain end. For Syrni1 wander these grounds.






The weather is usually tropical, where the temperature is always warm in the spring and summer and cool in the fall and winter. Being an island, is it not unusual to be caught in hurricanes and thunderstorms. Snow, however, is a unique and splendored thing, that is incredibly rare.




Flora & Fauna

Most of the flora is brightly colored, if not by luscious green stems and leaves it is by the large and beautiful hibiscus and other flowers that rainbow the area. There is a tale that depicts a very precious and small flower of rich blue color that can heal almost any illness, called Rensette3; though it has yet to be verified as true. Due to it's small circumference, there are not very many large animals on the island, nor predators to be of much threat. However, there is an abundance of poisonous insects, arachnids, amphibians, and reptiles. 




The People

Vati2, once believed to have used song to convey emotion within tales, over the generations, have been able to hone their skills for greater purpose. In the past Vati were considered the melodic accompaniment to soldiers on the battlefield by using songs of bravery to encourage their comrades to continue on even in dire circumstances and strike fear into the enemy with ballads of dark intent; sometimes swaying the results of battle.




Population & Marriage

Through strict breeding and a harsh standard of living, they have been able to bring some of the strongest music wielding bards into existence. Unfortunately, due to the restriction of marriage outside of their household they are quickly becoming a dying breed. Each new generation of pure-blooded Vati is smaller than the one preceding it. The process by which Vati are wed is one chosen for each of them. It requires the harmony and resonance of both partners to be of equal value. Causing the vibrancy of their souls to intertwine and become a single melody. This also means they have to have equal amounts of resonate power. Marriage-It is a very selective process that requires the Vati to be completely instep and in tune with one another in all aspects of their lives. Otherwise their offspring could be born abnormal. In other words, meaning without ability.-between two Vati is done out of preservation for the bloodline and does not always constitute love, but this does not mean an honorable respect is not shared between the pair.

Because of their seclusion from the outside world until the age of fifteen, most Level 2 and almost all Level 3 Vati are withdrawn and choose to stay on the island rather than venture into the outside world. Diverting them from the original path of their ancestors, who chose to travel in order to share their tales. First Generation Vati, of the island, believe this seclusion to be a necessary evil in order to protect their way of life.







There is no true government here. Though they follow the same basic system of the Mother continent, the rules and regulations are shared by the two houses that preside over the island. Where the council members from the House of Lyre maintain a strict adherence to their chosen path of religion, education, and method of song… Those from the House of Ithara, do not. The Itharan4 Vati are a more free flowing people, believing the path to righteousness is not bound to the adherence of rule. However the one agreement they both abide by, is the deterrence of marriage between the members of their two houses. 




Those blessed with resonant power are placed in different ranks according to the strength of their abilities. Each of these abilities come with specific means of communication that suppress the urge to waste their talents. NonVati are made up with those people who lack the talent for music, but are still maintained as part of their household by taking it upon themselves do other forms of work. Level 1 Vati (abnormal bards) are capable of using their voices and instruments to convey messages, being incapable of resonance and therefore do not face the threat of vocal loss that the stronger Vati do. Level 2 Vati, from the time of resonance verification and testing of ability a few years after birth, are trained to communicate with their instruments and hands in various forms of sign language to convey messages. They are able to use their voices less often than Level 1's but more often than Level 3's. Level 3 Vati, are subject to a much harsher and controlled standard of living than any other in the House of Lyrê, or the city proper. Their gifts marked as a blessing to the house and those it is used to protect. Level 3 Vati in the House of Lyrê are forced to perceive conversation as a threat, and upon verification are subject to mental invasion. The breakdown of mental barriers is a rarely painful form of training to embed communication telepathically into the infantile mind. Punishment for 'wasting' one's voice is often severe and brutal; risk of them losing their voices due to trivial conversations being a very high one. If a Level 3 Vati from the House of Lyrê speaks, it is very rarely for ceremonial reasons and more often than not to unleash destruction on the world.


In conjunction with their vocals, Vati carry musical instruments to help enhance the vibrant sounds of their weapons. In some cases it is a weapon with a strung quality such as a bow. The House of Ithara rises to the forefront, in how they hold pride in instruments over their voices. Young Vati in training spend their entire childhood strengthening their vocal or instrumental skill in confined solitude. Mentally resonating the sound of their voice into concentrated forms of power; or taming the resonance within their instrument in order to control it. This is done to protect themselves and any around them from being obliterated by the sheer force of the uncontrolled vibrations. Due to the lack of use of their songs on the battlefield, they started training in several forms of hand to hand combat as well as weapon arts. Mastering only in one. Long range attacks are the preferred method for any Vati, to keep them and their throats from being endangered. But some may choose other methods.



Generally a peaceful people, they work together in order to preserve their culture. It is not uncommon to see them signing to one another, rather than speaking aloud as all Vati are taught to use sign language as children in order to communicate with all Vati on every Level. The Vati are family people, each house being a family. They take care of one another, without prejudice. Unless it's someone from the opposing house. Despite their unusual distaste for one another, in times of crisis, they join together to rectify the situation. 



Two Houses Divided

House of Lyrê

The House of Lyrê is one such group of Vati, unlike their predecessors, who were able to fine tune their musical abilities into weapons of greater destruction through the mode of song. Their belief that the voice is a powerful tool is founded by the idea that words when spoken, should be meaningful and filled with the truth of the emotion they're being conveyed by.

House of Ithara

The House of Ithara is a group of Vati that pride themselves on their use of instruments, while their voices are the vessels of tales needing to be told. Following more closely to their ancestral heritage they sing and speak in story form and wield their instruments in order to enhance those narratives. Unlike their sister House, Itharan’s use instruments as their weapons of choice.







1. Syrni Banshee/Sirens – Those of Vati who were unable to channel their talent, having let it burn through them and giving it complete control. 

2. Vati – musically enhanced magical beings and the people who inhabit Corum.

3. Rensette – a rare and unique specimen if nature, it is a tiny blue star petaled flower that can only be found growing in the hidden Garden of Liarae, in the true reflection of the city.

4. Itharan(s) – peoples belonging to the House of Ithara.

5. Lyrêi – peoples belonging to the House of Lyrê.

6. Liarae – the Holy Mother; Sister of Galaxies.





Extra Information

The image presented above is the illusion given to outsiders, the link from 'veiling façade', is the true nature of the city as it is witnessed by the Vati.



This Lore was written by -Lilium-.

Edited by -Lilium-

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