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Unfinished Business With the Wrong Kind of Follower

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This sudden shift in demeanor on Dan’s part genuinely surprised her, the red eyes failing to intimidate more than entice the woman’s curiousity. She watched and analyzed as much as she could of the movements of this ‘Other Guy’, his speed causing her eyes to dart from side to side as he used some unseen power and his speed to gain the upper hand against the humanoid mutants Rodan had left to help her enforce this area. It was clear that the boy enjoyed relying on his advantageous talent, even more so after this blatant personality change that resembled the schizophrenia that had inevitably led to her sister’s death.


After having thrown a few knives to gauge the reflexes of her opponent, her stance changed, the leather straps tightening slightly as taut muscles prepared themselves for a potential counter attack. Instead, she was forced to bear witness to the damage dealt to the cyclopean mutant and the dangling flesh armor of the other male mutant. It was the female in the distance, however, that honed her focus even further with her words.


“Remember the fate that awaits us if we fail.”


Failure had never been a possibility she dared entertain even though the consequences were quite clear in her mind. Her mutant comrades inched their way closer and closer to Dan from the every direction but North, now on high alert given their experience with the boy’s speed. Resilient to most pain they widened their strides slightly but took each step silently and deliberately, motivated by both fear and anger at themselves for allowing this whole ordeal to extend this long already. The talon-wielding woman was then confronted with more words from the ‘Other Guy’.


"Hey! Whatcha doin just standin there with yer fine ass? You wanna play with me, or am I gonna hafta come over there?!"

“I suppose I have no other choice now but to play with children.”


She didn’t bother initiating a foolish rush for trying to outmatch Dan’s speed would be an exercise in futility. With talons in front of her in a cross formation she began to shift her upper body weight to the left and right erratically while maintaining a centered approach, joining the other three who were trying their best to mask their methodical encroachment. Hazel eyes glazed over Dan, monitoring for sudden movements and attempting to coax him into action by jutting her talons forward as well as offering an occasional head fake. She would not be the aggressor this time. The seared flesh of her eyes seemed to shift to a darker hue of red now as if irritated by something or due to an increased amount of blood flow. The change might seem inconspicuous to the casual observer but as the hue became darker she seemed to become increasingly confident.


“Are you just a tease or do you plan on following through with your threats?”


Would Dan expend more energy to attempt to take them all down? Would this become a battle of attrition? The mutant trio increased the pace of their walk so that they would reach Dan in 3 more seconds lest he expend even more energy to keep everyone at bay again. Whatever this newfound ability of his was, the drawback would come to light eventually.

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The Other Guy was delighted. Ol' Pendulum Hips really DID wanna play with him. There was one small issue. Well, three, actually.
Upon inspection, it looked like the armor was literally fused with them. Dan would find that fascinating later. However, The Other Guy couldn't have given less of a fuck.

Then, to his utter surprise, one of the mutants spoke. And it was... Female? Coulda fooled him.
"IF you fail? What in Hades makes you think you're walking away from this at all?!"

On 3/2/2018 at 10:47 AM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“Are you just a tease or do you plan on following through with your threats?”

It seemed as though someone didn't comprehend the situation they were in. He could hardly blame her. He was 14, after all.
"Four against one? This is hardly fair. Oh! I know! Maybe I should fight with my eyes closed! THAT should even things out right?"

He laughed, and then all of a sudden stopped. He was completely calm. He conjured a cup of steaming tea. It was in a white cup on a saucer with blue trim. He took a sip of it daintily as the 3 mutants closed in.
All of a sudden, The Other Guy had a flawless English accent, reminiscent of Brighton. 
"MMM. OH, absolutely exquisite. I do so love Cinnamon Apple tea."
In one motion, he dumped the contents upward over his shoulder into the cycloptic mutant's face. He backpedaled, once again clutching his face. Not as much out of intense pain, but the fact that his sight was well and truly impaired at this point.
"Oi, do be careful there, mate. That's right searing hot, it is."

He tossed the cup high into the air, and threw the saucer like a frizbee at Hipsfordays. He knew that he had as good a chance at hitting her with it as a blind man, as he and Dan both had an incredible talent of missing every target they aim for with ranged weaponry. But, he didnt care.
He took out his blades, and ran them into the gaping hole in the armor of the one on his right. With the speed he had going, he carried the poor man several feet away before grinding to a stop. His sword and dagger would leech the soul right out of him, and would be dead in seconds. Provided he HAD one.

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The mutant didn't quite realize the full-extent of the weapon's power, though he did know it was rapidly training his energy and strength. With what he had left of those, however; he quickly swooped his around around in a wide arc to try and bear-hug his slippery opponent. The Other Guy would either be forced to withdraw, either removing the blade or leaving it behind, or be grabbed and at least temporarily restrained. The female mutant quickly move in from behind, hoping to cut-off the boy if he tried to retreat. Seeing that her stabbed comrade had gone high, the female went low, also spreading her arms wide to try and corral Dan if he tried duck underneath the first one's bear-hug.

Meanwhile, it was taking a while for the blinded mutant to recover, as his bony helmet prevented him from being able to reach and clear his eyes of the liquid in them. Even as he was still struggling to regain his composure, the bone-clad enforcer heard an obnoxious female voice call-out behind him.

"In the name of the law, surrender now or I will open fire!" Twitch threatened, now having both her pistols loaded and trained them on the mutant.

"Uck... what..." the mutant shook himself and forced open his eyes as he turned to face his challenger.

"I fear you not, giant marshmallow!" the girl added confidently.

"What did you call me!?" the mutant roared.

"That... is what you are... isn't it?" Twitch seemed genuinely confused.

The mutant didn't respond, instead taking off toward the girl. Twitch fired instinctively, one of the shots hitting a thick point of the armor and doing no damage, the other nicking a joint, just barely off where she had intended to hit. In either case, neither impact slowed the creature as it continued to bull-rush her. Twitch went wide-eyed and ran for it, the mutant in hot pursuit. Though she hadn't exactly neutralized him, she had removed him from the fight with Dan.

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Their curvaceous opponent analyzed each move Dan made, realizing how much of a nuisance the boy had become as he blinded one of the mutants further. The tossed saucer missed her completely as she had maintained her evasive maneuvers and her approach. This ‘Other Guy’, while seemingly on the brink of pure insanity, needed to be apprehended before things turned dire. Watching as one mutant drove through the pain of Dan’s most recent assault to attempt to grapple him and the sole female mutant trying to enhance the possibility of restraining Dan with her own attack, she was about to approach further until she heard Twitch in the distance. The momentary distraction of Twitch’s shots delayed her next move a bit as she had to make the tactical decision to continue to focus on the boy who was clearly the bigger threat.


Muscles stiffened suddenly before she bounded off to provide yet another consecutive threat for Dan, attempting to provide a less linear approach. What Dan would find if he managed to avoid both grappling attempts would be her form lunging forward. Her speed would let her reach her target just after the female mutant ended her attack attempt. Rotating her body she would extend her arms, talons moving in circular fashion swiftly to provide a makeshift blender that would slash at Dan if the female mutant did not manage to grab him before. Even if Dan escaped both grappling attempts, his momentum would have to shift dramatically if he intended on having a chance to avoid getting scraped by both of her talons, no matter what height he found himself at. Even if a talon missed, the momentum of her body would cause her to collide with the boy with enough force to knock him forward so they could continue the assault.


There was no point in allowing speech to telegraph her actions anymore so their talon-wielding opponent did not bother speaking unless they decided to waste precious seconds now diverting the outcome of this fight which teetered closer and closer to death for whoever was not the victor here.

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The Other Guy was immensely pleased, watching the blood leak out slowly from the wounds. He thought briefly about the amount that would pour out when he removed his blades, and was almost lost in a daydream.
That is, until the guy that had his skeleton copied, melted, and fused to his outside -he had no idea if that was what happened at all, but he got the strange idea that someone was running out of humorous ways to describe these guys- decided to try to give him hugs. The Other Guy loved hugs. They gave the PERFECT way to hide a something sharp in someone's back. The problem was, this guy was on his back, and even if he wasn't, he had boner armor, so his hugs would be ineffective.

He opted instead, to leap backwards. Getting a firmer grip on his weapon hilts, he launched himself backwards with a considerable force, intending to look really cool on his landing.
What he didn't know about was the female coming from behind him at a lesser, but still not inconsiderable speed. Her grab missed, but she did impact his lower back with her face.

The impact didn't hurt THAT badly, but it did send him spinning end over end backwards and rise an additional height of 4 feet into the air while doing so. The Other Guy vaguely saw the taloned female in those flitting moments when he was facing below him.
This was not something he expected. However, it was REALLY fun. He landed low to the ground, determined to look cool, with his dagger hand (left hand) behind his back, low to the ground, sword hand on the ground with his sword still in it, fingers splayed on the ground around the hilt. His legs were spread wide balanced on the balls of his feet and his toes.
While a good bit of it was purposeful, Neither The Other Guy nor Dan would admit that at least 75% of that landing was luck.

The Other Guy stood up. His back was still throbbing. He had forgotten what pain felt like, having so rarely come up against people who could actually inflict it on him.
It was....





The Other Guy's pupils dilated as his maniacal grin widened. The kitty with the claws had come to play with him. He'd been leaving her out, only playing with the bone mutants. She'd even attempted to attack the bone female so she could have a turn. 

The Other Guy realized that he had not been fair to all of his toys. So, he decided to show the talon lady that he wanted to play with her.

His right eye started emitting a blue wisp aura from it, as it did when he was about to cast a powerful conjuration spell.

He opened his right hand, palm up, and something appeared over the now -very- boned female's head. (get it? :D)


Image result for cool looking blaster skull

It was 7 feet high, 5 feet long, and 5 feet wide. He'd gone with a smaller size, because he didn't want to accidentally kill the taloned lady too. He wanted to play with her, after all.

It opened its mouth and The Other Guy snapped his fingers. The cool looking skull blasted out a blue mana beam about as wide as one of the boned people. The beam, The Other Guy calculated, was easily powerful enough to pierce through the armor and body of the boned female. Whether or not it hit, he didn't really care. This was mostly to show the taloned lady that he still wanted to play with her, and for her not to feel left out.

This summon and beam, unfortunately, had taken the rest of his mana. If the boned female was hit with it, that would be alright. He could probably take the taloned hoe without it. The other one wasn't long for the world, and the 2nd boned male had vanished all of a sudden. If it DIDN'T hit her.... He would probably have to do something to refill his mana. Something.... hilarious.

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The damaged mutant had fallen to the ground after The Other Guy pulled away, dead or nearly-dead from having his soul drained. Whether he was fully deceased or not, he didn't move once he landed in the dirt. The female paid him no mind this time, keeping her focus on her quarry as he unexpectedly struck her in the face and flipped right over top. But other than the force of the impact, which had caused her to fall to her knees thanks to the loss of balance, no further damage or disorientation was gained from the collision. After recovering, she pivoted around just as The Other Guy was completing his conjuration. Her eyes tracked the wisps of blue energy to the unsubtle giant skull over her head. Rather than dodge or dive aside, she instead elected to move toward the summoner, figuring if the skull tracked her movements then whatever it was about to fire might just strike Dan as well. If it didn't track her, she would have at least still gotten out of the way and kept the pressure on the boy, instead of giving him any respite as dodging backward or to the side might allow.

In the meantime, Twitch had taken cover in a derelict building not far away. While capable of solid straight-line speed, the bulky mutant had a little more difficulty navigation the closed quarters inside the build, and subsequently the smaller girl managed to escape upstairs and out of sight. But the time he arrived on the upper level, she was nowhere to be found, with only a soft noise from one of the rooms indicating her likely presence there.

"Come along, child." he called into the room, "If you surrender now, maybe the Mutator will let you live. That's a better offer than you will get if you make this difficult."

There was no sound from the darkened room, which appeared to be a former bedroom. The window was boarded up and there was no source of light other than what filtered in from outside through the cracks. And that was relatively little given the hour of day it was. It was an understandable move though; the girl would have had no chance at defeating the mutant in the open. Here, in the darkness, she might have a better shot, even if she'd trapped herself.

"You can't hide forever, blondie." the mutant spoke into the room as he stepped into the doorway.

He spotted a small mass on the floor just inside the door, its exact nature obscured by the shadows. After quickly glancing around to the room, during which time he determined that the girl must be hiding under the bed or in the closet, he bent down and picked up the object. He lifted it up closer to his face, revealing it to be... a black boot. Just like the ones he'd seen Twitch wearing.

"Hmm..." he considered this find for a moment, at first figuring the girl had slipped the boot off to help her be more stealthy.

But as he stood there, another thought crossed his mind. While the noise he'd heard had come from this room, he had seen that there was another room across the hall. It would not have been difficult to just toss the boot across the hall, the flash of movement and noise in the dark being just enough to draw a pursuer's attention. As if to confirm his thoughts, he caught wind of just the faintest of a creaking from the floor directly behind him.

"Clever girl." he groaned.

The mutant tried to whirl around to face his adversary, but his movement came a split-second too late as the hiss-pop of Tian pistols reached his ears, followed by his legs giving way underneath him. The damn child had found one of the very few vulnerable spots on the armored behemoth; the fleshy back of the knee joint, which had to be left uncovered to allow free movement of the lower legs. As a result, the mutant stumbled and crashed to the floor, managing to get turned-around just enough to see Twitch standing there, her pistols now pointed at his face...

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Confronted with something as massive as the blue skull figure prompted the bony female to attempt to evade. Unfortunately the beam’s expulsion was rather quick and made swift contact with the female’s legs in the middle of her evasive maneuver. Armor fell off, sinew shredding itself and canceling her intended movement so that she was left in a supine position for a few seconds. Scrambling to get back up and doing so admirably due to the deadened nerves negating any possible pain that could have come from the attack, she came up to a stand and began her own approach while she noticed the taloned female starting hers.


The leader of this group stared incredulously at the conjuration Dan had managed to create wondering how such a young boy came to access such power. Such massive constructs must require a good deal of resources so in hopes that they were depleted heavily, she began to rush forward, one of the talons hooking yet another throwing knife that she threw at a downward angle toward Dan given the ‘cool’ stance that he had elected to execute. This knife would either hit his back or Dan’s head if he didn’t attempt to evade. This evasion was what she was vigilant of, one of her talons (on her right hand) swiping in a vertical arc upward either at the position where Dan was or attempting to catch him as he initiated any speedy evasion to either side of her. The remaining talon remained around her midsection defensively. There was no more time to spend on negotiating more peaceful terms.


The bony female’s movement, while hampered by the beam attack she just endured, led her to approach from the taloned female’s left assuming that her immediate supervisor would cover the other side or forward should Dan move. One of her seared legs would prepare itself to execute a front kick with considerable strength while her hands, which still maintained some of the bone armor moved in calculating fashion to also defend. Enough respect had been earned by the young and brash foes to warrant the calculations.

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Absolutely unbelievable. He had nearly blown the boner ladys body in half, and she STILL insisted on occupying all of his time. Just so he couldn't play with the other toy. How selfish could one person be? Honestly. She didn't even have the decency to die from his (current) ultimate summon. Now if he wanted to even do a miniature version of that, he'd have to do something.... hilarious. 
He hoped he didn't have to though. The mana would recharge on its own, but that could take AGES. But, Dan didn't like it when he did....that. This was the first time he had let him out again after he did it the first time. Welp. If he had no choice, he had no choice. He decided to play some more first, and if things got bad....well things would get worse.

Deflecting yet ANOTHER knife with his dagger, The Other Guy started backpedaling. He kinda wished he could do that thing in those anime Dan liked so much where, usually the antagonist, is somehow able to back up 10-15 feet in a single hop, almost gliding just above the ground while never changing his posture. GODS that'd be cool to do. Sure, he could go that length in one hop, but, it was honestly more like a leap. Those guys could do like, full horizontal movement.
Then, he thought maybe that would work if he wore shoes. The wings would allow that for sure. That'd kinda be cheating, but...
Oh yeah. Thats a party trick he could use too. Huh. So many party tricks. He hoped his toys would last long enough for him to use them all.

As he discovered that he was not exempt from Dan's ADHD, he noticed the boner lady's leg coming at him. For a moment he considered taking the hit to stab her, but he doubted he would have the time to do that, or the upper body strength to hold on to it. So, he bent backwards, dropping to the ground to have it go over him. Afterward, The Other Guy threw his legs up, flipped backward, and landed on his feet.

"Hey, come on now! You had your turn! Lemme play with my other toys already! It's not just about YOU ya know!"

The Other Guy took off, darting past the boner lady's left side. As he did, he attempted to dig his dagger into her exposed thigh, to make a nasty gash. He continued running for 15 more feet, stopping abruptly, turning, and eyeing his opponents.

"Wow! You guys'r the most resilient toys I've had in a LONG time! Come on, don't tell me you're thinkin' a giving up already! We haven't even gotten to all the fun bits yet!"

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The Other Guy's dagger, while it had successfully lacerated the exposed skin on the female mutant's leg, hadn't had quite as much effect as intended. As had been established, the pain of the injury was largely non-existent, though presuming this was the soul-stealing dagger it did weaken the mutant and leave her exhausted. Still, she realized it was him or them, so she made no attempt to flee or give up. But clearly another change in strategy would be necessary. As such, she made a motion toward one of the nearby buildings (not the same one Twitch and the other mutant had entered) to the talon woman, indicating an intent to try and move the fight indoors where Dan would have less room to maneuver.


Speaking of Twitch and the surviving male mutant, they had been in a bit of a stare-down for a solid minute, before finally the latter spoke-up.

"Well, you gonna shoot me or not, blondie?" he asked, intentionally wheezing his words out so as to make it appear as though he was beaten and in-pain, even though he was not.

"I don't murder unarmed prisoners." Twitch replied, sounding offended at the insinuation.

"Heh heh, you might come to regret that policy one day." the mutant chuckled, "Or... You could join us and learn to interact with the world as it deserves. You seem devoted and clever enough, even if you're just a normal human. But the Mutator can fix that... he can make you into anything. He can give you armor, or super strength, or wings to fly... or maybe even speed so you can get revenge on that stupid brat outside."

"I will not succumb to your temptations, marshmallow man!" Twitch snapped indignantly.

"What is it with the marshmallow man business?" the mutant looked both irritated and confused with Twitch's insane insults, or at least he thought they were insults.

"That's what you are, isn't it? Giant... squishy... fluffy... man-shaped whiteness..." Twitch replied, her eyes seeming to bulge then squint in in a random cycle as she tried to focus on her opponent.

The mutant wasn't sure whether to feel disappointment or relief in realizing that the girl was clearly insane. So the rainbow clouds thing wasn't just a front after all. Whatever it was that the speedster had injected into the girl, it had clearly 'effed up her mind. There would be no reasoning with this one. Not with words anyway. And so the mutant began to attempt to rise, though his damaged knees had difficulty supporting his frame. Twitch saw what he was doing, and after one ignored warning shout, she opened fire. Several bullets penetrated the armor at spots, others were lodged into the think bony shell. None proved fatal as the mutant used a combination of his arms and his knees to make a quadrupedal advance toward the girl. Though his joints were no longer capable of supporting weight if he were stand up to full height, so long as he stood on the knees themselves, with the lower leg dragging behind uselessly, and his deadened nerves preventing any painful sensations from overwhelming him, he could still maintain some level of locomotion.

Twitch stood her ground bravely, or perhaps foolishly, as she emptied everything into the mutant, including one bullet that mangled part of the armored enforcer's lower jaw. Alas, he reached her, grabbed her, and slammed her into the doorframe. Twitch went limp immediately, either unconscious or dead from the blow. The mutant let out a guttural, sputtering growl as he pivoted and threw her back into the bedroom. The force was great enough that she smashed out through old, rotting walls and tumbled to the ground a story below. The crash was enough to draw the attention of the female mutant, who spied the girl land in the dirt and roll a few feet into the street, before going motionless.

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Evasive men annoyed her to no end. Evasive children even more so. Watching Dan evade once again and noticing the other female of her group shift perspective caused her to sigh rather audibly as she knew that it was in her best interests to follow suit. As Dan’s Other Guy persona took his time voicing his opinions and desires along the battlefield, he’d find that she was already distancing herself from him and heading in the direction the bony female had gone. Since she was the only one out of this quartet that did not hold any bone armor that slightly hindered speed and agility, her movement allowed her to catch up rather quickly, her body turned enough to notice if Dan decided to approach or not. This focus did not prepare her well for the large crashing sound nearby that signaled the arrival of a battered Twitch. Calculating eyes seemed to move at an inhuman speed, providing unspoken clues regarding the state of her eyes that suggested the Mutator had enhanced her vision somehow. A smirk fell upon her features after a couple of seconds, the muscles in her legs tensing up before she initiated a front flip.


In the midst of this front flip she rotated her body quickly and then managed to yet again throw a knife in Dan’s general direction, executing a trajectory that would likely hit him directly in his chest though it was just meant as a momentary distraction. This acrobatic maneuver allowed her to close the distance between her and Twitch rather swiftly, a leather boot and extended leg aiming to roughly land on the girl’s upper body. She doubted Twitch had much left in her to execute a proper counterattack so the girl would either be met with a talon to threaten her and prevent any further movement or an unforgiving boot to pin her into a prone position. The taloned female’s body lowered slightly to make it easier for her to drive the extended talon of her left hand toward Twitch’s head, using this swift moment to call for a stoppage in this battle.


“Drop your weapons and surrender or your friend here dies.”


It was a bluff thrusted at the odd ‘Other Guy’ persona who seemed to make it abundantly clear that he just wanted to enjoy himself instead of doing the wise thing and removing himself from the situation. The female was already operating on the assumption that this ploy would not tug at any emotional strings the boy might have. She also knew that having disabled Twitch would free up the remaining two mutants to focus solely on Dan. The bony female stood near the threshold of a building nearby, threatening with her proximity to the talon-wielding female should Dan approach but waiting on Dan to move. Meanwhile, in the distance, the approach of the male mutant in the distance could be heard as he would be quickly joining the fray once again no matter what Dan elected to do.

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The Other Guy was very confused when the females began running for a building. Why in the world would they want to corner themselves like that? Oh well.
He started pursuing them, but not at an immense speed. No need in wasting stamina when he wasn't attacking or dodging. He found that this was the most he had ever thought about his actions, and thought that maybe he should do this more often. It seemed to extend playtime for a lot longer than his usual strategy.

Then all of a sudden, that aggravating woman shot out of a building. She looked really.... not good. And the talon lady threw ANOTHER KNIFE from her apparently endless supply. Maybe she had them hidden in her ass. Heheh. Butt Blades.
The Other Guy sidestepped and the knife whizzed past him. Then she.... threatened to kill that crazy bitch?
The Other Guy grinned. Surely there was no way she thought that would work. For half a second, Dan did writhe in his mind to regain control, that is until his logic kicked in and his anger started to boil. He very consciously kept The Other Guy in control.

"Oh no! My precious friend that I don't know the name of! What EVER shall I do?! Oh yeah. Fuck all. Eh, go ahead. I've never had my toys kill each other over me before."

Then he paused, continuing to approach. He was about 20 feet away now. "Ya know, thinking about it, why the hell are you even still trying? You obviously can't beat me, you can't even TOUCH me. If I wanted to, I could get away and there is not a damn thing you could do about it. WHEN I win, you die horribly. If you try running, Ill probably kill you. If you manage to get away somehow, I doubt your boss will like hearing that an attractive teenage boy took ALL of you."
15 feet away.
"I mean, Don't get me wrong, I LOVE playing with toys, especially ones like you who just WONT BREAK."

The Other Guy's voice, for once, sounded a little bit serious. There was something about his voice when he was serious that seemed.... just wrong. Almost like seeing someone go from bitter crying to hysterical laughter. Wrong and terrifying.
10 feet away.

"But after a while, the stubbornness of toys that won't break starts to get a bit annoying."

Thinking about it, it was kinda disappointing that the mutants didn't scream. Half the fun was hearing his toys emit bloodcurdling screams of agonizing pain as he carved them open. The fact that they didn't only increased his irritation.
"So fucking BREAK already."

The Other Guy took off so quickly there was a slight afterimage of himself where he was standing for a moment. Before any of them could even consider blinking, The Other Guy was upon the talon lady, and slashing his sword as he passed her in an attempt to cleave her in two. Whether or not it connected, The Other Guy would turn 90 degrees suddenly, and run a distance away from them, about 15 feet.
Why he was suddenly irritated was anyone's guess. Maybe Dan's anger was affecting him slightly. Or maybe he was running out of patience. Or, more likely, maybe it was just another random personality shift.

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Hazel eyes fixated on Dan as he spent a superfluous amount of time thrusting his confidence about. Given his age, the woman was not offended or surprised despite the odd way his emotions seemed to flare or his mannerisms. Even as he discarded Twitch so readily, the woman just listened…and listened….and listened some more to the words that spilled from the boy’s mouth. She was about to respond before she witnessed his burst of speed. The nerves around her eyes sparked to life, causing the skin around them to bulge slightly as she found herself picking up on Dan’s general movements even with his speed. The flash of metal from Dan’s sword was seen quickly and her right talon thrusted forward to meet it, the clank of metal being heard as the blade slipped between the claws and hit her hard on her metal covered knuckles. It was clear that her eyes had never had to work this hard as Dan’s attack caused her to slide back just a bit, stance widening to maintain her balance. As Dan shifted at a right angle to distance himself again he’d feel his blade slide roughly along the metal portion of her talon.
Noticeable relief could be seen on the woman’s face as she managed to block his attack, eyes adjusting horribly to the increased blood flow and nerve activity which caused her to blink several times. Her knuckles throbbed a bit from the pain of the impact, hand shaking off the pain admirably while her other talon motioned for the bony female to come to her side. Her boot returned to pinning Twitch below her and then she decided to speak but was clearly ready for any further attack should Dan rudely attempt to interrupt her.
“I have yet to see you touch me as well boy. While you could probably run away like a coward, your escape would be of little consequence in the end. I have my target beneath my boot right now. I am sure my boss is far more interested in her than a pretentious whelp like you. If you find yourself bored and want to leave, I will not stop you. I have much more important business to tend to than humoring you.”
The bony female stood just southeast of the taloned female, her proximity a threat to any further approach from Dan though she assumed that mattered little in the end given his sporadic mood shifts. Her hazel eyes stayed fixed on the speedy boy’s form and she waited to see what he would do next.

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With Twitch down for the count, the male mutant now had to get back to helping his comrades in putting down Dan. Unfortunately, with his knee joints being metaphorically and literally shot, he could only work four-limbed crawl. He had considered what it might take to brace up his legs, but there simply wasn't any material left in this building strong enough to do that. He also checked Twitch's dropped revolvers, but found them empty and therefor useless. Unsure how he should proceed with his current limitation, the Mutant made his way to the opening in the wall caused by Twitch smashing through it, where he peered-out into the situation below. His overseer had taken to threatening to finish off the young bounty hunter, evidently to give Dan some sort of pause or reason to hesitate. But though the boy seemed predisposed to talk and taunt, he did not seem to value the girl's life at all. Smart.

He then noticed the female mutant, who looked up and motioned for him to back out of sight and hold there, before refocusing her attention on The Other Guy. The male mutant nodded and backed up, but figured simply waiting on the floor of this room was no good to anyone. Using some of the tattered remnants of a sheet from one of the beds, he bound up his leg joints and tried to his best to cover up any sort of blood trail he might leave. The circumstances made this difficult, so he proceeded to crawl around as much of the upper level as he could, to try and confuse the boy if he came up after him. He then closed all the hallway doors and positioned himself in one of the bedrooms, poised to strike forward the moment the door opened.

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The Other Guy sighed.
"Okay. One, I haven't been TRYING to hit you. I wanna play with you one on one. Two, even if I left, Dan would have a vendetta out for you, so you'd die anyway. See lady, there is no version of this where you get off scot free."

Suddenly, The Other Guy looked happy. All seriousness melted away instantly, and he was smiling like a kid who just got a free pass at a candy store. He even started skipping about a bit.
"Hey! Talon lady! Can you scream? Like in blood-chilling agony? Can ya? Can ya, huh? Like, if I peeled your skin and made it into a suit, then slow roasted you over a fire just before you'd die, and slowly ate you a piece at a time while you were still alive, agony?"

The Other Guy giggled like a schoolgirl, even having his fingers covering the middle of his mouth. Then he twirled about on one foot in a circle like a ballerina once, before stopping and staring right at the talon lady, head cocked heavily to the right.

The Other Guy took off again, at a speed slightly higher than the previous time. He ran... right past the talon lady. Then pivoted, turned around and darted back at her, taking a swipe. He then did the same thing, but instead went to lop off one of the boner lady's legs. He then darted about, changing direction randomly three times before swiping at the talon lady again. He made another pass and swiped yet again. He sped about, changing direction twice, before stopping 7 feet from the two of them, just long enough to pirouette for precisely one second before taking off again. This time he moved in a seemingly calculated pattern about the two of them changing direction approximately 7 times, and swiping at the talon lady and boner lady's exposed parts 2 of those times each before coming to a stop 20 feet away. Something was different this time though... He had something in his arms. Something large. Something the talon lady might find familiar. And would likely be able to fill the empty space under her boot rather well.

The Other Guy dumped Twitch behind him. He wasn't sure if she was alive, and didn't care enough to check. All he knew, is that talon lady wanted her. And if he wanted to keep playing, he needed something she wanted.
He then decided that it would be smart to see if they were actually still alive. He had been moving so quickly and randomly that he couldn't tell if he was landing the hits or not. If they were dead, then great. If not, then they'd surely come play with him to get the addict lady back.

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Well this boy was certainly certifiably insane. The thought of him actually running away seemed like a dream that would never come to fruition. Even with the minimal information she assumed the girl had told him concerning what was occurring here and who might be at the center of it all, would anyone truly believe the schizophrenic child? As he referred to another person seemingly linked to him and tried to extinguish any hope that she may leave this situation with her life intact, she rolled her eyes. The sadism present in his next line of questioning coupled with his useless skipping cemented that the credibility of anything the kid said was practically non-existent. Nevertheless she continued to watch his every move, his twirl making her scoff until he exclaimed that he was finished and then decided to finally approach again.
The boy decided to run right past her with a speed that she had not expected but given the fact that Twitch’s body was laying horizontally infront of her underneath her boot, the boy had to avoid her unless he wanted to trip over her limp body or jump over the girl. The dirt filled ground underneath them made the boy’s steps a bit annoying to track but the pivot he decided to execute after bursting past her was rather easy to telegraph. He then darted once again, his intent rather clear despite everything else about him earlier lacking any clarity. The swipe was evaded but her boot left Twitch’s body as she had to pivot to keep up with his movements.
The bony female made the bone armor cover much more of her upper body by sliding her foot behind her and leaning her upper body in Dan’s direction as he approached, minimizing the chance that he would land a good hit unless he lowered himself to attack her legs. Unfortunately Dan’s speed allowed him to hit her thighs a few times, the wounds along with the soul siphoning properties causing her knee to buckle and force her to a kneel. Covering her face with armored arms and crunching herself to keep herself protected made the rest of the hits graze off of her armor
The talon wielding female kept up admirably with Dan, the fact he decided to focus on both of his opponents allowing her reprieve in between attack attempts to allow her to maintain her defensive positioning. Even so, the boy’s last pirouette distracted her long enough to allow the next two swipes to find purchase along her left thigh and arm. The wounds caused her to grimace in pain as she did not have the same nerve deadening as the trio she travelled with. There was something odd about the wounds, however. A distinct green airy substance now seemed to expel itself from her wounds, a toxic aerosol starting to form itself around her. Blood trickled down her arm and leg now in a delicate trickle that suggested the wounds were minor but the green substance was clearly affecting its host. Her arm twitched and bulged uncontrollably but she managed to keep her leg under control for now.
“Now you’ve gone and done it boy. Guess I have no choice but to try and make this quick before I die too. Try to inhale as much of this aerosol for me like a good little child.”
She burst forward, toward Twitch, the pain in her legs only fueling her speed that much more due to the tension in her muscles. She purposefully took one of the remaining knives in her left leg, now dripped with blood and threw it toward Dan’s chest, this time with a bit more speed as she approached. Once she closed in, she swiped horizontally with her left talon, lowering her head and center of mass enough that the outstretched talon would provide enough of a threat that Dan’s speed would not allow him to counterattack with a frontal assault. She would follow her horizontal swipe with a vertical one with her right, purposefully trying to place herself near Twitch’s body afterward. The bony female in the distance also seemed to inch herself closer to Twitch, now deciding to cover as much of her legs with her bony arms as she inched closer. All it would take now would be a slight bout of prolonged proximity with the boy for him to inhale the toxin. The arm and leg that were cut would continue convulsing, the female very cautiously avoiding breathing as much as she can but given the physical activity it was nigh impossible. The inhalation of the toxin itself caused those hazel eyes to fill with blood noticeably now. Time was ticking away and she’d be damned if she didn’t at least gain a small victory for Rodan even through her death.
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