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Unfinished Business With the Wrong Kind of Follower

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The... fuck? He had hit the talon lady, but now she was spewing gas? The Other Guy tried to figure this out for 2 entire seconds before getting bored.

On 3/16/2018 at 8:40 AM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“Now you’ve gone and done it boy. Guess I have no choice but to try and make this quick before I die too. Try to inhale as much of this aerosol for me like a good little child.”

Inhale? The Other Guy decided he didn't want to inhale the Eris-ol she had pouring out of her for some reason. But he wouldn't be able to play with her if he couldn't breathe. If he just had enough mana to-
The talon lady threw yet a-bloody-nother knife at him.

The Other Guy reached out and caught the knife, letting the blade pierce all the way through his hand. He quickly tore it back out, and blood began flowing freely.




Dan be damned. The Other Guy activated Blood for Mana. The flowing blood vanished in bits of blue light moments after it left the wound, and continued to do so as more came out. It wasn't enough to fuel another huge cool looking skull blaster, but given the circumstances, it was more than sufficient.

First thing, The Other Guy conjured a pair of high grade air purifying respirator masks. One on his face, one on Twitch's. He was about to do something really cool, but then the Eris-ol lady came in hot with a pair of swipes. He blocked the horizontal swipe with his sword. The followup one was trickier. The Other Guy made a snap decision, and conjured familiar looking armor on his arm from the elbow up. Boner armor, as a matter of fact. This he did as he lowered his body, and raised his left arm, dagger in hand, and blocked the swipe with his elbow and upper arm.

The Other Guy then moved his lower arm without moving the upper part, using elbow movements, and attacked with three high speed stabs at Eris-ol lady's face. After which he used both arms to push hers away, bent backwards on his left leg, and aimed a 54 mph kick to her with his right. His aim was to knock her back into the boner lady, so that Eris-ol lady would asphyxiate them both with her Eris-ol.

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It had become apparent to the female mutant that this boy was not going to fall to them this day. Their only hope, or rather, her only hope was to escape and hope the Mutator could improve her further in case this child ever crossed the Triumvirate again. But she dared not run away now, since to present herself before the Mutator as the sole survivor of such a spectacular failure was to invite a terror worse than death. No, she had to complete the mission, and that mission was to deal with the girl who had learned too much. If she could be brought before the Triumvir alive, all the better, bit if necessary she'd have to die. And the need to tie-up this loose end became all the more emphasized thanks to Dan's apparent desire to keep her alive in the form of the summoned gas mask. The boy either had an emotional connection to the bounty hunter, or worse, he knew that she knew things.

Fortunately, the leader of the Abbadon squad was keeping Dan preoccupied for now. As such, the mutant abandoned the effort to attack "The Other Guy" and instead tried to flank around to where Twitch was lying. As a result, the attempt to knock the talon woman into the female mutant was an abject failure, as there was no longer a female mutant nearby to be knocked into. Trying to avoid being noticed, though that was probably a vain effort given her size and clunky white armor, the female came alongside the downed girl from the flank and lifted her up. Once Twitch was slung over her shoulder, she began to withdraw from the battlefield, holding her breath as much as possible until she was clear of the noxious clouds. She had elected to coldly sacrifice her leader in order to save herself and escape with the prize.

Figuring her only hope was the escape into the shadowy side streets and abandoned buildings, the mutant went to duck into an ally while hoping she wouldn't be spotted by Dan, nor have attention drawn to her by the talon woman.

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Her advance was calculated and brutal but she was ill prepared for the boy’s conjuration abilities. The ability to conjure up items on a whim was an unfair advantage in this battle that she would be unable to overcome. Nevertheless she trudged on forward, now accepting of possible defeat. With her horizontal swipe blocked, she already seemed prepared for her next attack to also miss its target. The vertical swipe collided with bony armor and she managed to retract her free talon, the metal of her weapon scraping against Dan’s sword before it moved to protect her face. The swift dagger stabs held enough speed that she was unable to properly guard against them though she moved her head instinctively to avoid any fatal blows. Her own dagger would slice her cheeks roughly, the wound causing blood to trickle down its supple contours. The aerosol now escaped directly from her face which caused her to gasp.
The distraction was enough to make her ill prepared for the kick though the sound of the movement was enough for her to crunch herself up and lift her leg just enough to mitigate some of the impact of Dan’s hit. Still, the force caused her to stumble to Dan’s left. Noticing the bony female in her peripheral vision attempting to pick up Twitch just after the kick was delivered, she desperately grasped for one more knife though her vision was now slightly affected due to the gas around her face. The knife she threw still managed to find decent trajectory toward Dan’s torso, figuring the boy’s chest area would be the more optimal target. Shifting, she prepared herself to attempt to intercept as best as she could but not before attempting to distract the Other Guy with some words.
“Quite an ability you have there. I am sure the organization I work for could teach you how to amplify it even more…”
Having tilted her head slightly down so that the aerosol just wafts behind her and she can at least focus on looking at Dan, she readied herself for a counter attack or for pursuit should her words be unable to distract the boy

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