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Unfinished Business With the Wrong Kind of Follower

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The... fuck? He had hit the talon lady, but now she was spewing gas? The Other Guy tried to figure this out for 2 entire seconds before getting bored.

On 3/16/2018 at 8:40 AM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“Now you’ve gone and done it boy. Guess I have no choice but to try and make this quick before I die too. Try to inhale as much of this aerosol for me like a good little child.”

Inhale? The Other Guy decided he didn't want to inhale the Eris-ol she had pouring out of her for some reason. But he wouldn't be able to play with her if he couldn't breathe. If he just had enough mana to-
The talon lady threw yet a-bloody-nother knife at him.

The Other Guy reached out and caught the knife, letting the blade pierce all the way through his hand. He quickly tore it back out, and blood began flowing freely.




Dan be damned. The Other Guy activated Blood for Mana. The flowing blood vanished in bits of blue light moments after it left the wound, and continued to do so as more came out. It wasn't enough to fuel another huge cool looking skull blaster, but given the circumstances, it was more than sufficient.

First thing, The Other Guy conjured a pair of high grade air purifying respirator masks. One on his face, one on Twitch's. He was about to do something really cool, but then the Eris-ol lady came in hot with a pair of swipes. He blocked the horizontal swipe with his sword. The followup one was trickier. The Other Guy made a snap decision, and conjured familiar looking armor on his arm from the elbow up. Boner armor, as a matter of fact. This he did as he lowered his body, and raised his left arm, dagger in hand, and blocked the swipe with his elbow and upper arm.

The Other Guy then moved his lower arm without moving the upper part, using elbow movements, and attacked with three high speed stabs at Eris-ol lady's face. After which he used both arms to push hers away, bent backwards on his left leg, and aimed a 54 mph kick to her with his right. His aim was to knock her back into the boner lady, so that Eris-ol lady would asphyxiate them both with her Eris-ol.

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It had become apparent to the female mutant that this boy was not going to fall to them this day. Their only hope, or rather, her only hope was to escape and hope the Mutator could improve her further in case this child ever crossed the Triumvirate again. But she dared not run away now, since to present herself before the Mutator as the sole survivor of such a spectacular failure was to invite a terror worse than death. No, she had to complete the mission, and that mission was to deal with the girl who had learned too much. If she could be brought before the Triumvir alive, all the better, bit if necessary she'd have to die. And the need to tie-up this loose end became all the more emphasized thanks to Dan's apparent desire to keep her alive in the form of the summoned gas mask. The boy either had an emotional connection to the bounty hunter, or worse, he knew that she knew things.

Fortunately, the leader of the Abbadon squad was keeping Dan preoccupied for now. As such, the mutant abandoned the effort to attack "The Other Guy" and instead tried to flank around to where Twitch was lying. As a result, the attempt to knock the talon woman into the female mutant was an abject failure, as there was no longer a female mutant nearby to be knocked into. Trying to avoid being noticed, though that was probably a vain effort given her size and clunky white armor, the female came alongside the downed girl from the flank and lifted her up. Once Twitch was slung over her shoulder, she began to withdraw from the battlefield, holding her breath as much as possible until she was clear of the noxious clouds. She had elected to coldly sacrifice her leader in order to save herself and escape with the prize.

Figuring her only hope was the escape into the shadowy side streets and abandoned buildings, the mutant went to duck into an ally while hoping she wouldn't be spotted by Dan, nor have attention drawn to her by the talon woman.

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Her advance was calculated and brutal but she was ill prepared for the boy’s conjuration abilities. The ability to conjure up items on a whim was an unfair advantage in this battle that she would be unable to overcome. Nevertheless she trudged on forward, now accepting of possible defeat. With her horizontal swipe blocked, she already seemed prepared for her next attack to also miss its target. The vertical swipe collided with bony armor and she managed to retract her free talon, the metal of her weapon scraping against Dan’s sword before it moved to protect her face. The swift dagger stabs held enough speed that she was unable to properly guard against them though she moved her head instinctively to avoid any fatal blows. Her own dagger would slice her cheeks roughly, the wound causing blood to trickle down its supple contours. The aerosol now escaped directly from her face which caused her to gasp.
The distraction was enough to make her ill prepared for the kick though the sound of the movement was enough for her to crunch herself up and lift her leg just enough to mitigate some of the impact of Dan’s hit. Still, the force caused her to stumble to Dan’s left. Noticing the bony female in her peripheral vision attempting to pick up Twitch just after the kick was delivered, she desperately grasped for one more knife though her vision was now slightly affected due to the gas around her face. The knife she threw still managed to find decent trajectory toward Dan’s torso, figuring the boy’s chest area would be the more optimal target. Shifting, she prepared herself to attempt to intercept as best as she could but not before attempting to distract the Other Guy with some words.
“Quite an ability you have there. I am sure the organization I work for could teach you how to amplify it even more…”
Having tilted her head slightly down so that the aerosol just wafts behind her and she can at least focus on looking at Dan, she readied herself for a counter attack or for pursuit should her words be unable to distract the boy

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As Eris-ol went flying, The Other Guy decided to be a fucking weirdo and run his tongue up his hand, taking some of the blood before it could be turned to mana. GODS, pain was hilarious!
As he reveled in the feeling and the taste, he lolled his head over to stare directly at the boner lady trying to be sneaky, with a smile that simply said, 'really?'. Then she picked up the unconscious toy behind him and bolted. Before he could remove her head, Eris-ol threw anothefucking knife at him. For fucks sake, this woman had more knives than half of Ares cabin.
The Other Guy simply moved his right hand and batted the knife away with his sword. This act however, prevented him from stopping Boner lady from getting a head start.

She just disregarded orders, abandoned her comrade, presumably her leader, and was going to take all the credit for herself. That was cold, cruel, underhanded, and an overall cunt of a dick move.

The Other Guy fully approved.

Then, before he left,

On 3/20/2018 at 5:43 AM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“Quite an ability you have there. I am sure the organization I work for could teach you how to amplify it even more…”

The Other Guy smiled.
Related image But, ya know, with a gas mask on.

"You think so, do you? Is that where your bulky bitch friend is going?"
His head tilted to the left, the smile still unmoving.
"Why don't I follow her? Find your hideout and say 'hi'?"
He actually intended to do just that. When he found that little rats hideyhole, he would make it a point to say hi to every single person he butchered. The thought of all that bloodshed had a rather obvious effect on him, as his shorts began to get a bit tight.

NO. Absolutely not.
"Oh come on. Don't tell me you don't want to."
I said NO. I'm stealing all of their shit, not killing them. Unless they give me reason to.
"THIS isn't a reason?"
They're after Twitch, not us. They come after us.... Fine. But until then-
"UGH. Fine."

He ran it through his head. Right along with sewing various bird wings to a pig to make it fly, and how best to prepare all those corpses into a lovely feast after he was done. Eris-ol was done for if she was susceptible to that Eris-ol. Which it was clear that she was. The Boner Lady was leaving, possibly to go the hideout. He'd follow her, cut her down, stroll right in, and do what he loved doing best. Take an enthusiastic walk through the hideout. A very enthusiastic walk.
Alright, alright. Fuck.

So he took off running after the Boner Lady. She was way ahead, but it hardly mattered. The Other Guy used the last bit of mana from the blood for mana spell to conjure some slip on shoes onto his feet, as he doubted he had the time to rifle through Dan's shit to find them and put them on. Instantly, they grew wings, and The Other Guy took to the air. He flew above the buildings, and looked. Sure enough, there she was, the bulky white skanger. Running through abandoned alleyways and broken down buildings to try to lose him. How cute.
The Other Guy followed closely, staying above and behind her.

Just do it.
Kill her.
Huh? But what about-
She's the smart one. Do you actually think she's so fucking stupid that she'd risk any chance of a  lunatic like you finding her hideout because of her?  Look where she's gone. Abandoned places. Barren alleyways. She's trying to lose us. She isn't going to take us anywhere important. Besides, if their hideout was anywhere NEAR this place, they would have sent a much bigger force for this, not some boner muscle and a talon lady.
Heheheh. Boner Muscle.
Yes, I realized immediately. Now do it already.
Fine, fine, jesus dude. Calm down.

The Other Guy saw a corner coming up. The whole alley she was in was one-way, so she had to round it. So, The Other Guy went to the other side of it, dropped, still out of sight, and waited. He waited a good ways back so she couldn't just run him over. As she rounded the corner she would see him, maskless, with that same smile, just propped up like its the most casual thing in the world.

"Goin' somewhere?"


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The female mutant snarled in frustration. So much for making a lucky escape with her prize. There'd be no returning to her master and presenting the girl, presenting herself as the long survivor who had succeeded in escaping the conflict and securing the snooper for the Mutator to experiment upon. There would be no winning of her master's favor, no reward for excellent service. She'd been promised a bright future. If she served Abbadon well, the Mutator swore he would restore her to human form, but without the disabilities and illnesses that had plagued her since she was born. She'd be made healthy and beautiful, and she'd have earned enough wealth to start her life anew. Just to live a normal life was her dream. But that dream was dead, as she realized this boy... no... this thing that took the form of a boy... was going to end her life this night.

But if there was one consolation, it was that this fiendish creature that took the shape of a lad hadn't been smart enough to ambush her immediately and had chosen to taunt instead. He had given her an opening, and the former woman didn't intend to waste it. At least she could do one last thing to spite her murderer.

"You're here for the girl, aren't you?" she asked, reaching up with right hand and putting it on Twitch's back, as the girl was slung over the female's left shoulder, "Well, you can have her..."

She also wrapped her left arm around the girl, making as if to lift Twitch off her shoulder. But that was never her intent, as she instead used her left arm to pin the girl to the shoulder, while digging into Twitch's back the sharped fingers on her right hand. Then, with a single, vicious motion, she ripped Twitch's spine out, then shrugged the limp body off of herself and kicked it toward Dan. The mutant lowered her head slightly, as she held the spine in her hand like a weapon, while from her mouth came what she figured would be her last words on this earth.

"...If you can find her soul IN HELL!"


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The Other Guy's smile dropped. Not out of shock or surprise or anything. Out of sheer... confusion. He looked at the spineless woman's body (heheheh) and his right eyebrow cranked up like a drawbridge. She didn't think.... No, she couldn't. .....Did she ACTUALLY-.....

"Um, what? Here for-"
Oh dear gods, she DID. She thought he was here for Twitch. He couldn't help but laugh.
"No, no no dear. There appears to be a misunderstanding. I'm not here for her."

He slowly approached her. What she just did, coupled with what he was going to do to her.... The Other Guy started tenting a bit, having not fully recovered from the thought of slaughtering an entire organization yet. 
He smiled at her again, the inhuman sadism creeping back into his eyes. 
"I'm here for YOU."

The Other Guy suddenly rushed forward, drawing his sword on the way. As he ran to her, using his small frame to get past her, he swung his sword, attempting to lop off a leg. He REALLY wanted to just take her head and be done, but she had that damned helmet on, and that would require a lot more effort to get around to decapitate her. Effort he really didn't feel like exerting.

Dan was oddly quiet in their shared head. The Other Guy thought for sure he'd be ultra mega pissed, or extra super depressed or something after the woman died. But he was just... quiet.
Hey, uh... Danny boy? You there?
.................... A walk.
If this woman is still alive after that strike.... Take her for a walk.

NOW The Other Guy was surprised. Dan hadn't authorized a walk since they had cornered the cyclops with the whip back in the arena a long time ago.
After he got over the shock, he slowly smiled.
As you say.

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Watching Dan suddenly divert his attentions to the bony female and leave her alone produced an incredulous look on her face before she suddenly felt offended. She had went to such drastic measures to address the boy and he decides to just abandon her. With the poisonous particles in the air causing her some massive discomfort now she thought it foolish to try and stop the boy who had decided to round corners and out of the line of sight. She trusted the bony female, who seemed like the most devoted to Rodan out of the quartet, to ensure the outcome was favorable to their superior. With this trust, her eyes diverted upward and then shifted to look at the building near them, recalling that the remaining male who had dealt a harsh blow to Twitch earlier might still be there. Swiftly moving in to the building, she searched somewhat frantically for him. Opening the door to the room the male was in, she felt a sudden rush of air pass by her face only to notice a bony fist had just narrowly missed her head. Wide eyes tried to take in as much information regarding this situation, lips parting in surprise before the male collected himself and began to whisper.


“Rodan will not be pleased with this outcome…”


She whispered back, the male stepping away and taking the tattered remnants of bedsheets to cover his mouth and nose to prevent himself from breathing in the fumes.


“The kid is distracted. Your female companion has the girl and knows what needs to be done. Just make it over to Rodan and let him know I failed. Also describe the kid in as much detail as you can to him and let him know he is the one that caused this snag in our plans…”


Moving toward the bedsheets, she began using what was left to wrap around her wounds and close off some of the open wounds. The gaseous particles had done quite a number on her nervous system so she simply sat down on the bed now before looking at the bony male one more time to urge him to go.


“Go already. I am going to try and recover some and should he come by here, I will distract him enough to keep him off your trail.”


The male sighed rather audibly, knowing that he had the worst task of the trio that was left. Confronting Rodan with this news would surely turn sour quickly but perhaps the information regarding the kid, his relationship to Twitch and what went on today would serve his superior well. Once the bony male exited the building through a different door than what he had entered, he bounded away out of sight. The female remained holed up in the abandoned building, closing the door and simply using this time to recover. Shivering and convulsing at times, she didn’t know if she would survive this encounter but she was confident the issue that was Twitch had been addressed.

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The female mutant swung Twitch's spine at Dan, trying to slap him down before he could get past. But she hadn't been fast enough to get him yet,and that wasn't going to suddenly change now. The spine itself struck the dirt and shattered, leaving a useless chunk in the former woman's hand, while at the same time, her leg was taken out from under her, causing her entire body to go crashing to the ground soon after. Disarmed, dislegged, and rather disgusted, the mutant struggled to force herself upright again. Using her clawed hands, she dug into a wall and pulled herself upright, using her grip in the wooden siding to hold her up on her remaining leg. Though pain had been mostly deadened, there was still a faint tingling of it, but it was the realization that there nothing where her leg ought to be that was far more disturbing. Blood began to pump out onto the dirt floor of the alleyway, as the woman eyed Dan.

"I have to assume you already killed my overseer." she huffed, "Because I cannot fathom why I would be of greater value to you. I'm just a peon, a lowly minion. Killing me will do you no good. It won't be of any great loss to my superiors, nor will it truly be any great loss to me. And you have already seen that we cannot feel pain, so torture will be wholly unsatisfying to you."

She smiled underneath her bony skullcap, confident this kid was just saying what he said to intimidate her and mask his disappointment at failing to rescue the dead girl. She saw an arrogance in the boy, a sense of self-entitlement and self-importance which convinced her that he could not accept defeat. Thus, he had to make-up things to convince others and himself that he had not lost. But he had lost, at least as far as she was concerned. He could gain nothing further from this encounter.

"So you may as well kill me and be on your way, child. There's nothing for you here but another murder to feed your sickness."

She was unaware that Dan and The Other Guy were two separate people, hence she just regarded the psychopath before her as merely the suppressed, but true, inner personality of Dan Palmer. She hoped someone would put him down someday, but it truly was no longer her concern. Even he sought to torture her, all he had was cutting weapons, which merely meant she'd bleed-out sooner. Death was inevitable.

"Now, FINISH IT!" she hissed, unhooking one of her hands from the wall for self-defense, as she braced for his next attack.

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.......... Oright.

The both of them had forgotten that the boner bundle couldn't feel pain.
"I had quite forgotten that you couldn't feel pain. You're quite right. That would be a letdown."
If that's how this is gonna go down, kill her quick and get back to the other bitch. If she's still alive, take HER for a walk.
Will do.

"I have to say, I am SO disappointed. I wanted to play with your talon hands leader more than that. She looked so COOL. Then she went and gassed herself to death."
Uh, you're the one that cut her and made that shit come out.
All she had to do was ask for a gas mask.

"Oh! Maybe she's still alive! You're right, I should just wrap this up. You don't feel pain, and you have one leg. You're not fun anymore."

He rose into the air, and held his sword out to his side.

He took off at incredible speed, and aimed a slash for her throat to take her head as he rocketed past her. He needed to end this one quick, lest the toy he wanted to play with finished breaking before he got there.

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The female mutant threw her free arm up in front of her face, trying to block or deflect the incoming strike. The effort was partially successful in fact, but only deflecting the angle of the blade enough that it didn't cut all the way through her neck. Instead it scored a deep gash in her throat, causing blood to spray freely out and prompting garbled choking as the former woman struggled to breath. Her hand went to her throat, as if instinctively trying to hold the breath closed or stop the blood flow, useless though this gesture was. Even so, as she began to waver, she managed to force a smile as she realized Dan hadn't been thorough enough to finish the talon lady off. Whether he admitted it or not, she was convinced he had abandoned the fight early strictly to rescue Twitch, only to have his prize denied to him. That would be the only consolation though, as her grip failed to hold onto the wall, and she stumbled to the dirt with a loud thud. There was silence in the abandoned alley as the former human closed her eyes one last time. Dan was already gone, but the deed was done...



By the time the two individuals inhabiting the body of Dan Palmer had arrived on the scene of the battle, there was not a living soul present. The lifeless corpse of the first mutant remained, but save for a fading acrid scent, there was no sign of the talon woman. And thanks the shadows of night, as the sun had finally withdrawn from the scene as well, it would be difficult to track any sort of blood trail. That didn't mean there wasn't one leading to a nearby building however, but whether Dan found it or night depending on his nocturnal eyesight. In any case, everything was now deathly quiet in this abandoned part of town.

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The Other Guy returned, to find the place empty. This greatly upset him, nearly to the point of tantrum.
Calm down, she couldn't have gotten far. just look around.
The Other Guy decided Dan was rigntilht, and started looking. He dispelled the shoes and walked about aimlessly, looking for any sign that Eris-ol was still there. He had found nothing. Right up until he felt something thick and wet on the sole of his foot.


He stood on one foot, and ran a finger down the sole of the now wet one. He felt the liquid, and ran it on his tongue. Sure enough, that was blood. Using his dim light vision he acquired- well that DAN acquired from being a master thief, he saw that it seemed to lead into the building from before.

The Other Guy went inside, and started looking around for Eris-ol. Though, after taking a few steps, he found that blood was all over the damn place. His soles were well covered by that time.
Oh well. He'd wipe them off when he was finished up here. Or maybe not, whatever.

He opened a door, and was pretty sure he saw something on a bed. "Why, hello there."
He drew his sword. Yeah, Dan said to take her for a walk, but it was a bit... dark. And he didn't have mana enough for a light without activating Blood for Mana again. And everyone knows, if you were going to take someone for a walk, you needed full vision. Sure he could see almost just as well with starlight and moonlight, but a persons insides tended to be the same color at night. And that was just no fun.

He put the oxygen mask back on and strolled over to the lump on the bed. He could make out some talons laying there. No doubt it was her.
Why do you have your sword? I said to take her for a walk.
Relax, Danny boy. Until we get some REAL night vision, I can't take someone for a walk. I can go for a walk, definitely, but I need to properly see the person if I'm going to take someone else for a walk.
I know, you want vengeance, but she merely died. Quickly, I might add. Torturing this one would be fun, for sure, but it would be imbalanced. Dont worry, though. No organization can stay secret forever.

The Other Guy positioned his sword at the foot of the bed.
They'll slip up, and when they do...
In one blur of motion, The Other Guy tore the sword across the bed, ripping through everything except the base, and slicing Eris-ol cleanly in half from snatch to skull.
The funny thing is, I know you're playin' me. But you're right. If they send a single person after me, it's on. As I promised.
The Other Guy smiled. He then left the building, and went back into town, moving as to make sure he wasn't followed. Once a good distance away, he purchased a room at an inn. By that time, a good bit of mana had regenerated, and he conjured an alarm system in the form of a magic barrier. Should anyone attempt to gain entry, they would be blasted backward.

Satisfied, The Other Guy laid on the bed, got good and comfortable, and relinquished control back to Dan. Dan had just enough time to adjust things a bit before he passed right out.

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