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Nnnnnn.th? [Comic-style RP]

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OOC rules:


This thread is about journeying to the Moonwood, gather some Nth material and engineer some cool stuff out of it.

It is semi-open, anyone can join as long as you agree to these:

1. For every post, include an image that you make. Not something that you grab off the net! Hand drawn, digital, painted, anything goes.

2. This is a one-liner RP, hence it is on the one-line board. Don't expect long replies. This is to facilitate the comic-style!

3. Lore is loosely taken from Terrenus. Usual Val rules such as Mild Powers apply.

4. Don't judge others' images! Some of us are stepping out of our comfort zones to do this experimentally!


The magitech expo in Tazarek ended, with Rai getting a new mechanical spider that she named Spinny. Where would her next adventure be? She had overheard people talking about the Moonwood, where fairies were supposed to live. They even said that a material could be found there that can make a person fly! Wow! She would definitely like to see that!




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