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OOC Quest of Babdol

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First off, welcome @JackDoggo

Second, @Tsidia, the mind player , I don't know man, It's a mystery, and somehow I couldn't make it sound intresting without spoiling any of the future content.

Last, I posted something to move the story, sorry if I messed up the order. Got a little lost. Anyways, hope to read some more of your stuff soon, and get us out of the bar.

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One more thing, actually, do any of ya'll have a better description for the thread? It's rather plain right now, and I'd like it to sound more colorful. 

On 2/21/2018 at 1:16 PM, Tsidia, the mind player said:

Sorry for inactivity. I wasn't able to respond in a recent time, but now I can keep up at least post per day.

What is the quest about? We can't write a good title/description without any context :P

To answer that, thematically I'd like the story to be character-driven, fast moving, have a cool villain and mystery. Plotwise, I didn't want to reveal too much.

However, if it makes our story better, here is what I was brainstorming. Our band leaves the TOL to find the Coucy estate in Babdol, now, a desolated town with an old mansion at the far edges. Meaning, we'd have to cross the town to get there. Nobody'd live there except for one of the two villains.  He'll send his little insect-demon-minions after us the whole trip. For all types of reasons, with all types of strategies. I'm hoping we can fight and run from them alternatively.

Anyway, here is Lady Abilene's (My currently nameless zombie's) story: Her family was blessed with this ring, it continued their bloodline as long as they combatted evil (a family of exorcists). They settled in Babdol. It grew prosperous because of the lack of demons. Lady Abilene's family openly used magic. They grew wealthy dealing with magic-related problems, and people were afraid and hostile to them. When the time came, Lady Abilene was married to the mayor so she would be more respectable. The guy hated her coldness, and she hated his materialism. A demon convinced him to murder her in exchange for influence. He did, but was given power over demons, not people. This attracted dark beings to Babdol, and drove people and money out. Her husbands objective is too kill Abilene and take her ring then make a new deal with the demons- To give him power over people, not demons. 

That's what I've got. Suggest edits. 

PS would someone give my character a nickname? It'd be easier to refer to her. 


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