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It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Your going to want to make throw away characters for this, you can use normal ones but I made this because of the Plot central event that Happens!

im going to leave this be for three days, let me know your interested in this and begin thinking up a personality trait Central to a character! Then come up with what they’d look like inside their mind. From nervous wreck to Billy BadBoy!

still with me? So you and a band of a few others have been hired for a standard Fetch Quest. And in fact it’s pretty easy getting the items but that’s where it goes horribly horribly wrong!  1 of two things happen depending on a vote of interested parties! Your character get Shackled together arms and legs both, and you have to work togther via the core personality trait of your character, or you all end up in one body vieting for control to complete puzzles defeat enemies and get the object back to your employer to hopefully fix the condrum

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57 minutes ago, Tyler said:

It'd totally go for this...

...If I didn't already have too many RP commitments.

Why do you forsake me!?? 

I know why jk alright well this will be here for a long while and probably never go any where so if you ever get free

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