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Looking for character interaction

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Rusival is a character I’m looking to use.

This little bugger is very death obsessed despite his age, and enjoys taking lives more than playing games like normal kids.


as you could imagine from someone who wants to be a reaper so hard, his normal weapon is a scythe ( That has chainsaw teeth )  hwover he lacks the proper strength to cut through falls which means all the power comes from  swing speed and momentum, this often leave him vulnerable to preemptive attacks, but  your able to see it coming. He prefers to start fights via ambush  like a proper assassin should, he isn’t evil as he’s painted to be, while yes he is killing he’s at the ripe age of not being able to completely understand the concept of mortality.

anyway, for you evil characters he is a weapon to be used,

for Good characters a child in need of reform

and the rest of you don’t care so this is where it ends. I have some ideas but I’d need to know my partner’s character to fully understand

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I've been looking for more threads to try out my character Gale: 

He's not exactly good or evil, just someone looking to get an edge in the world. Alternatively there's my new new character Alex Starhaze. He's the one right after Gale. He doesn't see himself as good or evil, but he leans more to the darker side.

If you'd like to rp with one of them you can pm me

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1 hour ago, ODSTDRAGON said:

Who do you want to use?

Who ever you wanna use. I would say Ethan cause I've been wanting to use him for threads but things keep happening but I haven't used Madeline 

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If you want we could always add to ours. Have Rusival try to ambush Ethan as a means of training with Gale, and another learning experience for him with how it turns out. You guys wouldn't have to make a new thread either, Panda would just join ours. It's just a suggestion for you guys ^_^

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