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MOBS tournament [WIP]

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United Front Industries is a marketing and advertising company who has concocted a blood-sport tournament as a means of generating interest for their clients. T-shirts, posters, action figures, etc of each fight will be sold to consumers, in addition to any products their clients want to sell direct to consumers, and commercial advertisements will be played between each match to generate attention and brand recognition for different brands.


UFI is a front company for a conglomeration of various gangs which were displaced from Last Chance by the invasive presence of the Dead. Having been forced to move ad give up their lucrative criminal enterprises in Last Chance, these gangs decided to join forces and 'go legit' as a means of generating criminal amounts of income for each gang.


The MOBS tournament will take place in a building called the Holosseum, located in Hell's Gate. The Holosseum is a new form of holo-array developed by Hakona Tecna, a graduate student from the Monroe foundation, which allows participants to be instanced into a randomly generated simulated arena. The stadium floor is coated with micro-holographic cells which projects combatants and arena to customers, allowing them to experience the combat in-person as well as from home entertainment systems.

Participants report to the building and are assigned individual rooms, which are white and absolutely featureless save for a single, immensely comfortable, recliner inside of a circular pit at the center of the room. The room is reinforced and under constant surveillance to protect against interference or tampering.

If a participant's instance is injured or dies, the participant feels it, but their actual body will remain unharmed.


  1. Featured article on championship fight and on champion themselves 
  2. Lore article mention as Notable Person
  3. A castle / keep / stronghold which rotates with the champion
  4. A heap of IC money


  1. This tournament uses MOBS
  2. 5 round minimum for each battle, meaning 10 posts per thread. Participants can go over this if they agree to it.
  3. 3 day limit. If you are skipped your opponent will post again. In the event you are skipped twice you lose automatically regardless of the roll results.
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