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Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

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Many mysteries of Yh'mi have been explored, though answers have been rare.  One of the more enigmatic elements of Yh'mi remains nearly untouched, travel unfairly discouraged by the Order of the White Hand for reasons they can't even properly elaborate upon.  The Village of Lirrey.  Entrepreneur and adherent to science, Doctor Xeyal wishes to fund an expedition to Lirrey to properly investigate the strange village and open up a possible trade route.



Quest Description: Doctor Xeyal, the sketchy owner of Purgatory, is seeking discrete adventurers willing to wade deep into Yh'mi territory and find the fabled Village of Lirrey.  The Order deems the town a deathtrap to be kept off limits, but the Doctor wants it investigated thoroughly before the adventurers are to return to Purgatory. 

Quest Level: A

Recommended Group Number: 3-5

Minimum Thread Length: 60

Creature Level: B

Storyteller: Not Required

Reward: A body modification of your choice.  Maybe you've always wanted the echolocation of a bat or a prehensile tail of a monkey or the pheromone glands of a nymph.  Doctor Xeyal can provide the transformation of your dreams, seventy percent of the time guaranteed to work a hundred percent of the time.  Within reason.  Just because he can theoretically replace your skin with dragon scales doesn't mean he's ever had a patient survive the procedure, let alone has such a rare commodity just lying around.

You'll also have the Doctor's trust and access to a backdoor into Yh'mi for future expeditions.  



I will be sending Doctor Xeyal's pet monster Sasha to accompany the group and @jaistlyn and potentially @Dolor Aeternum will be joining in and as well.  I am looking for two other players interested in traveling deep into southern Yh'mi to investigate this strange town.  A standard 72 hour post rate will apply.  This is a canon thread, so any creative contributions made to Lirrey (within adult reason and following theme) is very likely to become lore.  Now's an excellent chance to carve your name into horror history.  Are you brave enough to accept?


Current Roster:

1. Sasha - Reinholdt

2. Lunara - jaistlyn

3. Agony - Dolor Aeternum

4. Voldemort, Lord

5. Karuna - 1lionFang

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Doing things in Yh'mi is pretty worthwhile.  Though Agony chills me just as much as any ambient elements of the area.  Regardless it looks like we've got a solid number.  Do you know which character you plan on using Voldemort?

Unless anyone has any questions, I'll draft up a first post and get this party started first thing tomorrow morning.

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