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Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

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Karuna was heading in this direction anyway. All she wants is revenge right now and to do that she needs power. It's a road that will definitely change her and probably maybe make her decide whether to give up her humanity. At best, she becomes a neutral good, at worst....well, Im actually not sure yet lol.


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Now it's my turn to apologize for the delay.

Anyways, Lunara has weird blood powers now.  Like complete, full control of her own* blood.  She can do freaky messed up blood things like the Admiral did if she wants, but the Admiral's not really the best example to follow.  What's that?  Worried about running out and killing yourself by accident?  Don't worry.  Lunara is Lirrey.  Lunara is eternal.  She'll be fine**.

What?  Mild Powers?  Well alright.  The further she is from the town of Lirrey, the less effective her abilities are.  Use your best judgement.  Eternity might come with roaming charges.

Any twist you want to add or anything else that might be a little secret can be worked out in PMs.  I know Lunara probably at least knows the Truth Dawen knows now.

Oh right.  And there's no more pool to baptize the sinners in and make them repent.  I guess they get a pass today.  Lucky insignificant finites.


*Blood on loan from an Elder God.

**Until someone figures out a solid counter anyways.  Or her own deranged nature kicks in.

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